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Company Profile Of Lavender Confectionery

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Lavender Confectionery & Bakery Sdn Bhd is a boutique bakery and bistro established in June 2000. Since then Lavender Bakery has been revolutionizing the traditional trade of bakery by using a combination of fine ingredients, artisan techniques and modern technology. One of the outlets is located in Terbau city Jusco.

Job satisfaction describes how content an individual is with his or her job. The happier people are within their job, the more satisfied they are said to be. Job satisfaction is not the same as motivation or aptitude, although it is clearly linked. Job design aims to enhance job satisfaction and performance, methods include job rotation, job enlargement, job enrichment and job re-engineering. Other influences on satisfaction include the management style and culture, employee involvement, empowerment and autonomous work position. Job satisfaction is a very important attribute which is frequently measured by organizations. The most common way of measurement is the use of rating scales where employees report their reactions to their jobs. Questions relate to rate of pay, work responsibilities, variety of tasks, promotional opportunities, the work itself and co-workers.

Interview’s questionnaire

What is the company’s benefit had been give to you?

Any rewards or bonus given to you by company?

Do you satisfy with the benefit given?

How is the working environment?

Do you like your current working environment?

How you go to work place?

Do you satisfy the time taken when traveling to there?

How about your salary or wages?

How long you being work in this company?

How much you feel enough for the pay?

Do management has good managed to achieve company goal?

Does Company have good care to employee?

Do you happy with the current position?

Do you learn any things and gain any knowledge?

Does your position satisfy your job scope?

Do you have good relationship with your colleague?

Any problem has faced in working?

Did your colleagues help you to solve problem?

Stress? In what?

Last, would you work in this company anymore after you had been offer another job? Why?

The causes of dissatisfaction

Mr. Sim is working in Lavender Cake shop as an Outlet Manager. He working in this company already 4th year and he has to work 6 days in a week. The working day is longer than normal office which is 5 days per week and every Saturday and Sunday is off. Because lavender cake shop is open from Monday to Sunday though the whole year, if there is no any specials event it will not be close except Chinese New Year. He is unsatisfied with 1 more day to work in a week. He said it can be arrange to get 2 days off per week in Lavender cake shop. Because there has more than one person is Outlet Manager in an outlet. Mr. Sim’s off day is not allowed to arrange on Saturday and Sunday. Because there are the Lavender most busy days. Due to that, Mr. Sim got lesser time to spend to his family.

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On another hand, the salary of him is around RM2000 to RM2300, it is depends on overtime work he do in the month. Allowance and performance is given cash RM250 in a month, it is a bonus given by company. Although those benefits and bonus given to him, the money he earned can not fulfill his expenses. He has to pay his insurance, car loan, electric and water bill, internet bill, phone line bill and even his other entertainment expenses. The dissatisfaction of his salary makes he wants to further study in order to get higher salary or position. For his job scope, he wants to be top person managing a business and he knows that there is no ways to get highest position in Lavender cake shop. The reason is Lavender is mainly control by a person called Executive Director which is the lady boss. The next to replace the position will be her son.

The tasks of an outlet manager are too many. First is the operation though out the days, see-ing a lot of customers comes to buy bread. Every hour he has to record down the number of bread sold. This is to make sure day to days routine is good, if not he has to get more bread from nearest outlet. There are several trips the bread come to outlet, although this outlet has own production department. Every trip that bread came, he has to make sure number of bread is match to his orders. In Saturday Sunday or public holidays, the call of transferring inventories is nonstop from afternoon 12 to evening 7. When there is a bad sales day, he has to give reason to boss explains the reason why did not achieve the forecast on the day. So this is also one of the dissatisfactions upon his personal emotion. He feels stress when facing problems of bad sales in a month.

Furthermore, Mr.Sim is dissatisfied to the long travel time to work. Every times, he is going out from his house to the work place an hour before the actual working time. It is because he is staying in Masai. Half an hour or more of the travelling time is spent. Compare to other employee, he has taken more time in work, in result that he has no enough time to rest. Mr. Sim was sick 2 times in last 3 months time, the busiest time was the Chinese New Year month, he has no off day before and after the CNY week. He has to pay for the medicine, although company has medicine aid in the early state. Company does no have good care to employee, this lead to him not so dependable on it much as before.

The causes of Satisfaction

Besides that, Mr. Sim is satisfied with knowledge and experience that he gains in Lavender cake shop. 100 over breads and cakes are selling in an outlet, and he knows every single bun making process and what is the powder they used. In Lavender cake shop, he learnt bakery and management skill at the same time, it is other company or industry do not provided. Next is about the relationship between manager and staff. He has very good relationship with his staff and other department or area managers. He does not complaints about anyone. The reason that they have good relationship is the good working experience of Mr. Sim. He said having good temper is also an advantage to working in an organization. Some time, he will also ask his staff about the opinion of bread on that day. In addition, every time he works at least 8 hours and sometimes he has to work over time. Work overtime to him is a kind of benefit which every organization will pay more or double for overtime hours.

Lavender cake shop has gathering every 3 months. All staffs are able to relax themselves to get closer to each other and know other outlet’s people. As an Outlet Manager, he likes to go this kind of activities. In addition the foods and drinks provided are sponsor by the company.


In conclusion, an employee is looking into many factors to measure the satisfaction in an organization. Most of the employees are not willing to stay in an organization which the dissatisfactions are more the satisfactions of them. Because it is related to the attitude and at the end it will affect the behavior on work. Job satisfaction is important to an organization as it can increase the morale and at the same time production as well.

What are the remedies an organization can undertake to rectify the dissatisfaction of its employees?

In the every organization, employee is one of the important elements in the organization. Employee refers to the human resource for each organization. If organization without employee, it cannot be function. Therefore, organization needs to ensure all the employees are satisfaction with their management. When the employees are satisfaction with the organization they will perform well. It can make sure the organization can control more efficient and increase productivity. The remedies can carry out by the organization to solve the dissatisfaction is very important part.

Based on the question one, the dissatisfaction of the employees is the benefit or advantage giving by the organization is not good compare with other company. Now, most of the people will look for the good care provide by the organization such as insurance, medicine claim, bonus and more. They will start moving to the other company which is providing more benefit to the employee. The remedies can carry out by the organization is provide medicine check to the employee. It is because now the people is more focus on the health, so it can let the employee feel the company has think about them. Moreover, organization can also buy the insurance to their employee such as medical insurance. When the employee happen the accident or injury, they have the insurance to help they paying some medical fee. Organization also can give bonus to the employee who is helping the organization achieve the goal. The bonus can be the money or flying ticket to travel. It not only can solve the problem and also can encourage employee work hard to achieve the bonus. After that, organization can also giving present to the employee who is birthday. It can make the employee feel the organization is concern about their employee.

Following the question one, the next dissatisfaction of employee is salary. The reason cause the employee dissatisfaction by the salary giving by the organization is the salary provides by the organization is unreasonable. It is meaning maybe the employee require high education such as diploma, degree, or master level but only receiving the lower salary in the organization. For example, the employee is require the degree level of the education but the organization only giving RM1500 salary to the employee, so it will cause the employee dissatisfaction with the salary giving by the organization. Another cause is because the economic is growing faster and the things is become expensive but the employee salary is lower so it make employee facing the hardship in normal life and dissatisfaction with the salary giving by the organization is no enough to using in the normal life. The remedies can carry out by the organization is giving the bonus to the employees who are more hardworking. The bonus can be the money, incentives or reward. It is extra benefit to the employee. Employee will more hardworking in the organization to gain the bonus from the organization to cover their salary. It also is win-win situation because can make the employee satisfaction with the organization and also can help the organization to ensure the every employee is performing well in the organization. Another situation can carry out by the organization to solving the problem is giving the reasonable salary to the employee. Organization can receive the feedback from the employee to know what the reasonable salary is for the employee. Organization also can give the salary depend on the employee education level. For example, organization will paying the salary depend on the education level such as diploma salary is RM1200-RM1500, degree level RM 1500-RM2000 and master level RM 3000-RM5000. Organization also can increase the employee’s salary depend on their performing. Organization will increase the salary if the employee performing well or hardworking. For example, organization can through the manager to know who the best worker in the organization is and the organization will increase the salary to that person. This also can solve the dissatisfaction problem of the employee.

In other hand, dissatisfaction of the employee is feeling the stress in the organization. Employee will face the stress in the organization because maybe the competitive environment is too intense. It is referring to the employee fighting between the employees to taking the advantage such as promote be supervisor or higher position. The remedies can take to solve this situation is organization must give the same chance to every employee and view equality among everyone. For example, giving same challenge to employees and same chance can help they promote to the higher position. The next reason is organization giving too much of task. Employee will facing the problem such as no enough of time to done the work or scare the organization will deduced their salary so it will making the stress to the employee. In this situation, organization can building the team to help them more easily to done the task. It is because in the team they can share the opinion and knowledge to done the task. It can help they done the task in the shot period and reduce the stress. After that, the reason to make the employee feeling the stress is the organization keep force employee to done their work in the short period. Sometime, employee will feel the time is no enough to use and rush. It will make the employee feel the stress and also the work done by the employee is no quality because time is no enough and no time to do research. Therefore, organization can give longer of time to the employee done their job to reduce their stress. Organization can also giving more information to help employee to done the job in the period of time. The accurate information is important and it can help employee easier to do the task. The next remedies can carry out by the organization is giving the employee enough of rest or holiday. It can reduce the stress and also recharging their energy to help them have more power to facing their next challenge.

Furthermore, dissatisfaction of employee is working environment. Working environment refers to the organization management and facilities. Employee is dissatisfaction with the organization management because they feel unfair, not concern the employee and lack of management. The remedies can carry out by the organization is collect feedback from the employee to know which is the weakness of the organization and improve it. Organizations can every month doing one time consultation with the employee to receive the feedback. It can help the organization to solve the dissatisfaction problem and also building up good relationship with the employee. Organization can also provide the feedback form to the employee. Employee cans using the feedback form to write down complain or which part of organization need to improve and send it to the manager. For example, employee can write down what are the organization still needs to improving such as facilities. Besides that, organization also need give enough of the concern to the employee. It is mean when the employee facing the problem in their living organization can help them solve it. For example, when employee facing the problem such as family death or happen accident, organization will giving vacation to the employee go back to visit their family. It can make the employee feeling comfortable and more confidence with the organization. Next, organization need to giving the high position to the person who are requiring the knowledge and ability to done their task. It is because if the organization is simple giving someone position without any reason or test, the employee will not obey the instruction from that person. It also can make the conflict happen between employee and the manager. Therefore, organization needs to properly to hire the manager. For example, organization can hire or promotion the person to be high position through the performance, attitudes and the knowledge of that person.

Conclusion, every employee has their own need and want and it is important element in the every organization so organization must try the best to satisfy the need and want of the employee. When the employee working in the good environment. It can make them feeling happy with the organization and will more hardworking. Organization must carry out the good remedies to solve the dissatisfaction of the employee. Because it can help organization builds up the good relationship with the employee. Organization can also build up the consultation department to concern the employees who are facing the problem such as family problem or financial problem. Organization satisfies the need and want of employee can help them feeling more confidence and loyalty. It can also make employee work longer with the organization so organization won’t face the unemployed problem.


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