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Tangible Resource Plays An Important Role Marketing Essay

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Wordcount: 3972 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Both tangible and intangible resources are playing a basic role in the rapid developing technology markets, but tangible resource is more important at first and the intangible one outdistanced it as time goes by.

Tangible resource plays an important role at the beginning of the technology development, for it promoting the production progress much. With this we can hire professional employees to do the work we want sufficiently and we can replace the used equipments with more advanced ones.

At the same time intangible resource gradually aggrandize its impact on the technology markets. For instant, the patent of a company is more and more important in the competitive technology market. And the fame of a firm is also a key element for future development, because it affect the sales process,which is indispensable for the expansion of a firm.

Tangible resources are any company property that has a physical existence. Tangible resource is one that you can “reach out and touch”(Alan Osborne 2005). Tangible assets contain various kinds, including current assets and fixed assets. Current assets include inventory, funds. Fixed assets include such as buildings,staff, equipment and other aspects.

Intangible resources can’t be measured. It is something of value that cannot be physically touched. Examples of intangible assets are, corporate image, strong brand, copyrights, trademarks, patents, technology, customer relationships and corporate culture. Corporate culture , including company values, system and working language.

I will focus on the fast paced technology company is Sony Corporation. Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in KōNan Mina-to, Tokyo, Japan. Sony was founded in 1946, it always been try to create different products and lifestyles, bring original taste and amazed its customers. In order to bring greater joy and entertainment to people around the world, Sony has in addition to Electronics increased into many new areas of business such as games, pictures, music, mobile communications and financial services. Sony believes that today’s rapid pace of change is a time of unlimited opportunities and possibilities (Lou 2003).

Sony has a very strong research and development function, on average every year more than 1000 kinds of products launched, of which there are about 800 species of original product improvement, the rest completely rely on innovation, such research and development the speed unmatched by other enterprises.

Sony is always encouraging technical staff to continue to develop new products. Now, Sony’s technical staff has unwittingly take the initiative to develop “Sony unique merchandise, they have to create. Sony products and create a dream product one(Yang 2005).

This is the new invention from Sony. Sony launched a Blu-ray Disc technology cell analysis instrument . It can be used in: immunology, oncology, regenerative medicine and stem cell research. June 11, 2012 – Sony star put on sell the formal Offer Cell Sorter SH800.The price of this is Cell Sorter about 2 million yen( Sony Global 2012).

Tangible resources about Sony. Tangible fixed assets, all included in the fixed assets of labor, such as factory, equipment, funds, staff. Land, buildings (factories, warehouses, etc.),structures (pools, docks, fences, roads, etc.)

There are just over 130 Sony worldwide today in 2012. Sony in more than 120 countries and regions around the world, established companies and factories of molecules. Such as Brazil, China , New York, Poland, Sweden(Nathan 2010). Why did they build so many factories of the different countries in the world? Sony is a multinational corporation, their products sold to all over the world. Build factories of the different countries, the frist reason is they can get benefit from lower labor costs in overseas; the second one is avoid tariff barriers. If Sony just build factory in their country, they need merchandise exports to other countries and to import a lot of material manufactured products are always in demand. This will take a lot of time, and there are some limit and prevent the import of foreign goods in other countries. The outstanding problem is Sony company must pay a lot of money about tariffs and import taxes, export taxes; the third reason is to avoid the environmental pollution in their own country. As we know, no matter what the factories, it will always produce a certain amount of pollution of local city. For example, there are 36 Chinese environmental groups accused Apple failed to address the concerns of its equipment parts supply factory pollution and worker health issues. The incident occurred in 2009, 49 workers were taken to hospital and diagnosed with a chemical cleaning agent n-hexane poisoning, the official Chinese media widely reported incident(Lei 2012); the last reason is they can directly into his country market. In the construction of large-scale plant of the company, you can provide a lot of short-term employment, and to promote the employment of domestic suppliers and distributors to increase through the associated effects, So the product can get better sales channels.

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When compared to Samsung, Sony has a definite winning edge on this point.Up till 2011, Sony established companies and factories in more than 120 countries and regions around the world, but there are 78 companies for Samsung Group, including 59 non-listed companies and 19 listed companies(Sea 2011), which directionally result in the production and consumption process.As factory is a very influential part of the company, in terms of the products to achieve the same functionality, customers care more about the differences between the products, the role of the factory is perfect finished the production process package, according to the requirements of customers return directly to customers needs. Get a good factory with excellent condition allows workers to produce high-quality products and guest satisfaction, that is higher profits for the company. At this point what Sony had done is perfect and it leads to the prosperity of Sony.There are still other companies that perform well for example, Foxconn’s Chairman of the board Terry Gou moving the factory, because rising labor costs affect profits.

There are so much equipment for Sony research and development of new products, and production line for new products. The equipment not only is the main production tool, but also an important symbol of the modernization level. Such as machine (working machinery, transport machinery, etc.), as well as vehicles, ships, tools (tooling, test equipment, etc.) . Generally believed that the equipment required in the production or life machinery, apparatus and facilities available for long-term use, and remained in use original physical form of material. Production line, In accordance with the principles of product specialization, with the production of a product (parts and components) need a variety of equipment, responsible for the completion of all the manufacturing of certain products (parts and components) work, the same object of labor process of processing. Production line Include Laptop, Camera, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, SACD, MD, desktop computers, televisions, speakers, radios, digital cameras, car navigation, game consoles, etc. Especially for LED, in July 14th , 2006. Sony Corporation and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Signed the terminal contract for making an 8th generation amorphous TFT-LCD panel production line at their joint venture, S-LCD Corporation.

Good and professional equipment can improve the production efficiency, at the same time reduce the risk of employees work. There are a lot of companies started at the same time with Sony but they all had bankrupt just because they were not equipped with advanced equipment, such as Panasonic and Toshiba sales fell nearly 50%(Christensen 2003). It is equipped with durable, high rate and high quality that can be used for a long time. And it is capable of savings a lot of money and avoid the replacement of trouble and avoid unnecessary trouble.

Funds refers to the use of the money available , and it is used in the company or organization, the sufficiency of funds or not, often is one of the keys to business success. There are cash and equivalents 10,870 millions of dollars. How to use company’s funds, the cash flows are divided into three categories: operating activities Cash flows, investing activities Cash flow and financing cash flows. Operating activities:(1) the purchase of goods and services paid; (2) employees’ Wages; (3) the payment of the taxes;(4) cash paid relating to operating activities.

There are sufficient funds can purchase high-quality raw materials, also can mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff used by salary or some bonuses to employees. The timely payment of taxes should establish a good relationship with the government . Purchase needed supplies and put into their normal operation, maybe put money into the development of new products or some new technologies. It also can repay the debt, distribute dividends, profits or interest paid.

Let’s take acer for an example to explain this, on the early stages about computer development,acer didn’t get enough funds for design,and consequently the sales didn’t go well. Customs complain that the lookout of the computer is not popular,while computer itself is not so sophiscated. At the same time Sony computers were on a big sale. And this inspired the manager of acer,he then raised huge fund for the design of computer appearance and its utility, it worked and make acer a good computer brand nowadays for its unique design. From this we can know the importance of the fund in the development of a company(315 complaints channels


Employee data, Since Sony scope of consolidation by 2011, the production base in East Asia and the Asia / Pacific region (without Japan) to substantial reductions in personnel, because the implementation of the production adjustment. Therefore, until March 31, 2012, Sony Group has approximately 162,700 employees. It was decrease of 5,500 over the last year. After the peak in 1993, the number of employees reached 23,000, it is still fairly consistent about 17,000. As of March 31, 2012, Sony Corporation’s staff was approximately 16,000.

We can know the distribution of Sony’s employees. Total number of staff is 162,700. The largest number of consumer products & services, it is 57,200. Next one is professional, device & solutions, 54,600 staff. It should be mentioned that only 11,000 employees were in Japan (Sony global 2012).

Sony try to create a warm corporate climate for employees. Sony acknowledged that its employees to be on the basis of the company’s one of the most critical aspects, because the employees labor is a source of profit. Employee loyalty determine employee job performance. Employee loyalty will greatly stimulate the initiative and creativity of the staff. The potential ability of employees to be fully realized. The loyalty efficiency can improve employee loyalty exists to promote the role and improve customer satisfaction. Enterprises per employee loyalty increases, it has been to enhance enterprise competitiveness. The employee loyalty enhance Company’s core competitiveness, company can encouraged employees to innovate. If employees loyal to reduced. the human resources need replacement costs. When employee loyalty reduced, dissatisfied with their serve company, they may choose to leave, this is caused staff turnover. Human resources must re-recruiting and training new employees, this period not only increased the risk of possible productivity, but also new employees can not be qualified for the risk of work. So, Sony has create a good working environment and the opportunity to play to their potential, so that individuals with different backgrounds, and learn from each other, these is essential for a useful enterprise environment.

Intangible resources about Sony. Intangible assets, all included in strong brand, trademarks, patents, technology, customer relationships, corporate image, corporate culture.

Sony is a very long lasting brand. Sony was most innovative brands back in the 80’s. TV, boom box, stereo rack system with turn tables, car stereo etc. It is top notch. The Sony brand is considered “one of the world’s most recognizable and trusted brands” and was ranked 21st in the Business Week/Inter brand list of the World’s 100 Most Valuable Brands with an estimated value of US$14 billion” (Singh et al, 2005). The Sony brand is associated with “superior quality, innovation and style” (Sony United, 2007), in the minds of its customers. All their brand is the source of a promise to consumer. It has a good brand of electronic products. Sony’s success in India where a new middle class is snatching up gadgets is a bright spot for the Japanese electronics maker that’s getting beaten in North America by US rival Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. of South Korea. But Sony boasts a strong brand image in India thanks to generous advertising spending. It also has good relations with the many small and medium-sized retailers across the nation of nearly 1.2 billion people, which reflects years of hard work.(Kageymam 2011).

Get a strong brand, increased revenues and market share.That’s exactly the reason why small companies are hard to survive in big markets.People tend to choose a better brand,even if it cost more(Firth 2007). Increased customer loyalty, people always like strong brand to be popular, such as LV, GUCI. Increased profit, can get more and more customers. Also can expand stock price and shareholder value, such as company values.It contains the value of personalization, quality and other features can bring important value to the product. Even if it is the same product, use different brand identity, will produce the disparity in prices.

Akio Morita for the new brand name has some of the basic concepts, it should be short, good read, simple to attract people’s attention, easy to remember and must use the Roman alphabet letters. They found after a search of the dictionary represents the Latin representing”SOUNS”, it means sound. Therefore decided to integrate the word into the company’s new brand name. “SONNY” is very similar to the Latin pronunciation of the word and instance, they think the name will be make people always young, and with energy company. So they put the word “SOUNS” and “SONNY” together, became the now well-known brand “SONY”.

Trademarks as an example, a good trademark cohesion connotation of knowledge innovation, technological innovation of enterprises and industry development. A trademark on behalf of a company, customers will take the initiative to trust in our products when they see the trademark. For example, everyone know solid white apple missing a bite on one side, that is Apple.

There are a lot of unique patents in Sony, such as, the Sony walkman.Facebook needs resolve the problems about the Yahoo patent prosecution. Facebook next step may go to the one of the world’s ten largest patent holder Sony acquisition of patents, because Sony has a lot of Sony’s patent essential for Yahoo, which is Facebook interested(Wan 2012). This is the lasting invention from Sony. This patent in the program at a particular time, the sudden appearance of advertising products, the audience stood up and shouted out the brand, the ads will disappear, continue to put a piece. For example, there is appeared in a McDonald’s advertisement When you are look at a movie. By now, you just need to say “McDonald” in front of TV, it will automatically skip this advertisement and continue to movies.(Ru 2012.)

Because different customers have different “voices”,compared with Samsung, Sony has always been focused on the customer’s attention, and the development and implementation of the CRM (customer relationship management) based on the voice of the customer, so that more people know about Sony, like Sony, as Sony users, and thus the development of Sony’s loyal users. For Sony in terms of CRM (customer relationship management), we define it as “Customer Really Matter” .At the same time Samsung didn’t do well.Its markets share worldwide isn’t as much as Sony even though it is also a distinguished brand in the world.

A brand does not have its own core values, and not be able to rely on their own technical strength, just pay attention to product quality, branding and service system to build and enhance their intangible assets, then this company will be gradually lose eligibility to participate in market competition. Only intangible assets have an advantage, who will take the initiative in the final competition, who can lead in technological innovation.

Lift the Sony brand connotation, different people will have different ideas. They will try harder with their youth and passion to create the value of life, like the Sony brand is always innovating and creating different spirit. And those Sony super fans will tell you, Sony fashion, wisdom, and the enjoyment of life. The first Walkman from childhood to now digital cameras, VAIO notebooks and other products, Sony gave their lives brought a lot of fun and innovation, which has become an indispensable part of life more. More people will tell you that their minds Sony product, Sony service Sony website, Sony magazine ads, the Sony Sony Gallery and so on.

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Customer relationships, service attitude of the staff, and the customers emotional communication skills, can improve customer satisfaction, get more view and suggestion. As well as in the ability to change in the service to maintain the company’s appeal and reputation; make sure to solve customers complained about the any time and customer satisfaction solutions, it can maintain customer loyalty.Apple doesn’t do well concerning this point,as an result the customer of it is decreasing and they turned to the brand who has more convenient service to the customers.Such as Samsung,Sony.

Attach importance to science and technology. Sony created were well aware of the importance of science and technology, in a timely manner to each universities and research institutes, most applications the value of outstanding research results into products and commodities.

They especial personnel system, they allow and encourage scientific and technological personnel according to staff interests, hobbies and expertise, “volunteered” to apply for a variety of research topics and development projects, allowing them to freely between the various research groups in the various departments of the company,liquidity, department heads must not be blocked. At the same time, Innovation is an important part of Sony’s corporate culture, also is the keys to success.

According to a market report make by Maharashtra 2009, the reason why companies like Sony could perform well in decades is mainly because their corporate culture.Production can make company work well for a while,yet corporate culture is the soul of a company.And it is the key that a company can go such long.Such as Apple,Google,Sony.etc,they all have strong corporate culture, such as Sony’s slogan is “Make, believe.”Google’s slogan is” Don’t be evil “(Mumbai,Maharashtra 2009)

Strong corporate culture of productivity is staggering.company per day from each person extra up to one to two hours of the production workload, because corporate culture to make people feel comfortable with their work, and thus are more work so hard. And increase the enthusiasm and loyalty of employees to improve productivity.


Tangible and intangible resources are playing an effect in the rapid developing technology markets, but they have different roles at different times. Tangible resource are more important at frist.Tangible resource plays an important role at the beginning of the technology development, for it promoting the production progress significantly. In case of establish a company you need sufficient funds and good equipment, accurate production line, factory with good location,also need good employees.This company can to enter market that you are able to fulfill with these conditions. But on the later stages, intangible resources are more important than tangible resources. In the context of the knowledge economy era, tangible assets are limited, but intangible assets are unlimited. “With the market more than the factory, but with the market, the only way is to have dominance of market, as intangible as the core brand.” (Wright 2003).

The continuous evolution of the modern market economy, to send a new signal new era, it is now the global market has entered a brand intangible assets competition, intangible assets play an increasingly important role in today’s marketing and competitive. When products into the market, customer does not care where the product is manufactured and where sales.Customer acceptance of the products cares more about corporate reputation, the quality of the product, the company’s after-sales service attitude. So the later stages, intangible resources are more important than tangible resources(Combat Business Intelligence 2012).

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