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Self Reflection and Project Management Plan

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In the whole process of life, humans do many works to make a successful life in the future. There are many achievements and failures in the whole life. Humans learn from their mistakes or errors which are the main reasons for failures. The main learning skill in the life is self-reflection. Self reflection is the key and way of critical thinking in good manner. In this assessment, I will elaborate the whole experience of applied innovation class in my own words. I will discuss how we select the project for Auckland transport and my experience to work in this project. I will describe my journey in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Creation of the Group

In the initial stage of the subject Mr. Gustavo Fernandez told us that we make groups for the project report in the class, so we make a group with the friends who are to be comfortable in communication and share everything. In the whole session of applied innovation we do many activities in group, presenting presentation to rest of class. We made a group of two students one is me and other is Amanpreet Kaur. We also decide the group name genius minds which mean creative or ability to do something. We make some ground rules to achieve the objective of our project. Mr. Gustavo Fernandez is the respectful teacher who always gives good guidelines to complete our project in successful way.

Group Decision Making Process

In the business line good decision making process is one of the main concepts of every project. In our group we make a setup a decision making process on the basis of majority. We make a definite goal. Everyone give new ideas or collect information to implement the project. We make a framework policies for the decision making process which are to be regulated by our group. The first task of the applied innovation subject is to give an innovative proposal to New Zealand Company. Amanpreet kaur and I give two different proposal ideas to different companies of same sector. We choose the transport sector of New Zealand country. We give two different proposals and it is very difficult for us to choose one of them. So we have decided to go with the majority of group and choose the proposal of my friend Amanpreet kaur which is very innovative idea for the Auckland transport. The main reason behind to choose this innovative idea is that because this innovative idea is more innovative as compare to other project. We collect and research more information about the innovative idea. So we started the project of electric bus which is given to Auckland transport. We make some ground rules and divide the tasks into group members. This project report gives me more knowledge and, I feel more pressure to do work in group with many responsibilities. For example, if any group member is not doing his work on time then the other members of group have more work to do in a specific time.

Project Design

The main project is the electric bus with having some new features like new GPS system and other services etc. We make an outline plan or design for the new innovative idea. The first step is we set a timeline framework for our project. Second task is that we make a requirement section for our project. The main requirement part of our project is as follows:

  • Introduction of Chosen Organization
  • Problems of Auckland Transport
  • Introduction of Product
  • Brochure of Innovative Product
  • Project Scope Statement
  • SMART Goal Features
  • Reasons for Innovative Solution
  • Type of Innovation
  • Strategic Steps
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Challenges & Risk Mitigation
  • Conclusion
  • References

Our group named genius minds give this project to Auckland transport because Auckland transport facing many problems one of them is the pollution problem of air and noise. We make a design of the electric bus which is to be presented to Auckland council management in the form of presentation. We also make some changes in the strategic steps of our project because Auckland transport is also launching the real project of new transport system. We change our budgeting portfolio and we make a interlink system with the Auckland transport project. The project is totally designed to fulfil the business needs of Auckland transport. Our innovative project tackles two problems which are faced by Auckland transport. On is environmental pollution and second one is limited number of transport services in the suburbs regions of the Auckland. Government of New Zealand is also looking for this type of innovative idea because they want to resolve the problem of pollution (Transport, 2017).

The other side of this project is benefits for the customers like customer get a safe and affordable transport service with new features like providing facilities of free Wi-Fi. We also make a big change in our project in the part of inclusions that is safety measurement for the commuters. We follow the safety rules and regulations of the New Zealand government.

Challenges for the Team

Every group faced some challenges in the coming future. The main challenge is difficult to start; we fix this challenge by setting the strategy of spending more time on the assessment. The main big challenge facing by our group is the time management because are living in a foreign country; we also do job for to fulfil our basic needs like grocery and accommodation rent. In this challenge we cannot fix the time for meetings to share their tasks and work for the project. We fix the meeting time on the school days before the class timings to discuss the tasks of project. The other major challenge is to motivate or inspire the other team members to do work on time. We also face the challenge of presentation that the other partner is not in confidence to give presentation in a good manner. The other group member feels nervousness to presenting the presentation. I suggest to them that do more practice of speaking in front of mirror at home. The third challenge is to finalise the all tasks in a one report which are completed by other member of group.

Individual Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths and weakness are to main aspects of every project. I noticed all my strengths and weakness in this project. The main weakness, I think is to not accepting my proposal for the final project which is Hydra Bus given to Mana Bus Company. The other strength is that, I familiar with the transport sector of New Zealand government because I also did job sometime in a transport sector company. I have a good team work skills as well confident person. The other strength point, I attend the all classes and follow the guidelines of the teacher to make some improvements in our project.

Team Strengths and Weaknesses

The main strength of our group is that we cannot face the problem of communication between each other. The second strength of our project is other group member does their work with full responsibility and in meantime. We also finalise the main structure or presentation and do many practices at home. The main weakness point is to collect more information about the questions which are to be raised by the board of directors in the section of peer evaluation. But after doing a long discussion about the questions we come back on the right track.

We also follow the guidelines given by the teacher in a good way which is the main strength of our project. Other side of this project we learn new things like working in a group. For example Amanpreet Kaur improves their speaking skill which is the main positive aspect of our reflections.

SWOT Analysis of project

In the world of business every project does a swot analysis because swot analysis is used to analyze the whole project on the basis of strategic management (Elmancy, 2009)


  • Auckland transport has a good specific position in the transport sector of New Zealand.
  • Auckland transport has a capability to launch this project.
  • Innovative aspect


  • High cost of project
  • Political factor


  • Business/product development
  • Market development
  • Technological innovation


  • Problems to be faced like technological failure
  • Customer perception

Lesson learned

  • The main lesson learnt from this group activity is that how can I work in a group.
  • We can share new ideas with each other.
  • We learn more deeply to do best work in the group.
  • We also develop our communication skills and live more friendly with each other in a good manner.
  • I improved my presentation skills and now I have more confidence to speak in front of huge crowd.


This group assignment helps me to increasing my presentation skills and writing skills. In a group activity we learn that how we share ideas with each other and work in a team. In this assessment of reflexive I explained my experience in the class project. We learn more information while working in a group. In a group activity we face some problems but with the help of majority decision making process, we resolve all the problems and achieve goals in the meantime. I follow the policy of cooperation which means to helping each other. For example Amanpreet Kaur facing the problem of nervousness, but doing with the more practice the issue is resolved.


  • Transport, A. (2017). Key Events in Auckland Transport (1st ed.). New Zealand: Auckland Council Organisation. Retrieved from https://at.govt.nz/media/400193/Transport-timeline.pdf
  • Elmancy, R. (2009). Swot Analysis: Exploring innovation and creativity within Organization. Designorate.


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