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Advertising: Positive and Negative Effects

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In the material world today, we are inundated with various forms of advertising. There are a group of people think that advertising has a great benefit, while there are people have an opposite opinion. Everything has two sides of opinion, which can be good or bad. Media advertising share the same goal which is to reach as many users as possible and convince them to buy certain products. They all use the same strategy to achieve this, but some are more effective than others. However, there are growing concerns about some companies use unethical methods of advertising that have harmful effects on society. This is almost all companies do to attract their consumer. They advertise only good thing about the product without telling bad things about the product. This is how the advertisement work today.

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Admittedly, advertising is all around us in our daily lives, from rural to urban, from work to home. It is becoming more popular in this modern world, especially in business industry. As I said before, the purpose of advertising media is to reach as many consumer as possible. At present, many advertising represents wrong information. This is because, most of the advertising media show the quality of product but after buying the product the user is aware that it does not have the characteristics shown in advertising. The important thing is, do they make good advertising to the public. For example chocolate product, Cadbury. Most of the Cadbury chocolate product show that happiness went eat their chocolate. However, do they tell the public that the effect that you will get on your body. That you will get a lot of disease. Such as diabetes, heart attack and cavities. This is how the advertisement work, they only advertise a good things until the consumers will not notice the effect that they will get.

The other things that companies do to their advertisement is that their advertising will make the public to spend their money that they should not spend it. Now there are various ways for companies to promote their products and services, from simple brochures to television advertising. For example, when we watch a Youtube video on internet, we will see the advertisement before or middle of the video. Similarly, if we watch the latest movie in cinema, we’ll see a product that is put on film so often. This means that we, as a public who watch a lot of advertisement, will tend to be very influenced by the advertising to buy their product without thinking very well.

At this time I cannot said that advertisements are a positive to our lives. This is because most of advertisements are not good to view to all public. I should mention some of the weaknesses come from this point. In fact, the goal of most businesses is to maximize profits, hence on advertising their products often exaggerated to sell the items as much as possible. This can cause people to want something unnecessary or useless. Another problem is the control of advertising aimed at children who have little experience or knowledge, if it does not have adverse effects on future generations. For example an illustration of chocolate advertisements. For example Cadbury product, they use cute costume on their advertising. This will make an encourage children to watch and they will possible to get that chocolate. This chocolate advertisements will encourage children to spend a lot of money to buy a chocolate product. This will effects the health of children. Without the control of their food, they will get a lot of disease when they become older.

It is not easy to decide how to regulate advertising. Obviously, the government should limit advertising for dangerous products such as alcohol, tobacco and many more. However, the government does not have the power to control all the type of advertising. This means that people should have to use their logical minds when they go to the shops, and think whether they really need to buy that product or not. Parents are the responsible person to take control their children. They should be the responsible to make sure that their children being protected from too much exposure to advertising. This can mean only explain that it is not actually need to buy a lot of chocolate, or parents can turning off the television to prevent their children exposure to advertising. For example, when children watch a lot of chocolate advertisement, they will likely want to buy that chocolate every time they watch that advertisement. That mean, their parent’s need to control how they exposure with the advertisement. If their parent not doing so, they will have to spent a lot of money to buy a chocolate because their children need it so much.

The only thing that companies do for their advertising is to increase their sales and win customers. This means that companies pour a significant amount of money into advertising. Most of the time, it’s not about the function or quality of the materials themselves but actually promote a good feeling to have that product. This means that the collaboration of the hiring celebrities as the face of their products. They put a famous actor in television commercials to promote their product. For example, Cadbury use Cecil Aldin to appearing on Cadbury advertising. This actor was popular back in 1900 ago. However Snickers use Mr.Bean, the popular comedian in this century to appearing on Snickers advertisement. This will make sales increased significantly since young children, as they like to target users with celebrities. Furthermore, most people buy products that are not useful to them when they watch a commercials because it only reflects their favourite actor or actress even though they do not need it.

Advertising is always shown on different types of media, which sometimes annoys some viewers. For example, advertising on television. Typically, each show entertainment on television has several breaks that lasted about five minutes. During these commercials breaks, viewers have to watch a lot of commercials that annoy them and have put on hold to enjoy their favourite shows. The question here is whether those advertising is important to notice or not. Most people put it down to the station he wanted to extend the show with some advertising, but most people see that advertising is on the screen for the benefit of advertisers. Most of people just want watch their favourite show without any kind of interruption of commercial advertising. Moreover, in these cases, the person in front of the small screen, they will not only want heed any advertising flash on the screen, but they also want advertisers will stop making a profit with their promotion on television.

On the other hand, there is always the flip side of the coin. To begin with, some of advertisement has positive effect. To confirm this point of view, let put forth some specific logic. For example, by watching advertisements people always remain update on new product. Such as, when Cadbury Company launch new chocolate products, they will put advertisement on television so, the public can know which new chocolate products recently launched. This mean, the Cadbury Company will show all the feature in advertising, as a result the public will know very well about their new chocolate products before purchasing it and save their time. It also means that advertising plays an important role in the growth of the business because the company cannot show off their products without advertising their products. That mean, with advertisement the public will obtain information about new product by advertisement.

The conclusion is that, we as civilians cannot escape advertising. However, children also should be encouraged not to pay too much attention to it. The power of advertising maybe over-rated. As we can see, we cannot deny that the final decision is on the hands of consumers. No matter how attractive advertisement is, people will be able to make their own decisions. Generally, in some cases, although advertising has negative impacts on today, it still plays an important role that cannot be replaced. Overall, it brings great benefit to our economy and society.


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