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Armourguard Expansion Marketing Plan

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Wordcount: 2965 words Published: 8th Feb 2020

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Table of Contents

  1.         Introduction…………………………………………………3
  2.         Importance of Planning for Marketing……………………………..3
  3.         Process of Planning…………………………………………..4
  1.        Flowchart……………………………………………………..9
  2.        Conclusion…………………………………………………..10
  3.        References…………………………………………………..11

I.            Introduction

This report includes a marketing plan for a new branch of Armourguard in Napier. Armourguard basically deals in providing security services to its clients including security guards, mobile patrolling and cash services in which money, valuables and confidential documents are transported from one place to another, safely (Armourguard, 2018). This report includes detailed marketing plan guiding the owner of the company about how he can successfully market his services to the customers which will help in him in gaining a good start for the new branch. This marketing plan basically includes the mission and objective of the market plan, SWOT analysis, market segmentation for Armourguard, marketing strategies that can be used by Armourguard to influence customers, marketing research, marketing mix for Armourguard which will enable the owner to place its product properly in the market, budget for the plan, key performance indicators for the company and the flowchart of the process is also included.

II.            Discussions

  In this report I have discuss about the main aspects of the business that can be helpful to make a business plan on the company by using strategies, budget plan, process of planning and SWOT analysis. By using these factors we can build a good business plan. 

A.     Importance of Planning for Marketing

Marketing plan helps a business to establishing properly in various places. It helps to understanding the actual and target market for the business. Using this market plan, the owner of Armourguard would be able to identify its target market and this will aid in focussing the marketing strategies to the determined target market. Moreover, after determining the target market, the further needs of the target market of Armourguard can be analysed and those needs can be fulfilled by altering their security services or by adding new safety features. A good market plan needs to be in place so that prospective clients of Armourguard can get to know about the offerings of the company and this will also enable them to distinguish between existing and these new services offered by Armourguard. The marketing plan will also guide about the channels through which this information will be sent to the target market. A marketing plan will include an idea of about how much capital needs to be allocated for the marketing of new branch and its services (Business.gov.au, 2018).

B.     Process of Planning

Process of planning guides in making marketing strategies for a business so that such strategies are helpful in increasing sales of the business. This includes specifications of particular actions that are required for achievement of a particular objective thereby making it easier to achieve (EDUCBA, 2018).

Mission and Objectives

  • The mission of Armourguard is to maintain the secured environment of New Zealand and to contribute in smooth functioning of different aspects of the cities and the country. This is done by providing exceptional security services to the clients through proper training given to the employees. The main four values followed by in achieving its mission includes customer focus, performance, innovation and responsibility (Armourguard, 2018).
  • The objective of Armourguard is to increase its profits by five percent in a year with the establishment and operation of its new branch in Napier. The need for the company is to capture the market of the city and gain profits.

SWOT Analysis


  • Brand name

Brand name of a company makes it easier for a company to persuade customers. The brand name gained by Armourguard security services is itself a strength for the company which will help it in establishing new branch easily as customers will see up to the company as a trustworthy name and this will also help in reducing marketing cost for the company as people already know about Armourguard.

  • Teamwork

Teamwork helps in successful completion of any job. As employees of Armourguard do a good teamwork, they are able to provide exceptional services to the clients which will result in better customer satisfaction.

  • Technology and training

Armourguard provides both technology expert and trained professional body guards which will help in covering all the aspects of customers’ needs and thus, they will be able to get more business.


  • Technology

One of the weakness of Armourguard is they are not able to install new security system which require high cost of money.  


  • Technology

The upgrading technology in the field of security is a good opportunity for Armourguard as the company can take full advantage of new security features which can be added to their offerings and customers can be provided with better security services. This will help Armourguard in increasing its customer base.

  • Events

As New Zealand is a multi-cultural country, there are many events that happen in the country, over a year which offers a good profitability for Armourguard.


  • Technology advancement

As technology is advancing, more and more advanced security systems are being made which can be used by people for their personal security and also for their companies and businesses as these systems are do it yourself systems which can be used easily. This will affect the sales and profitability of Armourguard as people will try to use such technology.

  • Competition

The existence of many competitors in Napier like First Security, Triko Security Ltd, Hawkes Bay Security Limited, Red Badge Group Hawkes Bay, Impact Alarms Ltd, K & S Security Limited etc., can be a threat for the new branch of Armourguard.

(Eyes on you security co., 2018) 


  • The clients which require security services include building management companies as they need security guards for monitoring the security as well as for patrolling and monitoring surveillance system installed in different residential and commercial buildings.
  • Big retail companies like departmental stores also employ security guards for safety purposes and to avoid thefts. In addition to this, small stores selling expensive items like jewellery may also need security guards.

(Bplans, 2018) 

Marketing Strategies

  • Testimonials from existing clients can be taken and used on Armourguard’s website which will improve credibility of the company. Secondly, referrals from the existing clients can also be used to get new contracts in Napier.
  • Giving advertisements in trade publications, online advertisement using Google AdWords like security guards, security services etc.

(Peer, 2018) 

         Marketing Research

Primary Research

Primary research is kind of new research that we can use to accomplish different kind of issues and questions. It could involve different types of surveys, interviews and questionnaires with small groups and individuals. This is a good way by which services of the company can be explained clearly to the clients.

Secondary Research

Secondary market research is done through secondary resources like competitors’ websites can be checked for their offerings. Moreover, other already done researches can also be read in order to gain more understanding of the needs and demands of the clients. Data from government offices and other official data is also helpful along with newspapers, magazines etc.

(Queensland government, 2018) 

Marketing Mix

  • Product – This refers to the products or services offered by a business. There are two types of products such as tangible and intangible. 
  • Price – Price refers to the price at which products or services are available for the customers. The price offered by Armourguard Security Services is such that it offers an affordable and worthful price to its clients. This also helps the company in remaining competitive in the market.
  • Place – Place refers to the place from where customers can get access to the products or services offered by a business. Armourguard is quite accessible from different parts of New Zealand as there are 14 branches of Armourguard in New Zealand which are also located in the regions with maximum population.
  • Promotion – Promotion refers to the way of educating customers about the offerings of a business and also about how these can be beneficial for them. Different promotional strategies can be used by Armourguard like giving advertisements in trade publications, online advertisement using Google AdWords like security guards, security services etc.

(Mind Tools Content Team, 2018) 

                    Control Systems

             Budgeted Marketing Promotion Strategies

  • It is a detailed arrangement that figure out tactics, cost, marketing strategies and result of the project. 


Allocated Budget

  1. Research

5,000 NZD

  1. Advertisement

10,000 NZD

  1. Google Adwords

8,000 NZD

  1. Blogging

5,000 NZD


28,000 NZD

Key Performance Indicators

  • The increase in number of clients of the new branch will be a good indicator of the performance of the new branch. Growing numbers will demonstrate good performance.
  • The outcome of providing appropriate training to the employees can be analysed to see if it matches the needs and demands of the clients. If a personnel is given proper training, positive reviews from the customers will increase.
  • The increase in company’s profitability is one of the direct key performance indicator.

(ISS, 2018) 

V.            Flowchart

VI.            Conclusion

A marketing plan is must for any business as it guides the business about the target market segment of the business and helps in understanding the needs and demands of the target market. SWOT analysis is done for the business to analyse its strengths, weaknesses and to understand the available opportunities and threats. We can use process of planning to make an efficient market plan. A market plan also includes a proper budget that can be used for marketing. Thus, using a proper market plan will help Armourguard Security Services in properly establishing its new branch in Napier.


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