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A Case Study About Vodafone Company Marketing Essay

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Vodafone is one of the leading mobile communications company with 27 countries and cooperation agreements with more than 35 countries, including the Safaricom in Kenya. The company provided opportunities for more than 71, 000 employees throughout the world and 2008 had more than 289 million customers. Over 19 million people use Vodafone services with the goal of Vodafone UK is “to be the world’s number one leader of mobile communications” and a key element of this is to ensure that customers beliefs and approve of the company. It does this by taking a responsible approach to the way it conducts its activities. This increase its situation and for the development of credit customers. Vodafone business strategy and Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy are interlinked. The company confidence that reward long-term companies from doing business a sustainable way.

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Vodafone business approach is two-fold:

• To provide extension product-new features, size and services in saturated markets . These are areas such as the UK, USA and Europe have sophisticated users who you want and wait for new functionality of mobile phones. developing new ways of delivery of products and services helps to retain existing customers and attract new, for example, 3 G technology is improving the capacity and quality voice and data transport. Very high speed Internet allow extensive services such as calling, music downloads, mobile TV video and electronic messaging.

• to seek opportunities in emerging markets. These include some of the world

more remote areas, including parts of Africa, where many people do not yet have access to a mobile phone. The least developed infrastructures in these sectors makes traditional landline telecommunications. Vodafone is committed to providing these markets with technology for the development of communication that will help both economically and socially. Now there are more than four billion mobile phones worldwide and 64% of all users who live in a developing country.

A brief history of Vodafone

The originality of Vodafone was Racal Electronics plc. Vodafone was bent 1984 as a subsidiary of Racal electronics. Prior to 1984 was known as Racal Telecom Limited. Unlike Racal Telecom Limited was rewarded as the first mobile license in the United Kingdom in 1984 the Racal Telecom Limited became the first cellphone called midnight on 1 St Jan 1985. Vodafone has increased rapidly since the first phone call in 1988. Vodafone can achieve 0.5 million customers in five years. To many customers, the company introduced the roaming service in 1994. The company has agreed to call roaming between Vodafone and Telecom Finland. Because of this intercontinental long extends partnership with permission and in Germany, South Africa, Fiji, Australia and Greece. Retrospectively Vodafone also introduced two new services such as digital faxes and text messages. After a few years Vodafone expanding its capacity in the Netherlands, Uganda, Hong Kong, Germany, France. Customers of Vodafone reached 3 million since 1997.

Vodafone marketing strategy

A long-term vision and strategy can be achieved by careful development. Vodafone clarify the vision and the Mission of the marketing strategy of the following clarification of the four ps.


There are different production Vodafone with enormous potential that provides customers with the opportunity to play games, send and receive images to have different melodies, to get information about travel and view video clips and take a video message.


-Vodafone operates more than 300 stores in the United Kingdom

-Vodafone also sells its product through independent retailers.

Clients can see and manipulate the products they intend to buy.


-Vodafone looking for services accessible to as many people as possible.

-To offer multiple pricing structures to fit different customer groups.

-Price plans are available on a monthly basis, and prepay option.

-Vodafone UK points reward customers for every £ 1 spent on calls.


-Advertising on television, in magazines and other media outlets reaches large audiences and spreads very effectively the brand image and message. This is also known as above the line marketing.

Below the line

-Each stores have special offers, promotions and print sale posters to attract them within storage for the market.

-The company develops better relations with the public, in order to explain new products and ideas.

-Vodafone stores, products and personnel all work of the brand image.

 SWOT Analysis


-Network calls and data coverage for almost 95% of the population.

-Use Vodafone people are in a position to the message, the Internet and also share videos, pictures and music via mobile phone.

-To provide a wide range of set and airtime plans to fit every type of customer and use the hand.

-Vodafone demonstrates one of the best communication network providers in the world.

Vodafone believes in building long term partnerships with its suppliers in order to achieve this. My commitment to buy large quantities of for many years can negotiate Vodafone lower prices. This also reward suppliers because enjoy greater security of having guaranteed orders. Vodafone lunch new products and technology for developing countries in order to provide cheaper network communication system for the people.

In developed economies, cellular phones, are considered to be part of life and

Functions that provide added value to land. Customers expect more and more sophisticated products. Integrated system for mobile, Vodafone can be used for business, education or thorybwdesteres. The latest handsets so that people can keep in touch with family and friends via e-mail, messaging and networking sites like Face book, Twitter. Can research and develop their interests online or playing games, listening to music or watch TV in any location.


A company uses its forces to take advantage of the opportunities arising. Vodafone believes that environmental focused business conduct will result in good performance even in a market price sensitive.

Vodafone obtained the system M-PESA with developing countries like Keney. This system includes:

There are over 2,200 operators M-PESA registered at petrol stations, supermarkets and other retail bases throughout Kenya and five million subscribers. The service has several advantages. For

M-PESA has helped small businesses such as taxi drivers, allowing them to receive money for fares, without the example to drive around with a lot of cash in their cars. It was especially useful during a recent conflict in the country such as helped people to transfer money safely. M-PESA is also used to buy everyday items, and to pay the rent, send money to other people or buy voice telephone. Even used to pay tuition, secondary education is not ‘ free ‘ in Kenya. With the provision of safe and secure transfer of money,

Vodafone M-PESA system has:

• has helped small businesses become more financially secure

• provide a secure way for employees to send money home to their families

• solve the problems of carry around large amounts of cash.

After these achievements in Kenya, Vodafone has extended M-PESA in other emerging markets including Tanzania and Afghanistan.


Vodafone has to acknowledge its weaknesses in order to improve and manage them. This can play a key role in helping to set goals and develop new strategies. Vodafone weaknesses may include:

-The size and scale of global activities. This could be hard and quality control standards. Some countries where a Vodafone network and don not to implement the legislation on working conditions. This can represent a weak link.

-Vodafone one of the biggest weaknesses is the cost.

-The need for low-cost products. This needs to be balanced against produces good-quality. Vodafone must also differentiate itself and the products of competitors. Vodafone believes that there is no compromise between is able to offer products of good quality and low prices.

-Vodafone must keep good communication with customers and other interested parties on its activities. The scale of activities makes this difficult task. Vodafone produces publications in print and online and has a large TV and radio campaigns to enable companies to communicate with different target audiences.


    If a company is aware of the potential external threats, can plan to compensate for them. Vodafone to use some force to defend against threats on the market, creating new ideas, threats to Vodafone may harass by:

-Market forces and most competitors entering the low prices on new product markets and the network. Vodafone must support the unique qualities to compete with them.

-Economic factors-the recession is slowing consumer spending and reduce the disposable income.

Vodafone addresses these issues in many ways. Manage weaknesses and threats to create a positive result. High prices of Vodafone new appeal between customers in low economic times. It is important to put in the retail sector is depressed prices at the lowest possible level. Vodafone pricing strategy targets consumers with tough financial resources. The products will also appeal to those with lower budgets through good quality and design. The company must ensure that always recognized as with lower prices on the market in the future. Communication plays an important role here.

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Vodafone uses the capabilities of the mobile phone to bring value to both developing and developed economies. The impact of mobile technology in developed markets in recent years has been huge and focused on providing added value to customers through the new and improved features and capabilities. By comparison, the impact of technology in emerging markets such as Kenya gave a real life-both for individuals and small businesses. The mobile phone has helped economic growth in emerging economies. With the development of mobile phones, Vodafone has enabled major improvements in order to facilitate the flow of money and information, which is vital for the economic development. Improving Kenyan telecommunications infrastructure and providing the system of M-PESA,

Vodafone has turned more people to access and transfer of money. This has also helped social helping people to benefit from job opportunities far from their home towns and villages.



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