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Business Issues and the Contexts of Human Resources

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Analyse the forces shaping the HR agenda

Introduction of GatenbySanderson and HR context

GatenbySanderson (GS) is the UK's leading people intelligence advisory service business. (GatenbySanderson,2019) The company finds and develop exceptional leaders to navigate complex challenges and transform public services. GS are known for their ability to appoint the most challenging, high profile roles or shape leadership and organisational capability. GS has a reputation for the work they do across Government, Board effectiveness, Regulation, Health, Education, Housing and Not for Profit Organisations.

GatenbySanderson Hr objectives/agenda are

  • Making GS a great place to work – need to become the employer of choice in our chosen field and strive to be a great place to work with.
  • One GS – must remove any blockers to working together.
  • Maximising our Values – must remain competitive whist also looking to increase charges where possible, need to understand fully where resources are deployed.
  • CRM & Systems discipline – analyse everything we propose, sell and deliver implement new systems and train staff.

HR Models

Will be force on the Hard and soft HRM models and the Harvard and Michigan model. However, there are different HRM models that a business could adopt. Harvard model takes a ‘soft’ approach, while the Michigan model is said to take the ‘hard’ approach to the management of people. According to Legge (2005) the hard model is ‘utilitarian instrumentalism’, it is suggested that the hard model focuses on a strategic approach, as to endorse the management's views. The soft model is more focused on the human relations and teamwork this can be backed up with Legge (2005) which calls the soft model ‘developmental humanism’. In this section will be analyse how different models of the HR function impact on the HR agenda (in relation to GS)

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GatenbySanderson HR agenda is more in line with the Harvard model and the soft approach, this is because one of their main HR agenda is making sure that the workers are happy and find the company a great place to work. They make sure that staff have all the tools they need to complete their task (putting the staff needs ahead).

Two internal forces

Furthermore, you should explore two other internal forces which shape HR strategies.

Human Resource Systems

The business and HR team in the business is accountable to have the right system that supports the staff and their task. This includes the HR communicating with this staff to work out their goals and mission and provide the staff with the coaching if they lack.

Organisational culture

values, and beliefs of the corporate is important this can be shown in the organisation job, description of job. The type of staff the business hires need to have the same values and beliefs as the business for the business to have the culture they want.

Assess a range of different factors which impact on an organisation’s business and its HR function

In this section will be provide an assessment of at least three external factors that impact GatenbySanderson business and on its HR function.


Due to Brexit in recent years the civil service has been on a recruitment freeze, budget cuts and even downsizing which caused GatenbySanderson to be under budget and cut down cost and also staff. Now suddenly there is a flurry of recruitment activity, and investment in technology and systems to try and prepare for the unknown future. For Example there was over 1000 extra members of staff this year recruited to the HMRC department (Crickmer,2018). Due a sudden increasing in clivi service jobs GatenbySanderson have had to increase their workforce and hire some more staff to help cover the demands. Brexit as caused a lot of up and down for GatenbySanderson and a massive increase for HR systems however due pause in hiring and the letting go of staff and then sudden increase in clivi service job it as cause a lot more work for the HR department in the company.  Brexit is a strength and a weakness.


April 2020 will see the public sector IR35 reforms go into full effect. This will affect the Interim team in GatenbySanderson because “it has also allowed a certain amount of tax ambiguity. However, any boom around instability is destined to be unsustainable, no economy can thrive under such circumstances, even if it does allow a few to profit in the short term. And so as if on cue, the approaching IR35 reforms are casting a rather large shadow of confusion over interim professionals and the recruitment process” (How Will IR35 Impact Interim Recruiters?, 2018). There are a few unanswered questions like how will this impact legislation on business, clients and candidates? The interim team are not sure how this will impact the flow of recruitment for interim roles. This also affects the HR department because they are on sure if the interim team will need more support with this new law or if it will casus a decrease in work and would have to let some staff go.

Staff turnover

According to Staff Turnover Is Weakening the Civil Service (2019) Several civil service departments like the “Treasury and the Cabinet Office – lose about a quarter of their staff every year. Also, across Whitehall, managers stay in post for less than two years. The Treasury’s Welfare Policy Team and MHCLG’s Homelessness Policy team changed almost entirely in three years. Staff turnover in the civil service is costing the government up to £74 million a year in recruitment”. Although this is a weakness for the civil departments this is an opportunity and strength for GatenbySanderson because it brings in more work and more profit for the business to grow. If the business grows would need more staff.

Compare different tools for analysing the business environment

Looking into the advantages and disadvantages of a business using the SWOT and PESTLE tool. SWOT is a self-assessment for management. It decides what the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation are. It also assesses the impact and prospect of opportunities and threats. It is far more complex than appears at first sight. PESTLE analysis, you’re only investigating outside factors. According to oxfordcollegeofmarketing (2016) It was created to identify six critical macro influences that affect business. When you want to fully understand how political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors affect a business, go for PESTLE analysis.


SWOT and PESTLE analysis can be applied to an organization. The analysis can be used to support a number of project objectives. For example, the PESTLE analysis can be used to look at different and influential factors that can affect the success of a product/service. It also encourages the development of strategic thinking for a greater understanding of strategic planning. The SWOT analysis can be used to evaluate a product or brand, or the outsourcing of a business function. Furthermore, SWOT analysis can be useful when evaluating a particular a product market, or a business service.

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SWOT analysis requires a mix of quantitative and qualitative information from various sources (Investopedia,2016). Access to a scope of data from multiple sources improves planning, strategies upgrades basic leadership, improves correspondence, directions activities policymaking, enhances and decision-making. In addition, you can gain valuable information about your objective's chances by viewing each of the four elements of the SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – independently or together. Furthermore, Without PESTLE analysis, environments that directly and indirectly affect business can go unnoticed.


SWOT analysis creates a one-dimensional model that categorizes every problem attribute as a strength, weakness, opportunity or threat. As a result, every attribute seems to possess only one influence on the matter being analysed. However, one issue may well be both a strength and a weakness.

Every person has a totally different opinion and that is the reason why PESTLE analysis is subjective in nature implying that different folks can read external issue differently. Hence. To considerably impact company performance, business choices should be supported reliable, relevant and comparable information. However, businessballs (2019) stated that SWOT information collection and analysis entail a subjective method that reflects the bias of the people who collect the info and participate within the group action session. additionally, the info input to the SWOT analysis will become obsolete fairly quickly.

The biggest disadvantage of PESTLE analysis is that the six issues don't stay same rather they keep ever-changing rapidly and any action by the corporate on the premise of this analysis might not profit the corporate if the factor due to that company has taken the choice changes and also the whole exercise of doing PESTLE analysis are going to be futile. hence in alternative words rapidly ever-changing factors make PESTLE analysis troublesome task.


The only price of PESTLE analysis is time. PESTLE analysis is additionally simple. best of all, anyone can do PESTLE analysis. whereas a team will lead higher results, an individual can even do the analysis with success. SWOT analysis needs neither technical skills nor coaching, an organization will choose a staffer to conduct the analysis instead of rent an external advisor. additionally, SWOT could be a somewhat easy methodology that may be performed during a fairly short time. SWOT analysis needs neither technical skills nor coaching. Instead, it is performed by anyone with data concerning the business in question and also the trade within which it operates. the method involves an expedited group action session throughout that the four dimensions of the SWOT analysis area unit mentioned. As a result, individual participants’ beliefs and judgments area unit mass into collective judgments supported by the cluster as an entire. during this approach, the data of every individual becomes the data of the cluster. The biggest advantage of the 2 analysis tools terribly easy to understand and things that are simple to grasp are likely to be enforced effectively. This analysis helps the corporate in creating use of profitable opportunities that arises time to time due to changes in external and internal factors.

Explain the key stages in strategy formulation and the implementation and the role of HR and Examine HR’s contribution to business ethics and accountability

Stages in strategy formulation and implementation and role of hr in business ethics and accountability Strategy formulation may be a procedure that involves variety of steps to realize business goals and objectives. These are debated below:

  • Quantitative Targets:

This contributes in meeting organisational objectives. Allows the business to measure there. One of the Purpose of doing this is often to gage contribution created by many in operational departments.

  • Organisation atmosphere Evaluation:

As stated by Ladyshewsky, (2016) the next stage within the method is to assess operational atmosphere of the corporate which includes economic and industrial atmosphere.by assess It helps to identify the business competitive position. It's useful in evaluating factors within the success of the business. Therefore, the strengths and the weak points. Also analysing the threats and opportunities that the competitors may causes

  • Diversity:

Is one of the main forces for business in today’s day and age, Diversity involves equal employment probabilities to numerous population no matter your age, race, status, religion.

  • Honest Treatment:

The company is responsible to make sure the staff fairly treated. All staff should always feel equally treated and not discriminated at any point. Trainings provided to any and all the workers at the minimum level of encourage them to understand organisational changes.

  • Pay Equity:

Staff working on the same JD should be offered the same pay for the same level for work. Every business is accountable in assessing the wages, its market position and competitive strength.

Evaluate business performance and the role of HR in business planning and the change management agenda

Business performance of any organization can be evaluated by comparing outcomes with the targets set by it. Financial indicators can be utilized in the procedure.

Assess and utilise different sources of business and contextual data for planning purposes

Business information can be often collected in different ways, for example the internet, conducting survey, books (Written materials). Business’s can also collect Internal information such as shareholders opinions like staff. For GS research the different and new tool in the leadership market. Due to Brexit and the high turnover in Civil service jobs, it means that ne leaders for each department are coming and go and would need to be trained. GS used the internet to find out what training tools their competitors are offering, then conducing a survey with their staff to see what training they can offer that’s different. According to Staff Turnover Is Weakening the Civil Service (2019) Whitehall managers stay in post for less than two years. Which that GS will be missing a marketing opportunity if they do not offer training tool to train all the new managers in government that are coming and going. GS needed to conduct an external research to make sure that their competitors are not providing or coving that space in the market and them conduct an internal research by speaking to their staff to see they can over to cover the space in market that Brexit (high turnover in clivi service) as created.


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