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Case Study of Pearson Publisher

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This assessment will address the following three question through a successful case study of Pearson publisher:

  1. The scope of the three variation models
  2. Criticize two kinds of change management theories
  3. Use the two change management tools to recommend a change plan

In the human history,it has organized activitues,had the management activities.Management activities of people experience summarized,formed a series of management thought.Management scholars both at home and abroad is summarized the management theory out,reform and innovation of management is particularly important.The management change,just as its name implies is organization according to the change of enviroment inside and outside,timely in the organization and the relationship between elements of adjustment,to adapt to the requirements of the development of the organization’s future.Management of innvation,innovation means to break the old order,break the balance of the original,seek s more suitable for the survival and development of organizations environment.

The core of enterprise change is management change, and the success of change management comes from change management. The success rate of change is not one hundred percent, or even lower, often makes a ‘change is dead, the same is dead,’ the tool. But the pressure of market competition, the frequent updates of technology and the need for their own growth, “change may fail, but certainly failed.” So it is more important to know how to change than to know why change and change.

After all, not for the management and management of enterprises, any change management companies must have sufficient internal data and facts, get rid of these facts and data, the management is aware of the possibility of small. Companies often use questionnaires and face to face communication, collect documents, notes, conferences, seminars, etc., to understand the situation.

Organizational change refers to the use of behavioral science and related management methods, the organization of the rights structure, organization size, communication channels, role setting, organization and other organizations, as well as the organization members of the concept, attitude and behavior, members of the The spirit of cooperation between the purpose of the purpose of the system to adjust and innovate to adapt to the organization’s internal and external environment, technical characteristics and organizational tasks and other aspects of change, improve organizational effectiveness. The development of enterprises can not be separated from the organizational changes, changes in internal and external environment, the continuous integration of enterprise resources and changes, gave the enterprise has brought opportunities and challenges, which requires enterprises to focus on organizational change.

The meaning of change management: change management that is when the organization grows slowly, internal problems arise, the more unable to cope with the changes in the business environment, companies must make organizational change strategy, the internal level, work processes and corporate culture, the necessary adjustments and Improve management, in order to achieve a smooth business transformation.

In this era of knowledge economy and information technology is booming, organizational change has become a major symbol of the development of contemporary enterprises. Organizational change in a series of changes such as organizational structure, organizational business process system reengineering, modern information system into the middle of the organizational system, to the enterprise has brought unprecedented changes to the staff relationship management has also brought great changes , While employee relationship management also further promotes the development of organizational changeOrganizational change and employee relationship management only with each other, mutual coordination and promotion in order to enable enterprises to adapt to the trend of modern development, but also to the enterprise a great opportunity. This paper starts from the trend of organizational change in the era of information age and knowledge economy, analyzes the pattern and characteristics of organizational change, and further finds out the model and the countermeasures to be used in the management of employee relations under the environment of organizational change environment, so as to improve enterprise performance and promote The purpose of enterprise development.

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Enterprise organization is an open system that continually interacts with the environment in which it is outside. The external and changing environment and the increasingly fierce market competition and the inherent development of the enterprise organization are also transformed into great pressure on the organization. Enterprises to carry out a broader organizational change, and the success or failure of change is the most critical or human factors. Organizational staff can promote organizational change smoothly, but also can hinder or undermine the effectiveness of organizational change, and therefore employee relationship management in organizational change is a very important issue. The different organizational transformation models carried out by enterprises, the organizational form after organizational change, and the development trend of new organizational changes have different effects on employee relationship management.

First, the organizers of corporate behavior are responsible for all change activities; secondly, regardless of whether a team is a formal department or a temporary project team, the leadership’s leadership exists in different forms in the organization; and third, the leader has So that all members contribute their own strength, towards the enterprise development goals of the leadership of the charm and influence.

The success of strategic change is related to internal resources and external resources. Employees use these resources to absorb knowledge and improve their skills, making organizational change easier to accept, participate, and even seek opportunities to make changes. But 70% of organizational changes ended in failure. In order to seek more effective means of organizational change, companies and employees need to change the leadership, these leaders will affect every stage of change, to promote the smooth progress of the process of change.

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Middlehurst thinks that the behavior of the leader is self-contained, which mainly includes the following three characteristics: first, the organizer of corporate behavior, responsible for all the change activities; second, whether a team is a formal department or temporary project team, the leader Leadership is in different forms exist in the organization; Third, the leader has to make all members of their own strength, towards the enterprise development goals of the leadership of the charm and influence.

Excellent change leader characteristics:Changing the personal qualities of leaders is the key to the success of change, and a good change leader usually has the following characteristics: First, the ability to identify organizational change needs. This is the basis for the cause of change, the leadership must understand the corporate culture, recognize the gap between reality and ideals; second, management tools. Change the leadership to find the problem to explore the means to solve the problem, organize employees, to stimulate potential, encourage them to build confidence, work together to achieve the goal; third, the ability to deal with emergencies. When an emergency occurs, they can make the right decision as soon as possible to reduce the loss of the business; fourthly, the higher EQ. Change the leader to have self-confidence, doing things without fear, perseverance, good self-regulation and ability to adapt; Fifth, the change of leadership must be honest and simple, so that the line of travel, will be fruit, to get the staff Support and recognition, so that change smoothly.

Organizational change is bound to involve the interests of the relevant subject, will inevitably defame and suppress the work of change, and even some of the leadership of enterprises fear the risk of change. This requires backing with the support of the company’s leading leadership, organizing a group of courageous people to carry out change work. Organizational change in the course of the process will certainly bring some negative impact, the negative impact of change is the status of the organization is not sensitive or not actively take the initiative to pay the price of the amendment, but the change in the long term, Is conducive to the healthy development of long-term business.

Corporate culture is not built out, he is the most simple business philosophy with a healthy organizational business model in the process of enterprise development gradually formed. Business philosophy is the enterprise nature of things, is always abide by the faith, is the process of development of the Polaris; corporate culture is changing with the various changes in the concept of common understanding, is the success of the enterprise to the other side of the pilot.

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