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The issues of Organizational Behavior Problems

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Organizational behavior is the topic which we will be going to discuss in the upcoming topics .There are various leaders which have given their theories in the past which are followed till now and presently there is some modification in those theories and invention of new theories are also being observed. There is coverage of two agencies which are business firms and military agencies and their types of relations are discussed with the market sector and political sector. A proper environment is also needed for nourishment of an organization in which five types of environment are discussed which are economical, political, cultural, competitive and technological in which best environment according to the study was economical sector. There are some internal characteristics or traits in every organization which are in the form of objectives, processes, structure and behavior in which objective is referred to as the goal of the organization, whereas structure consists of overall management of growth of organization, process justify that what method should be adopted to organize a company and at last behavior of employee towards their company and dedication towards the organization.

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In the current era there is a growth of civilization and society of organization is forming. Many of our history leaders mainly focus on the importance of organization and the leader of today understands factor affecting the organization. Now what do you mean by organization? An organization is a collection of people that have been brought together to work on an objective or for some purpose. For Example an air force of a country provides defense for its people and its resources as well as provide employment for the pilots and other people attached with the force. Some of our researchers have given statement regarding organization at various places. If we talk about Organization and its environment, then we must say that organization is totally autonomous and independent from their environment like business firm draws its nourishment from environment but not dependent on it. Similarly the military organization draws its revenues from government. In our discussion, the role of environment will be limited to only five primary sectors which are economic, cultural, political, competitive and technological, other sectors are also added but we have not mentioned it. To deal with all these sectors means that an organization must have to work within a structure and conditions. Business firm mainly focus on making profit so they deal with all the sectors. The cultural sector determines the attitudes of employee towards their work and services and the regular change in cultural values may change the methods being applied. An organization also makes contact with the political sector in which government may apply any law to control them or create hindrance in the practice of the organization. There is involvement of technical sector in which some business firms depends on technological advanced subcontractors to help with the problems that are being confronted by the organization. In above all discussed sectors, the sector which has most deeply affect business organization is economic sector. Now talking about the military sector and its environment in which they do not interact with each other, they are much more involved with political sector .In final analysis; military agencies are more dependent upon taking its revenues from political sector instead of business firm which finds support from marketplace. The problem which business firms have to face similarly military agencies also faces which could be like inflation or any economic sector problem. Both the military agency and business firm have roughly equal interaction with the technological and cultural sector. While many organization maintains peaceful and supportive environment but mainly it is not the case but to maintain relative harmony, an organization must react and recognize its environment. There are some internal traits or characteristics in every organization in which few are frequently observed that is objectives, structure, processes and behavior. Firstly if we talk about the object it can be define as the goal of an organization for which they work hard to achieve it. Main objective of large organization are distributed into smaller organization for subordinate organization. If there is change in demand of the people which is referred as environment there must be change in objective. There is a difference between determining the objective in which commercial firms has little different manner and military agency which implies a desired harmony with the environment. If we are discussing the concept of objectives then there are two other considerations which are introduced. First, objectives can and do change. Secondly, an objective set by an organization is not necessarily subscribed by its members. The objective is not only the requirement for harmonious relation but also serve as a guide to internal behavior. Another characteristic is structure, which can be explain by an example of an organization which is growing faster in which a task is given to a person and it becomes hectic for an individual so other person is hired and the work is divided in two parts. The larger the organization, the more specialized and structured it will be. There are some difficulty which we face in structure which is inflexibility, parochialism is another problem which sets in and create dysfunctional conflict in an organization. Now behavior in an organization is observed through its people working in which is neither totally good nor totally bad, they are mixture of both. In most organization there are large numbers of employee which are working on various tasks which exert invasive influence on that organization. Another crucial point about the behavior of an organization is that the employees should be self-serving. They generate their good behavior not necessarily to achieve the goals of organization but rather to satisfy their personal needs. In summary all the traits are interdependent factors and overlapping in the broader organizational system. All the characteristics affect the organizational behavior and they provide wise manger with fundamental basis for understanding the organization.



The summary of the article written above has discussed organizational behavior of two organizations in which business firms are there and on other side there is a military agency was there. There have been comparisons between both the firms and agency with respect to political and economic sector in which they are related with each other. There is a requirement of environment in the organization that is support which they needs like business firm needs support of market place and military agency needs support of the political sector for their funding and in addition there are five types of environment which is discussed in which all the sectors are covered and all the points are agreeable. There are some internal characteristics from which I agree the most which are objectives, process, structure and behavior. The matter which is written in the characteristics of organization is all related to the organizational behavior in which description of each point is done in respectful manner. There is a common feature of both the agencies which are business and military are discussed in which all the points are written which makes us agree to accept the article. There is a concept of behavior which was taken into highlight was bit appreciable and in which behavior of various types of employees was done on the basis of their reaction. There is inclusion of various ideas and theories produced by the top leaders of the past which is most agreeable.


In spite of giving our best there are some loop holes which remains in the organization, so the points with which we must disagree are that there are only two firms taken as an example. Whole article was based on these two agencies through which organizational behavior was concluded. There should be proper defining of each topic which was not done in the article, these were the few places where the article lacks in and which should be improved. There are various points missing in the article which should be discussed with respect to the organizational behavior. The lack of examples was clearly being observed in the article in which only two examples were given focus on.

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Relation with the project-

The organization which is undertaken is Pepsi Co. which has been related with the organizational behavior. The company has been ruling in various drinks from past few decades and running successfully with the involvement of fully satisfied customers and employees as well. They need a support from market and political sector both to work out their policies. There is involvement of internal characteristic in this company which we have discussed in above topics, they form an objective or set up a goal which is achievable and tries to create such an environment which makes it achievable even if it is not expected through various processes or methods applied. The behavior of employees is set according to the human resource managers which holds them tight and appraisal at the time when needed.


So as to conclude there are various tools for organizing a company or organization in which environment plays an important role in making relation with the market places or in political sector. There are five types of environment needed for the functioning of organization in which economic sector is the best to work in. The two agencies should treat equally with the two sectors, that is with political side and with market side. There is some or the characteristics in the organizations which have been discussed under four topics which are objective, process, structure and behavior.


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