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Principles for Effective Business Communication

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Business communication is the sharing of information between people within and outside the organization that is performed for the commercial benefit of the organization.

In first case the spokesman of the Australian Psychological Society Dr. Peter Cotton talked about two kinds of personalities introverted and extroverted, how people’s behavior can affect their jobs. Mr. Cotton mentioned how people get stuck in their jobs when they have to deal with nasty people on daily basis. Some people are really sensitive when they take things personally and become defensive. Then they feel trapped and they find their jobs difficult. Mr. Cotton said when the workers feel trapped in a difficult job that the daily stress can have adverse consequences. Unfortunately people sometimes stay in their jobs because they do not see there are alternatives.

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In second case there is a discussion about the repeal of the case when the oil-rig explosion took 11 lives and was oil spilling in to the Gulf of Mexico. It was lack of communication when they failed to place a cement plug within the well. The plug is designed to prevent gas from escaping up the pipe to the surface. But the final cement plug was never set and the catastrophic incident occurred. A really good communication is helpful to avoid misunderstandings among people in the workplace. When employees are able to discuss efficiently with each other, misunderstandings will be resolved in a friendly manner.

1. Analyze communication principles for effective business communication and apply strategies of business communication to prepare effective communication for managing relationships between different stakeholders in a business entity.

Clarity: – The first principle of business communication is clarity which means the massage which is send should be in the clear or in other words it should be understandable for the receiver. In any organization the message which is send should have clarity in it so that everyone can understand it. If the message is not clear then may be it leads to misunderstanding.

Simplicity:– The another principle is simplicity that mean messenger should use simple words and sentence should be common which means sender should use understandable words because in an organization there are many people with different skills some can understand the complex sentence but some can’t.

Planning:- Planning is also part of effective communicating because before convey message sender need media to send it so he/she needs to plan that how message should be send which include verbally or other method like written(email, notice board, text), some message are important in organization so they need to be convey fast putting on notice board is not enough, so planning need to be gone in this situation.

Accuracy: – Message send by sender should be accurate, or sentence should in good flow which should be understandable by listener. sending wrong message may lead to big problem because in organization some task are very complex which need to done accurately for example in some firms the task depend on message send by someone like working in steel mill cutting the long steel and the person who is operating the machine send wrong message to someone this may lead to big accident.

Control over language: – It is very effective principle because control over language is very important, words which are used in the sentence should not be abusive or offensive which may effects the conversation. So sender should be very careful while choosing the words.

Consideration: – The people point of view should also be considered while conveying the message. This method is very effective because most of the organization do survey on the company employees to know there view point on any issue so while sending the message this may help other to understand easily.

Pick verbal exchange tools: There are more than a few tools for verbal exchange. However in business, what you are promoting desires to decide on a few of them as wanted. For example, we have got to talk over with our industry companions. At the moment, we make workforce conferences or use video conferencing. Apart from our choice of verbal exchange tool relies thoroughly on our needs or message type.”

Key message: the following procedure is to create a clear message. For those, may be the identical or is also different. This predominant message, an associate, shareholder or employee be regarded. They all have a distinctive position in the organization. The important thing to keep up a correspondence can support with various stakeholders’ messages.”

Q2. After reading the case critically evaluate communication for effective team work and engagement within organizations to promote a positive workplace culture.

Effective planning:- effective planning includes planning before putting any task into work, the communication is very hard in the big organization like BP because the company have many departments in it so to control the flow to communication the before planning is needed. So company need to make plan on every task which is done within or outside the company for example the company don’t have good communication with the drilling contractor, so panning is must before putting any communication in work.

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Appreciation in workplace:- To promote the positive culture on the work place the appreciation very important role in creating good relation with employees because this is like motivating them what they are doing, while going they can how important they are for the company, then they help the company to achieve their goals. for example – Now I am working in the pallet warehouse and my pay rate is normal but my company management always stand with me any help me to complete hard tasks, by which some time it seem that company belongs to me company loss or profit will directly affect me, so I have to help the company to fulfill their goals.

Listening to everyone ideas:– Most of the company make mistake in small thing because management always keep their eye on the peak of the mountain but everything start from bottom for example Mount Everest is highest in whole world but was beneath earth surface ages ago. So listening to idea of other lower level management that helps to maintain good relation in any organization, there can various methods to listen like to conduct different meeting or small friendly parties. By which the employees can give their and add more starts to company.

Trust: – Trust itself explains whole meaning but making trust is very long process so the companies should build the trust with external stakeholder.


The conclusion is that good communication is essential for building a team that will make a business successful. Communication is an exceptional importance for business. We calculate which method video conference, assembly or what we have been doing and what the future can be priceless in speaking the strike will outcome from the exclusive measures.”


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