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Examining The Leadership And Change Management Of Barclays Bank

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Barclays Bank Europe, America, Africa and Asia is a vast presence, both for individuals and businesses provides a wide range of services. Barclays has a long history that covers three hundred years, and its head office from London, that this operation fifty countries and 155,000 employees to offer more care.

Barclays Bank lends, investment and more than 48 million people around the world for money does.

Earliest roots of Barclays 1690, when Thomas Gold and silversmith John Freame Central London working as a bank to go back to start. Seventy years later, the goldsmith bankers went into a major banking house, and later with nineteen other private banking concerns, the name Barclays and Company Limited, which reserves a set of 182 branches thus a major £ 26 with funds provided under the Bank joined the million. Barclays and the company is so often used Quaker Bank; At this point in time, Barclays and company family and religious links with the community was involved.

Turn of the twentieth century, Barclays and the company started expanding rapidly, such as Bolithos Bank and United Counties Bank mdlyndz England South West taking a significant banks. By 1918, Barclays Bank and Company in London South West Bank and Provincial Bank in the UK with one in five largest banks had to be.

Barclays Bank of Japan until 1925, the Anglo Egyptian Bank and National Bank of South Africa with the merger had become a truly international organization. Through a business deal that resulted in major Middle East, Africa and West Indies.

Barclays Bank has always been an innovative company. Barclays in 1966 before serving a UK credit card bank has become. Next year in this world was the first bank of its users and to provide cash machines by 1972, her first TV ad was trying to become bank. Barclays Bank UK end of the twentieth first century Tokyo and New York stock exchanges are listed bank shares has become, and it resulted in 2006 in which a high speed currency profits were 50% complete is being moved outside the UK.

Current events

Reuters reported that the British government three banks, including Barclays, which over £ 7 billion may seek 40 billion lbs (69 billion dollars) will admit. Barclays later confirmed that his government rejected the proposal and instead of 6.5 billion pounds of new capital (£ 2 billion dividend cancellation and by 4.5 billion pounds from private investors) will bear.

In January 2009 according to press reports may need more capital and that the government agreed to fund this can be because it failed to do so by the State of Qatar in the past under investment rules may have been a third party which shares much in October 2008 ordered compensation for them without receiving more money into Qataris.

In March 2009 it was reported in 2008, Barclays insurance this preparation with AIG received billions of dollars, provided by the United States to bail out AIG Fund include 8.5bn $. 12 June 2009, Barclays Global Investors this unit, which includes an exchange of funds business, iShares, 13.5bn $ BlackRock business sold for. In October 2009 the Standard Life Standard Life Bank Plc Barclays Plc sold. 1 January 2010 completed sales. 11 November 2009, Barclays and First Data, information technology to global trade, according to Barclays, which released the first data and consumer finance departments within the card platform will move is a compromise .13 February, 2010 Barclays announced that more than 2 billion pounds in bonuses will pay.

About leadership

Leadership to achieve a desired goal all about harnessing people power and so the idea of leadership for organizational context can not be restricted. This society through all the realms pervades, whether politics, religion or in corporate.

Definition of leadership

• define leadership as we can:

• €  George R. Terry “to impress people for the purposes of the Working Group. Live happily.”

• €  “interpersonal then use it and receive special purposes in the direction of guidance through the process of dialogue is the effect.” – Robert Tannenbaum.

• €  “leadership of the affected people to achieve a common goal is to follow them” – Koontz O’Donnell.

• €  “leadership is a process under which a person influences others praised the success of group or organization’s goals by members of the group.” – Baron and Greenberg

• clear definition as above all of Western ideas is concerned. This is because, with a structured course of study and analysis as a formal sector leadership has been established yet in India because it is in Western countries.

Leadership theories

Great man theory

Great man is the duty of principles including leadership ability – that great leaders are born not made. Their most daring ideas, mythic and leadership needed to increase the fixed bynqab is as great leaders. The term “great man” used because, at that time, leadership quality as a man thought about basic military leadership, especially in terms of, was.

Logos theory

Some ways similar “great man” theory, theory assumed that symptoms of some features and attributes that lead them to better Validating inheritance. Symptoms often views a particular personality or behavior by leaders identified common features. But important features of specific leadership traits, how we who owns these properties but do not utter a leader? This question led symptoms using theories to explain the difficulties is one. Many researchers have demonstrated successful leadership traits like leadership, but not always sure they are doing is a place of high honor, sir. It was observed that more than 100 researchers recorded symptoms such hardly10% 5 or more study is published. Written test or tests near symptoms by priority to the selection procedure is taken. This notion is the biggest problem that we led ordinary or global attributes can not.

Unexpected ideas

Environment, especially that particular style of leadership which best situation is probably better for variables related attraction leadership contingency theories.According to this theory, no leadership style is best in all circumstances. Variable success of leadership style and followers of various aspects of the situation, including the large number of features depends on. Unexpected behavior rule is a rule that has no better claim to organize a corporation, to lead a company, or to decide is a kind of way. Instead, the process maximum course contingent on internal and external situation (depending) is. Many unexpected approach being developed concurrently in the late 1960s. He suggested that bureaucracy is as Weber and Taylor’s management theories in the past failed because they ignored his management style and organizational structure of the environment was affected by different aspects: unexpected element . Or organization for leadership there “one best way” can not.Historically, contingency theory that formal structures are usually associated with, or better able to use different techniques to develop about broad generalizations have tried. View the work of Joan Woodward (1958), which says that technology directly control period, authority centralization, and formalization of rules and procedures as an organization to determine the different properties began with .

Feedback conditions

Circumstances change theories suggest that leaders on the situation the best way of action is selected. Different style of leadership decision-making for specific types may be more appropriate. This approach features the specific circumstances or environment is operating more on a guide emphasizes. Leadership qualities vary from status or circumstances, and that any traits or leadership skills in the right conditions can become a standard.

Behavior theories

Behavioral theories of leadership is the belief that great leaders made, not born but are based. Build its leadership in behaviorism theory, not leaders on mental qualities or internal states focuses on the works. According to this theory, people become leaders through education and monitoring can learn.


Participative leadership theories suggest that the ideal leadership style one that takes account of other people’s input. Their leaders by group members encourage and support participation and contribution of members of the group decision-making process more relevant and committed to do. participative theories, however, the leader retains the right to allow others input

Management ideas

Management ideas (as well as “Transactional theories” is said) organization and group supervision focusing on the role of performance. Rewards and punishment system based on principles of leadership. Management concepts often used in business and when employees are successful, they are rewarded when they fail, they are reprimanded or punished.

Related ideas

Related concepts (as well as “ideological change” is said) establish relations between leaders and followers focus on. Transformational leaders encourage and help members of the group the importance of encouraging people and seeing more good work. The leaders of the group members are focused on performance, but also want each person to fulfill his or her potential with the style leader often has high moral and ethical standards.

Leadership style

Leadership style to provide direction, planning process, and how to inspire people and have vision. U.S. Army book,

1973 led to identify three ways:

• push aside the dictatorial or Member

PARTICIPATIVE • or democratic

• DELEGATIVE or Free State

Although good leaders with one of these three styles are used, usually dominate, bad leaders want to stay with a style. Barclay’s Bank is using the three leadership styles.

Push aside the dictatorial or AUTICRATIC

The style used when the leader your employees what he wants and how he wants without the advice of her followers have done is told. Use some appropriate conditions is that when you all are aware of this problem, you’re short on time, and your employees are also encouraged. Some people run, demeaning language, using and led by threats and abusing their power as a car want to think about this scene.This is not push aside the dictatorial style – but for someone abuse, unprofessional style ‘bossing’ around people called. A leader has no place in stock.

Push aside the dictatorial style usually only be used on rare occasions. If you have more time and commitment from their employees and want to get excited, you should use the participative style.

PARTICIPATIVE or democratic

-Style decision-making process of this type (determining what is and how to do) but including one or more employees are leaders.

However, the leader maintains final decision making authority. Use this style is not a sign of weakness, but strength of your employees will respect the signals. It usually used when you share information, and in other parts of your employees is. A leader is not expected to know everything – that’s why you employ staff with knowledge and capable. The style is of mutual benefit using – its employees to become part of the team allows you better and allows you to decide.

DELEGATIVE or Free State

In addition, non-intervention, interference in the affairs of others is not known. This style, the leader allows employees to decide.

However, MP is still responsible for such decisions are made. When employees use it to analyze the situation and determine what needs to be done and how it is able to do it. All you can do anything! Set your priorities and specific tasks must Representative.

To use a lot that you blame others when things can go wrong but a scene is used below when you people be confident and sure style. One to use it, however, should not be afraid to be effective, it will be used properly! Here a number of different ways, or to leadership and management ‘style’ and various mfruzun principles are based.The style that individuals use their beliefs, values and priorities will be based on a combination, as well as organizational culture and norms, which encourage anyone, and will discourage others.

In this regard, the following different approach can be classified under the head.

• CHRISMATIC leadership

• PARTICIPATIVE leadership

• conditions under

• TRANSACTIONAL leadership


• a quiet leadership

• Servant leadership

Circumstances under which the organization decided to change the IMPLEMNT

Organization change in the environment is like to face different challenges

Absence of group skills

Any organization is the most important skills that will increase its utility is established.Today’s changing business environment and who were alive in the changing environment is efficient is. The manager responsible for a positive change for others and encourage team work that the construction will change. Not changing the rapid development of the other members easy environment manager accepts the need for change. He helps them to understand new techniques and procedures. You get good ideas but very real thing is accepted methods can be translated into these views.Measures the success of any change depends on approval.

Lack of enthusiasm and encouragement

To maximize movement between employees, managers need to think in terms of flexibility. “Yes, it needs to encourage employees. Need to encourage employees in a diverse way of awards) ranks. Manager of the most important goal of capacity development to help their employees and their development work on the various organizational areas provide a variety of learning experiences offered by can do so.1980 primary aspect of this work which various work skills to recognize the importance of work, autonomy, and feedback including Hackman point out

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One thing that an employee’s activities and art a number of different skills can use a variety of needs. This full and identifiable piece of work requires the completion of his life or other people’s work had considerable influence. If these things work in a person so important, precious and valuable as his or her work will see. Job autonomy to the owner for work results of my personal responsibility to a sense of duty, and it provides that if a work is the opinion of staff know how effectively he or she will perform .Encouraging to see from the perspective, these important dimensions shows that received internal awards when an employee shows that he or she is personally any work or they do not care that he has shown good performance on are. These conditions is one thing more, grater encourage employee performance and satisfaction and reduce his or her absence or resignation of the features and potential. High growth with a highly individual experience serious psychological states and respond positively when their employment at the basic aspects of development is likely to include people need.

Conflict Management

A conflict between members of the organization ever arises. This conflict is not always bad because sometimes good, with team conflict will learn more members, their problems in depth and would also give the most appropriate solution can understand. Conflicts in the era of globalization teams identify and work success without sacrificing speed successful strategy decided. But most times conflict results slow down work to success and effectiveness of control strategies will reduce. An identity that are the root causes of conflict? Some of these ideas and expectations, lack of information, uncertainty about roles with regard to personal differences are.

The following are some points that help to deal with conflict are

• always work a lot of information.

• Facts should primarily focus on.

• more than one alternative should be developed.

• Everyone should be a goal.

• decision process is injecting humor.

• resolve issues without forcing consensus.

• maintain a balanced structure of power.

Power and politics

Power is the ability to control the environment. If they decide he has power and can work. If an employee has the right without any instructions can work. Sometimes very empowering for the organization is very important. An organization where employees empowered, they observed each other, to correct improper procedures are responsible for, in. Manager quickly empower your employees are led through. The decision to increase staff discretion is involved. Millions of employees work the most important decisions that directly affect their work are. Activities until very recently they only work part of the manager as seen particularly busy. Due to empower more employees to those companies who know about the problems are most urgent to need to make decisions. If organizations successfully competing in a dynamic global economy, they make decisions and change is immediately enforceable. Increased work demands, managers have to deal with people’s empowerment. When employees are skilled, knowledge and experiences to their work competently and when they want autonomy and internal locus of control property, it can be beneficial.

Rapid changes

Organizational change because of changes in internal and external environment are for. These changes in order for the organization must be flexible to adjust.

Diverse workforce

Problems faced by another organization organizational goals emulation members work in various organizational efforts are coordinated. Today’s diverse workforce organization gender, race, nationality, age and other characteristics in terms that reflect differences in the more heterogeneous are the property. Organization requires a large labor force more capacity to meet market demand will be. Employees do not set their cultural values and lifestyle preferences when it comes to work. The challenge is for managers, so their organization more different lifestyle, family needs, work style and by addressing different groups of people are accommodating. Smart managers understand that diversity can be an asset because a company’s ideas and problem solving skills is a wide and extra help organizations better understand a diverse customer can.


Management is now forced by national borders. Globalization is the major importance, and certainly the world has become global village. All sizes and types worldwide organization manager in the world market is facing challenges to work.Manager of environmental factor like this) ranks due to challenges in the face of doing business. That, to organize effectively plan, control and should lead cultural differences around the world are successfully managed.

General barriers in an organization

Organization requires a different kind of talent, but sometimes it happens that the organization has expertise but still not working as it should. In many cases, the administration is not sensitive to change. Best use of creative enough potential employees are not put. The main obstacle is lack of vision to prevent the company to complete use of resources is one. One to identify problems and potential solutions should be. If manager for success is the ability to identify opportunities for the development of this will be a barrier. If creative solutions if administration is not able to identify the long term this will be a problem for the organization. Another problem that hinders organizational development, not all members are able to deal with the changing environment. Some rules and values of each organization and its members have to follow the rules and values. All members would be sensitive to change in this business that change is constant everywhere should be the member must change.

Effective management

Effective management is about:

candidates with complete knowledge and create space.

To increase productivity , more opportunities should be encouraged.

In his current role of the workers to staff growth performance .

The best staff performance Increased his wife for.

Employee empowerment is very popular term, its growth and change for any organization is important. Empowering employees for the organization leads to the best results. Business generally agree that empower employees and increase productivity of the organization and its employees are loyal to the organization.

Empowered employees provide better products and services

When employees have a right to feel that he is powerful and is more confident. The trust then leads to better products and services. Organization for the development and empowerment programs to deal with the changing nature is critical. Improve its performance and employees are the property of their jobs and products and services for our customers will take delivery. He is the organization where customer interface is the customer service level.

Empowered employees are loyal

Whatever situation, more employee business owners, do not like the selection, and training is very expensive. If employees during organizational change based on organizational development and its commitment to ensure loyalty of employees are right there. Empowered employees take ownership and pride in their jobs when they know that they needed to exercise independent judge can.

Empowered employees are productive

When employees feel valued and that they considered their decision and management want to hear their ideas, they work harder to prove yourself right.Organizational development programs to help employees to implement measures included calls for. And this will increase productivity.

Empowered employees create good ideas

With every employee got some ideas. They have different skills can be. If they share their views and their right to manage development and change management decisions can provide important insight. He regularly using modern methods can get different products. Really effective organization development and organization change programs are interested, they acknowledge and reward their employees and give feedback on a regular basis.

Empowered employees spread the word

Organizational pride if they increased staff development and change program will be strong. The more empowered employees are more satisfied and more likely that the word is how the company will for others are spread. We Barclays and Lehman Brothers statement further from unity will discuss.

Barclays and Lehman Brothers One

Global financial services provider Barclays in 2008 to improve its market to U.S. Lehman Brothers acquired. Major problems had occurred while the overall

Business interruption •

• customers move to other banks at least

• two different business culture

Lehman brothers • Motivation of staff

Agent as a CAHNGE

Effective handling of problems

The first step to solve this problem is to identify the cause of the problem. Sometimes the problem with employees by talking common behavior problems such minor or occasional tardiness, etc. There is a problem coaching manager or with the other employees directly between them work to resolve the issue with employees What is an agreement by which a solution can be. With this opinion for employees to improve their performance to provide is the responsibility of leaders. Coaching requires time and patience and his behavior was a result of employees will.

Poor performance

Sometimes an employee’s expertise but still he does not perform well. The reason he is upset or unsystematic can or is reckless. This one can be removed through proper guidance. But if lack of expertise because of poor performance by additional training can be corrected.

Job incompatibility

Sometimes this happens due to poor performance of the employees that work according to their abilities was not found. Their skills are not synchronized or assigned to work with are not compatible. This problem can be resolved through additional training or set them different work.

Dirty work

Whenever you feel some of the mistakes that employee errors, point made and closely monitoring their work. It still they have made a mistake, talk to them and being careless or because they do not work properly due to or try to find out. But all this one must be positive and know how important it is that the company should have employees.

Create an effective message

Consider the needs of everyone in the organization and design according to your message so that they understand what you are saying can. Employee performance depends more on your message. An effective message will have a great effect on the performance of employees. A face to face talks will be more appropriate to accept change and support staff can do.

Listen to your employees

Change management is vital to employee feedback. Encourage your employees by e-mail or the Internet can provide information. Successful management of change communication on the basis of stone. You and your initial conversation with most employees need to understand their message.

Stakeholders involved in the change process

Investors and business partners and suppliers

This change management process influenced by investors to gain their capital investment, but with the old policy did not get that much benefit. So to achieve their goals for change management process include.

Bank employees

Bank staff involved in change management process and against the change process because by the old policy is used to work on.


Customers included in the change process and change is in favor because they want immediate results and innovation in the organization, they want this change process to be affected.

Government and NGO

Government and non-governmental organizations and the way government organizations from more taxes and profit in an organization is not, then how they take more taxes and duties if other obligations expected to have affected. On the other hand non-governmental organizations ask for help from organizations. If they are not in a good position with the lot will affect their departments for the betterment of the organization want the process of change.

8 step change model is KOTTER

Only constant is change.

– Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

Max was true two thousand years ago, just as is true today. We in a world where “business as usual” is changing lives in. New initiatives, project-based work, technology improvements, ahead to stay competitive – these things together as we continue to work for changes to run.

Whether you a small change in one or two steps, or a systemwide change an organization are considered, it seems normal anxiety and fear of the scale of challenge.

You need to change it, but you are supplying How to not really know about. Where do I start? How do you add? You saw how to end by?

How to change there “are” many ideas are about. Many leadership and change management guru, John Kotter start with. Harvard Business School and one of the world’s leading experts Professor of change, Kotter 1995 in his book’s eight step change process began, “Leading Change.” We changed under the leadership of the eight steps to look at.

Step One: Create instant

To be changed, it helps if the whole company really want to do it. Need for change around developing a sense of immediate. These things help you get the initial transmission can spark enthusiasm.

It is not only poor people figures show sales or talk about the matter more competitive. That with the market and your competition is about a honest and open dialogue at ease. Many proposed changes if you start talking about the immediate construction, and can feed on itself.

What you can:

• identify potential hazards, and can be expressed in the future development of the situation.

• testing opportunities, or, should be exploited.

• honest debate started, and dynamic and at ease talking to people and get to thinking of.

• customers, stakeholders and industry people out requested support to strengthen your argument.

Two steps: form a powerful alliance

Persuade people to change is necessary. The most strong leadership and key people within your organization expressed by supports.


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