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Role of a Manager in an Organization

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Describing the role of a manager in a typical organization. The ethical role for a manager has benefits and consequences of requiring that employees use proper time management performing long hours and adding extensive travel time to their careers is essential to the tasks of a productive manager. When an employee enters into an agreement or contract at the time of employment in which the requirements for employment are stated clear and concise then the employment contract is mutually agree to. As long as the tasks or duties of both parties that are involved to maintain this gainful position are upfront, then the terms of the contract are valid on the actual starting hire date which is the beginning of a manager’s duties with the prospected employee. Today most job agreements that are considered to be mutually agreed upon are by the employer and employee in having the rights to end the employment agreement when they wish. Because of this type of employment, both parties can choose more suitable agreeable arrangements or terminate employment if disagreements arise without conflicts. (Jones, G. R. & George, J. M. 2011)

The Role of a Manager in a Typical Organization

He/She should be good at organizing, staffing, directing, in communication and control. First and foremost the logic of group formation. Second, be informative, monitoring, being a non-discriminator not afraid to be a spokesperson. This person could perform the different activities, without limitations. This manager should be a great figurehead, leader, liaison, and would be physically able to do everyone’s position under them with intellect and skill. Third reason is efficiency and conservativeness being an Entrepreneur, Disturbance handler, Resource allocator, and Negotiator. Managers control short term goals and the day to day tasks of an organization, as opposed to the long term strategy. He/She should fully protect his team mates. If anything goes wrong he should shoulder the responsibility. (Pieters R.G.M., Van Raaij W.F. 1988)

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To explain the role of organizational learning and creativity and how it plays in helping managers to improve their decisions is essential to every business. I was Team leader which was a lower management position under the several managers at Sony. When I worked as a customer service representative for Sony as an Informational Consultant to the consumer in answering the phones about trouble shooting issues with Sony’s electronic products I assigned to every employee under me a journal packet (my idea). This packet was to assist the employee in noting all issues they have encountered that were or are difficult to solve over the phones. Every Friday at the end of the day for one hour the employees assigned to me, as team leader, had a meeting of the minds. We went over all notes for the past week. Some of the meetings only lasted 20 to 30 minutes because we stayed on top of needed misinformed regulations in operating the companies sold electronics. Every month the team leaders had their meeting of the minds with our managers. We did the same things as we the team leaders did with our assigned employees. This process allowed the much needed information to reach the top players in Sony that developed new technology. Additionally this type of company communication was the back bone to new implemented policies that allowed employees to perform their respected positions efficiently. I could go on and tell you the aspects of how Sony operates internally but all employees sign an agreement to prevent vital company information that could be used by the competition. Customer Service was Sony’s best defense against the dog eat dog world in business. Much of all of Sony’s ideas are from the employee and their creativeness. All of the employees are encouraged to pay close attention to every complaint that they encounter from the consumer. It is the consumer’s complaints that help Sony stay competitive with better technology and customer service.

It is the same for managers when hiring employee’s looking for gainful employment which is similar to buying a used car. When a perspective employee applies for the job which they are seeking they must take the good with the bad in order to be hired. All business owners lay out the job duties for the manager prior to the initial hire date that is agreed upon. Additionally the employer also gives a brief summery of what the training entails giving the manager and the employee an example of what they are in for while they work for the corporation, like that first test drive prior to buying that use car “as is”. Of course there are unseen variables that we all encounter in any thing we do and this is where the employer tests the employee to see if they are mentally capable in performing their perspective position that they will be hired for. This is the financing side of the purchase from the used car dealer to make sure you won’t just drive off with their vehicle and not pay for it. This is also considered as the background check and the credit check verifying the new employee’s dependability or reliability ethics which are the tasks of the manager. This is where the obligations of a manager or employer come into play enabling employees to create a balanced professional and private lifestyle while working for their corporation.

Fitting the Four Functions of Management in a Good Manager

  • Planning: Identifying and selecting suitable goals; which is a principal task of management. (pg.8) This is when a organized outline of ideas and ideals that are appropriate and ethical are decided on that will have a successful result in the work place bringing productivity and profit.
  • Organizing: Structuring working relationships so members of an organization can work together to reach or attain organizational goals; this is another principal task of management. (pg. 9)

This is when policy is put into action using that planned outline of ideas and ideals that are appropriate and ethical that are decided on that will have a successful result in the work place assigning the tasks to those that will bringing productivity and profit.

  • Leading: Expressing an idea or feeling fluently and coherently in a clear vision, energizing and enabling organizational members so that they don’t misrepresent the part they play in attaining organizational goals; another principal task of management. (pg.10)

This is when all that planning and organization that was put into action is being filtered down to those with leadership qualities to train those that will implement a successful result in the work place bringing productivity and profit with professional ethical customer service.

  • Controlling: Forming an idea of the amount, number, or value of how well an organization is reaching its goals and taking appropriate action to maintain or improve performance; another principal tasks of management. (pg.10)

This is where all the recorded successful results that were performed in the work place are brought to, to evaluate the productivity and profit with professional ethical customer service to improve the areas that need attention bringing future policies that will positively foster the growth of the business for many more years of professional service.

The reliability of the manager is to perform promised services showing dependably and accurately proving responsiveness with the willingness and readiness to provide prompt service to the company and the employee. Competence is a trait for a manager in business that is to possess up-to-date knowledge and skills performing the services with access giving that approachability and ease of contact of service to personnel. A manager must have great customer service that comes with Courtesy in politeness, consideration, and friendliness of service personnel. Business Communication is in keeping employee’s and customers informed; listening to everyone checking out their Credibility and trustworthiness of their complaints knowing if they are believable and being honest about the issues of the product or situation in question. The manager should foresee the security and freedoms of the company keeping them from danger, risk, or doubt which is essential in understanding and knowing the employee’s and customer’s needs. Which in conclusion the physical evidence of service of a manager towards the company and the consumer only become tangible when the results show profitable value. When Efficiency, Quality, Essential character, Innovation, and Customer responsiveness is positive then do you see the Competitive advantage of a great manager.

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A manager should also have a concept of diversity which is imperative in the workplace because a diverse staff that has different backgrounds, experiences, knowledge and understanding could have different perspectives on the services provided. Flexible managers in a diverse workplace are should be better at solving the companies troubling issues and implementing new ideas and policies because there are diversified cultures that are able to come up with the needed solutions and ideas internally in the company. (Jones & George, 2011, p. 98). The definition of diversity is: “people of different age, sex, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, also those backgrounds concerned with the interaction of social and economic factors, and capabilities/disabilities; the state of being diverse; variety”. (Oxford Dictionary 2010) A Diverse work place keeps life interesting. If our friends are like us, We have a better chance at knowing what we and our friends think, especially when they work under us. If we mix it up a little, we might come to different conclusions. The world is full of different cultures especially America, all of whom have various needs, desires, wants, and demands. The legal environment must politically correct to respond to these, functionally and orderly in society. Beyond that, this country has all sorts of economic issues, all of which, sooner or later become the concern of the employer and the law. This is why managers must be aware of issues like globalization which is necessary for businesses to be competitive to ensure stable revenues and profits. History tells the story of why we as a people reached out to other countries in the first place. America became great because other countries needed our resources like steel, wheat, rice and electronics. Japan had nothing until WE gave it to them. This goes for the rest of the world too. The English and American’s have always dominated the free market in business because of the superior Ideals of America’s forefathers that fought for, what we call today, FREEDOM. This is why America has the reputation of being the melting pot of the world.


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