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Security Company Case Study

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Wordcount: 3464 words Published: 14th Sep 2017

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Envision a future for an organisation

Submitted to: Losa Finau

Submitted by: Ravinder Singh Panaich


1) A review of the organisation in its current market including an analysis of the customer base

Status Of Business In The Market:

Owner: Anil Singh

Position:Office Manager.

We Are Describe our Security Company i.e, 24/7 Security Service. It is a security company which deals with security services like static, Patrolling, OTG (On train Guard). our company works under ARMOURGUARD and FIRST SECURITY .our main motive is to secure and crime free environment and safety of the humanity. we works at all the Countdowns in Auckland city under the supervision of FIRST SECURITY. our main job at Countdowns is to observe Customers that they did’nt steal anything from countdown and pay for the whole stuff. Our main job is the security of Staff and evacuate them in emergency. Sometimes drunk customers come and steal the stuff from the customers without paying they fight with the staff members and our guards have to stop them. our Guards have the right to stop any customers and right to check their stuff. our Company also Works with New Zealand Police. Police Hire us in Crime Scenes like murder, Fight etc. we have the Static guards who works on crime locations.

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we are also have contract with ANZ BANK in all over Auckland. in banks, we have to stop people who have hide their identity by covering their face with sunglasses, wearing hoodies. We are also works in commercial site for camera operating for e.g. one of our guard works at FISHER & PAYKEL east tamaki. his job is to operating cameras in night. he have all the access of the site. if he have find any suspicious thing he report to police or ALPHA 6 for backup. we also doing night Patrolling in the commercial sites. we have to check every site for damaging and other cause. we have the acess and scanner by which we scan ever gate of the site. and report things if happen. thus our company have more work and sites than other Company.

There are some competitors like OPL who works under same Company. but they didn’t have more sites as we have . our company runs from past 5 years and we have more than 150 guards in ours company which works in ARMOURGUARD and FIRST SECURITY. thus our status in the market is better than other companies.


24/7 Security Company’s vision is to be the most professional security leader in the industry by our customers’ and show our work and creating client-agency working partnerships.


24/7 Security Company’s mission is protect everyone any site. This section provides a brief summary of the health and safety legislation and defines accountabilities. We differentiate ourselves from other security companies by our rejection of the “one size fits all” mentality that often pervades the security industry.

  1. Influence

Skills: – our guard doing best when they at job so client be happy because they doing work well. Main effect is communication skills .our all guard have educated and they are trained guard. If we have skills then we have good impact on our job time.

Impact: – our all staff members have excellence skills related to our job and they doing their tasks well.

Consequences: – in the night shift our some employees not meet their goals. Few employees don’t know about the site so it’s hard to work overthere.

Staff: – In our Company we are more than 80 guards working and these all staff members are very helpful and friendly.They all are well trained and physically fit. For example,In the morning shift guards are different and evening are different so we are more secure about our jobs. When in event time we are toov much busy so all guard working that time like a good team.all guards have good communicationskills .our staff like supervisor and manager very friendly to guards .they have different night supervisor as well.

Impact: – our security guards are the strength of our 24/7 company because they all are experienced and giving their good performance which has good impact on our service.

Consequences: – when our security guards get the new job which provides the more salary package they left our job and we need to hire some new employees so this is the consequences our trained employee left the job.

Structure: – our organization structures our Security services Like we have different companies contract and covered large area for security services to show our performance. They also manage their staff structure. In our company we have three positions. First is cashier who manager the pay system. Second is supervisor who arrange the shifts And third is our manager who manages all staff members, their positions and checks the all sites.

Impact: – They increase their security services and manage asll sites.

Consequences: – Most of the time our security have only one guard all sites but in the busy time two guards working well and show their performance.

System: – in our company all things according to system like we got pay on time. They give work on time if any changes they call and confirm with guard.if any meeting they want with guard so they can arrange all time which suits to guard .so all over everything in my company they do work according to system.

Impact: – if all things according to system we can save our time and paper work result will show 100%.

Consequences: – in our company dnt have RT so other companies have that’s effect our companies reputation down.

SHARED VALUES; Every business run successfully due to their shared values. For example, every employee should be honest with their work and procedure. Like in our company some staff working in the office so they honest and never do work pay procedure.when we working together the values are shared automatically.


Some old and new employess they share their experience and find new technologies abour work.thery find new ways to work and easy everything.when all together so they can share they culture and values and other things as well. So we know about all when we together.


The values are shared on the basis of working styles. When shared values come to us we know aqbout other culture and we adat some new things so we more experience about all things.


Political changes are the big effect on security.when political change all over change everything.Political changes are those in which the legislations regarding the policies changes.


The company has already planned what they want to do in future and when the rules change they have to change their strategy. Sometimes company makes the budget they are going to pay tax that much in this year but they have to break down from their plan.


The outcome of the above example could be different. Due to change in the taxation policy, the costs may increase or decrease depending on the change occurred in the taxation policy. The outcome will increase and the cost on the export and import will be less if the taxation has decreased even by a very small rate.


The economy is an external factor that affects the success of our business. Like in company if they not pay good so we not run the business to get success. If Their economic condition is good because they have a political support and they show their good customer performance and provide best security to the other customers for earning the money. They also give the good pay rate to their smart and hardworking employees.

Impact: – our company provide the bonus and good pay rate to our employees to keep us for long term goals.

Consequences: – our owner does not give the more wage rate to senior employees as compare to new employees.

SOCIAL; Social needs affect every business. For Example, before open any business we should look the area first like what type of competitor here and which area people need more security. When we search allover then which place suits our company we choose and start business.

Impact: – In north shore all profeesional people live and we do our best to provide good security and communication skills.

Consequences: – here people need guard active all the time and give good service.then customer vgive good feedback about guards.

Technological: – Technology advances show people a more efficient way to do things, and these processes get results. It has become very easy to get access to relevant information at any time anywhere. For example, we have RT system when we need someone we call throw RT and we got backup ontime. We have PDA,GDS and CATS.every security have technology.when ever guard doing patrolling .he doing barcodes and if somewhere alarm activate we got call form comms then we reach over there with in half hour and setup the alarm.we have panic button in our RT .when we press that button we connect with police automatic so any bad situation we press panic button then police reach over there on time.

Impact: – Due to the technology we all feel safe and secure .we do work anywhere anytime without any fear.

Consequences: – Sometimes we use old technologies while in working. we cannot use that type of technology while in working so we do not know how to use.

LEGAL; This part contains our legal rights like our health and safety. Now health and safety have really strict rules. Our managers need to look after their employee’s health and safety first before doing anything.

Impact: – in this we got our leaves in emergency time and get the pay for our shift hours.

Consequences: – in our company I am working part time because I am international student but our owner does not give me the sick leave.

Environment: – Environment affects our security system mostly when guard doing work by walking and check the whole site. That time its hard when its raining. Mostly some sites have work under the roof .

Impact: – environment does not affect our Mobil service because we have covered area for grocery and also on pumps.

Consequences: – for the night pay we do not have the covered area when customers come for paying in rainy weather they all is wet.

  1. Stakeholder for the organisation

Employees: Another important internal stakeholder group is employees. We are approximately 80-90 guards in our company. As stakeholders, employees are influenced by our company. The employee’s standard of work and commitment to health and safety and excellence is vital in order to keep our company as a leader in security field. Mistakes can be costly in terms of reputation and the livelihood of other employees. A priority of our company is to escort the customer. It seeks to provide its staff with good and safe working condition and competitive terms of employment. This has a positive influence on employees its keep them safe and motivated.one of best positive point our staff have more experience and good communication skills.

Customer; in our business customer is main thing.with the help of customer we increase our business .if we give good service to customer .if they happy then our relation is strong with customer.if we escort the staff with proper way.like some sites they need experience guards.due to our work we show how we diifer from other companies.

Supplier;our company provide best security than other companies.we escort the staff very good .we have some guards they know how to watch camera operator.due to communication skills we have some guards work in hospital and banks.for our good work we lead in first position.

D.) Similar organizations in the market and major changes in external environment which impact on security company

In security company we have many competitors now days like first security ,armourguard ,matrix,rush security etc.They did several changes in their system which has bad impact on my company.such as they use new technology which has bad impact on my company because we use old technology .they have more petrol guards than my company .in other companies they have night supervisor nd they work all nights .in my company our supervisor work till 12pm .these type of negative impact we loose many sites .Other companies got benefits.sometimes we have same events with other companies our guards some new or some experience those guard they did mistake we got complaints so we can’t get evnets more..some companies very cheaps .customer like cheaps rate so this is also one bad impact for all companies. we have many changes in my companies through we make our company better.

Question 2, Section-One

A.)Competitive strengths and weakness

Strengths: –

  • Our company lead with top companies
  • More experience guards
  • Good customer service
  • New technology provided to guards
  • Hire new petrol guards
  • Good office staff
  • Provided backup on time
  • Good vehicle than other competitors


  • Bad customer service
  • High prices
  • Less experience guards
  • Slow response if any incident sites
  • Old uniforms
  • Need new technology

B. Security provide safe living standard ,work environment all day by offer a package of security solutions.we have some core values in security system.

Passion – we take many risk everyday and learn from our mistakes.we aim is reach to our goal.due to our security business we have different clients, partners and deal with everyone different way.this is our success part of company.

Trust -Trust is big thing in our business because we are the only one to cover whole site nad provide safe environment. Our best quality is transparent and reliable to our clients. We do what we say and say what we do: promises are kept. That is trust.

Quality – our all work depend upon how we do work and show our performance.we mainly focus to happy oour customer.we have new technology which helps we work very well.. The quality of our relationships is equally important. We focus on the contents of the process, monitor the quality and strive for solutions which we are proud of during each contact or consultation.

Section 2.

Three futures for plausibility

1. Most important thing in my point of view I wanna look my company in next 2 year like armourguard.our main focus to provide best service and good guards .with the help of experience guard we got good feedback .now days armourguard have all Auckland transport contract .with the help of our work we want our business grow everyday.we also provide nite supervisor we can arrange all sites which work we got as soon as possible.in Auckland due to increase of population we have more clients so we want our company compare with old companies.

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2. our company decide when we have more work in Auckland and we have experience guards. So we open new company in out of Auckland .this thing help of we grow our business .it is very easy to do work good nad provide best security because next 2-3 years our guards experience and they know about security very well and they can handle all work easily . we can got more profit in our business .

3. In the end our company wants to give opportunity to new security guards because now days every company hire experience guards .so they pay more than minimum wages.so if we hire unexperience guards so can save money and we give work fresher .which thin help of those fresher they got benefits .mostly new gengration physically fit so all over our company got more profit and provide best quality to customer.

B. futures analysed

Due to my future plausibility we have some future plans which thorugh we change our company position in no.1 .we some influences which thorugh my company got success in security companies.we provide lastest technology which help of we differ from others.we provide some skills to guards and we also have weekly work roaster.in my company we got good feedback because of our work .our guards have good communication skills .these type of impacts we have good future.due to some consequences i wanna do my company best than other companies.we have all things which customer needs nad they satisfied from us.

Section 3

In my company I have many goals but I define three main purpose which I thyink its important for my company .these three future plausibility we can better image my company and in next years our company know by good companies and the thing is I choose we can open security business out of Auckland. Our owner thing this is the best thing we do than others.we hire new guards and provide all facilities.

I choose one thing which is Main thing we do open security business out of Auckland this is best future thing .all companies do work only in Auckland.no one think they open business out of Auckland .we got more good feedback thow our customer when we tell our customer our future planning.so we can explore our business and got more strong financial.we have experience staff and guards .so we can cover more sites we can do. People also know we have company in Auckland .this is good impact on our company.we have officially site which we provide all things about our company .one more thing we can cheap than other companies.which is affordale by anyone.   

B. 1)Organisation values

24/7 provides a good quality and good service everyone know about the company. they have good reputation in the NZ. Company believes that every employees in the company . In this company, honest and hard worker emoployees.In this company have a experience guards .In this company have a new technology which shows different from another companys. They provide minimum wages for every guard.due to communication skills our customer happy.

Customer; in our business customer is main thing.with the help of customer we increase our business .if we give good service to customer .if they happy then our relation is strong with customer.if we escort the staff with proper way.like some sites they need experience guards.due to our work we show how we diifer from other companies.

Supplier;our company provide best security than other companies.we escort the staff very good .we have some guards they know how to watch camera operator.due to communication skills we have some guards work in hospital and banks.for our good work we lead in first position.

Purpose: The main purpose of our company to provide good customer services .They mainly look for health and safety for employees.They focus on customers satisfaction and management for customers services.due to our service customer feel safe cuase of experience guards we always got good sites.

Direction: -they should have to provide better security .we got good name in security next 2-3 years .mainly we focus out of auckland which gives good feedback and customer satisfaction.our aim is escort the staff and health issues.


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