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Tupperware india private limited

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Tupperware Water Coolers

Tupperware India Private Limited: Tupperware is one of world’s leading direct selling companies with the largest women network, marketing premium food storage, preparation and serving items. Tupperware started its operations in India in 1996 and is a household name today. This success can be attributed to the high-quality products with lifetime warranty and the rewarding business opportunities provided by the Company.


  • Dry Storage
  • Food Preparation
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • Canisters
  • Classics
  • Lunch & Outdoors
  • Tupper Kids
  • Go Flex!
  • Clear ‘n’ Pure Range
  • TupperCare
  • Serving Range

The new entrance of Tupperware in market is Water Cooler segment in 2009.

Key Points of Tupperware:

  • Tupperware is a well established brand in each & every part of India.
  • Tupperware promise lifetime guarantee against chipping, cracking or breaking under normal circumstances.
  • The world’s leading manufacturer of high quality plastic food storage and serving containers.
  • The company has a maximum production rate with extremely low cost value and eco- friendly environment.
  • It has tried to understand customer need to be facilitating them with its value for money products.
  • Product mix comprises categories like Dry Storage, Food Preparation, Serving and Refrigeration as well as some specifically designed ranges to suit the needs of Indian homes.
  • Tupperware regularly introduces innovative products.

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Plan

  • Mission:
  • Satisfying our customers by providing those best qualitative & unique designs in view their comforts & excellence.

    1) Situation Analysis

    There is a brief overview of the current situation. It is assessment of internal and external factors affecting a product, brand or organization.

  • The Industry Situation:
  • The Tupperware India Pvt. Ltd. is continuously maintaining 30-40% growth from last few years. The company launches more than 100 products in the market, & each product reach their peak point & make a successful brand image in the market. Thus company has the full confident & their commitment for their work would make the successful in water cooler product.

  • The Product Situation:
  • It consists of all what is done in SWOT analysis of the product. The Water Cooler is to be newly introduced in the market having good designs as shown below:

SWOT Analysis of Tupperware Water coolers

Ø Strengths:

  1. The main strength of that we can rely upon is the brand awareness of “Tupperware”. It is positive point for the company to attract costumers & capture the market.
  2. The uniqueness & variety in water cooler products make the successful in market.
  3. Most of the product of Tupperware is lifetime warranty, company gave 5 years warranty on water cooler products because of first time entrance & different from other Tupperware products.
  4. Water cooler is need for every consumer and daily use in offices, schools, restaurants, hospitals etc. So company easy to capture market.

Ø Weakness:

  1. The main weakness of that they can sell only small segment product & they first time enter large segment product like water cooler. So it makes a company face lot of problems.
  2. Water cooler is a summer product in homes so company have fewer chances to sell products in winter season.

Ø Opportunities:

  1. India is a large growing economy with great market potential.
  2. Recession is over and construction is again coming in boom so demand of Water Coolers can go up.
  3. There is still huge untapped market in this business and really provide a potential to grow your business.

Ø Threads:

  1. There is lot of competitors in the market like Usha, Igloo etc which are well established in water cooler market.
  2. The company need lot of advertisement for make their product strong in the market.
  • The competitive situation:

To make the strong position in the market, we need to analyse the competitive situation in the market. To entrance in the market, we have some uniqueness or creativeness in our products from our competitors, so customer go for our products because of differentiation. The various competitors in this business are highlighted below:

  • Usha
  • Igloo
  • Voltas
  • Kent
  • The distribution situation:

The Channel of distribution includes:


Wholesalers State wise

Wholesalers or Retailers Area wise

Final Consumer

  • The audience situation:

The target audience is every group people. Water coolers are basic need of all the customers. Every consumer wants cool, clean & cold water in summer season & in collages & professional places is whole time requirements. So it is difficult to segment on different ages, demographic etc. In Women segment, Tupper ware is well established but company need to be target men’s audience because water cooler is more usually professional product not highly home product.

2) Determine a problem or opportunity

Situation analysis done above helps in identifying the problems and opportunities concerning communications. The opportunities and problems identified are:


  • Creating a good brand image.
  • Creating awareness about product.
  • Maintain quality of the product.


  • Water cooler is a summer product in homes so company have fewer chances to sell products in winter season.

3) Determine the communication objective

IMC objectives are in accordance with the marketing objectives. First we decide the marketing objectives and then IMC objectives are formulated. Both these objectives are given below:

Marketing objectives:

  • Capturing 10% of market share within 1 year
  • Capturing 25 % of market share in 2 year period
  • Target the middle and upper level class in introductory stage and afterwards lower class.
  • To retain the loyal customers as well as new customer for the introducing new Tupperware water coolers as well as regular products.
  • IMC objectives:

  • Position Tupperware as a good quality water cooler having reasonable prices.
  • Also to position Tupperware as a product with stylish appeal.

4) Determine the Budget

The budget for IMC plan is Rs.5 crore. Proper utilization of this budget is to be ensured in proper communication mix and other expenses incurred in IMC. This is the main strength of our company that other companies are not spending much on the IMC and have less budgets for this purpose. The budget allocated to various communications mix can be presented as:

Television has been allotted highest budget because it is the best mean to create awareness at masses level and has a large approach to audience.


Target audience: All Group People.

Media strategies

IMC mix will include:-

  • Advertisement: Advertisement on television and Newspaper both will be given to influence as much audience as we can.
  • Personal selling: This method will be adopted in the areas where large construction projects are in progress or are going to be completed because they can serve as a good potential for sales.
  • Sales promotion: This technique will be used from the point of motivation of both wholesalers and retailers as they can suggest customers to buy the Water Coolers of company and there suggestion is valuable while purchasing a product.
  • For this new concept they are using some exciting promotional tools like:- radio which is really meant for rural people, televisions, personal selling, and some printed pamphlets, for lower level income people, and for middle level income people they are using hoardings, print media, road shows etc.


Successful implementation calls for breaking up the plans into micro-level activities, timing, and scheduling them, assigning them to people -in-charge, coordinating their efforts and monitoring the execution process. Further implementation includes organizing, managing, co-ordinating and controlling all the activities so that the IMC plan is properly implemented.

It also involves contacting with the advertising agencies and other persons which result in the implementation of the plan.


Evaluation of an IMC plan is not easy because often communications effects are difficult to measure. At times they may not even have a direct impact on sales or profitability; effects may be delayed, etc. Therefore it is important to set the objective or “standards for measuring performance” in specific, measurable terms to make the evaluation possible.

In this case IMC plan cannot be evaluated as a new product is to be launched and evaluation can be done only on the basis of the result on the target


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  • Books:
  • Kruti Shah and Alan D’Souza, ” Advertising & Promotions- an IMC perspective” – by Tata McGraw Hill


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