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Managerial Research In Decision Making Processes

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Managerial research is a broad topic that covers a range of aspects, whether these are strategic, tactical or technical. People often confuse Managerial research with other research forms, but in fact managerial research differs to a great extent from social and other research types. Managerial research is different in such a way because it explores about the core elements that are needed to make prosper the business instead of searching such information that are not productive or result oriented. The managerial research is important because managers at all stages require timely and exact information for decision making. Whatever the decision making stage is, whether it is of tactical, operational or strategic level, the accurate information are required to for better decision making. At managerial level gathering of information is done through a sound and scientific research process. Each year organizations spend enormous amounts of money for research and development in order to maintain their competitive edge. Accurate information obtained through research leads to enormous benefits. In short, Managerial research is practical and finds its application in many places to identify the various characteristics and key factors responsible for the success of the firm and the products it develops. This research paper shows detailed and at length description of managerial research to describe that this type of research is different from other research methods.

Definition of Research

Research is the procedure of carefully studying and evaluating the situational elements surrounding an issue in order to search for solutions to it. A systematic thorough inquiry or inspection to find new information or correlations and to expand/verify current knowledge for some particular purpose.

Why We Do Research?

Exploration: Discovering problems of concern, growing understanding of the issue

Description: Finding out, defining what is, what is the condition? Where are we now?

Explanation: Explaining how or why things are as they are (and utilizing this to predict), Answering questions, resolving issues, testing hypotheses, assessment research evaluation of strategies, policies, plans and practices

Difference between Managerial Research & Other Research

Artistic Research

One of the attributes of Artistic Research is that it must take subjectivity as opposite to the classical scientific techniques. As such, it is parallel to the social sciences in utilizing quantitative research and intersubjectivity as tools to apply measurement and critical analysis

Historical Method

The historical technique comprises the methods and strategies by which historians utilize historical sources and other proof to research and then to write history. There are different history rules generally utilized by historians in their work, under the headings of external criticism, internal criticism, and synthesis. This contains higher criticism and textual criticism. Though items may vary depending on the subject matter and examiners, the subsequent concepts are generally part of most formal historical study:

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Managerial Research

Managerial research is practical and finds its application in several places to recognize the different characteristics and major factors accountable for the success of the company and the goods it develops. It usually looks into future trend rather that wasting time in some art or thinking in past. Usually, firms would like to know the level of consumer satisfaction of the company’s product and here managerial research will be helpful. Managerial research is also helpful for doing a pilot study to introduce a new product and the different applications and guidelines of managerial research in business decision making. The firms take decision even before introducing new products through managerial research. Managerial research supports them to recognize that whether the product will be viable in firm’s interest or not. For this purpose different techniques have been utilizing to gather relevant data for better decision making through various paradigms e.g. competitive intelligence, SWOT analysis, financial analysis, Ansoff situation analysis, etc.

Managerial research can be utilized to gather data about markets, rivals, and consumers that the other two techniques cannot do so. For instance, managerial research can help identify the most favorable business location and the size of marketplaces. It can also be utilized to monitor competitive actions. Consumer research decides customer loyalty, client satisfaction, and client preferences.

In this way a manager’s job is different and difficult. Managers need some expertise to perform the responsibilities and activities related with being a manager. What kind of expertise does a manager require? Research by Robert L. Katz discovered that managers required three basic expertises. These are technical, human and conceptual expertise. Technical skills contain information of and excellence in a certain specialized domain, for example engineering, computers, financial and managerial accounting, or production. These expertises are more significant at lower levels of administration since these supervisors are coping directly with workers doing the company’s work. Human skills engage the capability to work well with other individuals both separately and in a group. Because managers cope directly with individuals, this skill is essential! Managers with good human skills are capable to get the best out of their individuals. They recognize how to interact, stimulate, lead, and inspire enthusiasm and confidence. These expertises are equally significant at all levels of administration. Eventually conceptual skills are the skills managers must have to consider and conceptualize about abstract and difficult situations. Utilizing these skills managers must be capable to see the company as an entity, understand the correlation among different subunits, and visualize how the company fits into its wider setting.

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Need of Managerial Research

Producers need managerial research because they need to convince people to expand their business span through purchasing their products. In order to capture target audience they introduce new Managerial research with new trends and technologies, these trends persuade people to buy the product which actually increases the sales of company and reduces cost per unit. On the other side economic scale of company boost up and give a major rise to profit of company. As things happen very rapid in the technology world and if companies want to stay competitive they need to move up with the latest Managerial research. It is chiefly factual for the managerial research. There exist many ways of Managerial research so a company need to keep abreast of the new Managerial research in business if a company wants to be thrived. As compare to the physical markets there exist lessen barriers in internet managerial research. The reason is the reduction of overhead and it shows that there are so many competitors in the business field. The main phenomenon to be thrived in t he market by following managerial research in order to assure that the business will be conspicuous. By following the latest trend of managerial research the company will put themselves on the cutting edge. A lot of the managerial research is seemed nice and once it is implemented they serve to make the business stand out. It helps business users and producers to expand their business. If firm is following all managerial research standards then it will be able to diversified advertisement so it will be able to compete in market. More attractive and impressive advertisement will not only increase sales but also will help in capturing market.

Managerial Research Role in Decision Making

At the beginning, it may be stated that business research or for that matter any research does not provide an exact answer to any issue but only help in making a good choice. Research is one of the four elements for making suitable and enduring decisions leading to interests of the business and ultimately its owners.

A good place to begin is with some standard descriptions of decision making. Decision making is the research of recognizing and selecting options based on the values and priorities of the decision taker. Making a decision implies that there are substitute options to be measured, and in such a situation we want not only to recognize as several of these substitutes as feasible but to select the one that (1) has the utmost probability of achievement or success and (2) best fits with our objectives, desires, way of life, values, and so on. Decision making is the procedure of sufficiently decreasing insecurity and uncertainty about substitutes to permit a reasonable selection to be made from among them. This description stresses the information-collecting process of decision making. It should be eminent here that doubt is decreased rather than removed. Very few choices are made with exact certainty because total understanding about all the substitutes is seldom potential. Thus, every decision engages a certain amount of threat. If there is no doubt, you do not have a choice; you have an algorithm–a set of steps or a recipe that is pursued to bring about a set result.

Managerial research for marketing is use for evaluating process, evaluating actual customer need, and for complete decision making. Decision making is quite difficult process and put the decision taker at a ground where he starts comparing hid decision options. The first problem he face is he wont be able to finalize the actual demand of result fir the decision has been taken. Managerial research helps identifying policy alternatives. Much work on knowledge exchange has concentrated on helping observers present their work into the decision-making procedure. Equally essential is the need for decision-making companies to be able of utilizing research in their decision-making. This ability engages a company having the capability to find the research proof it requires, judge its dependability, quality, significance, and applicability, adapt it into a possible format, and implement it.

Problem solving and decision-making are important managerial expertise for business and life. Issue-resolving often engages decision-making and that is particularly essential for administration and management. There are procedures and methods to enhance decision-making and the quality of choices. Decision-making is more ordinary to certain traits, so these individuals should concentrate more on enhancing the quality of their choices. Individuals that are less normal decision-makers are often capable to make quality evaluations, but then require being more strong-minded in acting upon the evaluations made. Issue-resolving and decision-making are intimately connected, and each needs creativity in recognizing and developing choices, for which the brainstorming method is specifically helpful. SWOT analysis helps evaluate the power of a firm, a business proposal or idea; PEST analysis helps to evaluate the possible and appropriateness of a market. Good decision-making needs a mixture of expertise: creative progress and identification of choices, lucidity of judgment, determination of decision, and successful implementation. For group issue-resolving and decision-making, or when a harmony is needed, workshops support, within which you can include these tools and procedures as suitable. Here are some helpful techniques for successful decision-making and issue-resolving: First a simple step-by-step procedure for successful decision-making and issue-resolving.


Managerial research is the process that facilitates an organization to focus its target audience on the greatest opportunities for increasing the sales and achieve a stay over Managerial research competition. Mainly it cater its key concept that to make a sustainable competitive advantage. Managerial research is introduced by focusing on organization sales and cost per unit. It helps company to figure out the consumption of resources and energies that lead towards the increasing in sale and dominate in the competitive world of managerial research.


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