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Sample construction Essay Questions

Below is a list of sample essay questions in the subject of Construction

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  • Explain any assumptions that you make in your report.
  • Question: Critically evaluate the usefulness of risk management to the early stages of a construction project. Concentrate on business risks rather than health and safety.
  • Your client is a developer who is considering building a number of industrial units incorporating energy efficient plant and controls on a brownfield site.
  • A building is being coverted from a hostel to a dwelling, and you need to discuss the various elements which will require change under UK regulations.
  • Discuss how these flagship developments have contributed (or aim to contribute) to the physical, social economic and environmental regeneration of your chosen area.
  • 'Key skills (functional skills including IT, English, Maths, Science, communication etc) in a multi-disciplinary approach must be used in modern construction management to establish efficiency.' - evaluate this statement.
  • Using relevant information from the industry, critically examine the extent to which innovation in construction is important for the management of construction activities.

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