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Strategize New Initiative: New Customer Experience

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Strategize New Initiative: New Customer Experience 

Strategize New Initiatives: Tactics

Integrated marketing communication incorporates various media to enhance the results of marketing campaigns. Each element reinforces the others ultimately aligning the campaign at each stage to ensure success. The importance of these elements is that they are working together to communicate a consistent message informing the target audience on the versatility of Tate’s museum by promoting the website and social media accounts. To improve customer awareness and the improvement of sales, Tate can use online platforms that will increase brand awareness of the art gallery.

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Integrated marketing communication is critical in creating brand awareness among consumers. All aspects of communication work together to improve sales and maximize cost effectiveness. Jenna Bruce points out, “With so many of your target audience members engaging across the wide, media spectrum, it’s no longer feasible to run an entire campaign on one channel. Integrated marketing campaigns offer better reach and allow you to craft messaging for specific channels your customers prefer.” (Bruce, 2016). Social media is used to promote engagement by posting content that is of interest to the target customer. It is critical that customers find Tate’s museum unique, appealing and most of all credible. By shaping their consumers preferences, Tate’s can create brand positioning strategies that can build on consumer loyalty. The overall goal is to create a unique impression in their customers mind that they associate technology and art with the Tate’s. The tactics in the creation of brand awareness can be through the use of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram as this increases the traffic to the company website creating the familiarity of the museum.

Strategize New Initiative: Competitive Analysis

 As new media sites and social tools develop, so will their impact on information that consumers get. The goal of having a successful Integrated Marketing plan in Tate’s case depends on choosing the right mediums of communication for the museum. Consumers want to know what’s new products and services and the use of both traditional and nontraditional advertising media will play a critical role in the promotional mix. Having an online presence can build trust with your customer and create a place for fans to find out new information and give feedback. Tate’s target market demographically, are younger populations like millennials, ages 18-36 who tends to use their mobile device often for everything from casual social networking to shopping. They are affluent, well-informed and educated adults with higher managerial, professional occupations. This consumer has a significant amount of knowledge about technology and art and is also an avid smartphone user; routinely checking and posting on their various social media accounts.

Teresa M. McCarthy Byrne points out, “A September 2016 report published by Boston Consulting Group, “Digital or Die: The Choice for Luxury Brands,” (www.bcg.com) offers an “omnichannel index” measuring the level of importance of the ability of consumers to reach a brand through multiple channels. The implication is that all age groups are moving freely across the Internet and physical store locations to make purchase decisions, leaving behind a trail of key- strokes and transactions that can be analyzed for predictive patterns.” (Byrne, 2016).

Strategize New Initiative: New Customer Experience

Duff Anderson states, “Approaching your customer experience optimization efforts with an omni-channel mindset is key, especially when considering how getting consumers to interact with more channels across their journey can impact the bottom line. In an article for Forbes, Scott Horn, CMO of [24]7, said that, “Rather than adding more channels, companies will begin to orchestrate the customer experience by pairing channels to make a consumer’s experience easier. Companies will do a better job of choreographing a consumer’s experience within and across channel pairs.” (Anderson, 2018).

Strategize New Initiative: Value Proposition

Tate’s museum should create a value proposition to the various target segments, reflecting their needs and expectations on how the brand connects with customers. A simple task for example, asking visitors for their zip codes or sign a guest book, can reveal a great deal about who goes to the museum during different periods of the year. Dr. T.E. Mudzanani states, “In order to create customer value, museums should develop product offerings that match the ever-changing needs of all the segments of their target audience. In an effort to increase convenience, museums should use travelling exhibitions and virtual exhibits. Marketing communication tools should be deployed in an integrated manner to ensure message consistency and maximum impact.” (Mudzanani, 2017). Tate’s museums must design its promotional and communication efforts after their brand identity, informing customers in a way that interests and motivates them to visit the museum and ultimately in becoming a member.

Measuring Effectiveness

Some methods of advertising Tate could use is to put up digital posters in highly traffic areas such as subways and bus stations in major cities. The ads should provide an eye-catching image on upcoming exhibits. For example, possibly creating mini ads via YouTube or behind-the-scenes videos using Instagram video to help promoting new attractions at the museum. Through advanced analytical methods and the use of customer data, companies can now create campaign budgets that will be successful instead of wasting money on unprofitable or uninterested customers. Top-notch marketing analytics programs also benefit teams in other ways (2018, Cross): 

  • See the big picture of marketing trends 
  • Identify which programs work and why 
  • Monitor trends for a given period and over time 
  • Understand the ROI of each program thoroughly 
  • Forecast results 

Financial metrics have long been played a role in decision making and can help companies to operate efficiently and effectively. The importance of financials when making marketing decisions is that they provide a clear picture of the company’s financial stability. Chuck Cohen points out, “Metrics are a great way to pinpoint promising demographic groups. This might mean conducting surveys via e-mail blasts or newsletters, or you might find it worthwhile to contact a marketing firm that can help you gather preliminary data. This can enable you to correlate positive responses to your product or service with specific demographic groups – the same groups that you should later target.” (Cohen 2015).   

Companies have to be creative with their communication efforts in a new and innovative way, that’s why choosing the most effective way to get their message out is important. The value of the power of social media and other advertising mediums are driven by consumers and their interests.



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