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Comcast cable television

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Comcast Cable Television


Comcast is one of the largest pay television companies in the US today. Comcast uses last mile technology an actual hard line to each location it serves. This gives Comcast the ability to sell elective services such as their high speed internet and home phone service. Television remains the country’s largest number one source of news, information, and entertainment. Cable television in particular, with its programming options for nearly any interest, can be tremendous to advertisers because of its ability to attract specific kinds of people based on the kinds of programs they watch. In addition, cables plasticity allows you to reach an area large as an entire market or as small as a single zip code.

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Comcast Cable Television

Comcast Corporation is a primary cable, telecommunications, and entertainment firm. The company’s initial pedigree is in cable television, and Comcast Cable is now the fourth leading cable company in the United States, with 4.4 million customers in 21 states. Comcast Cellular serves 783,000 cellular telephone customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Comcast also partnered with Sprint Corp., Tele-Communications Inc., and Cox Communications Inc. in the Sprint PCS digital wireless telephone joint business enterprise. In content, which provide the most proceeds of the company’s three sectors, Comcast owns a 57 percent stake in QVC, Inc., the chief cable television shopping channel; has a controlling concern with the Walt Disney Company in E! Entertainment Television, a cable channel dedicated to entertainment and celebrity programming; and holds a mainstream interest in the Philadelphia 76ers NBA basketball team, the Philadelphia Flyers NHL hockey team, the Philadelphia Phantoms minor league hockey team, two indoor sports arenas, and Comcast-Sports Net, a 24-hour regional sports network serving the Philadelphia area. The company also holds shares in a number of other content providers. Controlled by the Roberts family of Philadelphia, Comcast also has the influential backing of Microsoft Corp., which owns 11.5 percent of the company.

Why I chose Comcast

I chose the company because I currently have Comcast cable and I was thinking about switching service providers. I was interested in seeing what really keeps the company as one of the leading service providers and if they really were cheaper with better programming as opposed to Dish Network. Dish Network had promotional offers convincing enough for me to want to consider switching, but I really wanted to do my research before I switch from being a loyal Comcast customer to a company I really knew hardly anything about besides everyone telling me I wouldn’t get service when it rained.

Marketing Strategy

Comcast’s target market description is (men, middleclass to high class income men, and women, singles and young adults their reason for (primary target market) is versatility-largest collection of services including phone, cable television, and internet provision.


Comcast marketing strengths are that they offer a range of services. Comcast does a lot more than just cable television programming it offers telephone services, internet services, and movies for example. Comcast has a name identification as one of the nation’s largest cable television providers, with more than 21 million video subscribers. Comcast’s annual report shows a strong customer base. A major marketing weakness is a low percentage of phone subscribers Comcast tallies 6.4 million household telephone service accounts, making it the United States’ third-largest telephone provider (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comcast#cite_note-25) [“Customers are choosing Comcast phone services because of the cost savings,” Comcast Spokesman Charlie Douglas insists, claiming that Comcast service is 20 – 30% less than traditional phone service (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comcast#cite_note-26). ][The speed at which Comcast got VoIP deployed means they’re grabbing the lion’s share of the landline defectors coming from the baby bells. The fact that Comcast service is substantially more costly than independent VoIP carriers didn’t seem to phase consumers, who are increasingly drawn to triple play promotional deals.

Comcast of course would argue that the higher price reflects the fact that Comcast’s Digital Voice is a completely different service from their broadband service, and untouched by Comcast’s new traffic management scheme (http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/97908).] Most rational network neutrality advocates also aren’t interested in preventing a carrier from prioritizing their own phone services.

The result is that Comcast’s Digital Voice service quality gets higher marks than independent operators when it comes to audio quality. Meanwhile, outfits like Vonage continue to struggle with customer defections. One telecom analyst firm consultant tells us that independent operators hold less than 10% of the market now — a number that continues to drop. Comcast should extend into areas that they currently do not cover or advertise in order to gain more customers interested in phone services. However, the low percentage of phone subscribers could be due to the fact that Comcast charges high franchise fees for phone services because they it is higher to rent other company’s lines. Marketing opportunities that is a major for Comcast is there on demand movie services. It is a new service that is associated with cable; it gives you on demand service of what you want to watch, when you want to watch it and you can choose from thousands of movies and programs when you want to plus most are free so that you can schedule television around your life.

Charter, Cox, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Comcast and Bright House Networks are working on a new advertising system they’ve dubbed “Canoe.” The effort, planned to help keep billions in ad dollars from flowing to the Google’s of the world, will try to make TV advertising more interactive and user (or neighborhood) specific. [One of Comcast’s initial trials was in the Baltimore market, where they’re e-mailing customers about “Addressable Advertising,” which will “increase the relevancy of the TV advertising seen by their Digital Cable subscribers.” According to Comcast, the data used to determine which ads users will see is based on “standard, widely available demographic information”(1999-2009 dslreports.com.)].

Comcast and Dish Network are two of the three largest pay television companies in the United States today. When looking at Dish Network versus Comcast, the most noticeable dissimilarity is the delivery method used. Comcast uses last mile technology, an actual hard line to each location it serves. This of course gives Comcast the ability to sell additional services such as their high speed internet offering and home phone service. Satellite TV technology has come a long way, and most subscribers experience as good as, if not better than Comcast. That’s not to say that your service will be lacking with Comcast, as most areas have experienced upgrades in technology as well allowing Comcast digital cable and on-demand to be standard.

How Do Dish Network and Comcast compare when it comes to programming?

Dish Network has been known to have hard bargains when it comes to content providers over the years, and this has left the subscriber out in the cold so to speak at times. Overall, Dish Network provides you more options than Comcast in building a truly tailored package. Dish Net work offers customers the ability to order packages that are 100% HD with their TURBO HD lineup, as well as packages that include both SD and HD. Dish Network packages start from $19.99 for the Dish Family package. Though this package only has about 40 channels, it is something to consider for families that don’t have any type of cable TV, especially with the digital transition that has taken place. The standard entry level package with Dish Network is the America’s Top 100 package. This package is currently $32.99 a month and provides 100 channels. You can add the Turbo HD Bronze package for another $10. Local channels cost another $5 per month. As you can see, Dish Network offers a very low entry price point compared to Comcast, but things can add up if you want to add different options to your package.

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Comcast currently offers their starter package for $53.99 a month, with a six month promotional price of $29.99.This package gives the customer a basic channel lineup, with a few extras like music channels and a digital converter box. The price listed on the website is a “starting at” price, so it may be a bit more depending on your area and/or your particular choices.

In Conclusion, I believe sticking with Comcast would be a better option for me because I like how they have the On Demand feature which lets me watch my television shows around how I structure my life. It would be more cost friendly to my budget and it has On Demand children shows, seeing how spongebob is my daughters’ favorite show and it seems as if she can’t get enough of that show.


Malcolm Berko: Taking stock, The State Journal-Register, October 7, 2009




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