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The 8 Key Elements Of A Business Model Marketing Essay

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Nowadays, many housewives venture into the market due to the urbanization and modernization in the Middle East and UAE in particular to help their husbands to overcome the life difficulties which start to appear in the last century and increases every day. With this trend ever increasing than before, most of the working housewives are forced to hire maids and nannies to help them in the house keeping and raising children. But a key issue in hiring maids is to find an appropriate one that can be trusted to the work assigned to her efficiently and effectively. Unfortunately, the maids and nannies market is not able so far to satisfy the needs of its clients. In most scenarios, the sponsors are forced to pay a high amount of money, but still unable to get the kind of service they require.

Spotlight on traditional ways:

There are 2 ways in the UAE, to hire a maid

Sponsor the maid.

The cost of sponsoring a maid in the UAE is too expensive. The family must pay the entire amount before they get any services from maid. Unfortunately if they are not satisfied with the maid or if the maid doesn’t accept the work, the entire amount will be gone in the air and they can’t get it back.

Hiring a maid through an office.

Hiring a maid through an office is the other alternative which is very costly, and requires the sponsor to interact with a third a party.

Business Idea:

Our business idea aims to build a website that clients can use to hire a maids.

Functionalities and properties:

The advantage of using a website over the traditional methods is that the sponsors can write reviews about the maids they hire, and so are the maids. Also all the transactions are made online, so the sponsor doesn’t have to go the office by himself.

Use scenario1: the sponsor accesses the website for the first time and creates a free account and provides valid legal documents. His application is reviewed by the site management, a review is sent to the sponsor to indicate whether his/her application is accepted or refused. If his application is accepted, he can start hiring maids

Use scenario 2:

The sponsor accesses the website, search for a maid or select one of the top rated maids. The sponsor can see reviews written about each maid by her previous sponsors and accordingly he selects and books a maid, and makes the payment. The maid is informed about the sponsor, who is asking for her services and so she can view reviews about the sponsor and accept or decline the position, if she accepts she is sent to the sponsor place.

Use scenario 3:

After the services of the maid are ended with a specific sponsor, the sponsor can go online and rate the maid and so for the maid she can rate the sponsor.


First of all, we will use a web site called http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/pricing/calculator/ as a part of “Cloud” that calculate the cost of the Software & Hardware as below”

Reserving 2 large “Virtual Machines” with (4 x 1.6GHz CPU, 7GB RAM) will cost $357.12

SQL Database size of 64GB will cost $108.40

Bandwidth of 1000GB will cost $92.54

Total per-month is $558.05

For our project we included the 8 Key Elements of a Business Model as below:

Value proposition:

The offer price is the value promised to be delivered to and belief in the value for the customers who will suffer. The value proposition can apply to the entire enterprise, or customer accounts, services or software.

Creating a proposition of a value is a part of business strategy. Saied, Kaplan and Norton: “A strategy based on consumer value proposition to differentiate. Customer satisfaction is the source of sustainable value creation.”

Develop a value proposition based on a review and analysis of costs and benefits and the value that the organization can provide to their customers and potential customers, and the other group consists of both inside and outside the organization. It is also the positioning value, where value = benefits – Cost (cost includes risk).

Neil Rackham believed that the value proposition statement should have four main parts: the power and influence, and to prove, and the value of

Organizations that are not directly related to the withdrawal of the process of creating a value proposition (i.e. application and templates value proposition) to the masses of Foreign Affairs, the application of the value proposition are internal documents and are blueprint that is used by the organization to ensure that all messages that communicate within and outside the organization, consistently. Some of the ways in which organizations use the proposals included in the meaning of article marketing communication in sales or offers.

Marketing Strategy and

Organizations can use the values ​​of proposals to put a value in the range of ingredients such as:

Customers: to explain why customers buy from suppliers (see customer value proposition).

Partners: to convince them to form a strategic alliance or joint venture.

Internal parts: to impact the result of business decisions. For example, you can use the IT department’s value proposition to convince the board to support the financing of projects.

Staff: for the “sale” of the company in hiring new people, or to keep and motivate existing staff. This is sometimes referred to as human resources or employee value proposition.

Suppliers of explaining that why you should want to be a provider of resources for the organization or customers?

Revenue model:

Revenue model is relates to the process of the system design by which a business validates its services such as “Online Shopping” which means that An online store or e-commerce is a form of electronic commerce where consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet without the mediation of Internet shop, online shopping, online store or virtual store evokes the physical analogy of buying products or services at a brick-and-mortar retailer or shopping center. This process is called business-to-consumer (B2C), online shopping. When a business buys from another business it is called business-to-business (B2B) or online shopping. The web’s largest corporations are Retail E-Bay and Amazon.com, both of which are American.

Market opportunity:

Market opportunities, benefits or need unsatisfied after a company or organization to achieve this goal to meet market opportunities, also known as an incident to determine the market demand for goods and services are not exploited in existed companies or institutions that can meet this requirement, as defined as demand, which can be used institution.

Opportunity to show the market, if the company has the potential to reach a satisfying thought, better than the competition on the demand for a particular product or if the market demand for a particular product or service, a company can use and begin to offer as long as there is no competition.

Market analysis examines the attractiveness of the market and the dynamics of the special in the special branch. It is part of industry analysis, and this, in turn, the global environmental analysis. Through all of these analyzes opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and threats to the company can be identified. Finally, with the help of SWOT-analysis, adequate business strategies will be distinct. Analyzing the market also known as a documentary study of the market, which is used to inform planning for the firm, especially around solving inventory, purchase, work force expansion / contraction, expansion of facilities, procurement capital equipment, promotional activities as well as many other aspects of the company.


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