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Lufthansa Strategy Analysis

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Lufthansa is one of the premier airlines of the world and one of the largest in Europe, in terms of the number of passengers carried by it. The flag carrier of Germany derives its name from Luft (the German word for ‘air’) and Hansa (the Hanseatic Trade Organization that was active in Northern Europe, during the medieval period). Headquartered in Cologne, the major hub of the airline is located at Frankfurt Airport, in Frankfurt am Main. The airline boasts of having the third largest passenger airline fleet in the world and consists of modern aircrafts. The airline is a founding member of Star Alliance, one of the leading airlines alliances in the world. Check out the article to know more about the profile and history of Lufthansa airlines.

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The generously sized and comfortable seats, the extensive range of entertainment: with the Lufthansa Product Showroom you can now get to know the benefits of our Economy Class on long-haul flights in more detail even before your flight. Take a virtual journey through our offer – from booking, to our services at the airport and on board, right through to your arrival at our Frankfurt hub

Comfortable seats

On short and medium-haul routes you’ll enjoy plenty of room. In Economy Class, too, the slim construction of the seat backs provides greater leg room, making it easier for you to stretch your legs.

On long-haul routes a seat cushion width of over 40 cm, as well as the individually adjustable headrests on every seat, ensure your comfort. When you tilt your seat back, the seat is raised, giving you optimal support

Varied entertainment

On long-haul flights, as well as reading our in-flight magazine” you can enjoy our extensive In-flight Entertainment Programme during the flight. 

Meals & Drinks

We offer you menus that suit your departure time and destination. The meals are rounded off by a wide selection of complimentary drinks. 

On selected routes we will also serve you a ‘movie snack’ during the In-flight Entertainment.

Your in-flight entertainment programme in First and Business Class

First and Business Class passengers enjoy a comprehensive entertainment programme with the extended Lufthansa Media World. The four categories: Watch Enjoy, Listen Relax, StudyPlay and Fly Lufthansa can be individually downloaded onto the screen at each seat: 65 video options with 30 cinema films in up to eight languages, 25 TV programmes and 10 music magazines from all over the world, 100 CDs, a variety of audio books, 30 radio programmes with numerous international channels, games of skill, action games and board and strategy games as well as language courses are readily available. In Business and First Class every passenger also receives the monthly Lufthansa media world programme listing.

Marketing challenges arise because of the uniqueness






Strategies are adopted by your chosen company to deal with those challenges

They are putting forward more and more innovative methods to preserve safety up-to-date

Regarding cost they are trying to cut off their profit margin and working on low profit margin

They are dealing it with the best and effective way that will flourish mind of customer with cleanliness in all perspectives

According to price they should consider their brand name and they will maintain price according to that which will not affect their brand image

Their run in only busy international routes

How do marketers of your chosen service company deal with the demand and supply?


During the time of recession the faces problem but as they are a big establishment they came out that and they wisely meet the needed and wants by implementing so many innovative ideas

The service product mix of your chosen company

They concentrate on only one product mix

What are its product lines?

They only focus on one product line because they only have one product line

Its service brands

They have only one brand it’s called Lufthansa they are concentrate on airlines

Its pricing strategy

They gave concession for regular travel and gave various discounts to them and gave attractive offer for them and they implement a greater way process out these pricing strategy

The service product distributed


Video advertisement

Television ads


The target segment for the service products

Manley focused Business class peoples

Those who want luxurious travel experience

who prefer more and more comfort

The service products positioned

Deutsche Lufthansa AG is an aviation company with operations worldwide. The Group operates in five business segments, which provide mobility and services for airlines. The business segments Passenger Airline Group, Logistics, MRO, IT Services and Catering each hold leading positions in their markets. In addition, the Lufthansa Group includes over 400 subsidiaries and associated companies. The strategic business segments Passenger Airline Group and Logistics provide mobility for passengers and freight. The airlines in the Lufthansa Group are positioned as quality carriers in their respective segments. In order to strengthen Lufthansa’s position still further, new partners from the European home market were added to the Group. Lufthansa Cargo is also a market leader in international airfreight. It offers a global network, shortest transport times and high quality standards in many, often highly specialised, product areas.

  • Company’s Marketing Communication Mix

We guarantee high quality of our products and professional consulting services. Regular trainings of our staff ensure instant implementation of innovations and detailed knowledge of the product. We provide organisation and prepare all necessary components of your travel.

  • The role of ‘People’ in your chosen company

They are the real king of these airlines because mostly it is an expensive airline without people they can work it out so people plays an important role in the fields of these .They make it more and more popular in case of every factor which support these .

  • ‘Process’ which involved in the service production
  • They prefer good interaction with customers
  • Good way of treating passengers
  • They know how handle business class passenger
  • They are well expertise in handling services in an proper way
  • There way of welcoming is more attractive and mind bloging
  • They introduce many new ideology to make service more better and effective ‘Physical Evidence’ is used by the company to compensate for the intangibility of the service

To ensure that passengers who are not German speakers and who are boarding or transferring at Frankfurt or Munich, can always find their way around the airport quickly, Lufthansa offers the Lufthansa Guide Service as well as the Lufthansa Family Service, which is designed to meet the needs of families travelling together.

Lufthansa Guide Service: we speak your language

Lufthansa offers a Guide Service to international passengers, business travellers, groups and passengers who may, for example, need help finding their way to a connecting flight at the airport or who would like an exclusive passenger chaperone service. They will be met by a special Lufthansa guide directly at their gate or at another rendezvous point and accompanied to their destination – for example, to a connecting flight, train, hotel, shuttle bus or to the airport lounge. Lufthansa guides will always be on hand to answer your questions – and in more than 50 languages. A charge is made for the Lufthansa Guide Service.

Lufthansa Family Service: relaxed travel with the whole family

Lufthansa Family ServiceThe Lufthansa guides from the Lufthansa Family Service ensure a relaxed start to a holiday by helping families, who are boarding or transferring at Frankfurt or Munich, to find their way around the airport. 

Parents travelling alone with children, in particular, find this a huge help. For example, the guides take them to check-in, where they explain the security regulations, accompany them to their gate and, on landing, to baggage reclaim, but also to restaurants, hotels or car rental companies. 

The Lufthansa Family Service is also very happy to help older members of the family. If the passenger can only walk slowly, the guides gauge the time needed to change flights or if required, accompany the elderly person to the chemist or to a seat. 

The Lufthansa Family Guides are on hand with help and advice in more than 50 languages, making this service above all a helpful support to families from abroad

World premiere at ITB: In-flight entertainment via Wi-Fi

On-board entertainment is an important part of an airline’s service for tourists and business travellers alike. At the ITB, Lufthansa Systems presents, its cost-efficient new in-flight entertainment (IFE) system which opens up a new world of opportunities for on-board communication. Condor will be the first airline to install on its Boeing 767 aircraft.

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The innovative infotainment system is based on a Wi-Fi network which passengers can log on to through seat-back screens or their own laptops, tablet PCs, smart phones or other Wi-Fi-enabled devices to access a wide range of video and audio on demand, games and other content. Also makes it possible for airlines to offer new forms of customer communication, information and services. New services can generate additional revenues for airlines, and airlines can also customize their contact with each passenger.

“In-flight entertainment is an important part of the travel experience and a way to stand out from the competition, particularly in the tourism industry;” said Rainer Kröpke, Head of Project Management and Marketing at Condor GmbH. “opens up entirely new possibilities for us. In addition, the system costs much less to install and operate than other solutions.”

Unlike conventional IFE systems, Board Connect does not need to be wired into every seat. The cabin of a Boeing 767, for example, will only need five access points which are connected to a central server.

“The system is much easier to install because there is no wiring required. It can be integrated during a regular maintenance check, so there’s no need for extra downtime,” said Dr. Jörg Liebe, CIO of Lufthansa Systems AG. “Board Connect is also very reliable and gives airlines maximum flexibility as regards cabin rearrangement, the integration of new technologies and the development of new services.”

The elimination of wiring and data distribution hardware can lead to weight savings of nearly half a ton for a Boeing 767-300. This reduces annual fuel consumption by around 20 tonnes per aircraft.

To create this pioneering IFE solution, Lufthansa Systems drew on its experience with the Mobile Infotainment System which it developed for cruise ships. The technology behind Board Connect is not restricted to the aviation industry; it can also be used on other forms of public transportation, such as trains, buses and ferries.

On aircraft equipped with broadband Internet access, passengers can also surf the Web, send and receive e-mail and interact with friends on social networks. Airlines can also provide individual passengers with information about their connecting flights or offers tailored personally to them.


Airlines are the fastest way of transportation now a days there come so many airline industry to these field but whatever come till know Lufthansa is the 1st place so try to keep up that place safely


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