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Flash Animation Software Package Computer Science Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Computer Science
Wordcount: 1264 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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In this part of my assignment I would like to evaluate one software package. I would like to present basic information about Adobe Flash CS3 Professional. Also, I want to show you advantages and disadvantages of this program and describe where software could be improved. Adobe Flash (Macromedia Flash) is a software used to add animations, video and interactivity to web pages. Flash is often used for games and advertisements. Flash was designed in 1996 and is now used by Adobe Systems. It has been located as a tool for “Rich Internet Applications” (“RIAs”) Flash controls raster graphics and vector to give animation of text, images and drawings. Flash files are in the SWF format which is called (Shock Wave Flash) movies or flash games. Adobe Flash has included an option to add audio and video which makes your animation much more professional. Flash animation can be displayed on different computer systems and devices all the user need is Adobe Flash Player software which is available to download for free. I have created a few animations using this program to meet assignment criteria. I never used this program before but I found it easy how to create simple animations. When I started to design my first animation I did not know how to use all tools that software provides. After 30 minutes I was able to create my first simple animation. It was not that professional like normal animation but it was something similar. I have spent a lot of time to create my first animation because I did not how to use these tools. I needed some help from instructions and sometimes I asked a teacher for help. I was testing my animations a few times with different combination of frames. This software provides very professional tools to create interesting animation. The program is made for everyone because is easy to use when you know how to use each of specific tools. I found out this software package is one of the best to design professional animations. I compared similar programs to create animations such as: pencil or 1-2-3 cartoon animation and I preferred to use Adobe one because it was so much easier to use for me. I enjoyed designing my animation in that software and I did not have any series problems to create simple animations.

Flash has many good points some of there are:

Using the software, web designers are able to use their ideas while building the website.

There is no problem of browser compatibility. Data is uploading without any problems to any browser. Flash movies have a high loading speed.

Flash is also very good drawing software and can create some interesting artwork.

Very large software, easy to learn the basics for example; how to use specific tools or how to draw

Everyone can create their animation very quick without spending time for long time learning the basics.

Flash can be used to make; DVD productions, 3D animations, full movies, e-commerce and database on website, web advertising, drawing, software that can be used on websites.

Flash can be used as educational software for children because tools are very easy to learn and use.

64-bit support for operating systems and 64-bit web browsers on Linux, Mac OS and Windows

Audio and Video can be added while creating animation. It makes your animation more professional when audio is added. Also you can download a video to your animation to make your animation more interesting.

Motion Tween technique is used in Adobe’s Flash animation software. Using this technique you are able to tweening a symbol’s from one position to a different position.

Shape Tween technique is used in Adobe’s Flash animation software. This technique allows us to modify the shape of objects. By tweening objects, you can do something similar to morphing.

Flash has a few bad points some of there are:

The tools for writing and debugging the code are very plain.

The code editor gives very limited functionality

Takes long time to load files for example: images which are located on hard drive.

It is also expected that some search engines may be unable to read the Flash texts

It is slow in downloading images for example and the software works very slowly.

Also the way that Flash works with text is one of major weakness. The support for HTML/CSS should be better, and especially there should be a way to deal with links, more advanced CSS features and complex formatting.


In my opinion the software could be improved because I found a few bad points of the software. Basically, the software takes long time to load and it can be annoying for users. That should be improved because it is a major weakness of Adobe software. Also the tools for writing and debugging the code could be better designed because are very plain and not very much professional. I found out opinions from people about Adobe Flash and they said that software sometimes may be unable to read the files. It is very annoying when the software is unable to read our files which are very important for us. In my opinion that should be improved very quick especially when many people describing this problem on forums. Also the code editor gives very limited functionality for uses and that could be improved. They should improve the code editor because it is very important thing for people who make

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professional animations. Also the poor integration could be improved between the Flash IDE and Flex Builder. Making professional animation is not very easy for beginners and sometimes any other software is needed. When the Adobe Flash has poor integration it is harder to make professional animation. Also the support for HTML and CSS should be better because is not fully supported. In my opinion these things should be improved straight away but the rest is absolutely fine and I cannot see any other problems.


In this part of my assignment I would like to make a conclusion about Adobe Flash Professional CS3. When I started desiging my first animation I did not know how to use the program at all. It was something impossible for me to make an animation and I was very disappointed because I did not even know how to start creating animation. I needed some help from instructions and also I asked my teacher when I did not know what to do. Anyway, after 30 minutes I was able to create my first simple animation. It was not really hard but I spent several minutes for practice and instructions. I did not even know that software is very simple and creating animation is fantastic with the Adobe Flash software. Everything is located very tidy and simple and is not that difficult to make animation. Also the instructions are available online on Adobe’s website so everyone can use them when help is needed. Actually, when you know the basic tools you should not have a problem with designing because the software is simple. In my opinion the program is designed for beginners and professional animators because the software provides tools for professional animations and is very simply to use. The program is well known at schools, colleges or universities because it can be used as educational software. In my opinion the software is too slow but overall is designed very well and I enjoyed designing my animations and I did not have any series problems. I will recommend this program because in my opinion is the best for making animations.


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