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Food And Beverage Management

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The concept of Kitchen design battles with the continuing issue of health & Safety, shaping the overall purpose, and scope of a Restaurant / hotel kitchen. From a current point of view, it involves in the dimension of long-term goals and objectives that will add value to the business and cope with the vagueness of modern times. As a practice, it consists of adopting courses of action and allocating resources in essential ways for carrying out the overall objectives

Kitchen design always plays a vital role in cost. Which really affect the business. In restaurant / hotel, Kitchen plays a roles as heart in human. If kitchen design will be friendly with its user it make easy work for them. It will help in efficiently workflow.

Since last three years I have been working in different kitchens as a Chef. I felt that I would like to extent my knowledge and get a good grip on my skill. I find out that CTH, where I can polish my skills. Because CTH provides a professional knowledge, which really helps a lot.

As a chef, kitchen design is always big part of his job, and this assignment mainly based on my knowledge and experience that I achieved so far and hope this will be sufficient for the required subject.

Unit Detail:

The unit operates with 15 staff.

The unit caters for 600 meals per day made up for breakfast, launch and supper for the night shift.

There is a vending machine for hot drinks only

There are two dining areas, one for the work force seating 500 and one for the office / administrative staff, catering for 100.

In my investigation, I find out that

Staff members are not motivated towards their work.

Staff members don’t work as a team in-group and they don’t pay full attention on the work.

The management is not playing any good role to put the competition between the staff.

There are lots of food wastage & time wastage.

Poor system not only slows down the quality of food and service but it is also effect on the cost.

Money is spending on the unnecessary journey for the staff.

Lack of vending machine service, its get jammed during the busy hours. And is not serving the drinks at cold temperature.

The suppliers are charging high prices than others because of poor purchase management.

There was no checking and comparing with others and also the delivery time is not accurate and it puts extra pressure on the staff during rush hours.

Staff related trainings such as,

Health and safety

Use of equipment

Use of chemical liquid during cleaning

Food hygiene

Have been delayed and they are not aware of new rules and regulations.

Inappropriate furniture such as, Round big dining tables with chairs are taking a lot of space

The décor is old and needs to renovate.

Kitchen cooking equipments & plants are getting dull because of poor care.

Having to different areas for office/ administration & work force requires different menu and meal.

Old cutlery and chipped dishes need to replace because of hygiene reason.

The kitchen design is not really suitable for that targeted work. And it also make difficult for who’s who work there.

Suggestion & Planning

After the deep analysis, I find some suggestions to implement new system in the interest of kitchen working style, which I feel more efficient and effective.

How I will Implement?

For the implementation of new system, we need to arrange a staff meeting and brief them about our new system. And discuss with them about its positive and negative effects on our business and finalize the best action we can take in the implementation of this new planning.

We have to give training to our whole staff for each and every thing and allocate the job role as per their capability. Our management should have to take a part in daily operation as exemplary character, which will force the staff towards their goals.

Staff incentive and mystery reports can be use for the staff motivation, and it will also encourage the staff towards their work. Regularly meeting and quarterly appraisal is also main tool in the motivation of staff. On the base of mystery reports we can put competition between the staff, which I believe more effective in kitchen operations.

We have to implement the procurement procedure for buying the regular use product. In which we can analyse the market price, supplier availability, quality, and the day and time of delivery.

In our rush hour we have to close monitor our staff and we have to put the right people on the right place, which make kitchen daily operation more efficient.

We have to repair our equipment & machinery and maintain them up to standard for health and safety and energy efficiency reasons.

Comparison and Design

Commercial kitchen is a busy place with multiple workers around; therefore the ease of mobility and maximizing the efficient usage of space is crucial when designing it.

The availability of space might be limited but all commercial kitchens require sufficient facilities and well-designed kitchen, which should provide


Smooth traffic flow

Energy efficient and time

Cost effective.

Well presentation with respect to cleaning

I have designed and combined two new floor plans to replace it with the previous two separate dining areas for workforce and Admin/office staff to have a better use of space.

To identify these two different floor plans, I am giving each floor plan a name as ALPHA and BETA.

Alpha kitchen / restaurant floor plan Beta kitchen / restaurant floor plan

Alpha Kitchen / Restaurant

At ALPHA restaurant we provide variety of fresh food from Chinese stir fry to Char grilled steak, burgers, fish, chicken, etc to pizza, baguette and also we provide vegetarian and meat dishes such as Curry’s, Lasagne, pasties stew’s and all this will be prepared and cooked on a daily basis according to our weekly menu.

We have different menu for our breakfast, Launch, dinner

For break fast we cook and provide items such as

Eggs (Fried, scramble, hard boiled),


Bacon Bap,

Sausages Bap,

Black Pudding,

Hash Browns,

Roasted Mushroom

We also made different choice of salads which will be our kitchen speciality in our healthy diet such as,

Chicken salad,

Potato Salad,



Salsa and fruit

And also dip’s such as Humus, taramosalata, Guacamole and they can have a mixture of what they want in the disposable containers.

Vending machines are providing hot/cold drinks and light snacks as well as our freshly ground coffee machine.

The dining area has a rectangle tables with chairs and also we have a counter table with a long stool legs to fit more people in and we can cater all the staff at the same time and because the food has a high standard and variety of choice, there is no division between two groups of Workforce and admin/office staff.

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At the service time, workforce and admin/office staff enters the dining area and they will pick up a tray follow by their clean warm plates from the plate warmer with their cutlery and napkins and choose the food, what ever they want and then they will be serve by kitchen assistance who are wearing a disposable glove and using appropriate utensils for serving. Our restaurant has two toilets for Men and Women and we provide a disable toilet as well.

The kitchen itself is designed with the respect of health and safety of staff with the quick traffic flow at the rush hours time. There are two separate doors for get in and get out of kitchen with a wide distance, so it prevents any clashes between the staff at entrance and exit point.

In case of emergency, Fire exit door with out any distractions and visible fire evacuation plan is available.

Inside the kitchen we have different sections for pastry, salad, sauce, etc and they do not interfere or distract each other’s, which reduce the risk of contamination.

In this kitchen we have two freezers and it will be enough because most of our menu item are based on fresh raw material, which will be great attraction for its customers. Blast chillier will help us to drop the food temperature in the interest of food safety and to avoid the bacteria growth before keeping them in fridge or freezer.

In this kitchen we have two tall convection ovens with large capacity to cook or steam the food quick, and we also have hot oven, which bring food temperature at accurate serving temperature. Gas hob/hot plate and brat pan are using to cook solid foods and liquids such as frying, braising, poaching, etc

In the interest of food safety, Sinks are close to the entrance door, so dirty dishes will be handed to Kitchen Porters as soon as it will come and after they rinse the dishes and pots, they will place them in the dish washer machine to be washed hygienically with hot water and washing substances. Which reduce the contamination risks.

Because the use of fresh ingredients in every day food preparation the food cost will come little high but it will invite most customers towards it self.

Because of skill work the labour cost will come bit high than normal, as we need chef and assistance to Prepare, Cook and Presentation for fresh food by using the kitchen equipments properly and safely such as slicer, ovens, knifes etc.

Beta Kitchen / Restaurant

Beta kitchen is total different with the alpha kitchen because of its different operation.

In alpha restaurant we have half open kitchen so the customer can see easily that what the chef is cooking for them, and how he cooking the food. Which is the speciality of this kitchen. In this kitchen we mainly use ready made frozen food such as bread , chips , meat , fish, Sausages, pudding and eggs are used from the container instead of the fresh ones.

Fat fryers are in constant use for cooking and microwaves oven will catalyse the process of cooking the food. Convection oven is in use in this kitchen for cooking or steaming meat or vegetables

In this restaurant we are doing the limited choice of salad, which we are buying from the out source (external supplier). And we are keeping this salad in our salad bar fridge.

Vending machines are providing hot/cold drinks and light snacks as well as our freshly ground coffee machine through out the day / night.

The dining area has round square tables which takes over lots of space and despite we provide a counter table with stools few people can fit in at the same time and we need to split them in to two groups with half an hour delay service time.

Because the lack of space, we have only two toilets in this kitchen for man and woman. We do not have any toilet for disable people in the dining area.

In this kitchen we are using three freezers because we are using more frozen stuff in this kitchen. We have walking fridge to keep the salads, vegetables, etc and the big walking freezer help s us to keep the frozen food Safe.

In This kitchen we are using more frozen stuff, so the risk of contamination is high, to avoid that risk we have daily Deep cleaning procedures in practice.

Here we also have a fire exit door in case of emergency with visible fire evacuation plan and also fire drill practice is in use once a week. All the staff members are trained for the fire drill test.

Because the lack of the space beta restaurant also offer the booking to their customers which gives clear line how much food we have to order from our suppliers.

Sinks and dish washer machine is quiet far from the entrance and the staff need to travel all the way up with dishes to hand them to the kitchen porters, its waste the staff time,

Because of single door for get in and get out it’s reduce the efficient traffic flow and it can also cause accident during rush hours times.

There’s no need for a different section, as most of the food is frozen ready made. Which don’t require any special skills person, it will save labour cost we might not need 15 staff for this operation.

The food cost is quiet low as most of them ready made and bought in and it might not be as fresh and nutritious as Alpha restaurant but because there is less food handling in this process, they are more hygienic and quick. But poor care can lead to food contamination that is the big risk in this kitchen operation.


The difference between the two system of operation is that alpha restaurant provides has more healthy food with convenient facilities for both kitchen staff and customers but more expensive than beta restaurant which is providing ready meal or frozen one.

Every department has its own hazards assessments and all employees has to comply with health and safety procedure and regulations such as COSHH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health in catering industry misuse of equipments, wet Floors, haste, poor lifting and distraction.

Wash hands after every 20 mints which will reduce any risk

Use color code chopping boards for different tasks

Cover, store and keep the food items separately in an individual container with a date, label in the fridge at the right temperature.

Use the first in, first out system and rotate them by date to make sure nothing is wasted and needs to be thrown out.

Lifting objects in a right position (Bend the knee not the back)

Use of non-slip shoes and constant cleaning is crucial.

Sanitizers and cleaning materials must be used to clean the tables and floor when the food is covered and stored safely.


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