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Consumer Reactions to the Von Restorff Effect

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The purpose of the research is to know about Von Restorff effect. This is a perceptive tenet that helps in remembering things even if they out of the ordinary along with providing assistance in projecting things. Without having Awareness it is impossible for any single to gain concentration. That is why companies spend a lot of time in “encouragement, advertising and marketing”. Von Restorff Effect is a part of the ads which are made for gaining attraction of viewers. This can be either in Symbols, Luminosity, Color, Measurement, Circumstances, Pictures, Animations, Lyrics, Phrases, Words and Sounds (Fabiani and Donchin, 1995). That’s why research on Von Restorff Effect is done with this belief that customer conduct is different towards different brands. This is not necessary that advertisement for specific brand may not clarify the ensuing use of product. This is not judged by marketers, those customers who see advertisements basically want to receive same information which is necessary for usage of the brand that also help them in estimating brand. For this purpose an impressive inquiry is done regarding the quality to sure that a particular ad is following brand appraisal by the use of Von Restorff effect. The basic theme of this research is to find out the effect on consumer mind that is built because of applying Restorff Effect in ads. Keeping this in mind that viewer thinks logically and uses his entire mind in to drawing conclusions about ad and then makes him able to remember something from advertisement (Cao, 1999; Kelley & Nairne, 2001).

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2-Background of the research:

Advertisement is an effective communication tool. The audience would feel comfortable enough to take some further steps like to buy or check the product after having good effect by advertisement and the theme of advertisement work as conversation which built up his interest in the product (Abernethy and George 1996). An ad contains information about the product or service and also informs about the benefits which a consumer can gain after using the product, this also pulls potential market to use the product. Such brands are renowned and can easily be identified by sponsors and can be watched by various media resources (Keller, 2002).

In 1933 Von Restorff Effect was known as Hedwig von Restorff. An experiment was conducted on memory recall by using various items and solitaries. It was observed that any particular thing if place in an isolated condition is remembered easily instead of those items that are at interchangeable place in the list of similar items. At this point one can face a change. It is easy to remember about unique items and that’s why the concentration over other items would be removed so the information level will also lessen a bit. The base of attention is depended on amazement, astounding, distinguished or different stimuli. These can be enough for enhancing the von Restorff effect. When advertisers are trying to target the best suitable time so that they can grab more attention from viewers, this theory provides a great help to all of them. The other name of this effect is Isolation effect or Distinctiveness Principle. In some place it is also called a prominence effect. The cause of the fact by which recall is promoted by different packaging is also illustrated by von Restorff effect (Fabiani and Donchin, 1995).

The audience understands the information according to their level of thinking. They are generally motivated based upon their individual capability after which they analyze and make the decision about what to do or how to estimate the future (Cao 1999). This all depends on the level of their involvement with the information which comes in front of them and its simplicity or accessibility which reached their mind. This information is saved in memory along with some of the similar episodes which help in bringing back the information. It is generally perceived that customer is able to form acts on the basis of various activities, like the ones comprised of various information processing along with a simplified product verification process with the help of Restorff Effect (Hunt and Lamb, 2001).

The base of research is on brand consciousness and concentration along with the affect of advertisement of customers by advertisement (Celsi and Olson, 1988). It is also based on the fact that what causes the customer to remember the brand image in his mind. If they see the ad again it comes in their mind almost automatically that from which brand it relates to and if there will be less advertisement it increases this possibility that customer will forget the advertisement. Von Restorff Effect is used in ad so that it can grip the attention of viewers. Commercial advertisers regularly try to use branding so that they become aware with respect to increasing the use of their services and products. They do this because it makes an image of brand in the mind of customers and they are subject to know the product by its name and qualities that it possessed (Fabiani and Donchin, 1995).

There are various methods available that can be used for making the retention process easy and they also provide help in building up the awareness. For Von Restorff effects, there is an existence of many other causes that make customers to respond effectively to the advertisement. The customers who have a good power of getting the idea shown during an advertisement can more easily get the information mention in the ad with respect to their favorite brand (Keller, 2002). Before the advertisement publicity, the advertisers plan out the complete scenario of choosing media as this step will make the sale of product amplified a bit more than normal circumstances which will basically be according to their intentions. Many enterprises agree on the fact that advertisement has a prominent role in increasing their recognition. The advertisers know that in order to get into customers mind they have the option of utilizing either advertisements or sales. Sales are generally more of a direct linkup between company and customer on other hand marketing is not a direct way of linking company and customer. Customer also uses same method for evaluating the products of various brands in Von Restorff effect (Hunt and Lamb, 2001; Kotler and Keller, 2006).

This makes it possible for customers to adapt the information processor (Nyberg, 2005). There can be differentiation in the contents through which a customer remembers the product in his mind (Mcole, 2004). While viewing the ad the contents can be biased by the advertisement which belongs to certain brand. In a wide concept this can be said that for linking customer to the company product, company must have an ability to differentiate its products from that of its rivals, this can make the company to achieve its goal. In result of this many companies rely on marketing interaction for increasing their sales through griping the attention of different customers to the company’s products and also try there level best to make the customers satisfied so that they stick to the company’s products (Mc Daniel and Gates, 2007).

Research problem:

The impact of Von Restorff Effect on advertising and how it’s effective in the information processing and perception of viewers


Aim of this research is to identify how Von Restorff effect works? What is the impact of Von Restorff Effect on advertising and how it’s effective in the information processing and perception of viewers?

4-Objective of the research:

To have complete knowledge about the working of Restorff effect

To have knowledge of brand consciousness and consideration and affect of advertisement on minds of customers

To learn the consumer conduct built up by Restorff effect of advertising

Use of data collected by various customers of disparate brands.

Recommendation: There is a possibility of suggesting to the advertisers of any particular company to not only depended on the pre communicated information which is generally already known by customers therefore they must add some more information that must be particularly based on their decisions which they take before. This is obviously normal that the discrimination of particular information will affect how the information that is to be transferred will be encoded, then recovered and finally in understanding and providing support in decision making. That’s why company must adopt the most efficient advertising intermediary so that it can safe itself from lacking advantages (Kelley and Nairne, 2001; Lessig, 1981).


Research philosophy will be based on the research hypothesis “There is no significant difference on Consumer Attraction for advertisements containing the Von Restorff Effect (VRE) as compared to those ads which do not contain the VRE”.

6-Research Approach:

Deductive approach will be followed in this research


Questionnaires will be used as an instrument for data collection. It includes both Projections (of ads) along with questionnaire.


Research will be based on the quantitative research.

9-Sample Size:

Sample size will be used for this study will be 100 consumers and the sampling technique will be used in this study is random sampling method.

10-Data Analysis Procedures

The data used in this research was collected from different customers of different brands. 10 ads will be shown to a group of 10 to 25 respondents at a time, out of which 3 or 4 ads will have Von Restorff Effect and the rest will not variations in effect on attraction and retention will then be recorded through a questionnaire.

There is also a use of one sample T-test, as it gives an ease of calculation when a single variable differentiated from indicated constant. Mean Standard error of mean and Standard Deviation is calculated for every test variable. If there is a difference of zero in test value and data value then this difference is subject to confidence interval.



For this research, projector for data collection purpose will have to arrange to play the advertisements. This might cost a little.

Time and travelling will not be the issue for this research as data collected can be completed in a week time on the convenience based.

For the data collection, it was discussed that 10 ads will be shown to a group of 10 to 25 respondents at a time so for this process, university and college student will be preferred as ads can be shown in class rooms in break times.

12-Plan & Resources

Plan to accomplishment of this Dissertation will be as follows considering аppropriаtе, rеаlistic аnd аchiеvаblе approach.






Data Collection



Analysis and redefine problem(s)


Implement findings from cycle 1



Prepare draft report

Data Аnаlysis


Begin full data аnаlysis

Complete Dissertation


Write 10,000 word dissertation


The research is mainly done on impacts of Von Restorff effect on customers and it’s after effects that appear on customer mind. This effect is used for making things more understandable and it also makes things easier to memorize whether they are complex or placed in a similar context of things. This study is highlights important facts about the behavior of a sensible individual and people who think logically. The ones who first estimate the information given in advertisement then store relevant data and hence make a stimulated decision. The influence of Von Restorff effect in advertisement and its linkage with the information and intuition of viewer is the main thing that is to be considered while understanding the topic. The main question which is to be covered includes how Von Restorff effect actually works? , what is its reason behind its effectiveness and how it effect on advertisements? The report is based on logical reasoning and for this Questionnaires are used effectively that help in collecting data and also include act of casting ads. The data used in this report is collected from various customers that used many different brands. Total 100 people were involve in the sample, from them 10 ads are shown, out of these 10 ads 3 or 4 have Von Restorff effect. Others ads are different in effects and after this with questionnaire the level of retention and holding is evaluated. There will be 14 weeks time required for completion of the study.


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