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The Provision Of Accommodation Food And Beverage Marketing Essay

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Hospitality industry is considered today as the most successful business arena and a booming industry across the globe. With the international hospitality industry fast developing into a more advanced level, a wide range of issues concerns the management authorities of hotels including the operational factors, accommodation facilities, quality and production of food and beverage, health and safety issues, and so on.

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This paper addresses the broad picture of the hospitality industry along with special reference to the operational factors involved in the provision of food and beverage and accommodation. With regard to explaining the methods and systems of accommodation and food and beverage services of hotel industry, the paper conducts a survey of two significant hotels – Carey’s Manor and Aramark. It attempts to bring to light the relevant aspects of these services and facilities as well as current employment issues in hotel industry.

Methods of accommodation, and food and beverage services:

With the changing picture of international hospitality industry, changed the dimension of hospitality management. As the hospitality industry has developed and expanded as a serious business arena, its operational responsibilities have also multiplied the concerns of hospitality management authorities. More and more emphasis is now given to the quality and management of various hospitality services in hotels. In order to operate effectively and efficiently, hotel management authorities are more focused on the development and implementation of the methods of these services. The assessment of the services incorporates the management of food production and service systems, design of menu, employee skills, etc. Before going into any further details on the methodology of accommodation and food and beverage services in hotel industry, lets take a brief look into the broad management scenario of two hotels – Carey’s Manor and Aramark.

Scenario 1: Carey’s Manor

Company background – Carey’s Manor is owned by its parent company Greenclose Limited based in Lymington, New Forest. It is a luxury four-star hotel and spa that offers travelers a unique combination of homeliness and luxury. With its inspiring elegance of English tradition accompanied by contemporary oriental sophistication, the hotel has already earned the Golden Award for Excellence in Environmental Practice by the Green Business Tourism Scheme. It has also been voted Hotel Spa of the Year 2007 by the British Beauty Awards.

Situation – Carey’s Manor is located in the heart of the beautiful New Forest National Park in Hampshire, UK. The prime location of the hotel makes its easy accessibility from important places such as Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, and even London.

Size – Carey’s Manor is a luxury four-star spa hotel with two sister hotels, the Montagu Arms in Beaulieu, New Forest and the Imperial Hotel in Wales. The hotel has 79 bedrooms with the best facilities of luxury and comfort. Its spa offers various remedial treatments of Eastern and Western style. Besides, the hotel offers conference facilities for up to 140 delegates.

Type and pattern of business – Carey’s Manor is a distinguished name among the hotels with contemporary style and sophistication in the United Kingdom. Its business perspectives include the facilities of luxury hotels as well as spas with oriental and Western remedial treatment facilities; making it an ideal location to enjoy a stress-free and relaxing break. Its close proximity from neighboring areas and its homely and friendly environment makes it a preferred destination for weekend getaways, conferences, weddings etc. The hotel experiences maximum occupancy during Auto Jumble Weekend, Easter, Christmas and New Year and has special tariff for the same. While incorporating the grandeur of modern luxury hotels, Carey’s Manor follows the ethical values of hospitality management and is committed to the environmental policies along with substantial fairness in employee policies.

Food production and food service systems – The provision of food and beverages is a substantial part of the activities of the hotel and catering industry. According to studies by Davis, Lockwood and Stone (1998), the hotel and catering industry as a whole is termed as the third largest employer in Great Britain with a total workforce of over 2.4 million employees. The issues and concerns of food and beverage establishments are handled by the food and beverage management in hotels, a specific team responsible for all operational activities related to the food services offered by the hotels. At Carey’s Manor, free-range, organic and local produce are served in its three-course meal. (Sample Menu – Appendix A)

The staff of the restaurant is well-efficient to describe the ingredients of any dish to interested customers. The two rosette restaurants and the Le Blaireau French Bistro and Bar of Carey’s Manor provide fresh and organic food products. Apart from individual and family dining, the hotel organizes buffet. There are separate dining rooms for weddings and other private parties. The menu at Carey’s Manor is designed to draw a wide number of customers from different cultures. There is a striking fusion of multicultural cuisines found in its menu as it has a typical English element along with a balanced touch of French, Swedish and Thai delicacies. The executive chef of the hotel is well-experienced to give the customers an enjoyable dining experience. Besides, the use of fresh and local food products is an added advantage that ensures the quality and production of food services in the hotel.

It is notable that the use of organic food is a positive phenomenon welcomed by conscious customers who are concerned about health and safety issues. Organic food products have high nutrition value and they are environment-friendly too. Going organic has a win-win situation for both customers and providers. While the consumers get pure and natural food, organic food farming preserves the ecological balance of our bio-system and the hotels serving organic food earn the reputation of following ethical food policy.

Scenario 2: Aramark

Company background – Aramark is owned by Aramark Corporation, a leader in professional services providing quality food production, catering and other recreational services, healthcare and businesses in a large number of countries across the world. Its consistent prominence and quality services have led to the company’s inclusion in Fortune magazine’s 2009 list of ‘World’s Most Admired Companies’ as the top-ranked organization. The company’s consistent dedication to excellence has gained significant businesses including providing food service for the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens and the 2005 FIFA Federation Cup in Germany.

Situation – Headquartered in Philadelphia, Aramark is a multinational company with more than 260,000 employees and clients in 22 countries around the world. Aramark provides quality food services in nearly every industry sector, building relationships of trust with thousands of clients across the world. Aramark’s endeavor has been to provide its clients the most complete, innovative and customized services and Aramark believes such client partnerships are possible only because of its talented employees.

Size – Aramark is a renowned name in food and catering services with clients around the world, providing a broad range of customized services, taking care of both cultural preferences and needs of the clients as well as achieving and maintaining high standards. Internationally, Aramark continues to gain momentum by adding new significant business while continuing to serve some the world’s most prestigious events. For example, Aramark has provided service at 14 Olympic Games since 1968, including the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. It has served 15 national and state parks and forests, with over 12 million visitors a year. There are several such milestones which have been achieved by Aramark continuously over the years.

Type and pattern of business – Aramark has an international market in nearly every industry including food and catering services, healthcare, parks and resorts, and so on. It provides quality food services, facilities management, and uniform and career apparel to educational institutions, conference and convention centers, cultural attractions, etc.

Food production and food service systems – Aramark takes great care in complying with the food and workplace safety regulations related to the industries, geographies and operating venues. It ensures that food and workplace safety is the shared responsibility of teams and leadership alike. The employees are regularly trained to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and service environment. The raw materials is procured through authorized suppliers and Aramark believes in frequently reviewing and enhancing the food and workplace safety standards, practices and programs. It believes in the production of fresh and organic food items. Aramark gives special attention to consultation with culinary experts as well as customer feedback while creating innovative food services exceeding expectations but staying within budget. To attain the goal of customer growth and more employment opportunities, Aramark conducts on-campus market research on a regular basis to identify the short-term and long-term recommendations of students.

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Aramark takes the concept of campus catering on a very serious note. Its innovative dining solutions are ideal for creating distinctive environments in connection with campus lifestyle. Aramark incorporates a strong and winning team of culinary experts, consumer researchers, facility planners, architects, equipment specialists, interior designers and operations consultants, which collectively creates a transforming dining experience for campus-dwellers. Moreover, the company adopts technology innovation for creating competitive advantage for on-campus dining. The availability of fresh and low-cost food products without compromising on quality earns Aramark substantial market exposure. Above all, the practice of global cuisine is a definite hit among students who are part of a multicultural academic environment in Langston University.

A comparative view:

It is repeatedly mentioned in this paper that the hospitality industry has gone through a period of transformation. With more emphasis on commercialization processes, accommodation as well as food and beverage services are now more customer and profit-oriented. Especially in resort hotels (such as Carey’s Manor), food and beverage facilities are considered as one of the most important features of the hotel. For those restaurants without any in-house trade, food and beverage services are relevant for drawing customers. Institutional catering providers (such as Aramark) can also be included in this category. As customer satisfaction has become more important for the hospitality industry, the use of fresh and organic food products has been the accepted norm among hotels and restaurants. Consumer health and safety are integral part of the ethical policies in the hospitality industry. Therefore, going organic is customer-friendly as well as environment-friendly.

One of the current trends in food and beverage services is the integration of the concept of fusion or global cuisine. The idea of a fusion cuisine indicates the combination of ingredients and culinary techniques from several cultures in order to create something new and innovative. This requires systematic consumer research including their health requirements and tasteful selections. Both Carey’s Manor and Aramark are concerned about these issues, and interested in innovating global cuisine. The fusion food products in these restaurants are usually a refined combination of Eastern and Western culinary touch.

With food and beverage services experiencing the global taste, hospitality sector is going places too. Hotels and resorts are more interested in expanding internationally along with various business ventures. In this context, Aramark is a significant name as it provides professional services in a wide range of industries including food and beverage services, facilities management, institutional catering, parks and resorts, etc. The organization is also known for its award-winning food services with low-cost and quality food items for on-campus customers.

When it comes to producing quality products and culinary innovation, the use of technology is a significant aspect. Aramark is committed to delivering service excellence through the use of technology. Especially in an on-campus environment, the expectation for the use of advanced technology is relatively high in terms of availing required information and convenience regarding campus dining program. The main objective of the technology-driven catering service of Aramark Higher Education is to engage the campus community as well as increase customer loyalty to the on-campus dining programs.

Coming to the housekeeping services of Aramark and Carey’s Manor, both hotels provide a wide range of premium guest services accompanied by interesting activities and events. Customers at various resorts and marinas of Aramark can opt for online reservations with the comfort and ease of choosing their desired destinations from its online list. At Carey’s Manor Hotel and SenSpa, online reservation is accompanied by special accommodation discount offers as well as special SenSpa product gift pack. The hotel is concerned about personal care and attention of its guests while providing the facilities of a) modern garden rooms, b) fitness room and state-of-the-art gym, c) relaxation and beauty treatments, and d) the facilities for weddings and business customers (Carey’s Manor Hotel & SenSpa).

With regard to the growing significance of effective communication processes among the departments in hotels, the use of technology specifications is a notable aspect. In this context, online travel business models are a familiar phenomenon in hotels that develop and implement information systems on electronic framework. The primary objective of the online business is to provide better communication for customers as well as among various departments within the hotel. The electronic communication processes are popular especially among hotels serving multinationally. To make communication easily accessible among its departments, Carey’s Manor features the adoption of advanced information technology. The hotel management takes special care of their advanced wireless solutions system that provides complete coverage on an off-site operations of the hotel. Assessment and evaluation of the communication processes are conducted on a regular basis.

Aramark has a comparatively more advanced and effective technology implementation program in order to interact among its various processes and departments. Aramark Higher Education prefers the implementation of cutting-edge technologies for easy accessibility of information and convenience in order to create effective on-campus dining experience. Its eCommerce application programs integrate the operational activities of its various departments with the student community so that effective communication and quality services are expected from the staff. Technology innovation is used at its best to make sure that the organization a) creates consistent, profitable and market-driven menus, b) conducts on-campus market research to know more about student recommendations, c) integrates various sections such as catering, facility management, food production units, market researchers, etc., and above all, d) develops its competitive advantage in the hospitality market.

In terms employment issues, Aramark is considered as one of the leading companies offering a wide range of employment opportunities with career growth. It is notable that the company has been rewarded among the Top 100 ‘Best Places to Launch a Career’ by Business Week magazine (Aramark). As a company with multidimensional career prospects, Aramark is well-known for currently creating over 260,000 jobs across 22 countries in the world. It focuses safety and employee welfare while trying to develop employee communication. The development of employee skills is provided through various technical and professional training programs. In order to increase performance-driven employees, Aramark Higher Education features a Thrive Recognition Program that helps the organization with “motivated employees who provide examples to others on how to help campuses Thrive” (Aramark). As the company is multinational, it features and promotes multicultural and environment-friendly workplace. This practice of multicultural employee community is followed by Carey’s Manor too, where employee health and safety are treated with equal concerns as that of career development prospects.


The strength of the two hotels can be recognized by the practice of a number of factors discussed in this paper: availability of fresh and organic food products, promotion of the concept of global cuisine and use of technology advancement. Promotion of organic food products involves consumer health and safety issues. Besides, it requires consistent availability of healthy cooking and eating environments. Updated information on nutrition values of fresh and organic food is also necessary for better and quality production. As the idea of a fusion cuisine is quite common in hotels and restaurants, it includes culinary innovation while keeping in focus the tasteful recommendations of customers. Use of technology is the most convenient practice to get customer response as well as professional advice from culinary experts, resulting in the production of new and healthy food products.

Regarding employment opportunities, New Forest hotels provide many opportunities for career growth in the resorts and hotels of New Forest Group. Some of the vacancies do not even require prior experience as full training is provided. The employment opportunities offered by Carey’s Manor ensure great pay package, excellent working environments as well as employee benefit schemes provided by the company. The job profiles offered at Carey’s Manor guarantee full time or part time career and even seasonal jobs according to the requirements of the job seekers. Career prospects in Aramark include various jobs in culinary, marketing, finance/accounting, operations, human resources, sales, information technology, and supply chain management.


The transformational growth evident in the hospitality industry is a result of the globalization processes occurred in all spheres of business, making people find better job opportunities as well as enhanced hospitality services. With growing Internet usability and exposure, the hospitality sector is booming and expanding internationally. This indicates the growing competitive environment in businesses. Therefore, quality services are required more than before. Be it accommodation or food and beverage services, the practice of environment-friendly services is a welcoming factor in all hotels and restaurants. Fresh and organic food products are being produced and served while taking great account of consumer health and safety. The growth of an international consumer community has further developed the idea of a global cuisine that ensures culinary innovation. Above all, the use of technology has made things a lot easier to communicate with customers as well as employees and create an interactive environment in hospitality sector.


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