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Research on Job Sites for Graduates

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DATE: March 28th 2017

TO: Wally Kowal

FROM: Mohamed Abdi


In this report, I will be discussing about three major job sites that are available in Canada that can help find a job for Ryerson business graduates. In this report, I will also include an analysis on the major features, the comprehensiveness and ease of use of each job site. By the end I will give you my recommendation on which job site is best option for a Ryerson business graduate to visit in order to find employment.


The three major job sites that can help Ryerson business graduates in finding employment are Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. For each job site, I will be discussing these topics about them:

  • Major Features
  • Ease of use


According to Jarapa (2016), Indeed.com:

is one of the world’s biggest and largest job sites on the internet, with over 150 million unique visitors on a monthly basis from over 50 different countries. This company’s slogan, “One search, all jobs,” perfectly encapsulates their unique take on what a job search site should be. Indeed.com differentiates itself from other in the field by only listings job posted on their own site but also jobs posted on countless other sources as well.

Major Features

Indeed, contains several features that assist this job site in being recognized as being one of, if not the best job site in the world. One of major features that Indeed has is it salary calculator. Indeed.com salary calculator allows to view the average salary for any particular job position you are looking for (Jarapa, 2016).

Another feature that Indeed has is it intuitive keyword tool (Jarapa, 2016). Indeed, has the best keyword search tools for job searching because it can effectively customize how the search is carried out, which is far more intuitive than just ticking off a number of criteria boxes (Jarapa, 2016).

Another feature is the search engine on Indeed. Indeed searches for jobs that are listed on job boards, newspaper sites and also niche sites (Boswell, 2017). Through these searches which Indeed conduct it is then posted on to their website. Indeed’s search engine collects numerous jobs that are listed and they are all from different industries. Here is a table I created based off of Indeed’s latest employment trends from February 2017:

(Indeed, 2017)

Based off this table, the industries of accounting, information technology, financial services and banking, real estate, human resources, retail, and hospitality accumulate a total of 128,704 number of job postings. With this total of job postings Ryerson business graduates have a variety of jobs to choose to from.

Another feature is “Where are the jobs” feature. This feature is very special because it can take you to a map of Canada that shows you the many job postings in Canada(Boswell, 2017). Indeed’s interactive map allows users to zoom into there area of choice to get a closer look of where there of employment could possibly be as well as whether that environment is best use for them.

Ease of Use

Although Indeed.com has a large database of job postings from numerous sources, obtaining the information that you need is easy (Jarapa, 2016). To start off, indeed’s homepage is similar to Google’s or Bing’s homepage where users simply search for the position that they are looking for. The layout of the homepage brings ease to users’ eyes as well as comprehending this job site doesn’t take too much time or effort to learn. Thanks to Indeed’s simplistic display users, and specifically Ryerson business graduates can find any job they are looking for with ease.


According to Duffy (2015), “LinkedIn is the most important cross-industry professional network around.” LinkedIn is recognized as the number one social network for developing a professional network for your career (Duffy, 2015). Thanks to that anyone that is 20 years old and plus with career goals in mind should have a LinkedIn account, and if not they should make one.

Major Features

LinkedIn allows users to create free accounts to build a professional profile. LinkedIn is a social networking site like Facebook and Twitter. However, LinkedIn works to help its user build a professional network. Creating a professional profile, can help Ryerson business graduates gain the attention of employers because employers will be able to see their profiles and visit them.

Users can connect with colleagues (Duffy, 2015). By connecting with colleagues through LinkedIn, business graduates can expand their network, and hope to get a job. Connecting with colleagues is an innovative way to connect with the industries, the bosses of your colleagues, and with colleagues’ associates. By expanding your network from connecting to yours colleagues your chances of finding employment increase further.

LinkedIn also has networking feature. Just as Reviews (2016) stated, “networking is LinkedIn’s core competency, and their superb execution on that feature trumps shortcomings in other traditional features you might find in other job sites.” Thanks to its excellent networking feature users can develop a strong network to HR representatives (Reviews, 2016). By searching for any HR manager from different companies, users can reach out to them and build and good relationship which could benefit that user to find employment.

Ease of use

As I stated before, LinkedIn is a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter. Well this relates to how Ryerson business graduates will find ease when using LinkedIn to find jobs. Ryerson business graduates will find ease and will be able to comprehend LinkedIn fast because it works similarly like social network applications. This generation of business graduates are probably users of other social network application, such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Although each of these applications are used for different purpose, they are share a common goal for their consumers. That is that they are there to help users interact and socialize with people and LinkedIn is the exact same. LinkedIn is there to help users build a profile where they can interact with other and build a strong network of colleagues.


Glassdoor is the final job search sites that I will be discussing in this report. Glassdoor is a distinctly different kind of job site because it has an innovative inside look at companies hiring practices and culture which sets them apart from both LinkedIn and Indeed (Review, 2016). For job seekers, Glassdoor is a useful tool when you want to narrow down the job you are looking for. Nevertheless, it is still a very useful job site for anyone looking for employment.

Major Features

Glassdoor has an inside scope on job positions and the company, (Reviews, 2016). Employees and former employees of numerous companies give anonymous ratings and reviews about the companies they have worked or are working for. These reviews are divided into categories which based on companies’ culture and values, work-life balance, compensation and benefits, senior management and career opportunities (Reviews, 2016).

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Glassdoor also has an interview questions section. These interview questions were collected from numerous companies, and are an aid for potential new hires to help them nail the interview. The interview questions section is a goldmine of information for job seekers (Doyle, 2016). They also include sample answers to questions to assist interviewees to gain confidence and a bit of understanding of what the employer is looking for.

Glassdoor has a top-notch salary and compensation information. Glassdoor’s salary information ensures that not only employers know much the job pays. Thanks to employees posting salary information about different positions in various companies this tool is very beneficial to younger workers. Ryerson business graduates want to get paid a good amount for their hard work when studying and also, they can possibly negotiate salary cap when the interview time comes too.

Ease of Use

Using Glassdoor’s website is pretty simple to comprehend. A majority of Ryerson business graduates have visited job search sites before so using Glassdoor will be easy. From the homepage, you are greeted by a search bar, which lets you search for jobs, companies, reviews, salaries, and interview questions (Jarapa, 2016). When the search results come, you refine the results by using the filter on the site to find the current jobs available and review of them (Jarapa, 2016).


Therefore, I believe that the best chose for Ryerson business graduates to use to find a job is Indeed. Indeed, is most appropriate and effective option to find employment is because Indeed offers a large landscape of job opportunities for people, specifically university graduates. University students, regardless of them being graduates do not know what they want be completely. Indeed, offers a variety of business jobs for Ryerson business graduates to choose from. I recommend Indeed.com as the best site for Ryerson business graduates.


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