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Water Resources in Malaysia

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Malaysia is a island around with ocean. It seems that there are lots of fresh water can be obtained. And I found that Malaysia received an abundance of rainfall per year. And they are rich with water resources. Also, Malaysia have bottled water in anywhere. The government often provides many bottled water to poor people and dry place. the size of bottled water is large and large in Malaysia, and then, each family all possess some bottled water at home. Finally, I want to suggest the factors and use other ideas to further support the solution.


First, I found some information about fresh water in Malaysia. There are lots of solutions online. Although, Malaysia is surrounded by ocean, and it received an abundance of rainfall. They also rich with water resources. The  south of Malaysia and north of Malaysia are all need more water. And there are many sewage sources, like lots of industry and garbage in the country. So, many river would become very bad, likes there are many green points covered the river, you will smell bad and you can’t use this water. In Malaysia, the supply of water is inadvisable for our. They do not have perfect protection of system. If one river be polluted, other rivers also be polluted. Because of this, many aquatic animals will be died. Likes whale will be disappointed in the world cause the ocean be destroyed. Therefore, I mean that the system of water resources should be improved.


From the internet, I find that some websites about the supply of water in Malaysia. And I saw many bad things about bad environment in Malaysia. This means that there are lots of problem in Malaysia’s water system. They have many sewage sources into river because of many chemistry industries, likes sewage treatment plants, manufacturing industry, animals industry etc. and I also saw the other strategies, that is bottled water using. It’s really reliable for people’s life. This is an ideas from unknown author. And I saw a website published by that author. He is famous person, so, I believe that very will. In the internet, I spent more times to research the different topic.and they can give me different ideas. Therefore, I know what is different topic.


From the internet, I found the chart of water resources about Malaysia. And the chart describes the number of river is dirty or clean. From the chart, we know that the situation of river is becoming better and better during 2005 to 2012. Cause government express they has the rule about protect the fresh water. And they also purchase the water from china. And the part of slightly polluted also become better and better. In the final, the part of polluted is becoming smaller and smaller. And from the internet, I know a lot of problems about water resources. But now, they can use bottled water to keep working and living. And the water environment’s situation will not become bad.


In findings, there are one issue that I can talk. From above, I can know the China hold lots of fresh water, so Malaysia purchase the fresh water from china is right. And the Malaysia’s water system is becoming better during 2005 to 2012. The pollution start to become a little condition, people can possess the clean place to live. On the other hand, I think Malaysia can save the fresh water by themselves. They can built many techniques to survive the water.they can do it without others help. And other countries also have enough water, it’s better for Malaysia to life. They can acquire these water from other place. But, they should take out some ideas for their water resources. Also, the government should protect the river by all citizen. Someone think that Malaysia government should award some strategies for water environment. I agree with it, I also think bottled water use is right choose. Therefore, I support the strategies to use and keep.

Conclusions and Recommendations    

Overall, in my view, the alternative of bottled water use and protect the water environment are all right. But now, I think protect water environment is right for us. Because it’s the basic reason for improve their water environment. To solve this problem, the water system will go original situation. And now, they should purchase the bottled water from other countries. That also is a big problem now, it will cause other pollution for the world. However, I think that they should balance the water use and environment protection. Only do this, their water resources can be keep streaming.


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