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BBC Organisation Analysis for Community Engagement

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Community Engagement


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 Community engagement is termed as the process of working in collaboratively manner with various groups in order to address issue that impact the groups well-being (Baldus, Voorhees and Calantone, 2015). In the following report, BBC has been taken into consideration. It is a British Broadcasting Company that is headquartered in Westminster, London.

 In the following report, analyse of BBC has been done. This analysis includes size, scope, structure, environmental factors affecting it along with the goal, mission and vision of BBC.



Organisational Analysis

 BBC is a public sector broadcaster and is situated at mass medium house in Westminster, London. It is the oldest national medium structure in the world. The figure of worker that are involved are 20,950 in total. Among this 16,672 are in public sector broadcasting. (Blanchard, Thacker and Ram, 2017).

Sector that BBC operates, size, structure, goals, mission and values

Sector and size

 BBC Company operates in Public sector and is a public limited company. Thus, it is the largest shop in England by floor space having 17230 square metres of floor space. It employees 20950 members in total.


 BBC has a hierarchical structure that has its focus mainly on different types of departments available in the particular business (Gupta, 2018). It use this structure due to large organisation having multiple layers within it.


 The main goal of BBC is to create its value with the customers in order to earn loyalty customer base for lifetime. They also believe in providing accurate and impartial news, current affairs and factual programmes.


Mission and values

 The main mission of BBC is to improve life of group with programs and also provide work that communicate people and entertain others.

 Values of BBC states that Trust is the foundation of BBC and as they are self-reliant, fair and also genuine. Creativity is the lifeblood of BBC.

Customers and their expectation

  • The customer expectation with BBC includes the following-
  • Good value information- The main expectation of people is that they must have good quality information about the environment they are living in (Habibi, Laroche and Richard, 2014). So the cited company has to offer the people with good value information. For this they will also have to keep their watch on news that are being displayed by competitors.
  • Clear and honest information- people will like to know information that is expected in order to know. So the company must not have any hidden charges. If anything like this occurs it may result to bad customer service for BBC.

SWOT and PESTLE analysis

SWOT analysis

 SWOT analysis is a framework that helps in analysing strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of a company (Jenkins and Williamson, 2015). This is explained as per below context-


  • BBC has improved their technology and also updated it to perform various operations.
  • It also has won number of awards in terms of excellence in channel, customer service and overall experience in terms of news.
  • It has long standing history that gives assurance that it will continue in order to operate in the future.
  • It has very significant reserves of cash and also property of wide range which is underdeveloped.
  • BBC also has various store formats that appeal to local and cultural needs which helps in terms of offering more personalised experience of service.
  • It has been considered as the largest and most profitable news channel that generates radio and television production of about 120 hours as well as news coverage online.


  • BBC has been facing competitive pressures that has led them to price wars which have eroded the profit margin. This forced BBC to focus on other relevant way in order to gain competitive advantage.
  • BBC for sales and has spent time and maximum resources in order to develop other markets where they basically operate.
  • The cited company must have not done research of market as much as expected or required.
  • The profit of BBC has been affected by awful obligation and also by extreme level of home security claims.
  • They also have low experience in several industry that they think in order to enter.
  • World issues controversies have caused disruption.
  • News that are covered gives a partial view which doesn’t go out with convinced people.


  • The major chance for BBC is expansion into markets as digital entertainment.
  • They also have opportunities in private label market.
  • They try to be fair whenever they try to screen any type of message.
  • They must also arrange worldwide events to fortify their brand further.


  • Threat from rival and internal news channels.
  • Threats from newspaper.
  • Labour threats in terms of increased wages and benefits further puts pressure on pricing strategy of BBC.
  • Economic recessions and credit crunches will continue in order to threaten share of market and also profitability.

PESTLE analysis

 It is the model that is used by social class in order to analyse and supervise the macro environmental factors that has impact on the particular organisation i.e. BBC (Pollock, Jefferson and Wick, 2015). Thus, the external factors that affect BBC has been discussed as per below context-

  • Political factor- BBC operates in many countries. Therefore, it has been exposed to many political factors. This affect the operation of BBC to large extent. Political factor include tax rates, legislation, political instability, unemployment rate and also economic condition of a company. The thatcher government planned an absolute privatisation of BBC in 1986. the government also supported holding of public funding for entrance of organisation into competitor market.  Due to this, economy of London is passing through hard times.
  • Economic factor- The important economic factor that may affect BBC in London is labour cost. The minimum wage rate has also been increased by 4.4%. Moreover, there are many factors including cost, price and profits that affect BBC is large extent. The structure of organisation were dynamic from focused to decentralise in approval of justifying the bureaucracy that has been exercised usually in the particular organisation.
  • Social factor- As the analysis has been done of London population that helps in finding out member of retired people are more rather than children. Political advantage were therefore targeted towards BBC that doubted public funds sequel. The British public were therefore aware of highly bureaucratic structure of organisation. BBC had maintained ever its honour as a genuine news broadcaster with momentous figure of viewership.
  • Technological factor- BBC has met various new opportunities due to advancements in technology has taken place. These advancements are in terms of development and introduction of digital services. In addition to this, the cited company has also invested in energy efficiency projects with significant amount in order to fulfil its long term objective. Along with airing its digital services the particular organisation went under technologies like BPR in order to reduce cost of doing business that helps in supporting agenda of decentralisation of BBC and also capitalising on resources that are allocated.
  • Environmental factor- there is increase in pressure in order to address environmental issues and also to adopt ways of operations that may give maximum benefit to society, there is clear commitment of BBC. The cited company is also trying in minimising waste that is produced with the help of increase in social conscience of customers. Thus, internal market was formed in order to reduce subsidiaries, reconstruction of structure of organisation.
  • Legal factor- there is direct impact on performance of BBC due to government policy and legislations. It has also faced legal action as they accounted fraud and mislead investors and also agreed to pay 12 million in order to settle legal action. The cited organisation is self regulated and self-reliant of government and governmental power. Thus, to meet the market shift, BBC required to set its inner environment and culture.

Role of employees in BBC

 The roles’ portfolio involves various departments (Rahman, 2016). It is very important for every department that are involved to work accordingly by having effective communication to meet present trends of market. Employees having particular role and responsibility has to attend meetings, contribute to decision making and also has to solve problems related to latest and trendy news that has to be broadcast. Thus, there are many more responsibilities of senior manager that has been discussed as per below context-

  • They have to ensure clarity around priorities and also around goals for areas of functions entirely.
  • They also have to manage overall financial budget.
  • They also have to facilitate goal level creation for functions that are broader in order to ensure that cited company meets the goals.

Importance of training and development.

 Training and development presents premier possibility in order to expand knowledge base of all worker (Sarathe, Gupta, Basediya and Kuchi, 2018). But the major advantage of this is that it provides both that includes employees and company with various benefits that helps in making cost and time as investment that is worthwhile. Thus, importance of training and development has been discussed as per below context-

  • Addressing weakness- Employees that are involved in cited company has some or other weakness. Thus, training and development program helps them in strengthen this weakness and also helps in bringing all employees to higher level. This leads all workers to have similar skills and knowledge. This helps in reducing weak points and increase strength.
  • Employee satisfaction- training and development programs helps employees in gaining access to training that they don’t know themselves. Thus, this helps in increasing the satisfaction level of employees towards job.
  • Improved employee performance- employee that receives necessary training gains ability of performing their job in better way. Thus, they become more aware towards safety practices and also towards procedures for basic tasks. In addition to this, training and development session also helps in building confidence of employee of BBC and also make them understand their actual responsibility towards their job in cited company.

Selecting role and its importance in BBC.

 Senior manager has to carry various role and responsibilities. They are responsible in order to plan, direct the work that has been allotted to group of individuals (Seidle, Fernandez and Perry, 2016). They are important for BBC because they help members to reach particular task by providing guidance of directing reports. They are also responsible for operations and activities that has been undertaken in BBC in order to earn long term profitability.

Skills and knowledge needed to carry role.

 In order to get success as a senior manager the skills that are required by them includes the following-

  • They must be perfect in managing act.
  • They must respect team and their supervisors.
  • They should also have ability in order to manage work of entire department.
  • They must have adaptability nature. This nature will help them in taking quick decisions in any type of situation that may arise in BBC.
  • Ability of problem solving is also very essential as it leads in resolving conflict between members that are involved in BBC.

Training and development requirement that is needed to be considered.

 To become an appropriate senior manager, they must have complete knowledge of the particular company and also of their position. This is possible only due to training and development sessions. This session is been considered as major advantage in order to achieve high volume profitability and long term success.


 From the above report, it has been concluded that BBC is the leading company that has to face many challenges in order to gain competitive advantage. Thus, to analyse various factors that affect the working of a business, internal and external analysis has been done with help of SWOT and PESTLE analysis. In addition to this, this report also highlights on training and development as it is important in maintaining good relations and achieving long term success.



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