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Why Use Social Media?

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There is no longer a question on the power of social media in driving all types of businesses forward. No matter what type of industry you operate in, you will find that there are far too important benefits to be ignored. With the full understanding of the abilities of each social media and complete guidelines on how to best use them to your advantage, it is now up to you on how you can fully maximize its benefits for your business.

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Today, social media platforms have invaded and taken over public consciousness. It has become a big part of day to day routines and an indispensable communication tool for people to connect and stay in touch. Consumers have used social media presence as one of the integral basis of a company’s legitimacy, reliability and viability. Businesses today are judged based on their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, and consumers expect companies to respond to the concerns and queries they have tweeted within the day or within the hour. Suffice it to say, social media has managed to steal the thunder away from traditional marketing methods. Modern marketing strategies today have a mix of social media tactics as its integral component for reaching business goals.

What is Social Media

These days, social media is the buzz word in marketing and a global trend that has gotten everyone of every age engrossed in one, two and possibly even several social media sites.

Everyone is on it, in one form or another. But what is it exactly?

Social Media Explained in Plain English

The term social media has been carelessly tossed around and used too often in online marketing. But what is it really about? In essence, social media incorporates the use of online technologies and methods that allow people to share personal opinions, content as well as swap insights and perspectives with the rest of the world.

Social media content can take different shapes and forms:

Text – often used to write or put across personal opinions or posts

Images – photos are used to display anything of interest

Why Use Social Media

Social media has paved the way to a more powerful communication channel for companies to publish their marketing messages – all without the exorbitant cost. While we all know social networks is generally used by businesses to engage their target market and study consumer preferences and behaviors, the truth is, it has other equally powerful features that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy, with highly rewarding payoff at that.

Here are other areas in your business that you can apply social media to drive success:

Customer Service -The ability to respond and react quickly is very critical in today’s market, especially in influencing and changing perceptions. Even if a concern has not been resolved immediately, customers will feel their issues were acknowledged and given attention in a timely manner.

This is yet another effect of the actualization of an account. This is actually what “humanizes” the social media. It gives reality to the virtual account; relationships can only be established if a workmate accepts a connection from another worker employed by the same company. Real time conversations happen –another benefit of the social media that comes in different forms. As more and more companies and brands readily include their product offers in the social media experience, a growing number of consumers have grown increasingly comfortable with the idea of social commerce.

When to use Social Media

To effectively use social media to your full advantage, it is important to take time and learn how the ecosystem works and the emerging habits of the “social consumers”. Recruitment and Retention A lot of employees today decide on whether they want to be a part of an organization or not based on information derived from social networks. It can also present a powerful tool in sourcing social channels that exists through professional networks.

Recruitment and Retention – A lot of employees today decide on whether they want to be a part of an organization or not based on information derived from social networks. It can also present a powerful tool in sourcing social channels that exists through professional networks.

Internal Communications and Collaboration – Small and large organizations can largely benefit from social media, in terms of file sharing, collaborative editing and knowledge sharing.

Who Uses Social Media

According to the Social Media Marketing Report for 2010, an estimated 67% of marketers have actively increased and strengthened their social media channels. As more and more companies work on integrating social media into their corporate marketing and communication plans, there is a growing emphasis for creating a winning social media strategy. Without any semblance of a plan or strategy, your presence might as well be nonexistent or muted.

Twitter — According to Edison Research, 40% of the total time people are on Twitter are spent on learning about certain products and services or reading/getting feedback from what others have to say about them as well as share personal opinions and experiences.

Facebook – According to ExactTarget, the primary reason why people “LIKE” a Facebook page is to establish a sales relationship with a specific brand, through the following: to receive promotions and coupons (40%), derive instant updates on upcoming sales (30%), and to show support for certain brands or companies (30%)

Growth of Social Media

Social media is very complex and a constantly evolving medium. It’s no wonder why many businesses struggle to figure it out and keep up. While a number have enjoyed quantifiable success, there are also many who failed, and the rest have still yet to figure out their social media strategy.

When to use Facebook

Great Exposure. With millions of users, Facebook offers unrivalled potential for exposure. When used strategically and consistently, Facebook can contribute to the significant increase in your company’s online presence and visibility. Post comments, provide insights, advice and tips to earn respect and credibility in your network, and ultimately gain leverage.

Provide Regular Updates. Facebook offers you a convenient way to update your network on new products, promotions, and general information about your company to stay fresh and relevant in the minds of your market.

Enhance Customer Service. Consumers these days prefer real-time response to queries and concerns. The Facebook page for your business offers a convenient and accessible option for your market to reach you.

When to use LinkedIn for your Organization

Increase visibility. By establishing connections, you also increase your exposure and visibility. Whether you offer a product or service or both, you profile may be made available to people interested to doing business with, forge partnerships or hire services.

Improve network. Connect with people from past acquaintances, people from your school, past companies, affiliations, and those who share your passions and interests.

Improve Google PageRank. LinkedIn allows its users to publish and make their profile information available for search engines to index. LinkedIn profiles rank high in Google, so it’s a great and effective way to influence other people’s perception when they search for you.

Enhance search engine results. Aside from your personal profile, you can promote your company website and blog to search engines through your LinkedIn account through the pre-selected categories such as “My Website” and “My Company”.

Scope out the competition, partners and customers. LinkedIn is one perfect way to keep tabs on your competition as well as partners and customers.

Highlight recommendations and reviews. LinkedIn is more like a living, breathing resume of professionals that comes complete with recommendation from people you have worked with and worked for in the past. This presents a wonderful opportunity to secure business reviews as well as the specific products and services you offer.

When to use Twitter for your Organization

Connect with your customers. This is the primary reason why you should make use of twitter for your business. Twitter has become so much a part of everyone’s daily routine, it’s the perfect venue to connect, interact, and study your target marker.

Branding. In Twitter, you don’t have to be in the league of Nike, Dell or Starbucks to brand and generate interest. In fact, it presents the best platform for small businesses and startups to reach their target niche.

Customer feedback. If any customer is dissatisfied with a certain product or service, he/she will no doubt tweet about it. In this sense, Twitter is a reliable resource to derive feedbacks and opinions, as well as study consumer behaviors and preferences.

Marketing. With its wide reach, you can use Twitter to market products and/or services to a wider market and the best part is, it’s free.

News. Twitter is the best and fastest way to publish latest updates about your company – without the need to compose long, elaborate content.

Marketing schemes and promotions. If you have existing promos and exclusive deals, let your network know about it. Everyone loves a good deal. In fact, a lot of companies have conducted contests and promos exclusively for their Twitter followers to engage their market.

When to use Google + for your Organization

Free SEO Boost. Businesses can use search referrals for conversions. Google+ is built to influence search for people who have included a certain business in their Circle. This offers a great opportunity to get free promotion from people who like and use the product to people who share similar interests.

Host Hangouts. The powerful chat function presents a great opportunity for businesses in engaging their customers and thought leaders in a more personal way. In addition, companies that operate from multiple locations can conveniently collaborate and share information and files such as spreadsheets and documents.

Expand Distribution of Content. Google+ is a great platform to expand the publication of content distribution. It can be a great way tool to hosts contest and giveaways along with other promotions.

Connect with Tech-Savvy Audience. People who are in Google+ are the “early adopters” of new technologies, a criterion which presents an ideal target market for many businesses.

Segment Your Audience. One great advantage of Google+ is the option to share content with specific audiences through Circles. This makes it easier for businesses to segment their market and share content to certain followers.

Expand Your Network. Be able to gather data and research on relevant contacts like potential clients and influential personalities in the industry.

When to use Pinterest for your Organization

Pinterest users rely on images to create a connection. The concept is more like a YouTube only that photographs are pinned, repined and utilized to establish a connection. The beauty of Pinterest is that people can get to develop relationships based on captured images rather than common school or location or unique status updates. If an individual pins a picture, which is liked by another, then a connection can easily be established.

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More than answering the need to be socially relevant, Pinterest is becoming relevant in marketing as well. It is becoming a reliable source for links that can actually create a consumer base for different brands. It offers an attractive front page, engaging enough for an individual to follow links that will actually convert into sales. Any individual who wants to learn about a business, a thing or simply an interest can easily find individual sites that teach, shares and allows one to share it too.


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