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ARDM Model of Human Resource Management

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The main concern of this study is to investigate the ARDM model of human resource management being applied for the well-being of the organization and how the internal and external environmental influences affect the HRM process of any company. As the research topic is very comprehensive, it is possible to expand the research on a wide scope to meet the objectives of the research. The current research has been conducted by the researcher with the knowledge he is regarding the corporation.

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The research focuses on the different aspects of the HR policies and it also focuses on the aspect of how the corporation utilizes their resources including acquiring, rewarding, developing, maintaining and protecting the HRM. The results of the research present a good view that any organization follows the strategies that it has developed for the benefit of its employees and indirectly for the benefit of an organization itself. It also discusses how the organization provides well being of its personnel making them relaxing and to make sure all resources are obtainable to carry out the job sufficiently.


The employees of any organization are main characters play a vital role in the achieving the successive goals of any organization. In this regards, it is quite essential that the personnel should be provided with the secure environment as well as the satisfaction about their job while they serve an organization. An employee who feels secure better concentrates on his job and responsibility which in return cause the quality conclusion for any organization. It is recommended that the organizations must concentrate on facilitating the best job opportunities and security to their employees focusing that how much they are important for the organization and their hard work and performance influence the organizational process, its outcomes and success.

The HRM ( Human Resource Management) department of an organization is basically responsible for the well being of employees. It also plays a vital role in the progress, development and success of the organization by focusing on all the internal and external environmental factors which affect the organization’s personnel operations.

The ADRM model is the most effective strategy in a process of HRM which basically focuses on all the internal and external environmental influences upon an organization and its personnel’s process. The ADRM model deals in accessing the best resources which can make the organization well grown and successive. It not only manages the access of resources but also the application, development and maintenance of all these resources in order to generate the secure and facilitated work environment for the workers so they can concentrate on their responsibilities and duties and can focus on the organization’s success without having any issue and insecurity.

Essentials Of ADRM Model For Human Resource Management

The ARDM model in Human Resource Management is basically designed for operating managers to focus on four key human resource factors, (ADRM) the Acquiring, Rewarding, Developing, and Maintaining the human resources of an organization. According to this model, the managers basically focus on the internal and external environment influences on an organization which affect the organization and its personnel’s operations. For any organization, the HRM implementation is necessary but focusing on the factors which influence the overall process of HRM including designation, implementation and maintenance of the HRM strategies is more than necessary for the managers of the organization (Anas Khan, 2012).

External Environment Influences:

The ADRM model is designed in such a way which provides manager the ease of accessing the human resources essential for the better growth of an organization in making it successful by polishing and motivating the work power of organization. Several external environment influences play a vital role in a HRM operations. All these external environmental factors are as follows:

Government Requirements, Regulations And Laws

When designing the HRM model or stragical structure of an organization, managers must have to focus on the external factors including the government requirements, regulations and laws. When any organization starts its operation have to follow on the laws and regularities implemented by government. In this regards, mangers deal with all the legal formalities which are being applied for the legal establishment of an organization as well as its overall operations.

The Union

The work power unions and social welfare organizations work for the welfare of personnels’s human rights. In such critical situations, when an organization may have to face the crisis, corruption, liquidation or loss the work power of that organization may start conflicting with the organization. In this regards, the unions play important role in motivating these unions if work power has some issues with the managers of the organization. This is a prior responsibility of HRM to keep unions satisfied that the working environment within the organization is safe for the work force.

International And Domestic Economic Conditions

The economic conditions also affect the HRM operations of an organization. The economical crisis either international or domestic have a greater impact on the business groups. It is a major responsibility of the managerial force of an organization to consider all those economical factors which can affect the HRM operations.


The competition with other organization also affects the HRM operations of an organization and managers have to deal with it wisely in order to keep the company’s growth in accurate dimension.

Composition Of The Labor Force

The HRM operation majorly affected by the structural design of the labor force. If managers design the work force operational structure followed by the HRM strategies the organization grow in a positive direction and attain its core objectives.

Location Of The Organization

The location of the organization also affects the HRM operations of the organization. It really matters either the employees can access the organization easily or is this place is suitable for them to process properly or not.

Internal Environment Influences


The HRM strategy basically deals with designing and implementing such structure which direct the work force towards achieving the organizational goals by performing their roles best individually or collectively. In order to attain the vibrant work team spirit, it is essential to improve, maintain, balance and emphasize the HRM (David Robinson, 2012).


The organizational goals are the main concern for the managerial desk of an organization. It works internationally to attain all the major and minor objectives of the organization and also set the positive and motivated goals for the workforce of r better progress and cusses of an organization. The use of proper resources as well as the proper use of resources is somehow necessary to attain the organizational goals ( Anas Khan,2012).

Organizational Culture

The executive management is basically responsible in designing, implementing, and marinating the organizational culture. Therefore, the senior managers must be good at their role of motivating the workforce to generate the performance oriented culture within the organization, they must be able to develop the accurate dimensional structure in an organization which can broaden the way for the HRM to get their goals (Anas Khan, 2012).

Nature Of The Task

The proper management pyramid of an organization is an essential HRM structure of an organization. In this pyramid number of people involved according to the nature of the task, their skills, performance, education and several other factors (David Robinson, 2012).


The Workgroup is the main part of the HRM of an organization. It plays all the basic roles by performing its duties and responsibilities to get the core objectives of an organization.

Leader’s Style And Experience

In ARDM model, the managers are those who basically operate all the work forces of an organization which play the basic role in its success. Managers are leaders who motivate, encourage and direct the work personnel to perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities in order to get the company’s objectives.

Human Resources Process

The ARDM model includes the following terms:

Acquiring Human Resources

When designing the HRM models an organization needs a team of such people who can perform their role to run the organizational operations. Every organization starts its operation with a team it has either perfect or not. It is then the responsibility of the managerial forces to achieve the company’s core objective by using this team by motivating and polishing it collectively or individually according to the demands and requirements of an organizational process (David Robinson, 2012). The acquiring the human resources is the starting point of HRM structure, this is why it is essential at the very first step to collect all the resources which are necessary for the perfect HRM operation of an organization.

Rewarding Human Resources

After making a motivated and encouraging team for an organization the next task is to reward and assign the jobs and duties to each member of a team. By assigning the jobs according to the nature of task, skills, motivation and education of the member, and due to some other factors the managerial level basically perform its second most important role in HRM.

Developing Human Resources

After assigning and rewarding the jobs for the team and Workgroup it is then necessary to develop the work oriented environment and culture within the organization so every individual can perform his duty securely without having any issue so organizational operations don’t get affected by any internal issues. The goals of professional training should be set on motivating the hidden skills of the staff and directing them to the accurate dimensions.

Maintaining And Protecting Human Resources

The well trained, skilled, polished, and trained workforce is necessary for the positive organizational operations. It is a major responsibility of the managers to maintain and balance the weakness and strengths of the work force to keep it in the right dimension (David Robinson, 2012). The workforce can only work confidently and efficiently when it works with complete security and it is only possible when HRM will provide the protective work environment by focusing on the basic rights of each individual of the workforce.

Desirable End Results

By acquiring, rewarding, developing , maintaining and protecting the human resources, the management can get the core objectives of an organization which are as follows:

Socially Responsible And Ethical Practices

An organization can be a well organized and reputed when it has a strong, positive and responsible HRM structure. The workforce which is a major part of an organization will work positively and with motivation when HRM provides it the productive work environment.

Competitive High Quality Products

When a workforce will work ethically for an organization, it gets its core objective of productivity as well. Any company can broaden its scope of productivity and quality when it has a strong and motivated workforce and it can be done by the HRM of that company which will motivate the workforce.

Competitive High Quality Services

If an organization is basically involved in providing the services to its clients, the workforce is somehow if not involved in productivity but also play an essential role in its progress and overall operations. The workforce is the customer support representatives which serve clients for their company’s good reputation and helps it to compete in the market by ensuring the positive and best quality services.


David Robinson, (2012) “Mutual common interest: a key to sustainable social and organizational performance improvement”, Development and Learning in Organizations, Vol. 26 Iss: 2, pp.4 – 6

Anas Khan, (2012) “Penny-wise, pound-foolish managers: the syndrome affecting productivity and efficiency”, Human Resource Management International Digest, Vol. 20 Iss: 1, pp.3 – 4

The Importance Of Personnel Planning And Effective Recruitment And Selection


The personnel department of an organization is a basic part of an organization which plays an important role in contributing their work power, ethic, and motivation towards acquiring the company’s objective. An organization starts its operation with the team of individual it already has or may hire some new members according to the requirements of the organizational operations (David Robinson, 2012). It depends wither the organization has a strong and motivated team of personnels or not. The HRM is therefore is being designed for this purpose. The rest of the tasks are the responsibility of the HRM which it has to be done for the proper organizational operation.

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Personnel Planning

Above all, the recruitment and selection of ethical members to add them in a team is necessary. It is a basic responsibility of the HRM to hire those personnels which are motivated towards the work and have proper knowledge, experience, skills, education and certification of the required nature of the task. Several organizations globally do not introduce the efficient working culture within the personnel team which in the result may not get the core objective of the organization. The senior management keeps wasting their time on trivial issues which could be handed over to the middle or junior supervisors (Anas Khan, 2012).

It has been noticed that organizations sometime only hire personnels for some specific reasons rather than the overall organizational operation. In other words it can be said as the single dimension recruitment. Some organizations hire people for the improvement in communication, some prefer maximizing their productivity while others want to satisfy their clients by providing the equality services of their personnel department. It is somehow necessary to always hire those personnels who can work for the overall progress of the organization rather than the single dimension. However, according to some specific natures of tasks, it becomes essential for the HRM to hire those personnels who are only capable of performing those specific tasks.

The decision making process of HRM works here in planning the personnel structure within the organization which not only hire the workers, but also direct them towards their duties, motivate them in achieving the company’s objective by providing them secure and protective work environment.

If the HRM succeed in hiring and selecting the best workers for its organization and providing its workforce the secure and healthy working environment, it can win the confidence of its workers and thus the loyalty of the clients which directly in return provide the handsome profitability to the organization. By paying them best, the HRM can retain its workforce for longer time and also can keep them motivated for the work. The workforce can take the organization to the new heights of success, reputition, and the progress which directly return the greatest profit opportunities for the organization.

Issues on HRIS

R L Compton et al (2009) stated that several issues come while considering the type of HRIS required which may include the following:

Packaged Software And Hardware

Data Collection, Analyses, Interpretation And Reporting

Access And Confidentiality

Stand Alone Or Integrated System

Hardware Issues ( Internet And PC Problems)

Succession Planning

With the broaden research on the subject of recruitment and selection, the HRM performance and development structure allow organizations to develop the best career and succession plans for their workforces. When the right personnel would be chosen, and skills would be properly identified, the best career path could be designed to attain the organizational objectives of success. However, the employee satisfaction is essential otherwise it would become impossible to complete this succession plan (R L Compton et al, 2009).

HRIS Function To Integrate Recruitment

As the HRIS is basically a human resource information system of computerized database which contains the relevant information about the quality and quantity of an organized workforce. Some organizations just use these databases or HRIS for the administrative purposes while others allow their users (managerial personnels) to manually integrate and operate this HRIS to regulate and develop the proper working culture within the organization after doing a complete analysis of trends and patterns applied to the selection and career of recruiting (R L Compton et al, 2009).

Selection And Career Planning With Effective Succession Planning

Within the organization, the effective succession planning is necessary for the selection and career planning. The HRM can use the information about the career planning to target and motivate the specific work group for special projects and the recruiter can use this information to select those personnel which would play the vital role in getting the employment advantages which are necessary for the organizational success. Succession or in other words we can say the replacement planning is basically designed to replace the managerial personnels. In the list of the succession planning of workforces, those who are added are being hired according to the special posts and future scopes of this position (R L Compton et al, 2009).


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