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Analysis Of Celebrity Endorsements

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It recognized as a tool for marketing internationally accepted and never as a means of promoting products will be eliminated

To establish whether celebrity endorsements ethically approved in the international market

Multiple ads by a celebrity negative impact customer confidence

Celebrity endorsement is always good for a brand and its brand image affects

Limit and extend the benefits of celebrity endorsement on the basis of marketing principles to understand

Link theoretical and critical analysis:

Concept and the trend of celebrity-based advertising and marketing industry in general and a number of principles established in the academic community is up to.

A leading theory is that in marketing internationally to support the event because of the source credibility theory that source of support gives weight age. Various industry experts suggest that most of the products with a special celebrity before venturing forward with promoting celebrity or reliability of the source is of critical importance to make sure. Ohanian (1990) states that “the acceptance of a message to commuters ‘positive features plays an important role in influencing customers’ provided. Another expert points out that a message out to customers in the international market largely sent to person and depends on the expertise of their reliability. (Tellis, 2003). the source of the message according to customer’s perception is reliable or credible, that a particular product or brand to change their purchasing behavior, their core internal process through which beliefs and ideas about a brand has the ability to influence their approach to the effects of large-scale customers.

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Effective promoter of celebrities of any brand of your popularity status, their attractiveness based on their function as reliable signs can. Consumers all the celebrity endorsements rarely trust their intentions and their understanding as they doubt the ability of the product. Always support the reliability of the source when the source terms of product range with Tiger Woods Nike golf equipment is a series of increases as confirmation is attached.

A precise knowledge of the product support topic or reliability of the source is important to find the product or the celebrity, it’s huge market and a negative way may affect consumer response promoted any lack of knowledge about the subject shows. The best example to solve Russian politics as she could see Russia from my villa ‘of himself as a champion of projection is one of Sarah Palin. The statement claims that its benefits do not learn Russian affairs did not help any credibility.

Credibility gap in the marketing of reliable quality can be described as a celebrity is lacking. The best example was one of Michael Jackson who publicly said he do not drink Pepsi, when he actually supported the marketing of the product in the media. Even if we can see that the actress Cybil Shepherd publicly promoted the idea of the consumption of meat in his personal life he was a vegetarian marketing. Credibility is the issue of differences in product support and is very impressed with the image of celebrity itself. Some marketers to create an endorser or an originator of their products as the use of animation characters to avoid the issue of credibility gap. An effective replacement for the human celebrity or products as a promoter is an animal. Example of a similar nature that a product is suitable for marketing can be one of Superman or cartoon characters.

Source of attraction in a major aspect that celebrity support is of utmost importance. Celebrity physical beauty consumer market on a wide scale is an internationally accepted though beauty is defined in different cultures. Perceived social value of increasing our fascination with celebrity and they highly respect and value premium are held extensively by several committees. The impact of celebrity endorsements on a global scale general consumer society as a halo effect can be described as being high is to understand the social ladder “as beautiful and attractive for people and products and brands they support aspire to be like them to accept.

A ‘Celebrity encodes as celebrity endorsements mean the product is transferred to the special and unique patterns support a transfer theory talks about the means presented in a meaningful way if the move is being supported. McCrackan (1989). It consists of three phases, namely encoding, meaning support for the product being supported, which means that consumers see and finally moved to capture meaning. Thus we observe that celebrity endorsements are being supported and is based on meaning transfer theory.

Critical Analysis:

Comments and based on the principles presented above, we see that the concept and practice of celebrity endorsement is widely accepted educational principles and marketing practices, as seen above is based in literature. However, as explained in principle transfer means, and means associated encoded by use of a celebrity may not always be positive. Some negative trends can work against the promotion of brands. So it is important that featured a brand associated with a particular celebrity’s requirements and so as to create a positive image about the product and increase your marketing should be in sync with its range of products. Source credibility theory reliability of the source as the maximum weight age is seen as being both a local and international level is vital to the success of celebrity endorsement. Now highlight the source of the event as a relative concept of attraction in the international level varies across different cultures can be. The same is the case with the option of Various celebrities as the celebrities are present in different regions of the world and there are only celebrities in high regard internationally, across all countries are held to present a rare combination. The failure of a brand or a product in terms of celebrity status or scandals or issues related to their image in terms of negativity can lead to falls. Thus, a cautious and careful approach to the international celebrity in mind the background and cultural perspective of the field to include celebrity endorsements to promote the market should be adopted.

Part B: My contributions

This trend of celebrity endorsement is widely used by advertising sector ever since 1950 and Marilyn Monroe and Marylyn Deitreich are one popular example. Surveys and research have seen the celebrity ad buying decisions most consumers, a product’s reliability, likeability and an advertising message about the product being so, the memory had a profound positive effect, etc. (Roy, 2006) information The. Statistics show that rising costs and declining advertising effectiveness of different marketing techniques, despite the industry standard personality because of their world towards achieving international standards in celebrity advertising is paying big premiums. Nicole Channel V in the euro Tiger Woods 8000000 Kidmans promotional costs a hefty $ 18 million for its ads accused. The key value indicates that in the international arena is out for celebrity endorsement.

Literature Review:

McCracken (1989) a person who is accepted and recognized publicly and personally confirmed that special promotion or advertising of products displayed by any of the uses of consumer goods is the image defines as a celebrity endorser. Survey research has proved that such advertising so their approach to a brand biasing and consequently working on their buying decisions and therefore increase sales of the product the consumer thought and behavior influenced. A reference group, a celebrity promoter of a particular ad can be described as an explanation. This certain person or a group of individuals may be a reference point or endorser who held some set of attitudes and values communication, behavior patterns (Shiffman and Kanuk, 2006) to describe a certain set as a comparison with serves. There exists yet another group aspiration group the main reference group is a team that currently the consumer, but to be a part of the symbol is said to have derived from. Consumer bases that group to behave as such in the future would be a part of that particular group loves. This type of celebrity to celebrity endorsements for consumers to copy their celebrity or a part of (Pelsmacker, 2004) would be a role model by making the group play an important role.

The international arena, the business to invest huge amounts of their products and brands to align with established celebrities. Market studies, the fact that adding a brand with a celebrity in the international arena to help promote higher message recall and maintain market focus is confirmed. Yet there is rare that companies control the negative personalities personality which fluctuates around the world at large may affect the company and its activities due to the more internationally linked risk factors are present one. Example of scandals in the lives of celebrities as the best example can be counted. So we can observe that some organizations and characters associated with a brand and its products are not to develop personalities.

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Use celebrities to support the brands in the international arena of the main advantages is that they garner attention, in the case of a foreign brand to create an image of brand new and first introduced in the market or to to be repositioned on the international market. The initial screening and careful planning in mind the product life cycle and is conducted by placing massive celebrity is achieved. Phases of its global launch at large international audience, although the target cost and the risks involved while the company gains a great loss. Dangerous areas, the costs involved and the risk of the brand and the celebrity at the same time so when he or she have to support too many brands, including the possibility of celebrity. Thus, source credibility and source attractiveness theory is necessary to place whenever we discuss international celebrity endorsement is. Besides support from the sheep matched link between product and celebrity images can discuss. Source credibility and source attractiveness theory:

Source reliability mentioned by Hoyland (1953) confirmed the principle that a communicator of the message celebrity message is well received by the audience acting as the perceived credibility speaks. Celebrity expertise and credibility is key aspect of the theory. Expertise can help clients develop brand trust because the customer knows the brand well confirmed celebrity brand and its products and considers such increases your sales. Reliability confidently say that the consumer is put in a brand that the celebrity is the right and claim to be valid.

Resource attraction principle support for the defendant or the consumers’ personalities familiarity, likeability equality, and attractions to mention. Physical attractiveness in a big way in the selection of a particular brand or product endorsers as involved or to international customers (Chaiken, 1979) has attracted the attention of.

Attribution theory

The theory also explain celebrity endorsements in the international market as it is essentially a product of the various figures confirm the impact of influencing factors are analyzed tries. Examples of this type or specificity of the various elements, stability, social stability factors, such as ‘uniqueness’ measure the extent of the feature that is specific to a product endorsement brand being promoted by the presence can be seen. The following properties ‘stability’ that support the relationship between celebrity and product resources and time period refers to a case being supported. Lux beauty soap being the best example of that feature can be maintained. Another feature is that the ‘tendency to support the social consensuses that talks about going across different institutions across the product range to generalized.

The best use of these principles was made by Nike when he shook hands with Michael Jordan sports shoes, Air Jordan range boost. Similarly, Nike also signed up with Tiger Woods to promote its range of golf balls as he was then the best golfer and Nike golf equipment and our experience was new to the area.

Between the celebrity and brand / product match

Another important principle in the international arena affects celebrity endorsements and celebrity match between brands or products. Up and Bulser (1998) states that endorsers image, expertise and charm compatibility between products with essentially being matched. The theory is that attractive celebrities to promote brands that effectively promote the attractions related to the support. This is because international standards of consumer products related to attraction to the product’s features and thus their decision to purchase. By far and Bulsar expertise and attractions between Factors and factor test (1948) found that high expertise in the attraction factor affecting customer purchase intentions and attitudes towards products than rated.

Another important principle that cultural meaning transfer theory approach means seeing it as different from the celebrity endorsement by one and the same personality and celebrity of failure to contribute towards the success of an ad explains the importance of the different cultures. From place to place on the issue of cultural issues that crop up as an international marketing campaign is of utmost importance. Here where an endorser Persuader response reported by celebrity clients to be an effective communicator means a specific set of response functions. McCracken (1989) mention that the meaning conveyed are compelling, important, social and political conditions exist at the local and regional level, related, or performance to which consumers relate to personally. Here are the same meaning to consumers through products where quality and consumer properties of the product characteristics to be expressed. Walker et al (1992) mention that the images and meanings celebrity real brand or product itself exposed to the promoter.

Thus when we study the impact of celebrity endorsements in the international market, we observe that even heroes to celebrities than the fans and every endorsement than that they long for the market remains positive as a person bound to be accepted as an image in the market more. They are often idolized a different world to the extent that they are revered and blindly accept the common man is considered. Follows the trend of an internationally

idolisation paragraph of the communication where consumers follow the principle of social mode and for the life of his famous celebrities has led to relate vicariously. The extent that they negatively impact a brand and a business when overzealous fans can get a glimpse of anything negative to the passion can lead to.

The trend for consumers on a global scale in which the principle of balance and a positive manner as called celebrity life with their own efforts are seen building a perceived bond. The congruity theory refer to the same description as the market using this mode celebrity and their support in sync with brands that influence consumer behavior is almost the same as. The theoretical model will be a negative when it is associated with a positive acclaimed celebrity brand value increased accordingly. Thus, their relationships among themselves and vitally can be used in international marketing.


Thus we concluded that celebrity endorsement is important for brand building brand building but a comprehensive marketing strategy can not be considered as a replacement of the utmost importance in the process. Integrated marketing communication channel every other celebrity endorsement as a disciplined and cautious manner due importance should be given an international market alone will not serve the purpose. Celebrity endorsements of the major steps to implement brand generation can give the final touch.

In short, all models, theoretical studies about the various advantages and limitations of brand building, etc. While speaking of celebrity endorsements in the end what matters is reliability, the star image and the attractive nature of celebrity. These same factors in the international arena a celebrity endorsement can lead to a failure. Caution because of the type of celebrity status and a regularly updated to a deep and careful eye to maintaining the success of a celebrity with the product support required.

Also we can conclude that the attractiveness of a celebrity is of utmost importance, while attractive brand and promote products. Low risk and low involvement products, the initial focus of attraction to get the most benefit can be a celebrity and attract consumers. Technical support products and brands to effectively maximize the match between celebrity support to promote the brand image of the celebrity as a major factor requires expertise.


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