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Advantages and Disadvantages of Communication and IT

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Wordcount: 850 words Published: 9th Aug 2017

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This assignment is about the advantages and disadvantages of communication and information technology. it will be outlined that there are as many advantages as disadvantages but in this day of computer technology communication through computer is a necessity.  Anyone that does not move with the times will be left behind.


Globalisation means getting in contact with someone across the world.  If someone went to Canada working and their families were in a different country, they could contact each other in a matter of seconds. It is also being able to shop online.  You can buy stuff from websites from a different country so transferring money into accounts across the world.

Research using search engines or information super highway to get information fast. People are more up to date with information such as symptoms of illnesses. They’re going to doctors with more information to tell the doctors what they think the problem is; as they know what their symptoms are because they have researched them.

Online banking is great because it takes a matter seconds to check what is going in and out of a bank account. You can transfer money to any account in the world as long as you have the other person’s bank details.

Security is a big advantage to a person who is vulnerable such as the elderly. They can set up CCTV in their homes and their family can watch them through the cameras from their own homes, work, holiday etc. to ensure they’re safe.

Smart houses have come about in recent times. Its possible to be at a  work out for example and lights, televisions, cookers, washing machines,  dryers can be controlled in homes all with the click of a button.

Its now possible to get a degree online from Colleges where the student needs to be in the home to look after family or cannot travel to college. These On line Websites are all recognised and are acceptable in the education system. An example of this is the Hibernia website whereby a teacher can get a recognised qualification and become a Primary Teacher.


Bullying is a major disadvantage there are so many teens committing suicide because of being bullied.

Identity theft is becoming more and more common each year. There are People hacking other people’s emails, Facebook pages and bank accounts. With online shopping, some web sites aren’t legitimate and can hack your bank account with the information provided. Someone could get on your Facebook page and read your personal information. If a PPS number is used online, it runs the risk of identity theft so caution needs to be exercised.

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There is a Social impact on adults and teens. They’re too busy with social media to take their heads out of their computers, laptops, tablets or phones to engage in an actual conversation.  Social media is taking over their lives.  This can cause serious depression because these people aren’t bothered to go out and socialise with other individuals. If not leaving the house to go for fresh air and exercise, people can eventually start gaining weight which can be extremely depressing.  Being stuck in a house is terrible for your mental and physical health.

Confidence is being lowered, girls competing with each other to be more attractive and to look like theses super models they see on line. Girls these days feel the need to be a size six and if they’re not, they are categorised as fat which leads to low confidence and depression. Sometimes, young girls can go as far as sticking their fingers back their throat and becoming bulimic or anorexic just to become as skinny as the other girls.

So many people are losing their jobs because everything is being computerised and there is no need for companies to be paying individuals to do something a computer can do.  In banks nowadays, it is noticeable that there are less people behind counters because everything can be done online.



The above assignment outlines the advantages and disadvantages of Information Technology in communications. It is evident that there are as many advantages as disadvantages but Information Technology is here to stay and parents have to be responsible to look after children and their use of the internet.  People have to embrace the Internet because they will be left behind if they do not get educated in the correct use of this amazing technology.





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