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The History Of Measuring Customer Satisfaction Marketing Essay

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Experience has shown that the technique of changing into a customer focused environment in organization is complex. Being such an organization that is accorded to customers’ needs and expectations, without using the correct processes and tools for dealing with this enormous change is likely to be failed. While all customers focused initiatives start out as small-scale type organizations that understand each of its customers personally, reality, implementation of changes in complicated and massive sales and services operations needs a different approach.

Customers and their expectations

The objective of meeting customer’s expectations is a good general model for customer service. Great customer service is a result of specific behaviors


We are living in an era of impatience. Most of the customers cannot wait for the service. A short wait will usually deter most customers in most places.


Customers prefer a customer service representative that is real knowledgeable about products and services, responsible in performing duties and skilled at dealing with people. They want to deal with a professional customer service representative.


Customers expect the customer service representative to get information and exact orders at the first time. They do not want to deal with mistakes or correcting the CSR’s errors.


Friendliness is the most basic of all customers needs, commonly joined with being greeted with warmth and graciously. Customers wish to be deal with politely and respectful. They want to be treated in a friendly manner and to be liked. We always want to be recognized and welcomed by someone who is sincere and glad to see us.


Customers want sincere, honest information and response. Most customers would appreciate a CSR if they admit their mistakes and putting effort to correct them. If CSR has been misled, customers will likely complain and stop making business with the company.

Honesty is also include in following -through on promises. Customers expect to be aware of if a promise cannot be carried out as stated. Broken promises anger the customers.

Customer Needs and wants

Understanding and empathy

Customers need to feel that the customer service representative to understands and values their circumstances and feelings without critique or judgment. Customers expects that we who serve them able to put ourselves in their shoes, understand why the customer came to us in the first place. They want a CSR who is willing to look at their side of a situation when there is a problem. They want a CSR that able spend time listening to them and hear them out.


We all want to feel we are being treated fairly and positively. Customers get very angry and defensive when they feel they are under any class distinctions. None of the customers want to be deal with as if they fall into a specific classes, left wondering if “the grass is greener on the other side” and when they only getting second best.


Customers need to be informed and learned about the products and services that they’re looking for, and they do not want to be leave anything out! They do not want to waste their valuable time doing their homework, they prefer to look to us to be their talking, walking, information central.


Control represents the customer need to feel they could make a difference on the way things turn out. Ability to achieve the need for them which comes from our own willingness to say “yes” much more than “no.” Customer is not interested about rules and policies, they want to be treated in all our reasonableness.

Options and alternatives

Customers want to feel that other ways are available to take what they want accomplished. They become aware of that they may be charting virgin territory, and they depend on us to be “in the know” and give them with the “inside scoop.” They get disappointed when they feel they have spun their wheels to get something completed, and we knew all the time a better way, but not making any suggestion.

Why customers are important

Customers are the most important people for any organization simply because they are the resource upon which the success of the business depends. The following points is useful when thinking about the importance of customers:

1. Business repetition is the backbone of selling.

2. They help to provide revenue and certainty for the business.

3. The customer makes it possible to achieve business aims.

4. Without customers the organization would not be existed.

5. The goal of the organization is to satisfy the needs of the customers.

6. Organizations are relying on their customers. If they do not improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, they could easily lose their customers.

Experience – Customer feedback

Implementation of this model in the commercial sector shows that it is valuable to capture customer experience feedback from independent sources. Validation from external of experience is noticeable to be more powerful with new customers and shows an independent view that things are good or in fact it has improved and removes the question of bias. It does anyway have resource challenges in making sure we capture feedbacks from a fairly specific population that may not respond to simple electronic communication, which has been the answer for commercial sectors accepting this approach.

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Measuring customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction applies to the level to which customers are happy with the goods and services provided. Using survey techniques and questionnaires able to measure the customer satisfaction levels. Achieving high levels of customer satisfaction is crucial to a business simply because most satisfied customers are likely to be loyal and to make repeating orders and using a wide range of services provided by a business.

Understanding what your customer wants then makes it possible to customize everything you do to satisfy the customers e.g. supplying the products that customers want, in the special packaging that they preferred, in retail stores which are easy to access, convenient to use and well placed.

There are a lot of components which lead to high levels of customer satisfaction comprising products and services which are customer focused and provide high levels of value for money. Following up the original purchase with after sales support such as updating and maintaining for example in bringing of computer packages up to date. It is obvious that customer satisfaction is that customers are most likely to be grateful with the goods and services that they purchase if they are made to feel specially produced for them or for people like them.

Customer focused is part of the overall business strategy of the organization, which puts the customer in the center of the overall organizational activities in the way that it offers its products, measures itself and behaves. Implementation of this customer focused strategy is a complex process that continuously balances between the ideals of customer focused strategy and the reality of operational processes.


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