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Marketing mix of Renault

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The concept of marketing mix is very important in business and more specifically in marketing. The elements of marketing mix include the primary strategic constituents of a marketing plan. In this case, the concept of marketing mix comprises of the price, product, place, and promotion. On this basis, the aspect of place represents the country of origin of the product that is being marketed. Through this mix, the offer provided to the customers can be changed by changing the elements of the mix. A good example here is where the focus on promotion is increased while reducing the price of the product in order to increase sales. This concept of marketing mix will be addressed in this study by looking at the case of Renault case study (McDaniel and Gates 1998: 3).

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In the case study in order for the Renault Company to extend its share in the German market, a strategic marketing mix needed to be decided and implemented. This mix would be from the concept that the four Ps should be well considered. In this case, the Renault Company should be aware that most of the Europeans are very ethnocentric or prefer cars that are manufactured by particular countries (Lilien 1983: 29). This awareness would help in deciding on how to plan for the marketing mix. In this case, in order to increase the sales of this company in Germany, the focus on promotion should be increased by increasing the practices of advertising the company’s products mostly in Germany. On the other hand, the product (the cars) should be of high quality ion order to attract more customers form this country and the rest of Europe. It should be noted that, price of products is a very essential factor to consider in marketing mix. In this case, the prices of the Renault cars need to be reduced to make them more competitive in the country. Lastly, the place is very crucial as it determine where the target buyers should come from. In this case study, the place of target is Germany where the Renault company which has its headquarters in French. In this case, the place of manufacture and the place of marketing are very important (Lilien 1983: 34).


In this marketing mix by improving the product’s quality, many people will be interested in buying that car which will increase the share in Germany. Additionally, the prices of the brand are lowered to make sure that each and every consumer in Germany is able to afford it without straining. On the other hand, the consumers will not be in a position to know whether the quality has improved and the price has lowered and hence a lot of focus needs to be directed to the promotion. In this case, the aspect of place will determine the target consumers. When all these are done the marketing share of the Renault Company in Germany will increase (Baker & Hart 2007: 251).

Situation Analysis and identification of opportunities

In implementing this marketing mix, it would be of importance to conduct a situation analysis and identify the opportunities. This means that a thorough research will be carried out to analyze the market situation and identify the probable opportunities of this car. The research will be conducted basing on the collection of information both primary and secondary concerning the above four mentioned elements (McDaniel & Gates 1998: 19). The research will help in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the Renault Company in Germany in order to determine how people in this country view the products of this company. The situation analysis will address the internal factors of the company in terms of the quality of the products while the external will address the concepts of competitors, consumers and the market itself. On this basis, the research conducted will indicate how Germans consider products (cars) that are produced in France in terms of ethnocentrism and quality. Additionally, there will be some opportunities that will be found fit for the company to extend its sales in Germany. These opportuniti8es include the improvement of product’s quality and the mode of communicating the product’s competitiveness through promotions. In this case, a lot of money will be used in promoting the company’s product in Germany (McDaniel & Gates 1998: 19).

Identification of Marketing Communications Opportunity

After carrying out research on the situational analysis and identification of the opportunities, the second stage of implementation involves identification of marketing communication opportunity. The selection of the communication agency will determine the level of promotion of the product. In this case, most of the targeted customers should be in a position to get the information as it is required. It should be noted that, some Germans prefer products from France while others are ethnocentric and hence these two groups should be handled carefully. This concept involves coming up with elements of communications mix that should be use, have a creative execution and have processes of evaluating the campaign. In this relation, various marketing communications agencies will be invited in order to present their ideas concerning the campaign. The best path to take in marketing communication is to utilize social networks like internet bearing in mind that the current advancement in technology allows most people have access to the internet. Since a lot of focus in directed to the promotion, it should be conducted in a way that it will yield the best results (Koekemoer & Bird 2004: 11).

Importantly, by conducting the campaign well and reducing the prices of the product, there will be many consumers who will get information about these products and make steps of buying (Smith & Taylor 2004: 419). This would increase the sales drastically. In promotion the slogans used should be very attractive and convincing to reduce the notion of ethnocentrism of Germans concerning the French products. In this case, the slogans are indicated in such a way that they praise France and the cars produced there. A good slogan would be; ‘the best quality and fastest cars come from France’. In this case, the task of the marketing communications agencies is to come up with a strategy on how this message should be conveyed to the public in the most effective and efficient way. Additionally, this message is required to reach as many people as possible at a certain rate (Smith & Taylor 2004: 416).

There are different marketing communications mix elements that will be used in conveying the required message to the potential customers. These elements include; sales promotion, personnel selling, public relations, and advertising among others. In the process of marketing the aspect of place is thoroughly considered as it will have a great impact on the outcomes (Brassington & Pettitt 2006: 544). In this case, the elements used for instance in marketing like televisions, radios, and cinemas should reach a certain target group within a particular time. This would help in making sure that a wide range of area is covered in advertising. All the elements of marketing will be used at different rates with social networking and advertising speculated to reach the largest group of people.

Agency selection

A thorough selection of the appropriate agency to be used in marketing will be done. In this case, the media through which the advertisement will get to the majority of the target population will be selected. In this case, the media will be heavily involved in the promotion. In carrying out of this selection, the concept of cost will be put into consideration. The most appropriate agency will be the media where the television is anticipated to reach the larger population of customers (Koekemoer & Bird 2004: 11).

Campaign Development and Implementation

In order to make sure that the proposed marketing mix is workable, the campaign will be developed in such a way that it will be effective and efficient as far as the marketing communications initiatives are concerned. This campaign is aimed at changing the attitudes of customers towards the Renault Company’s cars. The campaign will be through advertisement, sales personnel and internet that will cover a very wide area approximated to be the whole of Germany. In this case, this campaign will take a period of six months which is estimated to cost at least $75 million (Wenderoth 2009: 16).

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In implementing this campaign, the media will be heavily involved that will help in disseminating information about the brand. In order to reach the targeted population, the Renault Company will use cinemas, internet, television and the print. First, a cinema will be launched where the brand will be the key aspect to be viewed by the people. The viewers will be able to see different cars that are manufactured by this company together with their prices. This will help in change a good number of people in the urban areas. Additionally, the internet will be used as a social network to reach mostly the youths and the urban elites. Internet will serve as the best way of exchanging views concerning these products (Haberer 2010: 16). In this case, internet will be used where people will be sending views to their friends through the email. On the other hand, television will be used to inform the people on how the quality of the product has improved while the price has reduced. It is estimated that television will be able to reach even those consumers in the rural areas. Lastly, the Renault Company will make use of the print like magazines, articles and newspapers as a means of campaign. This method is estimated to reach a wide range of people both in rural and urban areas.


It should be noted that, the campaign will be more effective if a follow-up is conducted. This will help in determining the element that is doing best and how the customers are affected by these elements (Keegan & Green 2002: 322). In this case, through follow-ups the element that is slow or less effective will be replaced by another one in order to increase effectiveness.

Future planning

The future planning of this company will be addressed where strategies will be developed of increasing the future sales. In the current advancement in technology the internet is the most appropriate method of advertisement through social networks like MySpace and Facebook (Brassington & Pettitt 2006: 544). On this basis, this company will plan to utilize the internet in future advertisements. Additionally, this company will plan on creating its own website where customers can purchase or learn about the cars produced online. These plans will help in increasing the sales and profits of the Renault Company.


In winding up, the concept of marketing mix is very essential in any company. In this case, it helps in increasing the number of sales of a company when well planned. The four elements involved in marketing mix are the determinants of the successfulness of a business.


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