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Consumer Behaviour in the Coffee and Tea Industries

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Wordcount: 2575 words Published: 11th Jan 2018

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1.0 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a standard coffee house in the market. It provides the high price coffee compare to the normal coffee shop. Even like that, there are still many people like to purchase and consume the coffee in the Coffee Bean. There are many reasons make the consumers purchase the coffee in Coffee Bean.

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1.1 Quality of the Products

The reason that makes the consumer addicted to the coffee is because the quality of the coffee. The Coffee Bean is importing the coffee nuts directly from the finest coffee estates in the growing regions around the world. This can enables the finest standard of the coffees nuts that is importing directly. Every outlet of the Coffee Bean provides the same standard of the coffee. This can make sure consumer confident in the quality of the products when they consume the coffee. Beside that, the consumer can enjoy the same taste, same standard coffee in every different country or outlet.

1.2 Healthy Products

Coffee Bean holds a concept of produce healthy products to public. The consumer willing to spend money in Coffee Bean one of the reason is they take care about the health of the consumer. Coffee Bean is using the non-fat milk in their ingredient of making every different coffee. This make consumer fully enjoy their coffee.

1.3 Baking Technique

Beside the quality of the coffee nuts that provided by the Coffee Bean, the baking technique of the coffee is important to the consumer also. Every coffee shop has the own baking technique method. Coffee Bean provides the own standard baking technique compare to the normal coffee shop. The normal coffee shop provides the different baking method while they make the coffee. The consumer cannot enjoy the same taste coffee because the normal coffee shop did not apply the standard baking method. Coffee Bean is giving the standard and professional training to the barista. All of the barista working in the coffee shop is full of experience and the technique of baking or making coffee. This can make sure all the consumers consume the quality and standard coffee. Besides the experiences barista in the Coffee Bean, they also well know for the lighter roasts. The coffees are full or mild and delicate flavor. These coffees are sure to please every palate. Every coffee that provided inside the menu is full of the unique taste, the consumer can seeking the ultimate coffee experience.

1.4 Environment

Environment in Coffee Bean also make the consumer willing to spend to the expensive coffee. Coffee Bean provides the comfortable environment to consumer. They are serving the consumer with the comfortable chair. The consumer can sit relaxing and enjoy their coffee well. Rather than that, the whole concept of renovation is full of the handcrafted oak paneled. The consumer can feel the nature of the lifestyle when their consuming the coffee inside the stores. Coffee Bean also is an ideal social gathering place for friends and family. They can spend the more time enjoying their coffee by sitting on the comfortable couch, chit chat with friends, and so on. Beside that, Coffee Bean also provides the WI-FI service. The consumer even can spend a day online and enjoy the coffee. Many of the students like to consume the coffee there because they can enjoy the WI-FI service also.

1.5 Status in the Society

There are huge difference prices between the coffee in normal coffee shop and Coffee Bean. Sometimes, human always have the mind set that who are consuming the expensive products and they are the rich people or in the high standard level. They willing to spend because they like to show they are rich and high class than other people. They think the coffee in Coffee Bean is worth and reasonable prices. Coffee Bean also provides the destination and lifestyle quality experience to the consumer. They wanted the respect from the other people because they are purchasing the expensive products. Some of the consumer likes to consume the coffee in Coffee Bean because they want to get close with the friends. Some of their friends like to spend time and money in the standard and quality coffee. They just a part of the follower and they try to get close of the culture in their gang. Even the price is much more expensive than the normal coffee but most of the consumer will think that there is worth of it. They can enjoy the standard quality and also show the high status in the society. They think that can build the respectful relationship in the society. Normally, the high class people can gain the respectful from other people.

2.0 Importance of Consumer Behavior

Studies of consumer behavior are important in the society, community or even in the business industry. Consumer is playing the essential role in the market. The marketer needs to analyze the behavior of them before the new product launched in the market because consumer will like or dislike the products. This will strongly affect the profit and the images of the company. This only way to understand the consumer behavior is from the research or observation. The consumer behavior can strongly help the marketer in the business industry.

2.1 Setting Marketing Strategy

Consumer behavior can assist the marketer in doing the marketing strategy. By observing the buying behavior of the consumer, the marketer will know how to plan their products in 4P that are product, price, place and promotion. With the result of the research on the consumer behavior, the marketer can know what product that needs in the market. After develop a new product, they can easily set the price of the product with the buying behavior. Other than that, the marketer can know which place is more suitable to set an outlet or held an event. At last, they will know what kind of the promotion will attract more consumer to purchase and intents more consumer to aware their products.

2.2 Predict the Consumer

Consumer is important to the business. If there is no loyalty consumer in the product, the product must be unsuccessful in the market. Consumer can influence the huge affection to the business. Prediction on the consumer is important. The marketer should know the buying process of their consumers and try to satisfy their needs and wants. This can pleased the consumer and they will be giving the positive post purchase to the product and purchase again. This also can increase the sales of the products. The satisfaction of the customer will make the sales increase because they would like to purchase again or introduce to their friends and family.

2.3 Market Segmentation and Market Positioning

Research on the consumer behavior easy the marketer segment the market. They know different needs of the consumer can group into different categories. Market can segment to races, gender, age, and so on. With the result on the hand, the marketer can easily to segment their product into which categories to make the products more successful. Besides that, the marketer also can know the market positioning of the products. Market positioning is what the position of the product in the eye of the consumer. With the result, the marketer can easily find out the brand position and the level of their products in the market.

2.4 Develop New Product and Pricing Strategies

With the result of the research on the consumer behavior, the marketer knows well in the behavior of the consumer buying process and buying decision. Other than that, they also know the needs of the consumer. The marketer can easily to develop a whole new concept of the products that is fix to the consumers needs and wants. This also can satisfy and pleased the consumer when they purchasing the products that are really fix to their needs.

Consumer behavior also can help the marketer how to place a price in a product. By the observation, the marketer can know how much the consumer can afford to their products and which pricing strategies can be practiced in their products.

3.0 Interview Three Families

Family is an external factor that can influence the buying decision when the consumer needs to purchase a product. Each of every family will have the different buying behavior in their families. And yet sometimes the people who decide on the buying process and playing the main role while purchasing the products will influenced by other factors also. I had already interviewed 3 different families that having the different buying behavior in the family.

3.1 First Family

The first family that I interviewed is a Chinese traditional thinking family. In this family, man will always be the main character in making decisions and everything. So, the father plays the main role on the buying decision. The other family members will just follow the instruction from the father. In the other hand, the mother is an ordinary housewife and she listened and obeyed to her husband. Meanwhile, the father will be the main income supporter in the family and in fact he has the power to make the decision for purchasing. However, some of the decision will not agree with the other family members but the father will be the final decider.

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3.1.1 Influence in Culture

Male is the main character in the first family. Everything should be decided by the father who majority earn and spend in the family. The culture of this family is discriminating the decision that made by the feminine. In the Chinese thinking, man always plays the main role. However, some of the decision may not be agreed by the other family members but the father has the power to influence the others to agree with him. This is because of their family culture is the man who decides and making decision. Although they do not agree but they just have to blindly follow because this is the culture in the family.

3.1.2 Influence in Demographic

One of the factors that influence the other family members to adopt and accept the decision made by father in the Chinese traditional thinking family is demographic. Demographic can categories to age, gender, income and so on. The father mainly is the first person who supports the family with his income. His wife and his children have no power to control the usage of the income. The father himself has more power to control his income rather than other family members. So, he has the final buying decision to purchase compare to the family members which were incapable in gaining income ability. Besides that, the father is the eldest in the family. All of the family members have to pay respect on his decision because of his age. They respect the experience that he had and they willing to follow what he decided for them. They will show loyalty and trust to the father’s decision.

3.1.3 Influence in Social Status

On the other hand, father is an important social status in a family. Usually the children will follow what the father plan for them. They respect him because he is the father and the head of the family. He should not be giving the wrong decision to them and yet he always had to lead the family members to the right way. So, as for the practice, the family members had relied and believed on him.

3.2 Second Family

The second family that I interviewed is a family which is the mother being the main role of buying decision. Both of the parents in this family are working parents. The mother is the one who earn more than the father. She is doing the final decision when the family wants to purchase a product. She is a strong view woman whom can made accurate decisions. And because by the word saying that women were gifted in the nature of comparing and strong in bargaining prices, she plays a very important role in the family. This is different and a bit of modern family compare to the first family.

3.2.1 Influence in Culture

The character of mother in this family is stronger than the father because she is the one who playing the main role in buying process. She will be planning everything since the child was born. This is the one of the culture that being practice in this family. The father is giving the rights and authorities to his wife to decide everything for the family. The father, in this family rather not very well in planning and making decision on the products that they want to purchase, will passed the final decision to his wife. This culture is practice ever since the family was being formed. The children already being get use of this culture, and so they will just have to adopt it.

3.2.2 Influence in Demographic

The mother in the second family that I interviewed worked as an assistant manager in the bank. Her monthly income is much more than the father. So, she always has the right to decide what to purchase. The children have no ability to purchase without the money from the mother. So, they will just have to accept what the mother bought for them.

3.2.3 Influence in Social Status

The mother which holds a high education background compare to the father in the second family, her social status is higher than the father in fact she always will be consulting her children about their future plan, like selecting university to further off, what courses they should take. The children would like to follow and agree with her because she is having the high social status in the society. Besides that, she is the strong view mother in the family. The children would like to listen to mother because mother has the important position in the children heart. From the baby till adult, mother paying more concern to the children. So, they show the respective to the mother.

3.3 Third Family

The third Family that I interviewed is the family who has the retirement parents. The son in the family will be the main role on the buying decision. The son is an adult worker who already worked in the society more than 10 years and he is the only son in the family. His parents are the baby boomers who are already retired long time. He is the only economy pillar which majority supporting the family. All the decision will be made by him because his parents are low education and retired old folks.

3.3.1 Influence in Demographic

This factor is same with the first and the second families. The income factors influence the decision that make by the main role. The retired parents have no ability to purchase and the money is given by their son. The son has the right to decide what to purchase because he has the income earning. Age also is one of the factors that influence the retired parents follow the decision that make by the son. They think they already in the old generation and know nothing compare to the son so they just agree with him.

3.3.2 Influence in Social Status

The retired parents were sending their son to the high education and they know their son have the high education. They believed that the knowledge of their child can make perfect decision. Additional they have got no other to depend on, and the only option they can only trust on their one and only child.

From the above we can find three various families which show us different people playing the main role has a different buying decision.


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