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Develop A Personal Selling Philosophy

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Wordcount: 2174 words Published: 11th May 2017

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Selling is a fundamental part of not only business, but everyday life. Indeed, you are called upon to sell all the time – whether it is an idea, product, service, or point of view. This online course is designed to teach you about selling and how to sell effectively. While our focus will be on selling in a business environment, you will find the concepts discussed in class to be of great relevance to your ability to function effectively in interpersonal settings in general.

The objectives of this class are for you to:

Develop a personal selling philosophy that incorporates the marketing concept

Develop a relationship strategy that creates customer value in an ethical context

Develop a product strategy that incorporates creative product solutions that add value

Develop a customer strategy that addresses buyer behavior

Develop a customer presentation strategy that adds value

Explain the process of self management

Demonstrate mastery of Objectives 1-6 by conducting a simulated sales call

For the first 11 weeks of the course, we will focus on mastering the knowledge presented in the text book. Each week you will have a set of assigned readings which will help you maintain pace in the course. The in class quizzes are designed to help you study the material. In addition to the quizzes, you will need to take two proctored exams in person. The dates of the exams will be announced as per the university guidelines.

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In the final 5 weeks of the course, you will be asked to pool your understanding of the text and work towards presenting a sales presentation through a role play assignment. There will be two components to the selling project. First, you will need to develop a written sales strategy for a chosen product or service. Second, you will need to demonstrate (in person) a simulated sales presentation with a prospective buyer. You will play the role of the sales representative and another student/instructor will play the role of the prospective buyer.

By completing assignments on time, you will improve your ability to sell your ideas and become more effective in representing yourself and your company and its services. You also will learn what is necessary to build long-term, profitable relationships with clients.

Competencies the Student Should Gain from the Course:

General Sales Knowledge:

Explain careers, opportunities, and benefits of personal selling.

Summarize the effect of selling in a marketing economy.

Apply theories of buyer motivation.

Create a prospecting plan.

Summarize how to adapt a sales presentation.

Explain and demonstrate one’s product and/or service.

Explain the various communication styles.

Discuss the importance of a positive self-image.

Apply time management techniques to the art of selling.

Evaluate and apply ethical practices in selling.

Write steps and goals of the sales presentation.

Describe the integration of technology into personal selling.

Sales Demonstration Knowledge:

Develop complete pre-approach information.

Design an approach.

Determine wants/needs of the customer.

Prepare and present a value added solution.

Select and prepare selling tools for demonstration.

Anticipate and negotiate sales resistance.

Develop and use trial close.

Develop and use closing techniques.

Demonstrate when and how to use expansion selling.

Demonstrate techniques of servicing the sale.


Just as the effective salesperson tries to maintain the attention and interest of prospective customers; an effective teacher does the same with students by using a variety of teaching methods. The following list provides a list of techniques I will be using in presenting my course.

Presentation Outlines

PowerPoint Slides/Transparency Masters

End of Chapter Application Exercises, including the Internet Assignment

Role-Play Exercises

Written Projects/Manuals


Guest Speakers

Qualified guest speakers will be invited in emphasizing specific personal selling concepts. However, guest speakers in a selling class tend to be most effective when they are asked to respond to specific topics or questions by relating their own experiences. Students are encouraged to prepare questions in advance of scheduled guest presentations.


The class will make use of short lectures to further inculcate the concepts. In presenting a lecture, the teacher would use many of the concepts presented in Chapters 1 and 12 of the text: (1) use presentation tools, (2) discuss real-life examples, (3) keep it simple, and (4) summarize major points.


Review questions, application exercises, and the case problems at the end of each chapter are designed to provide the student with opportunities to apply chapter concepts. A portion of several class periods might consist of having students present their responses to theses end-of-chapter activities. This would be done on an individual, small group, and/or large group basis.


Below is a summary of the skills that students should master upon reading each chapter.

Students should be able to:

Chapter 1

Explain the relationship between personal selling and the marketing concept.

Chapter 2

Explain how to build a relationship strategy that adds value.

Chapter 3

Review and discuss the various communication styles used adapt the sales presentation to the needs of the customer.

Chapter 4

Describe the critical role of ethics in building customer relationships.

Chapter 5

Develop a product strategy that creates product solutions for the customer.

Chapter 6

Explain the importance of creating product selling strategies that add value.

Chapter 7

Describe buyer behavior, motives, and decision making in relation to developing a customer strategy.

Chapter 8

Explain the steps to developing and qualifying a customer prospect base.

Chapter 9

List and discuss the steps to develop a presentation strategy, pre-approach, presentation plan, and the approach.

Chapter 10

Describe the essential elements of the consultative sales presentation.

Chapter 11

Develop an effective sales demonstration plan that incorporates proof devices.

Chapter 12

Explain the types of buyer concerns and the methods and process used to negotiate buyer concerns.

Chapter 13

Review the basic guidelines to closing a sale and confirming the customer business partnership.

Chapter 14

Explain the four dimension process to self-management and improvement.


There will be 16 multiple-choice quizzes containing questions from the textbook. The 16 quizzes will be worth a total possible 15 points.


There will be two exams containing questions from the textbook and possible supplement material if any. Exam 1 will cover Chapters 1-8 (along with any supplemental materials) while Exam 2 will cover Chapters 9-16 (along with any supplemental materials). There will not be a make up exam for the first exam.

Selling Project

Part I (Sales Strategy) You are required to select a product or service and develop a sales strategy and a strategic outline of the sales presentation which you will use for the sales call. One purpose of this assignment is for me to review your understanding of the sales situation and offer suggestions to ensure that you are well-prepared for the role plays. Specific guidelines for this assignment will be discussed in the class progresses. The Sales Strategy will be worth 10 points.

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Part II (The Role Play) The purpose of the role play is to demonstrate the selling principles and techniques which were discussed in the text and in the course. Based on Part I develop a Role Play, you will execute a 10-minute professional sales call while exhibiting your knowledge of and facility with critical elements of the selling process. Essentially, this exercise challenges you to pull all of the course material together and apply what you have learned. There is a degree of “make believe” to it, but you will be graded strictly on your ability to use the selling principles and techniques discussed in class, not your acting ability. The role-play will be worth 10 points.

The best way to ensure that you make a high grade on the assignment is to practice every chance you get before the actual role play. (Practice is also what makes you a better salesperson!)


Be on time for your session!

Business casual dress is required on the day that you sell. There will be an automatic point reduction for t-shirts (10 points), or denim (10 points), or athletic shoes (10 points). In other words, you can lose a total of 30 points if you wear the preceding items to the role play.

Grades on role-play assignment stand. I will not re-grade your role play once it has been graded.

Late Assignments

Written assignments will be collected on their due dates and are due by 12:00 p.m. on the designated date. Make sure that you submit every assignment on time to get full credit for your assignment. If the assignment is not submitted on time you will be penalized one letter grade for each hour the assignment is late. It is up to you to keep track of due dates for the assignments, so please refer to this syllabus often to keep abreast of the schedule. Please do not depend on the instructor to remind you of due dates.

General Reminders:

Switch off all cellular phones when in class.

Be on time. In both school and at work, being on time is simple but important.

Bring your recommended textbook, a notebook and a pen to the class.

Grading Summary

Final grades will be determined as follows:

Grade Scale

Total Points Received

80 and above A

76 – 79 A-

72 – 75 B+

68 – 72 B

64 – 67 B-

60 – 63 C+

56 – 59 C

52 – 55 C-

48 – 51 D+

44 – 47 D

43 and less F














Class Topic

Assignment Due

Week 1


Introduction to the course

Chapter 1 – Personal Selling and the Marketing Concept

Acquire textbook

Week 2


Chapter 2 – Creating Value with a Relationship Strategy

Chapter 1 Quiz

Week 3


Chapter 3 – Communication Styles: Managing Selling Relationships

Chapter 2 Quiz

Week 4

Chapter 4 – Ethics: The Foundation for Relationships in Selling

Chapter 3 Quiz

Week 5


Chapter 5 – Creating Product Solutions

Chapter 5 Quiz

Week 6

Chapter 6 – Product-Selling Strategies that Add Value

Chapter 6 Quiz

Week 7


Chapter 7 – The Buying Process and Buyer Behavior

Chapter 7 Quiz

Week 8

Chapter 8 – Developing and Qualifying a Prospect Base

Chapter 8 Quiz

Week 9


Mid Exam (Chapters 1-8)

Week 10


Chapter 9 – Approaching the Customer

Chapter 8 Quiz

Week 12

Chapter 10 – Creating the Consultative Sales Presentation

Chapter 9 Quiz

Week 13


Chapter 11 – Creating Value with the Sales Demonstration

Chapter 10 Quiz

Week 15

Chapter 12 – Closing the Sale and Confirming the Partnership

Chapter 11 Quiz

Week 16


Chapter 13 – Servicing the Sale and Building the Partnership

Chapter 12 Quiz

Week 16


Project Presentations

Week 17


Final Exam

†The instructor reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the schedule.


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