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Porters 5 Forces Of Competition Mcdonalds Marketing Essay

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Wordcount: 537 words Published: 4th Nov 2019

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McDonald’s Corporation of fast food has a largest chain of restaurants around the world. McDonalds has more than 31000 restaurants worldwide. It serving approximately 58 million customers daily in 117 countries. McDonald’s serves different kind of foods likewise chicken, salads, fries, soft drinks and ice-cream etc. They have offered children with (lucrative) playground section and a good peaceful environment to the adults as a part of their strategy. Their major sources of income are royalties, rents and fees charged to their franchisees.

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Being highly labour extensive, the prime concern for McDonalds is to make the best and economic use of its labour force. Although most of the modern working envoirnment become automated, still the human element especially, the youngsters are a soure of excellence for their successful business. Their youth workers also poved to be quite economic become of low wages, but it has shattered the McDonald’s progress image in the public minds.

Concern for society and family value sinc its modern revolution inception in 1960, McDonald’s has emphasized the importance of cleanliness, friendly service and a home style entertainment. Their friendliness and politeness has contributed a lot to rehabiliate their image as a human concern organization.

In the late 1980s McDonald’s major product was the production of beef burger. It was envisaged that over conceutration on the beef product would leed to defrostation. Moreover, the packing material used and the treatment of their wastes. In response to all this the McDonald’s introduced a sixteen million dollors natinl recycling program and switched packing to recycle basic packing substance. They have also joined with their members of EDF to investigate and find new ways for their envoirnment friendly packing. Their strategy worked favourabely and in just one year,( they reduced the hazard to 80% low danger).

there was also a very strong criticism over the use of fat and oily products contributions to a number of health hazards. Moreover the fact was also highlighted that McDonald’s did nothing in informing their customers about the unhealthy effects of burger rich foods. Responding to these McDonald’s took two revalutioning steps. One, they introduced skimmed or semi skimmed milk and fiber rich breakfast and secondly they started a mass scale information pamphlates compaign to aware the people about their product nutrition information such as calories, protein and minerals quantity.

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In response to these allegations McDonald’s has introduced a modern analytical approach towards the kid’s meal and they have replaced their existing recipes eith more nouriiishing and smart keeping ingredients. They have also conducted a thorough study obesty is a heridatory phenomena. But still a lot of yel to be done on this obesity probe as their problem is becoming a global phenomina called globisity.

For more information about how to implement this model, take a look at this guide to Porter’s 5 Forces.


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