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Partnership between BP and Marks and Spencer

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The Change is Pervasive power in the innovative modern Market. Here changes are welcomed by the managers to the betterment of the organisation. In order to implement the changes there must be some policies, procedures, work processes and activities need to be under taken .i.e. higher degree to HSSE, Environmental safety, Customer Loyalty and range reviews. The above must be implemented accordingly to full fill external pressure, as well as to meet customer expectations. An on time completion is highly adequate for an organisation to overcome competitions and to disregard fierce in general competition in the market. When we talk about competitions, this can be defined in an academic term that “Battle” which will target the Organisation in various angles such as traditional competitors and innovative new entrances. Therefore competition is intensified. Also the traditional barriers (Language, Distance, Travelling) has been learned and fixed, however the new challenges are in place to study and over come with a better solution. The main area of focus is to face new entrance who introduces the new innovative tactics to capture the market is still fearful challenge. Reference to the World is a 2Global Village” are more and more frequent. This has led organisations to adopt strategies which did not exist traditionally, notably in retail industry. Internally, financial constrains, the requirement to offer best service by value their money, mergers and acquisitions, and empowered teams all affect organisations ability to compete in the market place.

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There are two main approaches to change, first – “Prescriptive Strategy” planned where an organisation moves from one fixed shape to another and second, “emergent” – a more recent view where change is continues and open ended. An appropriate method of managing organisational change must be found for effective strategy. A carefully planned and thought through strategy can manage change effectively to the organisational success. In this Research Author will be able to highlight what is the method of Strategy has implemented in the case of organisational changes. The change in question is the Partnership of Bp and Marks & Spencer.

2. Literature Review

Many organisations around the world are in a competitive race which gets difficult every

year, with bigger, better and more innovative competitors. In addition the rules of the

game are changing with the emergence of new approaches, technology and globalisation.

Competitors who have been in other markets suddenly enter the market with new

technology, strength, and new approaches, sometimes becoming market leaders.

“Competitive advantage is at the heart of a firm’s performance in competitive markets”

(Porter 2004).

Also the Author has selected nearly six Journals to support his research plan further down in to the correct direction. These Journal are talking about various dimensions and directions to consider when creating and managing changes on strategic direction.

1. Balkcom, John E., Christopher D. Ittner and David F. Larcker. Strategic performance Measurement: Lesson learned and further direction. Journal of Strategic Performance Measurement 1, no.2

Performance measurement system have played a key role in developing strategic plan, achieving strategic objectives and motivating managers. From future research managers found that the past measures were not full fill the needs. This is where the invention of new way of performance measurement system should be implemented via formulating a new strategy to the growth of the organisation.

2. Boar, Bernard H. The role of commitment in information technology strategy. Journal of Strategic Performance Measurement 1, no 6(December 1997) : 5-13

A successful IT Strategy requires the ability to constantly refresh the technology and shift direction when adequate. Also a strong commitment to the strategy from employee and to get that strong commitment a well thought out and proactive commitment strategy is needed. Also the following three main commitment is highly required. I. Intellectual Commitment, Emotional Commitment, Political information work. This will highlight the problem area in commitment exist and take action to resolve these to formulate a best strategy to an organisational success.

3.Greenberg, Jeanne and Michael Liebman. Incentives : The missing link in strategic Performances. Journal of Business Strategy 11,no.4 (July-August 1990)

Here the author argues that if the organisation to meet their objectives , it is important to develop incentives strategies to motivate management and further down their employees to centralised and develop a best strategy for organisational growth.

4. Campbell, Andrew and Marcus Alexandar. What’s wrong with Strategy? Insight about value creation rarely emerge from planning processes. Harvard Business Review 75, no.6 (November -December 1997)

Here the Author argues that directionless strategies result when strategy fail to distinguish between purpose (Exists to do) and Constraints ( Must to do Survive). Also the assert that is unclear which comes first. According to Campbell and Alexander, the basic ingredient of a good strategy, insight in to how to create value rarely results from planning.

5.Newton, Peggy. Communicating key measures throughout an Organisation. Journal of Strategic Performance Measurement 1, no 1 (February- March 1997)

The ability to communicate key measures throughout the organisation. Firstly key business drivers are identified , then goals and measures are linked to them at every stage. Communication revolves around goals with each employees actions linked with company- wide goals. Here control board (CEO) will drive the strategic priorities down through all levels.

6.O’Brien, William F. Action-Oriented Strategic Planning: Dynamic Planning for Dynamic Times. Journal of Strategic Performance Measurement 1, no 3 (June- July 1997)

Strategic planning is critical component in creating an entity’s goals and operation direction. This talks about the senior managers responsibilities and how strategies are created from the upper level management.

3. Research Methodology of Project e g, Qualitative, Quantitative etc

The report has aimed to develop a theoretical approach in managing strategic change, which includes strategic planning and managing processes. The design of this study will be aimed to be qualitative-case study by studying historical factors from published data, internally and externally, and comparing them with existing models from leading authors.

The aim of this research design will be identify external and internal factors influencing the

Partnership trading in the ground of Acquisition. Therefore the research design will be a casual comparative method by studying historical factors from published data (Internal and

External) and comparing them to competitors. This research will aim to conducting semi-structures interviews with senior Operation managers and structured interviews with store managers in the same network business.

Senior managers: I have made an arrangement (Appointment date and time to be confirmed) with the following senior Managers: Head of franchise Marks & Spencer-Arranged by Brenda Moss HR Department, Head of Franchise BP-Arranged by Peter Mendez Retail Territory Manager, Project development Manager BP-Arranged by Jeff Buck Retail Territory Manager, Operation Director BP (Mr. Haward Nunn) -Arranged by Gavin Duncan District Manager and System Development Manager ( Anne Hammnghs) -Arranged by Peter Mendez Retail Territory Manger. They will be interviewed with questions such include the function of their department, their capability to cope with new acquired business, and the direct involvement and their part of play in this journey.

Store managers will be asked how acquisition has affected their role in the organisation,

How they feel the training, recruitment and development has been affected, negatives and positives of acquisitions, refurbishment programme and its negative or positive effects on store


Also few Suppliers ( Exel DHL Supply Chain, Gist M+S Supply Chain, Cuisine de France) will be interviewed through the retail territory managers Peter Mendez’s Approval l (Authorized) to collect their feedback and how this new way of trading effected their capacity and capability. The above facilities and support will be provided (Authorised and the date, Time to be confirmed) due to the fact where I am a part (Employee) of the same organisation.

4. If the research is related to a particular organisation – its name and evidence of permission granted for this research to be undertaken

In order to support my dissertation I have selected a company named “BP and Marks & Spencer Partnership”. The permission has been granted to access and collect all internal dates, other sensitive document from various departments from Head office in Milton Keynes. Also I have been approved to undertake interviews with the following individuals.

-Operational Director (Haward Nunn) – Arranged by Gavin Duncan District Manager BP

-Head of Franchise Marks and Spencer- Arranged by Brenda Moss HR Department

-Head of Franchise BP – Arranged by Peter Mendez RTM

-Project Development Manager BP – Arranged by Jeff Buck RTM

-System Development Manager BP – Arranged by Peter Mendez RTM

-Store Managers Interviews BP – Arranged by Peter Mendez RTM


Exe, Gist, Cusine de France – Arranged by Peter Mendez RTM

-Store Manager – Fawzy Kabeer (friend )

5. Chapter Headings and Subheadings

1. Introduction

1.1 The Bp and Marks & Spencer Partnership – History & Background

2. Literature Review & Processes

2.1 Strategic Planning

2.2 Managing Strategy

2.3 Value & Principles

2.4 Vision

2.5 Objective

2.6 Strategy formulation

2.6.1 Suitability

2.6.2 Feasibility

2.6.3 Acceptability

2.7 The Partnership Strategy

2.8 Strategic Implementation & Control

2.9 Strategic Fit

2.10 Strategic Hierarchy

2.11 Growth Strategy & Portfolio Theory

2.12 Mergers & Acquisition, Internal Development, Joint Development

2.13 Hard & Soft Side of Change Management

2.14 Summary of Objectives

3. Research Methodology for project

3.1 Design of Study

3.2 Data Collection

3.3 Data Analysis

3.4 Research Limitation

4. Critical Analysis and Evaluation

4.1 Logical Behind Change

4.2 Dimension of Retail Market & Market Revolution

4.3 External Environment

4.4 Internal Environment & Benefits

4.4 Managing Strategic Change Effectively

4.5 Type of Change Management

4.6 Gaining Competitive Advantages

4.7 Reason why Strategic Plans Fail

5. Strategies for Strengthening Culture

6. Conclusions and Findings


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