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Processes of Business Research

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Here we understand ”what research is?”; it is another word for gathering information or facts or data. The more information, facts, or data we have is helpful to solve the problem and make our own good decisions. Business Research subject end result is action and implement the advance knowledge we gained by contributing to our own challenging life or future business aspects. We interact with everyday people of ordinary people and extra ordinary people such as teachers, students, scientists, professors, scholars, business owners, librarians, book keepers, politicians and many more which was the result of advance knowledge created in the past to gather information.

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Accordance, to the three year degree program and final year first semester one subject; business research helpful students to be aware of their surroundings and accommodating to answers to the business related questions. Subsequently, we have learnt about ‘how research contributes to management, identification of the research process such as; discovering the management questions and research questions, research proposal, research design, data collection and preparation, data analysis and interpretation, report writing and etc. Also, how to use the secondary data to answer management questions, identify and apply appropriate designs for conducting specific business research, how sampling is accomplished in survey research and the difference between probability and non-probability sampling and formulate testable research hypothesis based on management questions.

Learning Experiences

2.1 Learning Experiences of Business Research

”Learning” is all about gaining knowledge of or skill in by study, experience or being taught. Learning experience is observing and reflecting on the consequences of an action in a situation.

Concrete experience

Testing implications of Observations and reflections

concepts in new situations

Formation of abstract concepts and generations

Figure 1. The experimental Learning Model

Learning has considered as a four-stage cycle. Gradual experience is the basis for observation and reflection. Today, successful manager or administrator is differentiating from each other by not having the knowledge or skills by their capability if adopt and familiarizing the changing demands of their job and career by using the learning skills.

There is a mortal about learning such as ”one learns or he/ she does not”. More explains mortal about learning is deficient of accepting the learning process.

2.2 Learning processes of Business Research

Coventry University in United Kingdom provides with vast opportunities and links for the career path of a business student. Academic career gives the opportunity to select the career path in chosen and pretend field. Combination of academic and business link provides the authority for both educational and the corporate sector experiences. Most of the research standards in the reality of business as most of the theories are ratify in real world of business.

Research simply means a search of facts solutions to problems and it is systematic and methodical investigation. In addition, it is an organized inquiry and increases knowledge. In the environment, there are different issues such as socio-economic, health problems, human relations, marketing, production, finance etc and research provides answers to those problems taking place in the society, industry and trade. A research project allows students to apply theory to, and or analyze more issues that are general. It offers students an opportunity to identify and select a research problem and investigate it independently. In Business research we learn about research concepts which explains definition and application of research and formulating and clarifying the research topic, literature review which conduct how to do a literature search and critically review and analyze the literature, the research proposal, research design, data gathering sampling and questionnaires such as identifying the population sampling procedure, advantages; data gathering questionnaires as different source of data collection, data gathering interviews and alternatives, reflective journal writing and reporting results by written format and by presentations. Accordance to the Business Research all ten topics are interesting and effective. But the most interesting topic was ”data gathering, sampling and questionnaires; which is a vast area of business research subject. Business Research methods or techniques vary from size of the company and information required. For an example, customer research might engage with customer feelings or experiences about utilizing a ‘product or service’ by using customer satisfaction methods such as questionnaires, seminars or interviews. When researching public information, business statistics on financial and educational information in relates to product usage, customer demographics and hours of television viewed by customers in a one geographic area will be available as a end result of the research.

Sampling help us to overcome constrains and to carryout, our work effectively and make our judgment accurately. Besides, it helps limit the item selection in a suitable manner without making unnecessary expenses with budgetary requirements. Sampling procedure, which contains with nine topics, was new to learn in business research subject. It helps in decision making.

Learning reasons of Business Research

Business Research is important within the organization or outside the environment issues to be solve and find the solutions. Research helps to solve existing decision-making problems, which makes the organization more profitable and solve problems of immediate concern. Most organizations put much effort to gather information before they make decisions. Research has need of effort, time, and money to have data collection to make good decisions.

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Business Research consists of a program which tells and show how appropriate the collected and scrutinized information that always supportive for good decision making. When the research and analysis are completed, the result is communed to management. ”This is why business research is important as it provides information; concerning critical issues that have an influence on the target market and marketing mix”. In addition, business research is corporate to modify the market and solve the organization uncorrected or wrong data to remote regions at affordable cost and business to earn more profits.

Business fail to continue in resourceful way without business research and it is vital for every field of business. Therefore, we cannot run our businesses without business research. When learning about the business research, it helps us to conduct our own research to benefit our business and future. From time to time, good blueprint of instructions helps with the research process.

Learning Experience in relation to academic development

I have been involved in Business Research by identifying and classifying dissimilar diversity learning methods and the end result of it. The intension of this research of this business research is to recognize unusual methods have been taught and implement to solve organizations problems and to identify the learning styles and suitable learning modes which is available and to improve with the design of learning experiences.

There are two goals of academic development; such as particular detailed subject matter and learning about strengths and weaknesses as a learner. Understanding on the ‘subject matter and strengths and weaknesses helps and support a framework’ for continuing learning on the job. Learning experience is not restricted to the classroom but also turn out to be an essential and unambiguous work. On the job experience; becomes a focus for testing and exploring new ideas.

Learning Experience in relation to Professional Development

In Business Research studies practical professional development of statistical power is important as; ”planning of sample sizes prior to gathering data used to evaluate statistical hypotheses”. This helps to conclude apposite sample size; has important limitations in actual business research studies. More important relative to research proposal and main report in sample size approach is available with ”statistical testing of multiple hypotheses using different testing methodologies. Therefore, dissimilar hypotheses need to be involve with; ”correlation or regression analysis, the use of structural equation modeling, analysis of variance”. As a result, the employ of the ‘sample size’ strength of mind in decision making and in the main report most such studies and at work. In addition, this subjects directions for future business too. It helps for my research goals such as; ”product or service I want to sell or to determine potential market, size of the competition or to test the effectiveness and the market position of the product and service of my future intend business”.

Learning Experience in relation to personal development

Own personal development plan is a key ‘fundamental part of our career journey. During the three year degree program thorough knowledge about the subject, diversity of skills that we develop is essential to become an independent researcher in everyday life. We need to understand and identify the starting point and where you want to be to sequence to plan well-organized, resourceful and competent direction to obtain where we want to be in future or in a business position. Therefore, business research program has been helpful to indentify my current skills and in order to proceed with all the design took to track the career journey.

In addition, I have learnt; a range of social research methods techniques and skills and how they has been used to address particular research questions in management and business settings, survey design and analysis, a range of qualitative research methods, a range of quantitative methods of analysis, project planning and development, ethical problems and issues related to social research and management research in particular and how research in various management specialism have developed.


In business, environment research is a essential key our everyday decision making. It helps to find out the wrong information and save money and time. Research is significant success as acquiring day to day life challenges and decision making. Research plus action will assume a successful researcher.

Research aim is to resolve the business or everyday life issues or problems, which occurred before or present with profitable or immediate concern. This helps to understand how research impact on our everyday and business decision making. Most people do not put much effort to collect or back up information or data. Only few do back them up. There is a risk or cost of making important decisions without gathering information for evidence for future reference.


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