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Research On Sugar Free Biscuits In Indian Marketing Essay

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Wordcount: 1537 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Research is any original and systematic investigation undertaken in order to increase knowledge and understanding and to establish facts and principles. It comprises the creation of ideas and generation of knowledge that lead to new and substantial improved insights and/or the development of new materials, devices, products and processes. It should have the potential to produce results that are sufficiently relevant to increase knowledge. Good reflective inquiry produces theories and hypotheses and benefits any intellectual attempt to analyze facts and phenomena. This search for individual facts or data requires an open-ended question for which there is no ready answer. Data are gathered through experiments, surveys or other methodologies. Source (http://www.nipissingu.ca/research/downloads/DefnofResearchforwebsite.pdf)

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As India being the world diabetics capital, have the most diabetes patient. These patients when taking insulin need something to eat as a quick snack. There are no sugar free biscuits available in Indian market by Indian companies. The foreign biscuits are available but at very costly price which aren’t affordable for everyone. Plus there are many people who don’t eat cream biscuit due to high calories. Thus I am conducting this study to find out the potential of sugar free biscuits as a quick snack.

I am conducting this study, to find about the potential of sugar free cream biscuit. In the biscuit sector, the cream segment is only 10%. The reason would be not much innovation in the cream segment, or most people would be health conscious, consumers are not willing to buy due to price, taste, availability, behavior habits, etc

What Will You Do With The Findings?

I will find the scope & limitations and find out about the number of consumers having cream biscuits. As sugar free biscuits are not available in the Indian market, I will find the scope of the new sugar free biscuit in Indian market. India accounts for the largest number of people – 50.8 million – suffering from diabetes in the world, followed by China (43.2 million) and the United States (26.8 million), reveal new figures released by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). As India being the world diabetics capital, have the most diabetes patient.

The findings can be used by companies intending to enter the sugar-free biscuit segment

Review of Related Literature

The Indian biscuit market has a great scope of increasing customers every day. The frequency of eating biscuits everyday is more than the customers who eat biscuits once a week or occasionally. Indian biscuit Industry has a continuous growth and will not be hindered due to

External factors. Biscuit Industry has flourished in India enormously over the years and is still growing phenomenally.

Scope & Limitations of the Study

The study is intended for people seeking a sugar free option of biscuits. The research will be conducted in the city of Mumbai with a sample size of 100 people. The research assumes that the result arrived will be true for entire population of the country

Objectives of the Study and Question Framed

The objectives of the study is to find out how many number of people will prefer sugar free cream biscuit and what are the attributes they look in a sugar free biscuit.

Research Design

The research data that I am going to use:

Data Collection –




Method, categorization

1.3 The relevant research question in this example is to find about the potential of sugar free cream biscuits in Indian market. As there are many nutritious biscuits but there are no Indian sugar free biscuits in Indian market. As the diabetic patient after taking their medicines need a quick snack, and most would have a sugar free chocolate or sum thing which tastes better. Thus research is done to carry out

Q2. What type of methodology would you use? Why do you think your chosen methodology is appropriate for this particular research?

Literature Review

Cooper (1988) states that, ‘A literature review can be use as its database reports of primary or original scholarship’. Mainly, literature reviews are reports or written documents prepared in order to describe, sum up and evaluate the collected information from primary reports. The main purpose of undertaking a literature review is to help the researcher develop a good understanding and imminent into relevant previous researches and the new methods that have been recognized.


Methodology according to Saunders et al. (2000) should be a detailed chapter giving the reader sufficient information to make an estimate of the reliability and validity of your methods. It mainly explains the methods that were undertaken in order to eliminate any problems that occur while research was undertaken. It also shows the details of procedures and sample sizes that are used. This section will explain the methods used while undertaking this research by the researcher along with its justification as to why specifically these methods were used.

Q3. What type of data would you use? What methods of data collection do you intend to use?

This report includes the collection and analyzing of both primary as well as secondary data. While collecting the primary data, the researcher has made use of questionnaires and personal interviews. The questionnaires were distributed among a range of 50 men & women consuming biscuits that may also help in the gathering of unbiased data. The questionnaires will be sorted & distributed equally among the age groups. Thus will get to know about the consumption of sugar free biscuits done by consumers.

Gathering of secondary data has undertaking by the researcher by the means of books, journals, magazines & internet websites of biscuits. Certain techniques like observation and surveys have been conducted by the researcher in order to collect quantitative and qualitative information. Thus the researcher was standing in the general shop to a mall to see the consumption of biscuits in a day. And specially observed what is the choice of consumers in buying the biscuits.

Collection of Data

Secondary Data

Primary Data







Source: research project, chp 2. Viva books.

Q4. Design

a questionnaire for the purpose of this research and with reference to the literature, justify each question included or

an interview schedule based on a semi structured questionnaire




Gender: Male Female

1) Age

a) 15-18 b) 18- 25 c) 25-40 d) 40-60 e) 60& above

2) Who generally do shopping (Food Products) in your family?

a) Father b) Mother c) Children d) Yourself e) Other

3) Who is the main consumer of biscuit in family?

a) Children b) Elders c) Guests d) Self e) all

4) Which brand of biscuit do you like?

a) Parle b) Britannia c) Sun feast d) True e) dukes f) Cadbury g) ITC f) other _____

6) When do you have biscuit?

a) Morning/ Evening ( with tea & breakfast)

b) Quick snack in evening.

c) Whenever hungry.

7) Normally, where do you buy biscuits from?

Grocery stores b) mall c) general stores d) others

9) Are you a health conscious?

Yes b) No

10) If yes, which category of the biscuit do you prefer?

Glucose b) sugar free c) nutritive d) whole grain

11) Which are the healthy biscuit you are aware of?


12) What are the features that you look on in a healthy biscuit?

a) Made from wheat b) Multi- grain c) Sugar- free

13) DO you like to have a cream filled biscuit?

a) _____ Yes _____ No

14) Do you tend to avoid cream biscuits because of the following reasons?

a) Too sweet, hence high on calories

b) Not a healthy option

c) Sugar free variety not available

d) I don’t eat cream biscuits by choice

15) If given an option of sugar- free cream biscuits, would you like to try it?

_____ Yes _____ No

16) If No, Why?

a) Not sure if sugar- free cream filled will be as tasty as normal biscuits.

b) Price will be high

c) may not be healthy because of unnatural sweeteners used.

17) If yes, what are the other attributes you will seek in sugar free cream biscuits?


18) What is the price point that you are comfortable for sugar free biscuits?

a) Same as the old biscuits

b) 10% increase

c) 20% increase

d) 30% increase

e) 50% increase


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