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Managing marketing activities of motorola

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Motorola was established in Chicago, as (G.M.C) “Galvin Manufacturing Corporation in 1928”, with its first product as “BATTERY ELIMINATOR”. As the company purchased the patents to the automatic radio and developed the privileges of making trade. As trade name used as since the 1930s. Several of Motorola’s Products were made in radio related fields .initially they introduced the battery eliminator .they introduced the first walkie-talkie in the world in the period of1940, they started making electronics items related to defense, cellular arrangement equipment, and production of mobile phones. In the year 1943, the company erected its research and development platform with Dan Noble, a developer in FM radio and semiconductor technologies amalgamated with the company as director of research. In the year 1947 it became to public company, many of the changes took place like change of name. logo, production and operational rules in 1955. And at that time Motorola was generally in business of making and vending of T.V and receivers (RADIO). In Toronto Motorola released its global subsidiary and they started funding the upcoming and foremost universities. In full swing Motorola developed its R & D research test center in Phoenix to research new solid-state technology, Motorola presented the world’s first viable high-power germanium oriented transistor. Motorola traded its first TV trade to Japanese based company PANASONIC.


Organizational Background

Motorola. is one of the listed Fortune 100 multinational corporations that largely engages in “telecommunications” and is grounded in America. It is a solitary market leader in the semiconductor technology group which lists mobile, pagers, semi-conductors, and microprocessors. It has always given a tough competition with its Japanese opponents. The slogan of Motorola is Intelligence Everywhere which depicts that all the areas in the world will be held by “intelligent technology” if people are with Motorola. In 2008, Motorola Inc. had an aggregate of just about 64,000 staffs and had income of above $ 30 billion approximately. Still however with such great figures, the market portion of mobile field division of Motorola is been diminishing and as on the company is getting into loss. Motorola is recognized for its pioneer results of bulk construction of “semi-conductors” and many other discoveries in the area of “wireless technology” which transformed the world of telecommunication,

Organizational Setup

In the year 2008, there are more than 65,000 staffs working in Motorola worldwide, with revenues generated over 30 billion us dollars. Due to its innovations and internationally recognized product feature, it holds the position of authentic and latest technology products. Motorola is growing and increasing in size due to its R&D, and only during the dot-com hype, the company faced huge losses. And currently, due to key competitions in the market and global economic crisis, it is facing a huge loss. Motorola used innovative idea to enter the market. As Motorola has lasted for years, the growth has helped Motorola to fight for challenges of corporate revolutions. Continuous up gradation in the working technique is a part of Motorola’s development.


Corporate Objectives

Mission Statements and Vision Statements are printed for clients and staffs of businesses. A Mission Statement is defined as a verdict or short article printed by a company or business which imitates its essential task, individuality, code and values of business objectives..


“We are a global communications leader powered by a passion to invent and an unceasing commitment to advance the way the world connects. Our communication solutions allow people, businesses and governments to be more connected and more mobile


“Our history is ironic. Our future is vigorous. It’s the Motorola and the passion of discovery is what pushes us.”

Marketing Objectives

Motorola wants to achieve following marketing objectives these are following: To Launch 27 new handsets at the end of 2008.

+ 7for “CDMA”

+ 12 for”GSM”

+ 4 for UMTS

+ 5 for iDEN

Delayed delivery links in “China and India”

Achieving rank one in 2010,

Escalation the Transactions or sales capacity

Escalation the market share

Growth of profit


Targeting Strategy

The market target of Motorola is for the people in both city and countryside area. The main target is YOUTHS which gets attracts by the following features of Motorola they are price Thin and Fashionable Trendy and Light in use Advanced “technological” hand sets

Segmentation Strategy

The main segmentation on which the Motorola focuses on is as follows




“Life style”

Positioning Strategy

Positioning is the procedure by which dealers try to generate an appearance or uniqueness in the field of customer preferences of their marketplace through “Symbol and color” of the Product. So Motorola positioned its product Positioning strategy on the basis of its” Symbol and color” The punch line of “Motorola is “Hello Moto” and “Intelligence Everywhere”. Motorola located itself as a purchaser centralized company.

. PEST Analysis

According to “M,PETTER ” Pest analysis is mainly carried to know the situation of a company that enhances its surroundings operations with the situation that its faces with government, people, buyers, competitors .to have predictable result of analysis. That let the company to assess its performance.

“Potential of Geo-Marketing-Tools for the Development of Advanced”


Fiscal policy policy

Government policy ,tax policy

Economic l selling low price phones with better quality

To produce budget oriented product

Presentation of valuable variety in the marketplace so the client could have an better reputation in their mind


Delivering quality product to the customer

Giving proposals of offers to shopkeepers “retailers” and purchaser

To deliver a social fashionable brand

To Change the customer approaches and attitudes


To provide new technological product .that rarely exits in the market

To acquire or up bring the technology that gives completion the market

To enhance the ease of work in workers point of view by installing technological


SWOT Analysis

Internal factor


Their passion to invent and guide the market by introducing new technology.

The officials of Motorola were broad- minded to modify and reacted appropriately towards challenges.

It got a lot of most important acquisitions, business alliances and mergers with major companies in the market which made Motorola a major threat to other competitor.


The customers were unsatisfied as the customer service was poor and they were not delivering after sales service and in mobile handsets

The devices developed by Motorola had many defects in them as they were newly introduced in the market which made an image of being inefficient and lacking by a strategy.

The staffs of Motorola required more training compared to other rivalries, along with their old management technics and this factor are important in the operation of the company.

External factor


As Motorola could engage itself in observing its opponents to gather information of their activities and to implement far better ideas.

Motorola could engage itself in strategy like mergers, acquisition. Trend of technology To outsource new products that will enhance it competitor to go hard on them


Motorola has faced many problems in the business of telecommunication that enhanced its rivarlys to follows new ideas and technology that Motorola used in delay

Motorola also faced many challenge in technical failure ,although quite few In numbers . but the faults. Handset problems is continue to be existing at present.

The major threats for Motorola in U.K market is blackberry, nokia , Samsung, still its competitors grow enough better than giving error free handsets than Motorola.

Evaluation of five forces.

Threat of substitute

Goods can be seen as the excellence of semiconductors retains shifting regularly. It gets slighter, inexpensive or nearer. The value and the operation fluctuates in from time to time therefore the value can fall nearly 45 to 55 percent Moreover, the mobile industry is so compact and hard, that publics are flowing to auxiliary products due to operation value and space. The danger of innovative contestants always occurs in the marketplace for any manufacturing company but precisely for Motorola, new competitors like “Apple, Samsung and other businesses which were leading the deals in electronics have now entered the mobile phone category to compete with Motorola. Therefore, increase in new competitors and the pressure of existing competitors has reduced the market share of Motorola in all the product categories. The bargaining power of consumers is strong as the market is consumer driven and since Motorola is not a mono corporate, the consumers do have strong bargaining power as they might shift to the competitors. The bargaining power of suppliers is very less in the case of Motorola as it has created a strong and robust operation system with its suppliers globally over the Internet. In order to reduce costs and at the same time increase productivity, Motorola had to reduce the time border and the efforts required to negotiate with the suppliers, organize the process and to increase efficiency while saving cos. The dealers were connected with Motorola over the Internet and various functions like bidding, negotiating, and buying can be done between the suppliers. Motorola also issued awards towards the suppliers for their efforts and excellent service which created competition amongst suppliers (Informs, 2005)..

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Evaluation of Marketing Mix

The 4 P’s of Motorola Company are as follows.


For a fruitful “marketing mix”, crafting the invention affording to the requirements always plays an major concern. The main goods of Motorola include handsets, where the technological variations always occurs normally with concern to its competitors by allowing changes in audio,videos,wi fi connection , and to deliver answers to productions, operations, and administration


The attention of the customer to the produce their willingness to buy the product mainly depend on the price charging more than reasonable price will not impress consumer and cheap rates will be believed durable quality products. Typically in the telecommunication segment, the costs are indirectly connected with the “product life cycle”.so in the starting stage, rates are normally high in the marketplace and there is no straight rivalry. So to scan the market and insure u the Study and Expansion charge which allows reducing in price to capture market during second stage, publicity proposals are additional to upsurge the auctions. And during weakening period, the installation of new equipment is made as its beneficiary


Delivery is very significant as it should be suitable for the customer to enter it and. Motorola has numerous suppliers everywhere in the globe which form the average of sellers for the clients. As even in many country selecting the place plays an important role to attract the customer.


Motorola achieves both directly above the mark and directly below the mark procedures of publicity. The kind of” promotion mix” straightly rest on on the “product life cycle”. During the development point the flow of money is condensed but not fully. During “maturity” period, the monetary amount for promotion is increased. During the weakening phase promotions like proposals and reductions are presented.

Evaluation of customer preferences

Delivering finest result to the Customer is very significant as the customers mainly assume advanced alleged welfares and moderately less rates. Although Motorola engages large number of customer competitors and wealthy in the invention group of phones.so its very much important for the company to think that which segment will be best for them while bringing the customer in the market to purchase their commodity instead of buying from their rivalry “casual segment” and “corporate Segment”. The supplies and the prospects of both these sections differ extensively from each other and the customer value depends on the segment. The casual segment contains consumers of “both genders”, “age” ,”group” people who use the mobile phone for steady usage like calling, messaging, listening to music, taking photographs, etc. customer use in towards the point of view is far better from wats it was in old days as there was rare existing market group that accumulate the company to use different marketing

Strategy as accompanied by their competitors they often tend to analyze what their tatse and consumer preferences should be .therfore consumer preferences should be evaluated through the policys keeping in mind whether what suites the best . that the customer demands .even though in include the company to concern its major services in finding of what is the needed requirement of customer globally.


Motorola Inc. has a history over periods and was on one occasion a market groundbreaker in its corporate world .which was determined by its innovative ideas to cover the market by its trust worthy products that enhanced a turn in the field of telecommunication which made a pillar hard like structure in the corporate world of information and technology that allowed it to be always a motivational ideal for its. As because of many factors that include various points during the tactical process of company in concluding hard toward lead in its business. Moreover, earlier Motorola was able to, but now Motorola is finding it tough to challenge rivals like LG, S.Erickson, APPLE.. This is because it follows its old tradition nal trends in the markets . which the customers don’t like in todays world to come up with. As well as with in its outdated technique to improvise a short term plans,


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