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Recruitment and Selection Process in Tesco

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Recruitment & Selection Policy:

A platform for recruitment using employment agencies, websites and newspapers. However, Tesco is a big name in the distribution sector does not need publicity, due to its strong presence in the retail sector in the UK.

Fig1: Recruitment Process

GRIEVANCES POLICY: Complaints are an important aspect of personnel policy, because it contains a provision on the factors that cause problems in the workplace because of the causes of stress, fatigue, personal problems, health problems and other social issues. Tesco is very special in this respect because they have serious complaints policy where employee issues are of huge importance and are not neglected due to pressure or excessive workload.

Training and Development Policy: The Company has a policy of training and development that makes it compatible with an organization where employees feel they are growing their career aspects as much as possible. This policy is aligned with the needs of staffing and training needs.

Rewards & Management Policy: Rewards and management policies will be discussed in detail in the literature, allowing employees to feel good, motivated and committed to their employer. It is also a great way to introduce competition into the ranks of employees and their competitive strategies. Premiums and policy management is also an understandable form of access to personal potential and their classification in regard to the role in business. For a company like Tesco, is a way to find potential leaders, and industry icons.

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The company faces many aspects of internal training, and outsourcing training and customer service are the key aspects of learning, while being part of Tesco. Internal transfers are made to develop and improve skills and vocational training is a part of the preparation procedures for these skills. Tesco Jobs in organizational behavior also improves employee to learn to be part of the organization with other aspects of the skills that are important to be injected in quality packaging. Interestingly, employees with a reatil industry knowledge is important when working in the retail sector. It is very important to realize and raise awareness in people regarding the induction of employees is an important step in a company the caliber and size of Tesco. It simply ensures that employees who are new should be aware of the principles and work in which they operate, like any culture of work differs from the other aspects of management, other important aspects. regular team meetings and notes to ensure that people working together is teamwork and collaboration between them as they help each other in different ways. There is also a systematic way of internal communication with staff that is done on a regular basis in the form of monthly newsletters, intranets, corporate reports, staff feedback, etc. All the above things to help employees in their awareness of the changes are constantly occurring in society and the impact of these changes in growth, profitability and image of the retail industry.

In the context of this literature is very important to understand and examine the link between corporate strategy and human resources strategy for Tesco. There is always a link between corporate strategy and human resource strategy of an organization like Tesco following the classical concepts of SHRM, business strategy management systems, human resources as a set of interrelated policies and practices for implementing business strategies. The reporting of corporate strategy for managing human resources directors are the general contractor Shih, H.A & Chiang, Y.H (2005).

Regarding the difference between the theory of strategic management company, commercial, operational and political strategy, the company’s strategy is to devise operational strategy, because that is what makes the organization function as it should. Provides focus and direction of corporate communication function, and is also active in developing the strategy for implementing the communication plan Steyn, B (2003). Formulation of the strategy in action is a very important part of corporate strategies. Structuring an organization to support a good performance including organizational structures, processes and contexts. Scholes, K Johnson, G Whittington, R (2009). The management of the business strategy often involves change and the type of change that is implemented in a retail establishment at Tesco. A key element of corporate strategy includes the expansion of financial security to be granted to employees and come with more resourceful, innovative and creative financial plans for welfare and restraint. However, attention is directed more elements to human resources strategy literature that focus strategically on this issue and it is also crucial for an organization potential of the stature of Tesco. It has to do with managing the work efficiently and effectively, while ensuring the rights of individuals and their value to the company. A central feature of a continuous improvement process is to ensure that the system is managed and controlled effectively. This requires measurement, analysis and reduction of fluctuations in the results to more realistic limits. The framework must include the organization of the HR practice in groups with a common goal, and it also develops principles for each group covering the management of the organization, intent, culture and capabilities. There is also the possibility of clear measures against which must be measured over time. The aspects are to be discussed in detail in the results including the nature, long term and short-term, HR strategy and its impact on business growth. Other important and essential to examine the policy framework will be consistent with strict implementation in the United Kingdom and I. strategy of the competitor, Strategy E of ASDA, Morrison and Sainsbury.

Within the framework of HR strategies is very important to discuss in detail the policies of recruitment and selection of large companies like Tesco and gender equality policy. Recruitment process is discussed in detail and the manner in which the company does the recruitment process efficient, transparent and efficient to win. Another important criterion for making an effective HR plan is to make useful analysis of organizational culture and cultural diversity, the dealer is a huge company manages and supervises its activities. The concept of organizational culture has become a major theme of science organization. Organizations create a culture or work environment to gain competitive advantage and this has to do primarily with customer service, emphasis on employee participation and integration of technological innovation in developing products or services. A culture can be considered the style of an organization, the atmosphere or the personalities of the Sims, RR (2002). There will be debates in the paper on the direction of the organization of the review giants and the most important consequences that can be done to make it more effective.

However, in this scenario, the HR function as an agent of change is very important to realize that human resources is a key player in the treatment of work in the context of the organization must be an agent of change and take responsibility policies regarding disciplinary and other more. Change management strategies are discussed in relation to the different change management models.


Fig2: Change Management Model

Above, the model of change management is adopted by companies in most cases to manage change effectively and also aggressive steps to be incorporated in organizational hierarchies. A change management process still requires a vision and a need for a focused and dedicated management. Proper analysis is crucial as regards the financial implications and the key element is the catalyst for an organization. Other models to be discussed in detail in the literature include Kotler model of change management and discussions will also be published on the role of change agents. The successful implementation of the change process associated with the facilitators of change and in cases of these literature facilitators of change in human resources. The change agent can be defined as a leader who is there to reconfigure the roles of an organization, responsibilities, structures and outputs Saka, A (2002). The change agent skills within the organization should be clarity on the definition of objectives, activities, team building, communication skills, negotiation techniques and skills of influence to win support for the goals and objectives. But we also know the limitations of change management are more associated with the perception of senior management of the need for change. In the phase of implementation of strategic change, top managers expect lower managers and employees to act according to their strategic vision and strategic plans, Joyce, P & Wiley, J (2000). Employees do not have the responsibility to manage change so that the responsibility for change management is the management and executives of Tesco. Kotler, JP (1995). There will be detailed discussions on what measures can be taken by human resources to manage resistance to change. Resistance to change has been recognized as an extremely important factor that can influence the success or failure of an organizational change effort Waddell D & Sohail A.S (1998). This resistance is mainly due to fear of the unknown in the minds of the people, economic insecurity and some failures to recognize why the change is so important Nadler (1989). A very important topic of discussion is the motivation aspects of HR strategy. Motivation always brings positive and fruitful results regarding the growth of the organization and manages to bring the productivity of staff at its optimal level. This literature will explain how motivation can be increased and Herzberg and Maslow theories of motivation are discussed in detail in this document. Training of employees in retail trade is one aspect that will be discussed in detail in this literature where employees are key players in any part of the organization. Empowerment, engagement and ownership by employees is the key quantifiable aspects of a sector with great influence in the distribution sector due to customer confidence and to concentrate.


It is necessary to understand the importance of HR strategies in the company of the size and condition of Tesco. Effective human resource strategies are still profitable and productive impact on the growth of the company as HR has a vital importance for human resources management. A motivating factor always increases in productivity that employees must be motivated to perform at optimum level. It is important to ensure that an environment free of politics and bureaucracy is presented taking into account aspects of the declaration of the equality policy and a reward system unique and efficient management. HR strategy is always associated with corporate strategy so that business objectives are achieved through the effective use of resources and taking into account the economic consequences. The recruitment policy should be transparent and make room for younger talent, without forgetting the importance of retaining the old staff and helpful. Although the work in the retail environment, it is important that staff understands the importance of teamwork and cooperation, and how the operator can influence their teams to ensure efficient and effective. Training of workers is another important aspect that is neglected, because the nature of the retail sector, institutions need to train workers there on a regular basis to meet customer is involved in all key stakeholders. Customer satisfaction is considered in detail in this literature, in which Tesco is distinguished part of absolute customer orientation and CRM or Customer Relationship Management is one of the most significant characteristics of Tesco and influence the business strategy, because it is strong dependence on online sales and marketing. In this recruitment context, selection and retention of workers in Tesco is considered very high dependence and competitive strategy of the bank through the analysis of its competitors. ASDA is one of the largest operators, Tesco and the retail trade, after Sainsbury and Morrison is a very unique and transparent approach, so their employees, and employee retention policy. Under a good competitor, a strategy is always crucial to assess how it is at the forefront of its competitors.

Research Methodology

Collis and Hussey (2003) “They stressed that the methodology of reference for the overall approach of the research process of the theoretical basis for the collection and analysis&” (p.55). Just As noted Gronhaug and Ghauri (2005) to find the right solution of the problem or answer the question and take the decision, it is necessary to conduct operations procedure to identify the real issues more deeply, to collect relevant information on the topic or area of interest and eventually put the information in sequential order to make the decision on the research problem or question. No decision can be made, no problem can be solved and the question can be answered once, less exertion, resources or procedures apply to take the decision. To carry out this research, to find the research questions and approach for systematic procedures to be adopted by the researcher, The Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill (2003) have given extensive and summarize the research methodology aspects presented in the search ‘onion’.

Figure 2

Fig3: Saunders Research Process Onion

The research process onion Saunders chose a model of this research and the emphasis should be placed on methods of collecting data that will be adopted for this study. The research will be a mixture of primary and secondary research observations and interviews will also play a major role in identifying issues that the satisfaction levels of employees within the company and its dependence on the golf literature. Investigations are also important to identify the level of employee satisfaction and may be used for data analysis.

Research Philosophy

According to Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill (2007), One Paradigm is “a paradigm to explore social phenomena, especially in the understanding of these phenomena can be earned and attempted explanations” (Pg 112); the research philosophy approach is all about, a researcher in the research. It depends largely on how the investigator that he or she wishes to develop the knowledge, its all about the researcher believes that what needs to be research results and effectiveness will be found, so how the researcher believes that impact of how he or she is, many writers used the term paradigm of philosophy. A research paradigm can also be described as how the research will take place. They are four types of paradigms: functionalist, interpretive, radical humanist and radical structuralism. Creswell (1994) quoted in Collis and Hussey (2003) “the positivist paradigm of quantitative and qualitative phenomenological paradigm” (Pg. 48). Positivist approach is designed to, or cause social phenomena with little regard to the subjective state of the individual and the phenomenological paradigm is to understand human behaviour in the same frame of reference participant, (p. 52-53). This study is based on positivist and phenomenological approaches are taken to do research both quantitative and qualitative research data to find a solution.

Research Design

The research plan is very important and is the research base, and leads to get the answer the research question of reliable and valid. In a study on different techniques, approaches and methods have been employed, which, according to (Selltiz et al, 1981) in Jankowicz (2005) is required for various techniques of data collection, depending on the problem, we can not get the right result if you use the same techniques on all problems. The use of appropriate techniques, depending on the problem leads to results in the direction of generalizations.

This study includes both primary and secondary data sources; secondary sources of information include business magazines and articles, books and internet. If so, collected through quantitative and qualitative methods of data. Research is a combination of exploratory and explanatory (descriptive). Should be applied to both research on, as evidenced by Jankowicz (2005). Pre-application to identify a problem or a problem, gather information and helps define the problem, while the explanatory (descriptive) is used to identify the issues and questions that this study is to analyze and describe the importance of employee retention and recruitment and selection of workers in Tesco. Supporting research in the type of data collected both qualitative and quantitative methods. Global model of Figure 3.2 shows the structure of the study, which was approved this survey has highlighted in bold or boxes show the types or methods of research implementation.

Research Approach:

According to Saunders onion research deductive approach where the researcher develops the theory and design and research strategy to test the hypothesis. There are two types of research approaches, namely deductive and inductive, but in the context of this literature, the mixed method approach is best and safest method to be adopted due to the size of the research and the different components of the literature.

Research Strategy:

However, the research strategy is the generic plan is taken by the researcher to define the methods of data collection are included in the study and the limits are defined by the methods of investigation. However, there are different strategies for handling which is taken as part of the investigation, however, this study will adopt the research strategy, where polls will be used to identify trends, analysis and behavior of key components employee satisfaction and recruitment and selection policies in Tesco.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Paradigms:

Difference between qualitative and quantitative research

Quantitative paradigms Qualitative paradigms

Concerned with understanding Seek the facts/causes of social

behaviour from actions own frame phenomena

of reference. Obstructive and controlled measurement

Naturalistic and uncontrolled objective

observation. Removed from data: the outsider

Subjective perspective

Close to the data the insider Ungrounded, verification oriented,

perspective reductionist, hypothetico-deductive

Grounded, discovery oriented, exp-

loratory, expansionist, descriptive, Outcome oriented

inductive Reliable, hard and replicable data

Press -oriented Generalizable: multiple case studies

Ungeneralisable: single case study, Particularistic

Holistic Assume a stable reality

Assumes a dynamic reality

Table1: Difference between Qualitative and Quantitative Research

The table above shows clearly the main differences between qualitative and quantitative research paradigms. The main differences between the two methods is that the main results of this qualitative study did not reach statistical methods or otherwise, the limit of detection. One of the fundamental differences also, that the research uses a quantitative measurement and quantitative research is not based on measurements. Methods of data collection observation, interviews are part of qualitative research that will be a great debate in this literature. However, it is possible to measure qualitative data, therefore, qualitative and quantitative aspects, not mutually exclusive. Ghauri, P & Gronhaug, K (2005).

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The talks are again in qualitative research where information is obtained through discussions. Maintenance is always useful for researchers to collect data in direct contact with clients say that the main actors involved in the process of this investigation. The interviews were used to determine the response of employees to the extent that there is no job satisfaction concerns and the needs of employees who are covered by the company. The design of the interview will be structured and only focus on the relevance and the aspects of time management and focus on details as possible in the shortest time possible.


Questionnaire is another important element of primary research. There are two types of questionnaires, namely a permanent and indefinite. The questionnaires will be completed by mainly used in this document as close ended questionnaires are not easy to conceive that permanent, but has a huge impact in terms of data analysis part of the literature. Questionnaires will be distributed to employees, branch managers, supervisors and other key players Branch Tesco Gallant Reach.

Data Collection Methods and Instruments

Methods for collecting data are used in this study to collect basic data, which takes place interviews, focus groups, surveys and questionnaires. Focus on data collection Galliant Reach Tesco branch and the defendants are officers, directors, managers, branch manager and other key personnel. The information gathered will be used for statistical analysis to make interpretations of the behaviour of stakeholders and their effects on the market. Questionnaire design, data used in this adaptation of a closed-ended question. Closed-ended questions will help to improve compared to the analysis of open questions, because it best fits the type of research, conducted with the thesis. Tools used for data analysis are Excel spreadsheet. Excel data analysis is simple and easily understood. Data analysis is performed using statistical graphs such as pie charts, bar charts and histograms. Secondary data collected from the Internet through the company and report profiles. Newspapers can also be a very important tool for gathering historical information and evidence in the form of statistics. The analysis is aimed at finding a competitive advantage enjoyed by Tesco, compared with other retail giants ASDA ie, Morrisons and Sainsbury.

Ethical Considerations:

Ethical consideration in this regard have been complied with ethical policy towards companies (Tesco, UK) were analyzed in this literature, and intellectual property rights. The company’s website, Tesco.com follows a policy on copyright and intellectual property rights. Copyright protection has some restrictions are considered in the public interest. Such a restriction or safety valve is a fair use provision Goldstein (1994). All data used in this study the company particular concern of intellectual property rights and may not be used in marketing a company or for other reasons of this thesis.


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