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Application of the Six Sigma Method for Boeing

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The Planning and Implementation

With the Six Sigma method, Boeing was able to identify the problem that the company is having. With the same method, it could be used to create a solution since it involves outlining the problem than measuring, analyzing, improving, and at last controlling. As it has been shown, Boeing’s problem was not having quality services to gratify their customers. It was a huge problem for the company because they did not try using other major inventions in any other plane. Because of this situation, problems of delays continued to happen with the development of the project, which only further increased costs.

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As stated previously, the Six Sigma tool is a great method to help Boeing in reaching their goals. The first thing the company needs to do is to start identifying the problems that are causing them not to get the parts on time. Could it be that technology is not advanced enough or that Boeing is requesting too much from their suppliers. Identifying the problem could help them see what is costing the company in creating airplanes. Having advanced technology can help Boeing by keeping up with its suppliers and their progress in sending the parts.

Another method that can be used in the process improvement is the diagnostic problem-solving. Still, it would benefit a lot in this case because the method would take longer to bring a solution to the company as it takes a great deal of identifying different hypothesis and testing them (Agarchand, N., & Laishram, B. , 2017). The problem with Boeing can be identified without hypothesis and doing a lot of testing. The company’s problem can be fixed by putting more time into making things right.

Implementation Management

Like any other improvement process, some of the other Boeings departments can be affected. In this position, the finance department looks like it would be the one that would get impacted more due to the costs that will increase with the new plan implementation. It would be a good idea to use the New Product Development (NPD) method in which it will help the company create a product that will please customers whereas, at the same time, the company can be increasing their financial benefits (Baines, 2017). At the same time, the production department will need to concentrate on fixing the issues with the supply chain. The company may need to hire a professional that will implement a good plan for this issue not to arise again. All of the management in all of Boeings departments will need to take charge and implement the new plan that has been created to make sure all parts are in the manufacturing company to complete their product.


Since the problem has been identified, Boeing should set a time limit to re-organize and evaluate the projects that they need to implement. An evaluation is needed to make the project successful. This is why an analysis of costs, time and risks is needed. Once all of this is done, a suitable team will be put in place so they can begin with the improving process. The following month, the company should start adding the necessary resources to keep an eye on the suppliers and their progress with the parts. It should be recommended that all this improving process should take no longer than two to three months.

Communication Plan

Communication is very important in this situation since a new plan is getting implemented in the company. There should be a great deal of communication between the organization and the stakeholders to make sure that the plan or message gets executed. Boeing will need to have a very clear and understandable communication with the shareholders for them not to lose trust and be informed of the process. Communication between everyone involved should be in any type of form: meetings, conferences, and video, email, or even over the phone.

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Phase III: Evaluation

Project managers have an important role when it comes to the improvement process. The managers need to measure project performance while motivating the team or contributors for the project to be a success. A metric measurement that would be used to check if the plan got implemented into the company is to evaluate the projects and their process. This can be done by either letting stakeholders, employees, team members, supply companies or any key contributors give feedback and let the project manager know how the plan is being accepted. Having all of the key contributors do surveys, roundtable discussions, and one-on-one phone calls are good ways to have the project evaluated. All of this information can give information about the progress of the implementation (Taneja, 2017). It can also help the supply company see how their shortages can affect Boeing products and business. Supply companies can also use these surveys as a benefit because it can show how bad or good, they are doing business with Boeing.

Another measuring metric technique is the earned value management (EVM). If this measure is properly used, the measurement provides a method for evaluating the relative success of a project at a point in time. This method will help Boeing in seeing their costs and revenues that are affecting them. It can help them to see how much they spend on a supplier that may not be worth keeping as they have shortages on parts they need for their product.


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