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Marketing Strategies Of The Taste Of India

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Demographic factor: – Demographic variables of amul target market are mostly age and income based.Amul has produced many sorts of ice-cream to provide all age groups.Amul is Targeting upper, middle and lower class income people by selling their ice-creams by fixing at low cost.

Mostly customers will focus on price, place, promotion and product as the essentials of their marketing mix. But now the marketing mix of Amul is increased with five P’s to 7 P’s. But we are concerned mostly with 4 P’s Price, PlacE, Promotion and Product.

Now we will dicuss one by one about the Amul Product Development, about the place of the Product, About the Promotion of the Product and the price of the product.

PRODUCT: – Amul’s Product Development

Was determined by the strength of the joint arrangement and profitability. Today Amul is the symbol of the all things. They are the vast beginning of vast co-operative network.Amul products are butter, milk drinks, powder milk, fresh milk, cheese, desserts and utterly delicious pizzas.Amul provide its Products with high quality so that customers never mind to pay more to them for a particular product.Amul have more than thousand different flavors in every store

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PRICE: – There are many ways to price different products. It will be penetration pricing, economy pricing, Product line pricing, captive product pricing, and Product bundling price. Geographical pricing and value pricing but Amul’s view had all along been to deliver value for money to its customers. In spite of being priced Economically, Amul maintained its product quality.

PLACE: – Place is also known as channel or Distribution. It is the method though which goods or services are moved from the manufacturers to the purchaser.Amul GCMMF’s startling distribution network comprises of 300 stock keeping units, 46 sales office, 3000 distributors, 100,000 retailers with refrigerators and 500,000 non-refrigerator retail outlets to reach their customers

PROMOTION: – Amul uses all the techniques and methods available for “marketing communications”. Over the last years Amul’s philosophy had been “to be simple fresh innovative”. The clean, emotion based ad refrained from using industrial special effects, and designed at maintaining the perfect balance between traditional and modern.

Other visible elements of Amul

Packaging of amul ice-cream: – Amul ice-creams are packaged in sticks, cones, cups as well as take home packs and institutional/catering packs. Stick ice-cream is mainly sold for low-income groups. Amul have stick, cup and cone ice-cream from low range to high range to cover many people from low income group to low income group people.

OUTLET OF AMUL: – Amul has recently entered from retailing through “Amul utterly delicious” which is run by the company and its wholesale dealers.

Labeling of Amul: – Amul labeling is very attractive and even their advertisement, pictures and wordings will be available. They desire their customers on festival occasions through labeling and also important factors like manufacturing date

Amul is using very good Strategy of selling their products. They do have product diversification diary and non-diary which have advantage of each underline objectives. Products are available for all most of the segment.Amul caters to all segments and more popular in India. According to me number of flavors is less in amul. Amul have to look upon certain aspects to improve themselves.


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