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Kareena Kapoor: A Celebrity And Brand Ambassador

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A compassionate sister, a dedicated daughter, an endowed actress, an idyllic woman, the list can go on but it seems, a short and sweet description is enough for the most lucrative actress of Indian Bollywood. All these are the various dimensions to the persona known as Kareena Kapoor. To introduce to the ones who don’t quite know her, Kareena is the fourth generation of the renowned Kapoor family and this young star had a perfect debut playing a young muslim lass in JP Dutta’s Refugee opposite star kid Abhishek Bachan in the year 2000.

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As we all have witnessed, Kareena blossomed into a versatile artiste experimenting with different kinds of roles year after year. While others were content portraying glamour dolls under big production houses, Kareena ventured out and took up challenging roles such as Chameli, Yuva, Dev, and Omkara, and forever shut the mouths of her critics by giving one scintillating performance after another.

Kareena Kapoor- Highest Paid Bollywood Actress in 2008

An outstanding performance in ‘Jab We Met’ was a high in the career of the stylish actor, Kareena. The success of ‘Jab We Met’ was preceded by the critical acclaim of her superlative & award winning performance in ‘Omkara’ which had the critics raving that based on her acting abilities alone, Kareena had all the potential to reach the top actress slot in Bollywood.

Kareena, a perfect mix of performance and glamour, symbolizes the coming era of actress when you talk about the diversity of roles an actor can portray.

All of this led to the strengthening of the brand called “Kareena”. Commonly known as the ‘Endorsement Queen’ has high profile brands such as Globus, ICI Paints, Head & Shoulders, Boro plus cream, Citizen watch to name a few.

Kareena exhibits magical charisma as for the matter of fact viewers fall in love with her instantly on the onus of her spontaneity, camera friendly attitude and more or less, a natural performer.

Let us try to connect the magnificent qualities to the brands she patronizes and link them to the various attributes of Kareena’s personality. We also focus on the positive and negative implications of these brands on Kareena and vice-versa.

Kareena as a Brand Ambassador

Kareena really has proved to be a Star on which investors or brands can play their money.! Kareena Kapoor has come out as one of the maximum and highest paid female brand ambassador in India. she endorses the range of brands like Citizen Watches Anne French, , Vivel of ITC soaps, Head & Shoulders Emami, ICI Paints Boro Plus and Globus ,Airtel among others.

The heart throb Bollywood actress has now been chosen the new brand ambassador of soft drink gigantic PepsiCo. She will be seen with Saif Ali Khan, and cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni in a new Ad campaign for the product.

Kareena and Saif, after endorsing the Airtel as a brand , now is most popular couple in the country.

Endorsements at a glance:

Anne Frenchhttp://www.kareena-online.com/images/endorsements/Annefrench.png

The India’s No 1 hair remover cream Anne French, ‘has signed Kareena Kapoor as their Brand Ambassador.

The only Bollywood star to associate with the brand is Kareena, a pride status in itself.

Anne French, the cream has been in the market for more than 40 years now, focuses on the multi-tasking woman who plays many roles in her life.

The perfect example of Beautiful Skin can be observed in all the communication strategies adopted by Anne French, which directly relates to the identity of Kareena.

Citizen Watcheshttp://www.kareena-online.com/images/endorsements/citizenwatches.png

Citizen Eco-Drive Watches has got Kareena as its Brand Ambassador, also they are introducing a Kareena Collection of watches.

As per the general perception, Citizen Eco-Drive watches spell attitude and are a style statement for all those who wear them. The reception of the Rajiv Gandhi Young Achiever’s award added a feather in her hat setting her apart as a trend setter and a youth icon.

Dulux Paintshttp://www.kareena-online.com/images/endorsements/duluxpaints.png

Kareena Kapoor, Brand Ambassador for the Dulux Velvet touch, has been associated with ICI Paints, makers of Dulux Paints acknowledging Colour Futures, a concept that forecasts international colour trends every year.

Garnier Nutrissehttp://www.kareena-online.com/images/endorsements/garniernutrisse.png

Kareena Kapoor was named Brand Ambassador of Garnier Nutrisse a line of hair care products aimed to revitalize your hair.

Kareena Kapoor is chosen as the brand ambassador on the basis of her distinctive style, her attitude and her iconic status that is quite popular among the Indian youths. Her popularity and her confidence have been the key attributes for the product.

Globus Fashionshttp://www.kareena-online.com/images/endorsements/globusfashions.png

Kareena Kapoor has been roped in by fashion apparel retail chain Globus as its new brand ambassador.

Kareena’s sense of fashion, charm and outlook reflects the desire of millions of young Indians. Kareena’s wide demand and appeal would go a long way in setting up Globus as a flexible, vivacious and significant fashion brand.

Head and Shouldershttp://www.kareena-online.com/images/endorsements/headandshoulders.png

A healthy and strong shining hair with a crystal clear image has benefited Kareena in becoming the brand ambassador of Head and Shoulders.

Proud to be endorsing this brand, Kareena feels that all fashion conscious people should use it to get the great look.


Being selected for one of the brand faces of LUX, is indeed a challenge in itself. Kareena, undoubtedly, has been the LUX face of the year for almost four years.

Vivel Di Willshttp://www.kareena-online.com/images/endorsements/viveldiwills.png

Kareena is looking like crystal clear beauty in the Vivel soap advertisement. This soap again leverages the soft and pure skin of Kareena.


Kareena has been the brand ambassador of Pepsi for a long time. C:Documents and SettingsPRADEEP PANDEYDesktopPhotos of Kareena1tech_kareena_800x600.jpg

Pepsi complemented her brand image by introducing a music video featuring Kareena.


The first product endorsement for Kareena was none other than Airtel where she did commercials with Shah Rukh Khan. The cute looking girl added the flavour of youth to the brand of Airtel.

Boro Plus

BoroPlus was the next beauty brand that Kareena endorsed. Kareena has done many commercials and advertisements for the brand be it for the soaps, creams or even the itch powder.

Mahindra & Mahindra

Mahindra Two Wheeler has chosen Kareena Kapoor as their brand ambassador for their power scooters, after taking Aamir Khan as a brand ambassador for motorcycle.

Rodeo is a young at heart, cool and spanking new brand. It has the right mix of style and power which links Kreena directly with this brand


Geetanjali Jewels announced Kareena as its brand ambassador, announcing at a press conference held at the Taj Lands End Hotel in Mumbai. The perfect scent of a woman is highly showcased in Kareena.

Achievements in 2010

Kareena Kapoor has been declared top female brand endorser as per AdEx India Analysis 2010.

As per the report Bollywood actress had the maximum advertising share of celebrity endorsements on TV during H1 2010 – a 45 per cent with Bollywood’s Kareena Kapoor leading the pack.

Reigning steady at her Numero Uno position Kapoor was the only female to feature alongside three powerhouse males in the country – MS Dhoni, Shah Rukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar.

Recommendations on the current brand portfolio:

According to me, Kareena has a full bucket of brands ranging from beauty products to jewellery. She has been the highest paid ambassador in the year 2010 and she is continuing the same in the year 2011. If we critically analyse the current brands, there are few recommendation that I would like to give are as follows:

She should leave those which are already been endorsed by several other celebrities like Head & shoulders and Pepsi. These brands are being endorsed by various other celebrities as well and where chances for recalling the name of Kareena are very low. These are such brands which will fetch Kareena great money but not brand value.

She should endorse such brands which are only endorsed by her and the brand name is renowned and recalled by Kareena Kapoor. Like she is endorsing Geetanjali and Mahindra & Mahindra. She is the first actress to present these brands. While endorsing such brands, there is an image formation of the brand by the general public which will be linked with Kareena’s name.

She should also do some ads which are dedicated for social upliftment and development. These ads will form her image as a responsible citizen as well as actress. Like ads for Polio Drops or AIDS.

She is very glamorous and beautiful and I think she can have more beauty products in her bucket of brands.

She should leave the brand Dulux Paints because the brand image of Dulux does not get associated with the personality of Kareena. Dulux as a brand is very famous and renowned but Kareena is very youthful, stylish, glamourous which is opposite to the positioning of Dulux Paints.

The brand endorsement of Boro Plus is also a wrong match with Kareena’s personality. It is a beauty product but the style quotient is missing from the brand and hence there is a gap in the association of Kareena as a celebrity with the brand.

She should try to have brands which are iconic for youth or for beauty. She should endorse Fastrack which is very much renowned for its style ad design.



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