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History Of Industry In Pakistan Marketing Essay

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Household appliances are a very important element in our lives is necessary things in our homes, without appliances are very difficult to spend our lives. At this time is very difficult to spend life without these devices. Pakistan’s large industries such as waves, Dawlance, PEL serves with the production of household appliances. Super Asia is one of those industries. Super Asia is a heavy manufacturing Industry of Gujranwala in Pakistan. Super Asia is the production and manufacture of many household appliances such as washing machines, fans, air conditioners, microwave oven, heaters and water coolers.

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Like all Super Asia also have defined their visions and missions, the values ​​and objectives that the company has achieved. It has branches in major cities in Pakistan, such as Gujranwala, Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi. In Gujranwala branch is located in a very wide area, and have a large number of departments such as assembly department, tool shop, fan shop, etc. For management, such as financial management, human resource management, marketing management, purchase and sales department working in Super Asia located in a separate building.

I did a different analysis of the industry such as SWOT analysis and PEST analysis. I analyzed that how Super Asia can overcome in their weakness by using their strengths, how can Super Asia save opportunities. Some of the weaknesses in the management of the company can be overcome and turn into strengths. Super Asia faces a significant threat from competitors. I did also PEST analysis, which is the political, economic, social and technological analysis.

I included my internship experience. I did the internship in overall the company and got a lot of knowledge. My advisor in Super Asia was Mr. Abdul Hafeez (Assistant HR Manager), and he was a skilled and knowledgeable person, and had a lot of knowledge and experience of HRM. He was maintaining a HR whole and all his subordinates’ answers to him and he answers to the General Manager of Super Asia. In the marketing department my advisor Mr. Mustajab Hussain had a lot of knowledge and experience of marketing. There was sales person in the staff who was responsible for the command and delivery of products. All decisions were taken related to marketing and sales by marketing manager who was also responsible to the General Manager. I did the survey for sale of washing machines of Super Asia comparatively sales of other companies. I often go to different banks with the field boys and deals with different banks for different tasks. In marketing the things required for the marketing jobs are to look active, inspired personality and strong communication powers, and I learned that how to communicate with the customers in the market.

I also did the analysis of marketing. First analysis is what I have done is related to marketing strategies that strategies is applicable in Super Asia. Second analysis is the product life cycle. Passed all products from all stages of the life cycle, and when it produces products are introduced in the market and then it improves its sales with the passage of time and when the time comes up sales at the maximum level. After some time at the beginning of the recession and the start of declining sales.

In the last, I give a final conclusion on the project and practical training in the Super Asia. What are the things which I learned from this internship report and what are the skills and strategies which I should implement in my life and personality so that I can achieve my goals and objectives. At the end of this report I gave references of all the data and information which I have included in this report. References are given in the form of APA.


Super Asia is involved in the production of the best home appliances in South Asia. Reflected the recognition of its achievements in the high-quality products in the form of ISO 9002 certificate. Spread a good success story for more than 25 years old when he produced the first Super Asia washing machine from Pakistan. Later Super Asia that produce heaters, air coolers room, gas and electricity. Bearing in mind the requirements of the purchasing power of all segments Super Asia has introduced washing machines to meet their demands. Super Asia has the honor for the production of plastic washing machine body for the first time in Pakistan. Another hallmark of high quality products and providing washing doubling work through technology and side Plaster Center. Super Asia not only has a wide range of room air coolers in the plastic body, but in different sizes and values ​​as well.

Super Asia in order to maintain its supremacy in the production of products of public interest and introduced hot and cold, and only cold water dispenser. It was an instant success because of its effectiveness and design at an affordable price among consumers. Similarly, the full range of Super Asia fans is at an international level. There are different sizes, and colors in the Ceiling, Pedestal, Bracket and exhaust fans.

Research based products of Super Asia has superiority over similar products in the open market. The goal is, however, to provide consumers with products of international quality at affordable prices and this can be the judge of the fact that it is being exported to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka from the past years and their demand is increasing day after day. Super Asia success story is because of Chairman Haji Muhammad Yusuf, managing director, Haji Muhammad Afzal sponsor production aspects of the plant. He has a critical approach towards products and prices offered by its competitors.

Haji Muhammad Ashraf, chief executive of Super Asiaplays a leading role in the marketing aspects of the products. He is fully aware of the modern trends in the international markets. It will not be out of place to mention the services of Mr. Faisal, Mr. Abdul Razzaq, Mr. Sohail Yousafand Mr. Umar Ashraf; they look after different departments in Super Asia. These four young fellows with their higher education and thriving on the experience of their seniors have produced excellent results. Apart from looking after the affairs of factory, chairman Haji Muhammad Yousaf is equally paying his attention towards religious affairs and social work. He has constructed a Mosque and Mian Muhammad Din Trust Hospital is another example, where free medical treatment is being provided to factory workers, and the needy of nearby localities.

History of Industry in Pakistan:

Home appliances are the necessities for living, without home appliances it is very difficult to spend our lives. It was the time when people did not have the washing machines, fans, air coolers, air conditioners, microwave ovens, water coolers and heaters but time makes the inventions and necessities make the inventions. Now at this time it is very difficult to spend the life without these appliances. A lot of companies are manufacturing these home appliances in the Pakistan like Stylo, Toyo, Asia, Nas Gas, Super Asia and a large number of local companies.

At the start, some people who start this business, take a start with only one product and slowly start the production of other products. Most of the companies were dealing only with one product like some with washing machines, some with fans, some with hot and cold coolers and geysers in Pakistan. All these necessities are more important for the use. The industry is becoming more wide day by day.

When the producers see that the foreigner companies are capturing the market and the product line of these companies is large, the local companies decided to increase their product line. Pakistani companies start to produce the whole line of home appliances in their companies and slowly improve their image in the minds of the customers. There are few cities in Pakistan like Gujranwala, Lahore, Karachi and Gujarat which are fulfilling the demands of home appliances in the market of Pakistan.

History of Organization:

It goes all the way back to 1968, when Mr. Mian Muhammad Din, the founder of Super Asia, has offered its first products, washing machine, with manufacturing facilities on a small scale for the local community of Gujranwala, Punjab city. It took more than ten years of hard work to build a brand name, Super Asia, which has become a symbol of quality and innovation, durability and economy. Today, the companies have more than a dozen different products serving many sectors of society. It spread a good success story for more than 25 years old when he produced the first Super Asia washing machine from Pakistan. Later Super Asia produces different appliances in order to maintain its supremacy in the production of public interest. Similarly, the full range of Super Asia fans is at an international level. There are different sizes, and colors in the ceiling, pedestal, bracket and exhaust fans.

The chronology of events in Super Asia is as follows:

1975: Washing Machine

1980: Room Air Coolers

1985: Gas & Electric Water Heaters in,

1995: Water Dispensers

1998: Fans

2003: Motorcycles and Insulation & Packing Material units

2004: Microwave Ovens and Air Conditioners

2006: Automotive Parts

2008: Three-wheeler CNG auto-rickshaw

2009: Hardees International Burger Chain

2010: Gas Stove and Cooker Hood

Information about the Organization:

Every successful company and organization defines vision, mission and makes strategies and rules to achieve these missions and visions. To achieve these visions and missions organizations and companies have to achieve the objectives so that they can achieve long-term visions and missions. Super Asia also has set its vision and mission.


“To be the market leader in every of our products,

Nationally and regionally”

Our foremostis to thinkbig, andIputthe speed andremade. Since 1972, being the market leaderinwashingmachines, we have concrete planstoreplicatethebestpracticeswehaveinallofourofferings, throughout the region. It is the visionthat every employeein the organizationis clearabout.


“To win the utmost satisfaction, trust and loyalty

Of our valued customers”

Super Asia uses the best prevalent means to win and maintain the trust and loyalty of its customer’s satisfaction. Quality, delivery and innovation are key elements in our philosophy. Stakeholders at all levels strive to maintain the status of the company, to provide the best. Continues to struggle with commitment is a technique to achieve this task.


Super Asia offers plenty of home appliances to its valuable customers. Super Asia is a leading manufacturing company in Pakistan and competes with foreign companies with his weapon of quality and customer satisfaction. Super Asia is the largest producer of household appliances in Gujranwala, and provides leading housewares. It provides with a lot of home appliances that are competing with all the foreign products because of its fine quality, standards and customer satisfaction. The following are products that offer Super Asia in home appliances products:

Washing Machine:240

Pakistan’s 1st ever plastic washing machine

Save detergent & time due to use of amazing double action

Washes more clothes due to large wash tub

Washer & dryer in one

Low energy consumption

Prime quality electrical steel sheet


Specially designed blades

Adjustable angles cf8

3-speed on/off switch

High grade copper wire

Remote control option240

Powder coated guard

Better air throws

Durable and lasting

Microwave oven:

Glass turnablep_18

Painted steel cavity

Cooking end signal

Push button door

Defrost setting

Child safety lock

Quick cooking

Air Conditioner:

Mounted new series wallp_09

Power of Cooling

Maximum efficiency, performance and reliability

Easy Cleaned Panel

Stylish Design

Room Air Cooler:

An efficient and energy saver cooling systemp_22

Complete plastic body

Very cold air and good performance

2 way auto air swing covers more area

Ideal for shops, small stores

Most suitable for large open, halls and lounges

Ensures long lasting performance due to use of good quality material

Water Dispenser:p_29

New attractive design

Low energy consumption

Easy Installation

Hot & Clod Water

Fresh & healthy water

Convenience of getting hot & cold water 24 hours a day

Electric Water Cooler:

Complete plastic front.p_26

Completely tested

New Striking Design

Stainless steel body

Seasonal effects and rust proof

Easy to install

Equally suitable for all seasons and all places

Gas Water Heater:

Very low consumption of energyp_14

No chance of water leakage.

Finished with imported powder coating

Available in various colors and sizes

Color does not scrape for years

Rust resistant steel sheet

Low consumption of gas through control of automatic thermostat

Organizational Structure:

Super Asiaisamarket leader in thewashing machine, room air coolerandGas water heater, even today, because of themany brandsofdomesticandforeigninvestorsinthe Pakistani marketAppliances. Following is the organogram of the company.


Chief Executive

General Manager

General Manager

Managing Director

General Manager

General Manager

Director Production

Director Finance

Director HR

Director Marketing

Production Department:

The primary role of the production is to convert the inputs to outputs. Outputs refer to the final product or service and inputs are the materials needed to manufacture goods and products.

Super Asia production department has different sub-departments:

Following are the description for those departments.

Purchase department:

Mr. Ansar Ahmad is the manager of purchase department. He has 2 assistant managers and 4 field boys. Mr. Ansar directly reports to the 3 directors Mr. Faisal, Mr. Umar and Mr. Afzal. They got a monthly production plan from sales and marketing department that plan goes to the production department; they told to the store that we need raw material then the store department check the raw material and if they have a shortage of material they then told to the purchase department. So now purchase department have to buy the required material locally and also mostly they import the raw material from china and other countries. Locally they have 3 to 4 vendors of each item.

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When the terms and conditions like price, rate, grade and quality have been decided they refer the parts to the quality department for checking and performance of parts they purchase the material. Mr. Ansar deals with the new vendor party but the assistant manager deals with the regular parties. They made payment by cash, chaque and by pay order. The purchases mostly on credit basis. All the payments made by the account office on 25th of each month by the request of purchase department. Mr. Ansar also gets a daily plan of different things and the field boy deals with that things and that is mostly purchased on cash.

Tool Shop:

Mr.Khalid Khan is the incharge of tool shop.There are new development and maintenance of different parts of home appliances products like washing machine, room air cooler, fans, motorcycles. There are 32 workers working in division like die casting, polishing, cutting, drilling, and welding. There are two lifts for carrying heavy machines and material to the exact position. The wages of workers are demanded according to their work, and salaries are fixed for permanent workers. There are also some workers who work for the daily basis system.

Molding Shop:

Mr. Fareed Tabasum is the incharge of molding shop. There are heavy machinery in this department which are import from foreign and run on gas, electricity and diesel. The plastic products of washing machine, room air cooler are manufactured here. 25000 washing machine bodies, 18000 room air cooler bodies, are manufactured here. There are 190 workers in which 120 work day time and 70 works for night. All production is decided by production manager. Defective material is reprocessed. There is also one power controller plant to control power of this department. In this department they made the different plastic parts of the washing machines, fans and other products they got a monthly plan of their working in the department. And according to this they have to supply the parts to the concerned departments.

Sheet Shop:

Mr.Ikram is incharge of sheet shop.In sheet shop there is a cutting of sheets by the machines which are controlled by senior workers and some are helpers with them. After the cutting the sheets they sent forward to the concerned department.There are different machines which are used to give bend,curve and style to the body.There are 25 workers working in this department.

Store Department:

Mr. Mukhtar is the incharge of store department. This is a main store where the purchasing items are stored and they are transferred to other departments when they need for production. There are two types of working to manage this store first by manually and second by computerized. Different types of vouchers are used in store such as goods receiving card (goods received locally), store card (estimation of stored items) material issue requisition (material issued to departments). All the things are on record by making these vouchers. There is a weekly meeting of store incharge with directors to report with all conditions. Special Software is used for maintaining all the working of store named as Microsoft Dynamics AX. This software makes the working very easy and efficient. I also made vouchers of different items by manually and computerized.

Assembly Shop:

Mr. Arif is the incharge of assembly department. In assembly department, there is assembling of washing machine, room air cooler, water cooler and geyser. 1000 washing machine, 800 room air cooler, 20 water coolers are assembled on daily basis. 3 stores are attached with assembly department in which parts of appliances are stored.In this department there are 270 workers, some workers are permanent and some are on daily wages these workers are divided into different group.

Each group has to assigned different types of machine and room cooler models and they in a group have to assemble them all the parts of a machine they get from the store.After assembling and packing the machines they sent them to godown.The payment is made only when the complete machine will be arrived in godown.The payment will not be made if they even made 100 machines but they are still in the assembly department. So for the payment complete machine should be in godown.

Fan Shop:

  Mr.Gazzanfar is the incharge of fan shop.In 1999 Mr. Pervez Musharraf was the chief guest at the opening ceremony of the fan shop. In this section there are 5 sub departments which are manufacturing different types of along with 2 stores, one of the raw materials and other one for finished goods.

There are also different types of fans like


• Bracket fan

• Exhaust fan

• Pedestal fan

• Table fan

Sub Department:

• Management Division

• Production Department

• Assembly Department

• Print Department

• Quality Control Department

These sub departments are inter linked with each other.

3 persons in management to perform all working of fan shop.

Mr. Gazzanfar (Incharge)

Mr. Shamim Haider (Foremen)

Mr. Asif Ahmed (Supervisor).

They follow ISO standards. They are using Microsoft Excel for accounts. They manage all the production, that from where they collect raw material, how much production they made, how they assemble the fan. For the production they get raw material from main store. They purchase raw material from local vender. Thus management decided the total production according to the demand. On daily basis they manufactured approximate 1400 ceiling fans 800 pedestal fan and 400 bracket fan.

In Print department they use two type of print method. One is powder coating and the other one is spray paint.

In quality control session, there is check and balance of each fan for the required measures, then after these defective fans are returned to production and non-defective fans are sent for the packing as finished goods.

Services Departments:

Mr. Waqas Ayub is the incharge of services department. He deals with the after-sales service. Super Asia has the largest after sales service network throughout the country to provide with all best of its services. They take care of customers so that they should not face any kind of problems.

After-sales service team consists of engineers and highly qualified staff with a great professional approach as a result of this reason customer feel confidence, once is retained their hardware. Super Asia after-sales service also provides facilities for clients raise their units from residence to the service center and delivered within 48 hours. They verify and control complaints of customers. They offer three different types of warranties. They have 25 employees working for services.They have different symbols on each of the parts and they are hidden only employees by machine vision. They control all the branches from Gujranwala Head Office.

Export Department:

Mr. Zaheer is the export manager and deals with the all kinds of exports. He has been here since 12 years. Super Asia exports their goods to Sudan, Africa and Gulf countries. Export products are following


Washing Machines

Room Air Cooler

Auto Rickshaw


Sometimes they export goods by parts like auto rickshaw but mostly assembled like washing machine or room air cooler. There is no custom duty they have to be paid. There are no warranties in export countries but they only provide parts to the dealers as required. So the dealers deal itself with the customer related to claims. Their highly profitable products are fans and room air cooler mostly in Gulf and Africa region. As the order is concerned they get ordered according to the season. The communication strategy is through internet and telephone. Export marketing is also deals by export manager. There are two types of marketing one is through e-marketing, ads on web sites, emails and telephones. The second one they arrange exhibition on different countries to get the share of market. They do exhibits in Gulf and Africa region but now they are planning to arrange the exhibition in china also. Mr. Zaheer Ahmad directly reports to the director Mr. Afzal Akram.

In documentation they have made the following

Commercial Invoice

Packing List


Clearance of Custom

Clearance of Port

Issue of Bill of Lading

After the above documents are arranged then the documentation process completes. As for as the testing of documents is concerned the chamber of commerce have to check the documents and give a clearance, because of this they get the rebate on different products like on fan they get 1.72% rebate and on washing machine 1.41% rebate. For the whole process they used Karachi sea port for the clearance of shipment.

The main competitor in international market is China. Super Asia cannot compete china properly but in Room air cooler Super Asia have an edge on china because they did not made the room air cooler instead they made big cooler used in big factories and sheds.

All the payments have to be made by the account department on the request of export manager. Every country have its own different certification (safety measures) required and they have complete all the certification. For example in Kuwait there is KASO. In Africa there is SABS and so on. Because these are electrical products so that’s the main reason they required safety measures.

Import Department:

Mr.Sharjeel Aslam is the manager of imports office since last 15 years. Super Asia imports 50% of raw material and assembled goods from China and also from Japan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. They import almost all the raw material of washing machines and other products from china and other countries, like copper wire, plastic Dana, ball bearing gear and timer etc. They also import total assembled goods from china like AC, Microwave, Instant water geyser and Water dispenser. In here they just change the packaging and print the logo of the company. Also motor bikes parts are import and just assembled here, only few of parts purchased locally and some made in the company.

The custom duty on each of the product is different. Sale Tax rate is 16%. And Income tax rate is 5%. They have a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) certificate so it waves off the duty by 3 to 4 %. If they import total assembled goods then its duty is high. For example in water dispenser they have to pay 25% and if they import in parts and assembled here then the duty will be 15%. In Korea (FTA) raw material duty is 10%. And in China FTA raw material duty is 6.5% and so on for other countries.

In trade like AC, Water dispense and Instant water geyser they have 3 to 4 parties. Before making the agreement they check their price, style and model and then they select the party for trade. But in raw material they do not have a specific party like in case of AC and other products they purchased raw material from open market where they can get low price and better quality parts. They also have to mention the grade and quality on each of the product.

In documentation process they negotiate with the party related to its product and the terms and conditions made which include price, rate, quality and way of transmition.Then the company issue Performa invoice, then they open Letter of Credit (LC) in the bank,and the process of documentation will be complete. Mr. Sharjeel Aslam directly reports to the director Mr. Afzal Akram. When the store department needs anything for production they inform the import office 90 days before, because the shipment process takes 60 to 72 days.All the payments made by the accounts department as the request of Mr. Sharjeel Aslam.

Human Resource Management:

Mr. Abdul Hafeez is the assistant HR manager in the Super Asia.Super Asia is an ownership firm so there is not much complicated and complex HRM system.There are 1800 to 1900 employees working in the Super Asia.

In the HRM department:

Mr.Zubair (HR Manager )

Mr. Abdul Hafeez (Assistant HR Manager)

Mr. Umar Akram (HR coordinator)

They examine only three things that are following

Hiring and elimination

Performance of the employees

Employees benefits

Also in Super Asia there are some additional departmentsrun by the HR manager these are canteen, security, and hospital and building maintenance.They also have to look after them and the incharge of these departments also reports to the HR manager.

MR. Hafeez explained me about the whole procedure of employee hiring, performance and their benefits. As for the purpose of hiring of the candidates they have a one proper system to which they first decide need of employees for a particular job, then they made a job description then after that they have an APPROVAL FORM. Approval form is basically use for the hiring of the new employees in the company.This form is approved by the HR manager Mr.Hafeez then the new candidates for the required job apply. The HR assistant manager Mr. Bilal Danish has to examine the documents of the candidates as their qualification, experience and their background status.They took the interview of the candidates according to the nature of the jobs.

After selecting the candidate they have an ENROLLMENT FORM. That form contains the total information of the employees.Then this form sends to the TIME OFFICE,where they have to note the date of joining of the employee,they also assigned a particular code for the employee in the time office.The salary of the employee is decided by the incharge of that particular department.After that procedure is done then the whole record related to the employee enters in to the computer software along with the code.

As for the performance of the employees the HR manager has to demand for the performance report of that particular employee to the manager of that department.The department manager have to check the performance of the employees and have to make an report and send to the HR manager where they further analysis the performance of the employee and according to this report they make decisions about the increasing of salary and some other employee benefits they have to give to the employee.The performance of the employees is checked twice in a year.


In Super Asia there are different types of benefits provided to their employees including:

Old Age Benefits (Pension Fund)

Social Security Card (prepared after three months from the date of joining)

Housing facility to employees

Transportation facility to employees

Provides car to senior manager of the company

Pay salaries twice a month to employees

Accounts and Finance:

Mr.Shahid Iqbal Channa is the Chief Financial Officer of Super Asia.He is working in Super Asia in the past 16 years. Shahid Iqbal is responsible to manage the entire financial affairs. All transactions relating to cash or bank responsible for managing the financial affairs of that head of the Finance department. The following is the hierarchy of the accounts and finance department

Mr.Shahid Iqbal (Finance Manager)

Mr. Mubashar Yasin (AssistantManager)

Mr. Ghulam Mustafa (Accounts Manager)

Mr.Zain Butt (AssistantManager)

Mr.Bilal Arif (Data entry Operator)

General Manger

Finance Manager

Accounts Manager

Mr. Shahid Iqbal has to do the following tasks while performing his job.

The preparation of financial statements, such as profit and loss.

Accounts and balance sheets.

Consult financial matters with the General Manager.

Approve factory expenses.

Approval of the salary to labour.

Acquisition of fund(i.e. raising of funds)

Allocation of fund(i.e. investment decision)

Fund Assessment (i.e. evaluation of financial activities)

Mr. Ghulam Mustafa has to perform the following things and all things below have been approved by the assistant accounts manager.

Issuing chaque for factory affairs (expenses)

Arrange monthly payments from vendors through company account.

Make inquiries about online receipts / deposits.

Filling of Directors files and finance related files.



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