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Radical Sustainable Construction: Envisioning Next-Generation of Green Buildings

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This article provides a review of the values of sustainability in Construction focused on Green Buildings ‘ next generation. It describes sustainability and Green Building, and mentions fast changes in the strategy used in building, here referred to as radical sustainable building, required to implement what can genuinely be called green buildings. This paper deals with the green buildings and infrastructural sustainability. This document discusses the green building movement’s future, fresh sustainable building technologies, and also suggests places for further studies, research, and policy change. The conclusion and suggestions are lastly reached.

Keywords: Sustainability, sustainable construction, Green Building, innovations


Overview of Sustainability and green building

Green Building is usually described as a building that uses less internal energy and is capable of generating enough energy for its planned use without harming the environment. Green Building is referred to as energy-efficient construction or environmentally friendly construction. Because of their resemblance to trees, these structures are called green…as trees only generate their food by using sunlight and air, these structures can also generate energy and use it correctly without harming the environment.

Overview of Green and sustainable Building

  • Green construction material
  • Reduced use of energy
  • Reduced Waste

The Literature Review

Sustainable building relates to how designers design, create, construct and regulate a project that has as little adverse impact as possible on the setting and the public (Nazirah, Nor’Aini, & Ayman, 2013). It is defined as building that uses little untouched materials and energy and produces minimal pollution and waste.

During building and operation, a Green Building depletes the natural resources to the minimum. The goal of designing a Green Building is to minimize its development and operation.

The goal of a Green Building design is to minimize demand for non-renewable resources, maximize their usage effectiveness when in use, and maximize the reuse, recycling, and use of renewable resources and indoor working situations are comfortable and hygienic. It develops through a design method that involves all concerned-the architect and landscape designer and the consultants for air conditioning, electrical and plumbing– Working as a team to tackle all elements of the design, design, construction and operation of buildings and systems.   

Green Techniques

2.1 Green Techniques lay emphasis on Four ‘ R’s ‘ :- Through sound design, design and construction commissioning without compromising structural durability, indoor pollutant concentrations, ventilation, construction code specifications or marketability includes:-

  • Reduce- Use reduced amounts of building material, resources, and energy that is embodied.
  • Reuse:-Practical and structurally sound building materials are recycled.
  • Recycle:-recycled materials are used and recyclables are used at home.
  • Renewable:-The emphasis is placed on natural energy sources and renewable construction materials.

The method that utilizes these four „R‟s are termed Green Techniques. The following technique can be categorized as follows

  • Structural/civil techniques.
  • Electrical techniques
  • Conservation techniques 
  •  Special systems / techniques and resources with outstanding and sustainable construction designs (Hwang, Zhao & Tan, 2015).

Scope of Green Buildings

Architects and builders in India have started using green concepts in their projects such as water harvesting and waste management. They emphasize the use of environmentally friendly construction materials such as fly-ash cement and blocks, steel and tiles, recycled aluminum, products based on bamboo, green roofing products, etc. There are also many choices available on the technology front for building green homes. There are also many choices available on the technology front for building green homes. Some of them are energy-saving air conditioners, high-performance glass windows, water-saving solutions, composting toilets and effective construction management systems. Another technique used by green home builders in India is to tap solar energy. Using a photovoltaic array on the rooftop is like solar thermal arrays a great source of alternative energy. Green construction is the foundation of sustainable construction.

Need for `Zero Energy Building`

The government plans to enact a renewable energy law that would stipulate compulsory procurement in each state of prescribed minimum renewable energy. The move aims to diversify the energy mix of nations dominated by oil, gas & coal as the fundamental fuel feed. It is anticipated that the new legislation will give renewable energy policy legal teeth that failed to get the required investment in the industry. So, staying a step ahead of Green Building is the solution to this fresh move, “Zero Energy Building.”


The major problem in construction is the Cost of constructing environmentally friendly buildings with New equipment and Moderntechnology which tend to cost more Money. 

Most green buildings cost a 2% yield premium 10 times as much as the entire structure itself . The stigma is between the upfront price understanding versus the price of the life-cycle. Money savings come from using utilities more efficiently, resulting in lower energy bills. Higher productivity of the employee or student can also be influenced by savings and price deductions. Studies have shown that some green buildings have yielded considerable amount of money per square foot back on investment over a 20 year life period,. It is projected that several sectors could save billions of rupees on energy bills.


Green buildings move from an exotic curiosity to a necessity in an eco strained globe. Buildings may be the single biggest environmental stress, accounting for the world’s freshwater withdrawals, one-quarter of its wood harvest and two-fifths of its material and energy flows.

The greening of structures is a collective essential in such a situation of clean water and other materials shortages and the chance of catastrophic climate change. Given the political challenges of obtaining energy and the likely future shortages of conventional energy sources, we can not disregard the huge preservation that green structures make possible. And structures also produce a happier, healthier, more productive environment with natural products and lighting. Green Buildings are vital in today’s age as environmental equilibrium is very important for human survival and further growth. Green Buildings are just a way to a lasting future.


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