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Evaluation of the organization of Primark Retail PLC

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This assignment is based on Organization. We discussed company profile which includes history of the company, mission speech which tell motive of the organization. We have also discussed objectives of the organization. Business actions are important part which has also been discussed. Recruitment method, assortment and appraisals, employment activities are also included in this article.

I have chosen Primark Retail PLC for this project. All the stages or points which have been listed above will be discussed from this company in this project.

Company Profile:

The beginning

In June 1969, the first Penney’s store open in Mary Street, Dublin ireland. in a year, four additional blinds were added – all in Dublin.

In 1971, the first large owning outside Dublin cork in was opened, by the end of year there were 11 more blinds in Ireland and one in Northern Ireland.

Moving to Great Britain

In 1973, the number of blinds had reached eighteen in Ireland and Primark started trade in Britian with oven out-of-town stores. The next year saw the opening of the first UK High Street stores in Derby and Bristol. In the next ten years, 18 shades were added in the UK and nine in Ireland, bringing the number of stores in the UK and Ireland to 22 each. Also in 1984, the first multiple acquisition took place in Ireland with the buying of five Woolworth stores.

Further expansion

From 1984 to 1994 a further 13 blinds were added in the UK and 12 in Ireland, bringing the overall to 66 stores 32 in the UK and 34 in Ireland. A key flagship shade was purchased in 1992-to 50,000 sq. ft. unit in O’Connell Street, Dublin, ireland have exited BHS.


Primark had a landmark year in 1995 with the growth of the UK business following the attainment of the BHS One-Up discount chain. As a result, 16 blinds were added to the UK markets, most in the Greater London district, and all of a momentous volume. The subsequently main expansion occurred in 1999 with the attainment of 11 stores from the Cooperatives, including Reading. The Reading possessions, after much renovation, also facilitate the much-needed rearrangement of the UK buying offices.

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In 2000, C & A retreated from the UK. Primark acquired 11 of their blinds which brought shade totals to 108, consisting of 75 in UK and 33 in Ireland. In October 2001, a 75, 000 sq. ft. shade was opened in Manchester and exchange of 25,000 sq. ft. of former stockroom space has now augmented the sales area of this store to 100,000 sq. ft.

Mission Statement:

Their clothing is aimed at the under-35s, and their mission statement is to “provide them with high class, style essentials at value for money price.”

Business Activities of the organization:

Expansion into Spain

In May 2006, Primark opened its first ever shade in Spain in Plenilunio(Madrid), followed by a second shade in Murcia in September 2006.

Three more shades opened in Spain in April 2008 – in Bilbao, Islazul(Madrid) and Oviedo followed by, in June 2008, the opening of Parque Corredor (Madrid). In September 2008, Primark opened in Zaragoza and in October 2008, two further shades in Spain were opened in Asturias and in Coruña.

Expansion into the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany and Belgium

Primark opened its first shade in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) in December 2008.

In May 2009, Primark opened its first shade in Portugal (Lisbon) and its first shade in Germany

In November 2009, a second Primark store opened in Germany(Frankfurt).

In December 2009, Primark opened its first shade in Belgium (Liège) and a second Primark shade was opened in Portugal (Porto).

In September 2010, the first Primark shade opened in Gran Canaria (Las Arenas, Las Palmas). Primark opened its second shade in the Netherlands (Hoofddorp) and also in Gran Canaria (El Mirador) in November 2010. In December 2010, the third Primark shade opened in Germany (Gelsenkirchen).

Number of Stores Trading at 6th December 2010

Ireland – 39

Spain – 20

UK – 150

The Netherlands – 3

Portugal – 4

Germany – 6

Belgium – 2

Primark have a figure of their own labels, including co Denim (Jeans, natch), Secret Possessions (Undies), Cedarwood State (Men’s), and Atmosphere (ladies’ fashion)

A winner in every corner PRIMARK focuses on goods that have range in them so customers will by no means get tired shopping at this very well-known business. Since you have a thought of what PRIMARK Online caters you might get overpower at the goods available at PRIMARK. A total line suitable for men women and children with stipulation specially planned for those 3 divisions. But it doesn’t finish in fashion as they also extensive their expertise in home merchandise and other accessories.

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at first PRIMARK gives its separate value by branding out its merchandise under their umbrella. No other brands are allowed on the PRIMARK property and every division is roofed by their business. To discriminate the varied goods PRIMARK has given a diversity of names for a definite collection for example the women’s footwear and clothes drop underneath the brand name Atmosphere while the official clothing for boys gives out the Butler and Webb mark a huge amount of house brand names function beneath the umbrella of Primark and for that no one gets missing amidst a dozen or so goods at reasonable prices.

Customers can collect or return items at any of PRIMARK store outlets easily, and in-house delivery service has been set up to bring heavy Home items with the more comfort to deliver at weekends as well. Customers can also check their accounts and make payments online with ordering service as well.

Corporate responsibility for PRIMARK means addressing key for business-related social, ecological and moral impact and ensuring to run a business in a trustworthy way. Corporate accountability is a key issue of how PRIMARK demeanour their business as they review that it makes good business sense.

PRIMARK sale occurs four times a year and most of the items reduce by 70% off the original price.

Apart from PRIMARK sale items, customers can also exchange or return items to any of the PRIMARK branches in UK within 28 days with the original receipt.

Purpose of the organization:

The main financial reason of the PRIMARK remains to preserve long term increase in earnings per share. PRIMARK has achieved this purpose by continuance of the subsequent strategies in its businesses:

Improving and escalating PRIMARK manufactured goods range, achievement in sales presentation.

Profitably escalating PRIMARK publicity space. New shade appraisal must meet challenging financial criterion before the endeavor is made and accomplishment is calculated by monitoring achieved sales and profit is spread therefore.

growing the stature of PRIMARK Directory customers and their average spending on the goods.

Growing aim of PRIMARK directory orders.

Managing gross and net limits by improved discovery sourcing, constant cost supervise and capable organization of stock level.

Maintaining the Group’s monetary power through a supple balance sheet and financing constitution.

Purchasing and cancelling PRIMARK shares when it is earning striking and in the wellbeing of shareholders normally.

Code of conduct:

PRIMARK Code of Conduct is accessible in 26 different languages. Suppliers are likely to sign an undertaking that they will meet the terms with it and converse it in their industries. Industries manufacture for us are requested to give details of their sympathetic of content when they are audited. We require the industries of our suppliers to post our Code of Conduct on their notice boards in the local language, and it is our course to check this throughout audits.

PRIMARK’S offer on code conduct guidance apply in every audit. We also give guidance on different aspects of the Code at supplier training sessions for example, we did so on child labor and home working in Asia. In 2009, we hosted moral trade training workshops for our suppliers in the UK, India, and China. In July, we held two workshops for our UK and Irish suppliers, who participated in sessions on a multiplicity of topics, from health and safety to service law. In November, we hosted three days of training in Shanghai for our top 50 Chinese suppliers and their factories. 192 personals attended this preparation and participated in sessions on health and safety, humanizing worker communication, and accusation mechanism. all through the year, our India team held several devoted training sessions for CSR personnel suppliers.

PRIMARK moral trade staff, both in the UK and abroad, is the focus of training and crisis solving action with suppliers. Though, the role of our buyers is more and more important. We now have a program of additional training for buyers and other key staff so that they recognize moral trade issues more completely and can turn out to be more anxious in helping address them with suppliers as piece of their every day job. This official preparation follows on from the moral trade training agreed during the induction process when they joined the corporation. In 2009, 6 full days of preparation were delivered to Primark buyers by the moral trade team and exterior experts. All Primark buyers in Ireland and the UK, as well as key staff such as store and region managers, received a full day’s training on moral issues. In all, a sum of 210 staff was trained in 2009.

Career development:

Primark entirely believes in the ideology of self progress where the individual is liable for achieving their knowledge objectives. All our workers are encouraged to play an vigorous part in ensuring their own growth needs reviewed and met as part of a dynamic and ingenious team environment.

There is abundance of assistance available for you to convene your requirements. We give career growth program with complete training in three specific business areas.

Recruitment process:

PRIMARK accept CV’s in store and also Vacancies were listed in store. But now they have changed their criterion and any person want to apply for any vacancy has to apply online on (http://primark.co.uk and they will be processed and recruited from head office directly. There are different area of work in which applications can be made like Warehouse, trainees, directory and customer services, Retail stores, and head office positions. The most common section of application is retail stores, because there are more chances of getting into it and there different requirements for all other area of work. Once they get recruited for a retail sector position by head office, they receive a call for induction in applied branch of PRIMARK. They have to provide their general documents like NI Number, Passport and Visa copy and other proof of address. PRIMARK is an equal opportunity employer. Normally Staff is recruited on Christmas season on 3 months temporary contract base. They get contract extension on their performance evaluation after 3 months and then after probationary period of their employment which is outlined in their offer letter if subject to successful, they get long term temporary contract and then become permanent within a year. Other than Christmas season, PRIMARK also launches some vacancies usually in the season of March, April in different stores around UK. The most significant factor which PRIMARK considers for its employee is flexibility. Staff should be flexible in working hours and they should or prepared to work whenever they are called from store. Another priority of PRIMARK is that they should have permanent right to work in UK if they are recruited in any of UK branches. Employees get staff discount card in which they have privileged right of 25% within 3 weeks of their service to PRIMARK.


PRIMARK offers discount to its staff but as in some retail organizations, staffs do get free allowance at certain limit. PRIMARK should also be taking into consideration giving similar benefit to its staff. PRIMARK mainly have its own way of serving customer services, but it should also be appreciating staff to work on their own terms and the way they want to serve customers. In certain branches, PRIMARK don’t manage the staff properly as sometimes they need staff immediately due to store being busy, they should always have some extra staff.

Last but not the least clothes specially are what clients come for trendy fabrics that are well cherished by patronizing customers. Current and stylish PRIMARK sets the standard in fashion world by given that durable material to go with the trend of today. Whether it’s for men, women or children you can sort through their manufactured goods by visiting online. The children’s sector also holds many fashionable garments that build them at par with their grown-up counterparts.


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