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Applications of Computer Technology

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Provide an overview of how computer technology is used in a variety of situations every day

We are at the stage now in life, that some of us can not survive without technology in every day life. Even for the stay at home mum, texting other parents about car pooling, we all have our washing machines, ovens, etc.

Our mobile phones, which can be use for sending email on the go or to do conference calls, interviews, and video link. As we do not need to be in office on our lap tops or at computers to get our work done.

Advantages of computer technology

  • We can keep in contact with family and friends that are a board, by using a lap top or mobile phone. Children can let their parents know where they are at all times and that they are safe.
  • Big  improves in the healthcare,  such as  key whole surgery, as this covers a range of different surgery and a shorter stay and quicker recover time, for all parents.
  • As we are able to more detail scans and x-rays that can help detect medical conditions early and treatment can be given to cure or control conditions, (maternity) which will result in people living longer.
  • We have information at our fingers tips and it is so easy to access information about courses, which working people can apply for courses on line that they can do at night,  to help improve their skills.
  • We can use technology to improve the lives of many with disability, such as putting motors into wheelchairs and this can help the person become more independent.
  • We can also avail of on line shopping, which we can order anything from clothes to a car part and these items can be deliver to our door.

Disadvantages of technology

  • As we sit and text people rather than meeting them to go walking, we are facing health problems, such as our backs, necks and  eye sight.
  • It is so easy for children to get on to the wrong web site or chat room and talk to people, that might be giving them the wrong information, as they do not know who they are really talking to.
  • This can happen on face book as well, but it gives them a chance to meet new friends around the world, but the down side of this is that they can be bullied on line as well. As we become more dependent on technology, we are losing the ability to communicate with people face to face, which might lead to people becoming, isolated and withdrawn from the public.
  • The problem doing business on line is that you can be hack and some of your private details can be discover, as you shop on line your credit cards details could be expose.
  • This can become an issues as our necks are always bend over, for long periods of time, also our thumbs and eye sight can become affected. As we all use technology in our busy lives, it can all come to a stand still, if we had a power cut at anytime.

How computer technology impacts on our public life

We are able to access current news and up to date information that we need, even when we are sitting waiting for a bus or a lift. Also keep in contact with friends and family, even the ones aboard, as we sit and get our lunch, as all places have their own WI/ fi

How computer technology impacts our private life

As we have the advantage of on line shopping, our details can be hack on line, as we use our credit cards and bank details to do any shopping or paying bills.

Sometimes we forget that chatting face to face to a person is far better than bend over a phone texting.

Current developments of computer technology

It is easy to access information about courses and different web sites, which we can use to find out about, personal alarms, which can give many people independence in their own home.

Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act

  • The safety, health and welfare work act of 1989 was up dated in 2005, which allows the HSA to monitor health and safety in the workplace.
  • This act is there to protect ourselves and others that come into the building, the HSA inspectors are there to make sure that employer and employee are complying with health and safety regulations.
  • The HSA can enter any work place and can inspect all paper work, such as safety statement, accident and report forms, plus all policies and procedures.
  • The employer must produce all records to inspectors and provide information when asked.

Data protection legislations

When you give your details to the bank or other organisation, they have a duty to keep all your details safe. This is what is know as data protection, organisations who use your details are know as data controllers and it is his responsibility on how this information it handle.

Freedom of information acts

The freedom of information acts 1997 was amended by the freedom of information acts 2003, obliged government departments the health service executive (HSE ) local authorities and a range of other public bodies to publish information on their activities and to make this information available to people.

On the 14 of October 2014 the freedom of information act 2014 came into affect and repealed the 1997 and 2003 acts. The new acts made a number of changes, it widen the range that the acts applies to all public bodies.

Defamation Act

Defamation means that someone is trying to hurt or take someone reputation, when they write something about another person this is called libel or if they says something about another person this call slander.

Defamation is not a crime, but it is a tort (a civil wrong rather than a criminal wrong)

The person that is be defamed can sue the person, who is defamed them. The person that is been defamed will have to prove the following, that what the person is saying about you is published, false, injurious, unprivileged.


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