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Video rental and sales system

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Wordcount: 5126 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the University of Greenwich’s

Bsc (Hons) Software Engineering


In the current business functions, an especially rental resource is on of the main challenging part. So that, utilising the resources that are implemented by the companies. The business processes are the major task according to the project budget as well as time limitation. So that software solutions those managing and controlling the functions has to be analysed in a proper way to obtain the successful use of them. The report illustrate about the project that analyse the problem of renting and how to gain the solution for those procedures. Video rental and sales is a complete software solution for controlling and managing rentals of customers. This research is all about controlling and managing resources for everyday rentals. Based on the client needs the resources could be rented. An excellent desktop application has been processed and implemented in order to manage that resource that is currently used by the video rental system. This system solution has been implemented using the technologies of front-end Microsoft Vb.Net and back end SQL Server.

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This thesis is partial fulfilment of university of the Greenwich undergraduate programme, prepared and submitted by me. This software project helps me a lot to gain knowledge in different parts such as software design and development.  During this project research and development period, I get the clear understanding, how these software engineering principals, technologies can be applied in real time projects. This project approach as a practical way in all stages of software development and make me clear in every stages that software engineering techniques could be applicable.

  I am a software engineering student. In this case, this project is closely related to my programme of study and other subjects. My current study is helps me each stage of this project such as system analysis, designing, coding, testing, implementing, Etc, to a develop a final solution for this business.

I use MicrosoftVb.Net programming language in order to develop the proposed system. I implemented desktop application the help with Microsoft.net framework based on the customer requests. Moreover this project gives some ideas to access the a range of software engineering techniques and tools for the successful project.


This work carried out for this project would not have been a success without the good guidance a given to me by various people and various time. There are many people helped me. First, special thanks to my project Supervisor Mr. Alexander M. Fedorec and Second Marker. Who helped me in the literature review part and guide me to get the Approval for the Ethical Research application. His comments and guidance helps me to make this report according to a professional standard.

My thanks to all the lecturers and University staffs specially library staffs who guide me to get good online journals from the Student portal. In addition, thanks to the authors of articles and magazines which are really helps to my final Document. At last, I wish to thank my Colleagues, their reviews and proof reading about my project helps me to do  more reliable and useful last time.

1 Introduction

1.1 Background Information

At present world, widely the uses of software solutions for the companies are considerably increased. The reason is they might get whole solution for their entire services in a single software application rather than doing sub services. It will save lots of money, time and human resources, etc. Therefore most of companies are likes to computerize for their business operations.

The melodius company Current situation is they do not have any improved technology. They are spending a lots money, time consuming, extra workers, etc to run their business operations. As a result of these the melodius company has decided to computerize their business. They are trying to make a new revolution in the video rental market.

1.2 Overview

The melodius video rental (pvt) Ltd started its business operations as a small size in 2000.And gradually extend out their business to length and breath. Video rental main purpose is renting and selling Video DVDs, Audio CDs, etc. Purchase the products from the supplier and Allocates the products (CDs, DVDs) for sales and rental is the main area of concern for this company. Each staff of the company from top level to bottom level has a typical, free and unique role to play for their company needs.

If we have a look in the project proposal ,the main aim of this project is carry out a deep investigation about rental, sales operations and resources allocation for an integrated Movie rental and sales system.

The proposed software package gives some improved facilities to the Staffs and the users

To run their business smoothly. This could be an entire solution for movie rental and sales functions problems. According the company needs operations are able to divide in to two main types. Such as Sales and Rental. At present the company keeps all the paperwork’s, documents in manual form. The Following modules are currently in process in the system, Member, Employee, Supplier, Sales, Rental, Payment, product.

These existing operations are linked to each other of the modules. Due to these reasons, management faces lots of difficulty. Generally, the overall existing system is slow and unsystematic. The current system and those issues have driven to the top management (Owner of the business) in order to choose for an alternative option. That will enable the company to improve its operations and good progress.

There for the management has decided to computerize their existing manual operations.

Here my duties and responsibility was to develop a video rental system and sought out these kinds of administration problems, give freedom to the management level people and let them do their central part activities. Moreover, giving an excellent customer service and user friendly product.

1.3 Scope of the project

At present in real world, the new technologies are developed in every field. According to these changes, we have to adjust our business activities. This project overall target was design an excellent desktop application and implement for the melodius video company. This helps a lot to the Management and the staff to work for this company freely and pleasurably.

The main purpose of this project creates a user friendly, unique and modern software package.

With higher security facility (User levels, Password encryption). Make easier to use the forms with navigate Buttons.

User could feel free and comfortable when he uses the system.

1.4 Aims and Objectives

When the project was begun its cover the whole business operations and benefits of the system. In order to achieve these benefits a few objectives were initialized. Such objectives are.

  1. A deep investigation about the existing manual system and their accessible process measurements.
  2. Write  a system analysis report based on the system requirements
  3. Understand the requirements and the principles when developing a software application
  4. Design and develop a video rental system using software engineering techniques.
  5. Testing the video rental system using available accessible data.
  6. Evaluate the final product and think about new ideas to improve further development.

1.5 Project Management Methodology

The successfulness of the project is depends on the selection of the technology, tools and how we are applied in the project. If we take our project, it was a long-term project and its takes more than six months time. The traditional waterfall model is most suitable for long time projects. According this project the waterfall model is most suitable.

The following reasons are easy to identify the requirements that enable to develop the system is In. We require a life cycle system. That is before being the system; the requirements are studied through the interview. It is not need to make the changes in the system and it is not advisable while creating the system or modifies the system.

Hence since the steps to create this system is in co-ordination with the waterfall model. Therefore I have chosen this waterfall model. Which is follows.

The Waterfall Model

Each stage related into the next

Feedback in the Waterfall Model

The Advantages of using waterfall model is By far the most commonly used approach up to now.

The waterfall model underpins all the most widely used methods. The stages are clear-cut.

The innovative ideas were behind that documents are produced at each stage

Consequently preferred by managers as easy to manage.

All research and design done before coding starts, it means better quality program design.

Well suited for developing stable and well understood computer-based applications.

Feasibility study

This feasibility study main aim is depth analysis and decides the melodius video rental company and about its businesses operations whether it will be operationally, financially or technically feasible to develop the software product. These studies involve analysis of current issues and gather the relevant information’s. Here I have selected three important types of studies for measure the system success as the operational feasibility, technical feasibility, and economical feasibility.

Operational feasibility

The operational feasibility is discuses about the company performance, information, economy and control.

1. The management is not happy with existing the manual system. Because that is very slow and it is having many mistakes. So he doesn’t like to work with the manual system.

2. The manager is unable to produce the day to day transactions and other business information from the departments.

3. They have to spend more time consuming to send information and to get information from the other departments.

4. Receipts or invoices are not in a clear format, when giving after the business transaction to a customer or supplier.

5. The economy level is poor which means it’s hard to get good benefits from the system. Because of the resources (Rental, communication, and electricity bill) cost is very high now days. For these reasons they have to reduce the cost. In order to increase the benefits.

6. The business data’s handling is not a secure way. Anyone can handle the records. And higher possibility of data loses.

7. The management have to spend more time to search the information and produce the reports about their transactions.

8. The existing manual system is not flexible and more complicated there for they must have to computerize the existing system.

Technical feasibility

The technical feasibility analysis, what the technical resources are available in the system, and what are the technical resources are need for the new computerized the system.

Available technical resource:

Air conditions facilities, Fans, Tables, Chairs, Shelf’s

They have limited technical resources. Earlier they have done all operations manually so they didn’t need any technical resources. When they have work with computerized system they must need some all the relevant technical resources and the trained staffs. Following resources are needed in order to develop the system.

  • Computers
  • Processor: Pentium 2.2GHz or more
  • Hard drive: 40GB or More.
  • RAM: 512MB or more.
  • Network cables
  • switches
  • CD-ROM drive.
  • Monitor 15′ colour
  • colour printer & black white printer
  • Software requirements:
  • Windows operating system.
  • Special software for sales & rental
  • Microsoft Visual basic .Net
  • SQL Database

Economical feasibility

The economical feasibility analyses about the cost and benefits of the company existing system and proposed system. Such as Software development coast, Hardware coast, as well as the system running coast.

Schedule feasibility study

The aim of the Schedule feasibility is analysis the planning and assessing the time period for the completion of this project

Analysis-This analyse part, the problems and objectives were identified and the user requirements for the project. It takes two weeks time.

Design-Based on the user requirements this part focuses on the system design. It could be divided in to two main parts. It takes three weeks time.

Development-This part took six weeks time to develop the software product.

Testing-In this testing part, two testing types took place. First, is unit testing and second is Acceptance testing in order to find out errors and solve the errors. This takes one weeks time.

Implementation-The implementation section will show how section implemented. This takes one week’s time.

Maintain-This part checks the objectives of the project and that it has met the user requirements. And this tells the project successfulness.

2 Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

A large amount of analytical and theoretical works discovers new things, thorough that can encourage Effective improvements. However, it is essential to study the direct connections based on observation and research in order to get in to the related various type of efficiency achievements.

In this literature, review I analysed based on research and observation straight away in the video rental business in order to find the key points and drawbacks.

”At presents the video rental business being the main topic of deep concern from the operations management community (Drezner and Pasternack, 1999; Dana and Spier, 2001; Pasternack, 2001; Lariviere and Cachon, 2002)’

Re: – Coordination of quantity and shelf-retention timing in the video movie rentalindustry
Gerchak, Y; Cho, RK; Ray, S | IIE TRANSACTIONS | 2006-0738:7, | 525-536 | Description: Times Cited: 6

Because people are thinking now a day’s home video is very good leisure and it is a valuable entertainment expenses, which is make movie rental as a big business.  Normally video DVDs or CDs available on hand to the public, after a few months from release. These materials are available to public in two ways; first one is renting DVDs or CDs from rental Stores second one is selling DVDs form Retail Stores. My project deals with both Rental and Sales. According this system three main type of people will work

Admin and staff who control the system.

Supplier who providing the resources (CDs, DVDs)

Member who renting or buying the CDs.

Normal Customer who only buying CDs

Company’s main focus is video rental and sales. Currently the company give services to their customers through their manual system and handling all the transactions by manually. It’s inconvenient to the customer often. For this reason the company has lose the customers in past and their turnover is shrinking when compare other stores.

So the management has decided to computerize the transactions instead their existing manual system in order to give the efficient and improved services to their customers.

This literature review will carried out the problems and make sure the work is going right way and valuable.

Problems identified in the current system

1. Handling customer

They are handling their customers manually. This will cause them difficulty and time consuming to search a Customer card. In case if a record has not been entered in to the required file or a book, there may be some disagreements between the customers and the employees of the company. This leads to shrink the fame of the company.

Solution:-Handling and maintain of the customers in a glowing comportment.

2. Maintaining the sales records

The sales records of the company are not kept very effectively. Records cannot be easily track in case of future reference. The company cannot have a well planned future business because it can’t go through the past records and most of the records are not very accurate.

Solution:-Well organized method of handling of all the sales.

3. Maintaining the information of their products

The details of their products are not kept in a well organized manner and cannot be referred when needed. The products sold, and the stock balance is not easily tracked, hence the shortage or some time certain important products maybe out of stock, then in such a circumstance customer satisfaction will be very much reduced.

Solution:-All the products and its brands are clearly following a path.

4. Problems on maintaining the Payment

Sometime they may ask the customer to pay for one product twice by mistake, such incident will make to shrink the good relation and the trust of the customer, making to lose customers confidence as well loosing the customer.

Solution:-Product balance can be tracked time to time.

5. Maintaining the supplier information

There would be a lot of suppliers. It’s difficult to find a supplier detail without being delayed or maybe in some cases they might loss a contact detail of a particular supplier, which might be an important contact for a special product or a Brand, loosing this sort of information will make the company to have problems of finding products of famous brands.

Solution:-All the supplier information will be collect then and there.

6. No updated information available

Updated information is not very easy to provide to customers if the company runs manually.

Solution:-Brands and latest editions that are being handled by the company can be tracked without doubt.

7. Payments can only be made by cash or credit payments

Running manually, the company could have only the payment methods of cash and cheques. This is a great disadvantage for the customers who use the credit payment card.

Solution:-Payment can be made in cash or credit, and efficient and quick service can be provided.

8. Problem:-Dissatisfaction of customers

While the business is running on the manual system, the customers would not be satisfied of the services provided to them. They might have to wait in a long queue to pay for the items they bought. This may be due to the absence of the employees or maybe due to the slow system of the company.

Solution:-Membership form will be filled automatically, according to the sales that are made and this would only be for the required sales.

Some additional solutions

  • Make sure the integration, integrity and independently for the video rental system and reduce as soon as possible changes for human errors by introducing database concepts.
  • Introduce high secure functionality. It is important that customers and the suppliers’ information be prevented from leaked out.
  • System will also enables the management to do accurate calculation as well as obtain reports such as total income for the given time period.
  • Better utilization of storage space. Doing away with manual will reduce the space taken up by the data storage. This can be utilizing the better for other purpose.
  • A comprehensive project database that act as a central repository to track the below mentioned needs.
  • Define work in progress.
  • Easy access for the items short shipped on the order.
  • Easy to scheduling and tracking records
  • Easy of maintaining, schedules, monitoring, reporting of progress.

2.2 Legal Social Ethical and Professional Issues and Considerations

In this project, I am used copyright material, such as Microsoft products, and Adobe products. I’m used university of Greenwich licence to use the other related soft ware’s. As a university student, I have the rights to use university resources.

Some Interviews and questionnaire done by me with Owner of the business, staffs and some customers. In the project there are no any personal data’s did not collected. Therefore, the data protection will not affect my project. All the collected data is stored in my personal computer with password protection. All the information will be deleted after completion this project.

4 Requirements Analysis

4.1 Introduction

When consider about software development projects, requirement analysis is a most important part. In this part, be able to collect information’s together about current situations in order to indentify the drawbacks about the system. This requirement analysis should be correct, testable and relevant to the company requirements. Moreover, it must be significant to system designing part.

4.2 Requirements Gathering

In this part requirements can be collect in to the system boundary by contact the users to find out their requirements. In this part used to gather different types of techniques such as interviews, questionnaires, observation, etc…

4.2.1 Questionnaires 

Questionnaires are quick gather information from large amount of people in a certain period.

It is possible to do paper based document either electronic copy. In addition, it is very cost effective method when compare with interview. Major advantages are most of the people are familiar to questionnaires and very easy to analyse. 

This questionnaire has been used to gather information’s from the customers.

Questionnaires with customers

  Melodius video

1. Role of person completing this form

a. Manager (other company) b. Administrator

c. Computer Programmer d. Customer

2. When you contact a “melodius video” representative, is he/she courteous?

Are you satisfied with the way your problems or questions are handl?

a. Most Satisfiedb. Satisfied

b. Ok c. Dissatisfied

3. How you feel other music centre compared to “melodius video”?

a. Excellentb. Very good

c. Good d. Poor

4. How do you feel when you pay by using the membership card?

a. Most Satisfied    b. Satisfied

b. Okc. Dissatisfied

5. Who is the person in our organization you contact most frequently?

a. Company Owner  b. Sales men

b. Manager d. Others

6. How you are, feel about our payment system?

a. Excellentb. Very good

c. Goodd. Poor

7. Comments (Please write us on the back of this form)

Questionnaires with customers

Answer sheet

Melodius Video

1. Role of person completing this form

a. a. Manager (other company)-16  b. Administrator-5

b. c. Computer Programmer-3 d. Customer-26

2. When you contact a “melodius video” representative, is he/she courteous?

  Are you satisfied with the way your problems or questions are handle?

a. Most Satisfied  -5   b. Satisfied-15

b. Ok -25   c. Dissatisfied -5

3. How you feel other music centre is compare to “melodius video”?

a. a. Excellent -15 b. Very good-10

b. c. Good-20 d. Poor-5

4. How do you feel when you pay by using the membership card?

a. Most Satisfied  -10  b. Satisfied-12

b. Ok -8 c. Dissatisfied-20

5. Who is the person in our organization you contact most frequently?

a. Company Owner -6   b. Sales men-24

b. Manager -10  d. Others -10

6. How you are, feel about our payment system?

a. a. Excellent-5 b. Very good-5

b. c. Good -15  d. Poor-25

7. Comments? (Please write us on the back of this form)

4.2.2 Interviews

Interviews are one of the most common and powerful techniques to find out the requirements. This brings to face-to-face contact with customers or staffs to discover their requirements. And interviews are makes a higher response rate. Also, make clear about doubts and make sure that perfectly understood by repeating questions.

Appropriate People

1. Company Owner

2. Company manager

3. Payment Division manager

4. Stock division manager

5. Purchase division manager

6. Sales division manager

7. Lending manager

Interview with Company Owner:


1. Get the permission to analyze the system.

2. Identify the people who are participating the system.

3. Study about the problems of the existing system.

4. His/her expectation about the new system.


1. What are the major departments you have?

2. What are they doing?

3. What are the problems are you facing with in the current system?

4. How should be the proposed system?

5. What are the facilities you want to include with the proposed system?

6. Do you have enough money for the new system?

Interview with Company manager


1. Study the problems with the existing system.

2.  Study about manager work.

3.  Study about what are the difficulties he/she facing his/her work.

4.  Who are the people involved with each departments


1. How you are working for current system?

2. What are the problems you are facing for the current system?

3. Are you satisfied with other staff work?

4. What are you expect of the new system.

Interview with payment Division manager


1. Know the problems with the existing payment system.

2. Study about his/her work.

3. Identify the difficulties with his/her work. 


  1. How you are working for existing payment system?
  2. What are the problems are you facing for the current system?
  3. When more customers come to make the payment, can you manage?
  4. How will your action if a customer is not made his payment?

5. How you handle your payment database?

Interview with stock Division manager


1. Know the problems with the existing payment system.

2. Study about his/her work.

3. Identify the difficulties with his/her work.


1. How you are working for existing system?

2. What are the problems are you facing for the Stock activities?

3. When more and more items come to the stock, how can you handle?

4. Do you like increase stock division people amount? What are the reasons?

5. How you handle your stock database?

Summarize of the interview

Interviewer: Company owner

Subject: Study of the company

Duration: Two hours

Mr. Thanushan is the owner of the “melodious video” company. He likes to build the manual system to the computerize system, because the company staff have to work quickly and accurately. For that, he is satisfied to have a centralized database. He is not satisfied to have an online computerize system. In addition, he likes to have good quality software for the company sales, inventory& rental activities.

Thanking interview.

Interviewer: Company Manager

Subject: Study of the complete system

Duration: Two hours

Mr. David is company manager. He likes to work with computerize system, because the company staff have to work quickly and accurately. In addition, he is unable to get the information from the sub divisions. He is not satisfied to have an online computerize system. Moreover, he likes to have good quality software for the company sales, inventory & rental activities.

Thanking interview

Interviewer: Payment division Manager

Subject: Details of the payment system

Duration: Two hours

Mr. Suresh is the manager of the payment division. He likes to work with computerize system, and centralized database system, because he feel very difficult to work with the manual system. In addition, he has to generate the report quickly and accurately.

Thanking interview

Interviewer: Stock Division manager

Subject: Details study of the stock activities

Duration: Two hours

Mr. Rohan is the manager of the stock division. He likes to work with computerize system, and centralized database system. Moreover, he likes to increase the stock division employees. In addition, he likes to have more shelves to keep the stock. Because he have difficult to keep the items without damages and the staff have to spend more time to find out the place of the items.

Thanking interview

Interviewer: Purchase division Manager.

Subject: Details of the purchase activities

Duration: Two hours

Mr. Kishan is the manager of the purchase division. He likes to work with computerize system, and centralized database system, because he have to work quickly and accurately. And he likes to purchase the cds from good quality Product Company. For that, he likes to contract some good quality companies.

Thanking interview.

Interviewer: Sales division Manager

Subject: Details analysis of the sales activities

Duration: Two hours

Mr.Roys is the manager of the sales division. He likes to work with computerize system, and centralized database syst


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