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The Macroeconomics Consists Of Factors Marketing Essay

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Macroeconomics is the study of enormous economic systems, such as republics, and how they change over time in reaction to different motivations. It varies from microeconomics in that it does not study the behaviors of personalities separately, but instead takes the behavior of large groups and tries to make expectations about the reactions to possible actions. In any macroeconomic model or theory, the value of it is in how accurately it predicts the future. Economy is the study of how is created and concentrated for macroeconomics. Nowadays peoples quiet strong on study of economic problem from one of the viewpoints of macroeconomics. Macroeconomics is also known as external environmental. Macroeconomics is the study of the national economy and the global economy. Macroeconomic entails of several factors that affect the growth of economy. Environmental factors for a company or an industry refer to variable and conditions around that company and industry that affect its functioning and performances, but which cannot be organized. The environmental factors are also disturbing Nike Company.

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Business competition is challenge among businesses for sales to potential to customers. In a capitalistic economy, rivalry also ensure that a firm will survive only if it serves its customers well by providing products and services that meet need customer. In that particular competition, Nike is one of the brands which are very well known and well famous at the global level in nowadays competitor with some other companies.

Nike stores, Nike factory stores, and also the websites, which sell off Nike’s various products of designs include athletic footwear, tools, apparel, and accessories. In the deficiency of much price competition, product differentiation becomes the main economical weapon and this is very evident in the advertising of Nike. Nike has worked hard not only for this image maintenance but also just before achieving a flexible and impressive product variety. For examples there are many more competition against Nike is Adidas and Umbro always upgrade the qualities of their products such as the size of their quality sports shoe and athletic equipment.

Macroeconomics Factors

Environmental factors for Nike Company or industry refer to inconstant and condition around that company and industry that disturb the working and performances. The Nike Company cannot change or effects the environmental factors, but it is does have fair amount of control over impact of environmental factor on its act of companies. In order to conduct a PESTLE analysis can be used to explore the environmental factors organization’s business plans fare in terms of the macro environmental level of Nike Company.

Political Analysis

It is the responsibility of government to create such economic policies, which will have a great effect on the growth of business. In this environment, Nike has been supported greatly by the Malaysian policies, from now it providing them with the opportunity to improve their products and this support by the government and also low interest rates, the international effectiveness of the tax system and stable currency conditions, help a lot in the formation of the foundation, which might have been sensitive to the growth of the Nike company.

In these main countries that Nike sell products in there is stable political environments where there is a social equality meaning that the governments in this countries have been chosen by the general public in that particular country. The majority of these countries home and export markets have been increased with the inclusion of the meaning that it is easier to trade between countries. This is an advantage to Nike Company, as they do not need to be influenced by exchange rates when transferring goods from one country to the other county. This could influence interest rates meaning that more people will have non-refundable income and then Nike may decide to use big advertising campaigns so that this throwaway income can be spent on Nike accessories.

Economic Analysis

Like for many other organizations as well companies, the biggest threat economically would be the economic collapse. The recession always have adverse effects on the growth and progression of Nike Company. As it is known that the economy is facing a massive decline, so in this context the purchase by the consumers are also decreasing down Malaysian economies collapse too has its effects on the Nike, as many of its products are being manufactures in the Asia as well. Besides as a result the voices of labour work and martials are also increasing hastily.

Society Analysis

Meanwhile people are getting health alert day by day, so in order to remain fit, many of them join the fitness clubs and joining fitness clubs mean more response of the Nike products like shoes, spikes and many more. Nike has always been the first choice of people when it comes to buy something sport/fitness related a big choice for Nike to consider is how to make the products available to the customer. To do this Nike must research the buying lifestyles of a customer. This can mean how much and how often they buy a product and therefore would it is easier for customers to have their goods delivered for suitability.

Nike have to assess the way in goods are obtained. They will have to look at the increase of internet shopping and mail order compared to buying products from a shop and then makes the decision to spend more in these types of shopping. On the other hand Nike has failed to address the problems like that of the condition of labour and factory at different locations of the production in Malaysia. This has its damaging effects on the Nike shop its sale.

Technology Analysis

Nike very professionally applies all the marketing and machinery tactics. It, mostly spread on, marketing information systems to the economics of modernism, variation, division so, in small with all these, Nike has been able to maintain its name in the market and it’s suggesting as well and works successfully on its production and marketing to helping hand up its sale. The first area they use technology for is making the products and they have to be aware of any new advances in technology that would make it speedier, calmer and cheaper to make the products. Nike is always trying to make new products with new and exclusive designed to do a particular job, such as keeping the body cool. When these products are created these ideas will be original and this will give Nike an advantage over the rivalry.

Another big area for Nike is the Internet this is for internet sales which is a big area for Nike to knock into. Nike will realise that if they can get into this market they will make a massive income. Nike also has to use technology to make their posters. Nike will always want to use more technology in their posters along with their stars as they can get a lot more sales from a good advertising battle.

Environmental Analysis

The study of environment not only includes our overall environment of the earth but also the micro and macro environment nearby a business. Nike has showed it responsible in all three cases. As far as the worldwide environment is anxious, Nike is ISO qualified from worldwide environment, effluence and carbon foot prints tracing point of view. Nike is a strong supporter of green environment and as per option they have brought changes in the way things work and the processes to guarantee that environmental factor has been taken care of.

The objectives behind them are satisfying buyer’s prospects, contributing in creating an environmental friendly atmosphere, motivational boost in employees and being on top of law. A positive attitude has been indicated in a study towards social and environmental concern on part of companies around the world. Nike has proved it time and again that it is a responsible organization.

Legal Analysis

Nike has always maintained the business principles. It has always paid all due importance to remaining environment friendly. Legal issues have been handled by Nike as per the nearby they have been operating in. Whenever any company arrives a new state, it has to worry about the remaining laws and practices. Same is true for Nike. Whenever Nike has entered a new district or nation state, the local trade and other laws have marked an impact over the way things are done at Nike.

Nike however has always believed in staying away from problems. Every time they have move in a new country, they have done so after read-through the foreign laws in detail. If in case the regional laws are totally against what Nike proposal can, they have opted to stay out of trouble. For example, the government policies with regard to foreign security and permit business are different in the developed world and the below developed world. Nike has always paid responsiveness to this issue. In case the government is too friendly or too strict with them, they have chosen to take one step at a time.


We can separate environment factors from the internal and external variables of factors, which are under control of a company or industry. A company intelligently cannot change or influences the environment factors, but it does have fair amount of control over impact of environment factors on its performance. This is control about a completed by macroeconomics, understanding, and responding wisely to environment factors by management to internal factors. PESTLE is one of the solution structures we can studied and decide the many different of factors in a macro environment. Particular issues also may disturb in a a number of categories macro environment.

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A sole proprietorship is also known as the sole trader or simply a proprietorship is a type of business entity that is owned and run by one individual companies and in which there is no legal actions between the owner and the business partners. The Sole Proprietorship can also be referred to as the ‘Sole trade’ or ‘One man’s businesses. It is a business owned and managed by one man, the sole proprietor, who provides all the capital needed to start and run the business. He or she alone bears all the risks in running the business and enjoys all the profits made by it. The owner gets all kind of profits subject to taxation of the specific to the business and has unlimited responsibility for all the losses and debts. Asset in every of the business is owned by the proprietor and all debts of the business are the property owner. It is a “sole” proprietorship in contrast with partnerships. A sole proprietor may use a trade name or business name other than his or her legal name to run the business. Partnership is the business owned by two or more persons but not above 20 persons. Identity card name can’t be used as to run the business name.

Sole Trader (Sole Proprietor) Business

A sole trader is the small type form of business structure. The sole trader is the oldest and most popular type of business. It is a form of business where there is only one owner who manages all and controls all the business .It is quite small in terms of partnership however the number of these businesses is very large indeed incomes. The owner of a sale trader business can decide the way in which the business is to be conducted and has the flexibility to restructure or dissolve the business whenever it suits. A sole proprietorship essentially means a person does business in his or her own name and there is only one owner. A sole proprietorship is not a corporation does not pay corporate taxes, but rather the person who organized or run the business pays personal income taxes on the profits made by the business. A sole proprietorship no needs to worry about double taxation. Sole trader is the only one who will get to enjoy all the profits by the income the gets from the business. Although the sole trader must produce accounting information to satisfy all the taxation to authorities, there is such as legal requirement to produce accounting information by relating to the business for other groups or members. An entrepreneur may optimize for the sole proprietorship legal structure because no additional work must be done to start and run the business. There are no legal formalities to forming or dissolving a business. A sole proprietorship often has the advantage of the least government regulation.

Partnership Business

A business owned by two or more people who agree on the method of distribution of profits and losses and on the extent to which each will be liable for the debts of one another. Partnership business is consists of several number of individual that carry out their business together with their members or groups in order to make profit from the bushiness. The partnership that requires for more legal official procedure for more information and dissolving the problems comes to the business. Dissolving problems such as a firm is more complicated to compare to dissolving sole trading entity. The minimum number of individual that can partnership is two and the maximum number of partnership allowed is 20. Partnership has an equal share in the business they earnings. Also we knew that the management powers are with all the partners to business. A partnership must file and make an annual information return to report the income, gains and losses. From its processes, but it does not pay income tax. Instead, it passes through any other profits or losses to its partners and members. Each partner includes his or her share of the partnership’s income or loss on his or her tax return. Partnerships must file a yearly tax return stating each partner’s share of the income and partners are taxed personally on their share. The profit generated by the enterprise and the losses incurred are shared equally by the business partners. A partnership firm operates on a level as compared to sole trader and hence, the start-up costs to set up such a firm would be larger. However, its depending on the partnership structure in which it operates, owners of a partnership may be exposed to be greater personal liability than they would as savers of a corporation to the business.

Comparison between Sole Trade (Sole Proprietorship) Business and Partnership Business

The comparison between sole trade business and partnership business is that a sole trader and a partnership both equally have unlimited liability, except where there is a partner, who would not be affected by this business. A sole trader and a partnership both have similar goals or objectives to survival to make a profit increase market share in business. A sole trade and a partnership are both likely to earn finance in a similar way. Example, Bank loan, personal savings or from friends and family and also funds by other companies. Partnerships and sole trade are not separate to entities from the owners of the business.


Decision makers assist a sole proprietor. The owner of a sole proprietorship has completely had more power over the company’s finances and operations of the business. Sole proprietors are not in necessary to consult with anyone when it comes to making business decisions. All partners of a partnership have input on the topic of how the company’s resources are used to make decision on other important business decisions. In a partnership business, all partners are advice to responsible for making a good decision that will impact the business. This may provide various viewpoints from other company, which could potentially show the way to better business decision.


Liability is one of the comparisons in the sole trade business and partnership business. Sole proprietors and partners of a partnership business have unlimited liability for the business lawsuits, commitments and liabilities from the business. This means that a partner or sole proprietor may be required to put up some money for sale personal belongings to meet the company’s business develop backs. In a partnership business, It’s a partner may be liable for another partner’s careless behavior. In this situation, a partner runs the risk of losing his personal belongings, including his or her home and some other belongings because of another partner’s careless action. Any partner may lose his or her personal belongings, if the company’s belongings are not enough to meet the partnership’s in effect responsibility.


A sole proprietor does not come upon conflicts when it comes to making company conclusion or reports because there is only one business owner for the business and company. It is unwise to run a partnership business without a partnership agreement in documents. A partnership agreement or documents may help partner to function the company without difference of opinion and conflict by other partners. Despite of having consequences of a partnership agreement and documents, running a business with more than one person may lead to argument on how to run the business to success. Partners that do meet or have a contact with other partners could causes beyond repair damage to the company due to disagreement when it’s come to opinion.

Acquiring Capital

A Sole proprietorship will have difficulty raising capital because the ownership interest in the business cannot be obtained to potential shareholders. Sole proprietors will earn finance of the company with their personal funds, business properties and based on their credit dullness. Partnership may be given a more funds than a sole proprietorship because the partner may be able to get personal loans from banks. Additionally, partnership can catch the kindness of financiers by offering ownership interest in the business.


Continuity is knows as a part in comparison in sole trade business and partnership business. Sole proprietorship end mechanically if the business owner decides to put up for sale the business or the sole owner dies. Partnership may automatically dissolve if a partner dies or decides to removes from the business. However, a partnership may continue to continue after a partner dies or removes, if the partnership arrangement contains procedures for lasting the business. A partnership agreement may be train the technique, in which a partnership will persevere after a partner retires, dies or removes from the company.

Rendering to features and comparisons of each business as definite. I would prefer the Sole Trader business is better than the Partnership business. Exchange as a sole trader has many advantages to come up. Not smallest amount that you are able to give more personal facility to your customers and clients that you are able to make changes within your business very quickly due to the fact that there is slight or no organization, there nothingness only one person to make the final decision of the business. It is essential for a sale trader to recall this fact and develop the business. Extra advantages contain taking complete control over the business and its incomes. You are able to use any money to the business gets as you believe fit without having to defend you’re occupies. Moreover, to start-up the business prices are very low cost and cheap to route. Sole traders are not careful an employee of your business and are free of a responsibility to pay payroll tax, retirement influence or member of staff compensation on a income your appeal from the business.

Even though, there was a lot of disadvantage on Partnership business. One of the most understandable disadvantages of partnership is the risk of difference between the partners. Apparently people are likely to have not the same ideas on how the business should be path, which should be doing come again and what the best benefits of the business are. This can lead to differences and disagreements which might not only damage the business, but also the relationship of those complicated in the business. This is why it is always workable to light wind an action of partnership during the development period to guarantee that everyone is alert of what procedures will be in place in case of dissimilarity and what will happen if the partnership is disbanded. In addition, partners share the profit similarly. This can be lead to correspondence where one or more partners are not putting a reasonable share of effort into the successively or management of the business, but still gaining the rewards from the business.


Conclusion, a business suggestions incomplete liability but is much less elastic and much more expensive to set up and keep up. At the other end an incorporated double responsibility is much suppler and much less costly to set up and maintain, but the participant are open to the basics to personal problem. In between, partnership and trading trusts live in their own positions carrying out different gatherings. The sole proprietorship and partnership business comes together with the business process, particularly the features, good and bad points of those two forms of business proprietorship. The development of a combined practice is a multifaceted planning that requires much thought by the leaders and professional advisors as well. Physicians would be wise to get down on paper as much of the business financial and management details as promising, so that all of the participants have the same opportunities. Although a greeting is fine as long as there are no arguments, gatherings to a business would be simple in high and mighty that arguments would not arise in both business as well.


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